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MacMiner: Mining dogecoin on OS X

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My tutorial on mining Dogecoin on a MacBook Pro 13inc with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics My MacBook Pro models: 9.2, mid 2012, 13 inc 2.9 i7 Se il vous plaît noter commentaire et abonnez-vous Por favor calificar comentario y suscribirse Bitte bewerten Sie Kommentare und abonnieren Proszę oceń komentarz i zapisać się 請評價意見和訂閱 يرجى تقييم تعليق والاشتراك
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Text Comments (5)
SevenDeMagnus (9 months ago)
Hi. How come MacMiner is being detected as a Malware with Trojan I think called CoinMiner[PUP]. Is it safe? Thank you. God bless, Proverbs 31
Mu Chen (8 months ago)
The same happened here
Kai Aronson (2 years ago)
Im having trouble finding a pool link to insert. They seem to be all for linix and Windows. Every time I put one in and press start an error pops up. Also the cg minor option i get when i click the gears looks nothing like yours and has no option other then "manual flags" Any suggestion?
James Holliday (2 years ago)
i need some help i have bitcoin.cz pool and the same mac miner that you have can you please help me.... its an iMac with ATI Radeon HD 6750M 21.5 inch iMac
Ping Pong Cup Shots (2 years ago)
hmmm, after I start the miner it just stops a few seconds later

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