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Ernesto Radona (2 months ago)
algun curso en español?
OFFICIAL SWAG (8 months ago)
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ayuba abayomi (9 months ago)
cue B,i always admire your breaking down of your analysis,am from Nigeria how can i register to wall street academy bro.
Cue Banks (9 months ago)
ayuba abayomi https://www.wsatraining.com
Jeevansh Mangat (11 months ago)
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Hog Rider (1 year ago)
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sathivel chandran (1 year ago)
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Eboni Matson (1 year ago)
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Sneaker Stacks (1 year ago)
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Spudhead Megajames (1 year ago)
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Cynthia C Thomas (1 year ago)
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Brian Heron (1 year ago)
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Keith Swanson (1 year ago)
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Your video is very informative. Please keep it coming to help others, like me.
Bleek Cartier (2 years ago)
Great webinar bro ... I'm definitely Gon set my withdrawals with Bitcoin
Amos Tago (2 years ago)
New to the world of forex and to your channel, cant wait to join. Btw how do i go about setting up tradersway to work on my macbook, im a little stumped?
Mario Sz (2 years ago)
haha funny when you say ~what a fuck is that~
Dineshwar Baria (2 years ago)
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Dineshwar Baria (2 years ago)
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Ashere Joseph (2 years ago)
There are several factors in how to make money forex online . A plan I discovered which successfully combines these is the Trevs Exchange Tactics (look for it on google) definately the most helpful remedy that I've heard of. Look at the awesome info .
Ramon Rivera (2 years ago)
Love this bro ! I had TRADERSWAY WAY BEFORE I learned about this and way before I seen this lol I already knew what it was with leverage from previous knowledge . I'm with that 1:1000
Marioni Bruno (2 years ago)
lol at all the interruptions
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
zoralink92 it's natural
Brandon Mcdowell (2 years ago)
when is the next time you're holding 5 day course in miami?
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Brandon Mcdowell the link has all the date and details
Brandon Mcdowell (2 years ago)
Cool March it is
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Brandon Mcdowell January but I'm fully booked, February is Australia, March I'm teaching in south Florida for 3 weeks. Http://www.wsatraining.net/wsa-membership.html
Brandon Mcdowell (2 years ago)
when is the next time you're holding 5 day course in miami?
Roy & Olive Scott (2 years ago)
how is the market in January?
Roy & Olive Scott (2 years ago)
I want to take this course
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Roy & Olive Scott WSAcademy.net, all the course info is on there
Royce Saunders (2 years ago)
You were right on usd/jpy taking you course bro
HigherMindFX (2 years ago)
In the video you said you don't usually trade ctl, why is that?
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
1stlady90 yea I don't ever hear that lingo, but not really because major of economic news can easily go against you since your going against the majority of buyers in this case up until that uptrend was broken
HigherMindFX (2 years ago)
Cue Banks lol counter trend line
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
1stlady90 what's CTL again ?
xtrextechx (2 years ago)
600 to 40k wtff in a week wtfff thsts goals
TheCbdHaven LLC (2 years ago)
Cue no chance I could drive to you and learn from you in person! We out here WA State!!!
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
P3rsona Tv depends on what your going for. The 5 day course students if they live close normally drive down to south Florida on the week that they have reserved
logan daniels (2 years ago)
thanks Q ! appreciate the webinar boss
Issac Adame (2 years ago)
when the correlation on MyFXbook reads EX: -95.2% its basically doing the opposite?
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Issac Adame correct those are inverse pairs
Raren0ise (2 years ago)
4:10 -4:26 I respect that. Im gonna be the same way.
Henrique Almeida (2 years ago)
What does it means "H.L" and "H.H"?
Usmaan Hussain (2 years ago)
H.L = Higher Low h.H = Higher High
Alejandro Mora (2 years ago)
Hey Cue do you use EMA and SMA in your trading? Thanks a lot for the video, hope to be apart of another webinar soon.
unclesam (2 years ago)
what time frame?
unclesam (2 years ago)
for what time frame?
haydenra been profiting for the longest myself lol. I am by no means knocking anyone's hustle at all but if you study and learn multiple strategies that best fits you then you can become a profitable trader like myself and Cue.
trader0096 (2 years ago)
Good luck with that, theres a reason its free....
21 SMA and 8 EMA. This stuff can be learned through youtube videos for free
BrandonLamarMusic (2 years ago)

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