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****Hi Guys, I am no longer accepting payments through PayPal(unless you find it impossible to use the "Cash App". The link for PayPal is below)******* ****Payments are through "CASH APP"**** ****$BLUMOONTAROT*** https://cash.me/app/DHQJLHJ If you are not able to use the cash app, here's the link to PayPal https://paypal.me/BMT1 [email protected] General L.C.L.-Life~Career~Love Tarot Readings ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! READINGS * SMALL 11.99 ** MEDIUM (49.99) -Birthday - Career - Love (Singles~Couples~Ex) *** Large Blu-Moon Tarot Signature Spreads -L.C.L. (monthly) 73.00 - 7-Day~ from Sunday Only 37.00 (Combined 87.00) - NEXT MATE 60.00 YEARLY 97.00 * Readings Completed in 1 business days (emailed or text with picture) ** Readings Completed in 2 business days (video) *** Readings Completed in 3-5 business days (video) Details
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A t.v. (3 months ago)
And another one! Ty my lovely💜
Lisa Remer (3 months ago)
Right on Girl! I'm gone is right 😀
L Fattal (3 months ago)
Yes I completely got clarity about the situation with a Scorpio. Thanks for helping me find the words to express how I feel and thank you this beautiful and accurate reading 💜🌸 Oh and couldn’t help but notice that you literally posted every sign except for Scorpio lol
Divin3ly Awak3ned (3 months ago)
this is spot on... I was left in the cold for everyone under the sun by a Pisces sun and I'm picking up my 💓 and moving on... I felt saddened, hurt, depressed, rejected, but no more...when they see the grass ain't so Green, oh well, stay there!!!😴😴😴😴 Taurus sun Pisces moon

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