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Text Comments (79)
Zxro (5 months ago)
I MESSED UP THE ELECTRO SHUFFLE SO PLEASE DON’T COMMENT THAT! Edit: If you comment anything, i'll heart it <3
pandakitty lol (6 months ago)
Also in the default dance
8_BitDude (6 months ago)
AMiiNoX you messed up
Lt Jakeson (8 months ago)
AMiiNoX I was about to😂😂
ALEX skadoodle (19 days ago)
Zxro (19 days ago)
dat boidva (1 month ago)
Fortnite sucks ass
Bruh two of the dances literally are not the same idiot
Zxro (2 months ago)
Samтнєρяσgαмєя тнє ρяσ read the pinned comment bud
Cheeseballs8u (4 months ago)
Sub to me
Ranger Stark (4 months ago)
Shockwavegamn26 (5 months ago)
Why are you liking my comment? You uploaded this
Zxro (5 months ago)
look at top comment
Shockwavegamn26 (5 months ago)
God sake I hate this society fortnite never should of existed
Black Cat (6 months ago)
Electro shuffle is WRONG IT ISNT THAT
Zxro (6 months ago)
look at pinned comment bud
fartpluswetone (6 months ago)
puppy raper
nadja Stankovic (6 months ago)
Coll video
Zxro (6 months ago)
SHARIQ GUYS (7 months ago)
😡 👕 👖
Red (7 months ago)
Alex the Lucario (7 months ago)
Zxro (7 months ago)
thanks bud!
FORTNITE 4 LIFE (7 months ago)
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FORTNITE 4 LIFE (7 months ago)
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G O L D E N (7 months ago)
Bootiful :3 . Into music? ;-;
Zxro (6 months ago)
no problem :D
G O L D E N (6 months ago)
+Zxro Aiiee! Thank you!
Zxro (6 months ago)
you look so good by moe shop
enνyッ (8 months ago)
Zxro (8 months ago)
exotic 时 hi
Breanna Westwick (8 months ago)
New sub :3
Breanna Westwick (8 months ago)
Aw np with great content, you should expect more subs :)
Zxro (8 months ago)
thanks so much :D
Yifei Tian (8 months ago)
You didn’t even fucking get electro shuffle right
Wendell Carter Jr. (8 months ago)
Great Vid! Can there be a part 2?
Zxro (8 months ago)
i dont think i am going to make a part 2 because of a lot of hate on this video (100+ dislikes) thanks for the support on the video anyways. much love
the taco cili HD (8 months ago)
I lpve that floss
Elfriede Schenkel (9 months ago)
De babak kid was mei frend sean lol
"baback" "mei" Baback is backpack mei is my
big boi (9 months ago)
Worm looks... ya know
big boi (9 months ago)
AMiiNoX lmao
Zxro (9 months ago)
big boi (9 months ago)
AMiiNoX I had to keep it *family friendly pg clean*
Zxro (9 months ago)
XxHeart_BrokenxX xX (9 months ago)
Welcome bro
XxHeart_BrokenxX xX (9 months ago)
Give the man some slack he just try to work on his editing skills
Zxro (9 months ago)
Wibble Wobble216 (10 months ago)
I subbed please sub back
Babixz Peach (10 months ago)
GUYS! they actually know that the Electro Shuffle is the same they have found the original one! Jfc! "why haven't they fixed it" may you ask? It's because they want their editing skills to get better for a montage jfc
Babixz Peach (10 months ago)
AMiiNoX no problem m8 :)
Zxro (10 months ago)
thanks for clearing it up for others
Xxmisa31xX 342 (10 months ago)
What that intro song
Mr.Nob671 (5 months ago)
Ur mom
Zxro (10 months ago)
You look so good by Moe Shop
Lesbian- Series (10 months ago)
Smokes (10 months ago)
By the way the Electro Shuffle is wrong i mean the real life one
Zxro (10 months ago)
RubyRB - ROBLOX no problem lol
Smokes (10 months ago)
AMiiNoX sorry didnt see it lol
Zxro (10 months ago)
RubyRB - ROBLOX look at pinned comment :))
Daniel Corey (10 months ago)
The electro shuffle one is wrong
Zxro (10 months ago)
Daniel Corey yeh i didnt see the original one until after i posted the video
richekk (10 months ago)
The only one I know that’s wrong is the electro shuffle
Zxro (10 months ago)
richekk yep i found the original after i posted the video :/
aesthetic jess (10 months ago)
TBH, electro shuffle isn’t that... The original electro shuffle is called Bad and Boujee shuffleshapes
aesthetic jess (10 months ago)
AMiiNoX Ok
Zxro (10 months ago)
honestly i dont think that i will be remaking this video because i am mostly trying to work on my editing skills to make a montage of some sort.
aesthetic jess (10 months ago)
AMiiNoX well that’s good, you can put that as a remake for this video.
Zxro (10 months ago)
yeh, i kinda found the original one after i posted this lol
Deceased Assassin (11 months ago)
Sellout making your video Trending now
Zxro (11 months ago)
ur funny aha
Kamal Elsayed (11 months ago)
Left that like
Kamal Elsayed (11 months ago)
U welcome
Zxro (11 months ago)
thanks so much!
GATE IMAGINATION (11 months ago)
Hey, can you please subscribe back?
GATE IMAGINATION (3 months ago)
Issa Lizzzie (11 months ago)
And only 21 subs wowoww
Zxro (9 months ago)
one month and now we are almost at 100 subs, thanks so much for the support. subscribe if you are not already!
Zxro (11 months ago)
ty :D

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