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macOS Sierra Siri Officially on Mac

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Check out Siri on the new macOS Sierra
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John Alex Wood (2 years ago)
Thanks that was very helpful :-)
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
+John Wood thank you for the comment :)
Timku San (2 years ago)
I'm excited for this!
Aditya Freelance (2 years ago)
Nice wallpaper! can i have a link to it?
VA FILMS (2 years ago)
http://wallpaperhdwide.com/wp-content/gallery/galaxy-stars-wallpaper/space-wallpaper-stars-Favim.com-439073.jpg ;) !
Michael Parker (2 years ago)
+Trey Waka yup you posted the correct one
Trey Waka (2 years ago)
Isn't it the one that I posted?
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
+Aditya Freelance mmmm I don't, but I'll upload it and post back with the link
Trey Waka (2 years ago)
Found it by searching "green space wallpaper" - http://img.ibxk.com.br/2016/03/21/21165920033760.jpg
DaveChapFilms (2 years ago)
I was hoping to see Siri find some files. How does she find "files from Marc"? Is it metadata on a file that maintains from where it came?
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
I will do a better in depth video once I have some more time to get comfortable with it. Siri uses the spotlight index so file browsing is pretty quick
Noah Lach (2 years ago)
I think you're the first person to actually upload macOS Sierra footage to YouTube. Awesome video!

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