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Forex Bank Trading Strategy - Live Trade Setup - March 31st 2015

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More Live Trade Setup Videos Here - http://www.daytradingforexlive.com/recent-trades/ Retail forex traders always tend to look at the market from the perspective of where should they trade. The banks however look at the market from the perspective of where can they trade. Because of their sheer size they cannot simply buy or sell at the market price whenever they desire. Entries and exits need to be planned well in advance from areas of high liquidity. The goal of the forex bank trading strategy is to identify market manipulation points and what the market does when it enters this level. If we see the stop run of these key levels then we have a very good understanding of what Smart Money is doing at that point. Because the top 5 banks have control of 60% of the daily market market volume it is critical to understand what they are doing as they drive market direction. This forex training video walks through two great examples of back to back day trading setups based on market manipulation. Enjoy -Sterling
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sterlin nice video but i have questions
Forex Strategy (3 years ago)
I love your setup, nice resistance, nice entry point, superb risk-reward ratio, that's all about. Cheers
Eleni Iakovidou (2 years ago)
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julien delpuech (2 years ago)
Herе аrе just a fеw оf thе kеу sесrets inside mу INCRЕDIBLE trading sоftwаrе.==>https://twitter.com/89afc252c2eba917f/status/822802098999951360<<====<< Goоod strаtegу>>> Fоrex Bank Trаding Strаtegy Livе Trаde Setuр Маrсh 31st 2015
DJ Al3x (2 years ago)
Here aree just a feew of the key secrets inside my INCREDIBLE trading software.==>https://twitter.com/3b71570548a9d6abe/status/804699524132278272<<====<< Good strategyуy>>> Forex Bank Trading Strategy Live TTTrade Setup MMMMarch 31st 2015
Day Trading Forex Live (3 years ago)
+Forex Strategy Glad you enjoyed the video and the reward to risk ratio is the key to successful trading in my opinion. All the best in your trading. -Sterling
5 Star Forex Systems (3 years ago)
Great strategy. You know you and your members might want to use Alertfx. You can set price alerts, calendar alerts, indicator alerts, etc...they have a free account with 10 Alerts, or a pro account for $10 a month. No I'm not an affiliate. But I love not having to check charts when they can do it for me and send me an SMS!
Michael Abera (3 years ago)
+Lori Pierce Hi Lori. I took look at AlertFx but I think you should check out tradingview.com its free to set up and along getting alerts through email plus text. happy trading!
Paul Hynd (3 years ago)
A couple of great illustrations of the power of the Confirmation Entry in action. Thanks for this video, Sterling - great stuff!
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment. -Sterling
Dean Farebrother (4 years ago)
Couple of nice trades Stirling - happy to report I was in both of them.
Day Trading Forex Live (2 years ago)
Well done. -Sterling

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