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Forex Trading using bank trading levels

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More at exacttrading.com as part of my series on trading FX using bank levels, please see the latest video in which I continue my explanation of how to trade below and above the levels. Using a four-hour chart with a full candle below or above the level you can confirm the break of the level and trade in the direction of the trend, which makes for very relaxed Forex trading and is very different from the way the majority of traders trade. Looking for a holy grail in trading and actually finding one is every traders dream but the moment you decide to take what the market can offer you rather than trying to force proceedings is the moment things start to turn round. Please have a look at the other videos in the series, drop me an email at paul at exacttrading.com or come over to the web site.
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DeRiot (1 year ago)
paul, nice video and i appreciate it but the low resolution makes us hard to see price level and timeframe. although i can have pretty good guess by logging at my mt4 though...
Jessica Koyn (8 months ago)
The secret of a successful trade on Forex! Is planing with a developed strategy, moving averages can be beneficial in determining the placement of stop-loss orders. *Blended Model Strategy* created by Dmitry Vladislav(vladislav @optionstrade .cc) , which brings profit of 59% per month most times, in less risk,less stress and more profitable. These method is very simple! but never 100%
Paul Langham (1 year ago)
Hi Derio T ok thanks for comment and advice will look to improve resolution

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