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How to Buy a Used Car

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Watch more How to Buy a Car videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/447-How-to-Buy-a-Used-Car It won't be a bargain if you have to spend a ton of money on repairs, so learn how to spot a lemon. Step 1: Figure out how much you can spend Figure out how much you can spend -- either in cash or in monthly loan payments. Tip Don’t forget about the costs of owning a car, like insurance and maintenance. Step 2: Research models Research the models you’re considering. Car information websites will help you compare both the performance and long-term reliability of various cars. Step 3: Locate car Locate a car that you want to check out. Search used car lots, classified ads, car dealerships that sell pre-owned vehicles, and special used-car publications and websites. Step 4: Ask seller about condition Ask the seller about the general condition of the car, including mileage, extra features, and whether service records are available. Tip If you’re buying the car from an individual, ask if he or she is the original owner and the reason for selling the car. Step 5: Inspect & test-drive Inspect the car and test-drive it. You want to make sure that it performs well, runs smoothly, and feels right. Tip Don’t let the seller rush you through the test-drive. Step 6: Find out if warranty included Find out if the car comes with a warranty. Tip If a warranty isn’t included, have a mechanic inspect the car for you. Let the seller know that the sale is contingent on a professional inspection. Step 7: Get vehicle history report Get a vehicle history report from one of the companies that sell them online. See if the vehicle has been damaged in an accident or flood -- and if the odometer may have been rolled back. Step 8: Find out worth Find out how much the car is worth by consulting online used car guides or visiting the library. Step 9: Negotiate Negotiate. Using the market value of the car as a guide, make an offer on the low end. Don’t be afraid to walk away. Tip If you’re trading in your car or having a dealership arrange financing, negotiate the price of the car before you discuss trade-in value and financing to assure you get the best deal. Step 10: Close the deal Close the deal. If you’re buying from a private seller, make sure you get the title. Register your new vehicle with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Tip If you’re buying from a dealership, they will handle most of the paperwork for you. Just make sure you read any contracts or paperwork carefully. Step 11: Drive home Drive home in your swank new ride. Did You Know? Did you know? On average, new cars lose 15% to 30% of their value the moment they’re driven off the dealer’s lot.
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Nicko Jackson (3 months ago)
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Gettin Jiggly (4 months ago)
Robert Williamson (6 months ago)
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How To Buy Used Car: You Will Need: Money Step 1: Buy One
MrSupercar55 (1 year ago)
In England you can't do test drives because, partly for insurance reasons, and also because tax discs were phased out a couple of years ago and road tax is now non-transferable as a result.
Michael Salas (1 year ago)
They said go to a library lmfaooo
donovan g (2 years ago)
get wit hthe programmmmm!
skylilley (3 years ago)
Ew I'm becoming an adult
AJINDY TV (8 months ago)
J'sVanLife. (2 years ago)
Get ready, it gets worse!
rottweiller1 (3 years ago)
RIGHT!?!? 😂 I miss the days where buying a bicycle was my biggest concern. Go to Walmart. Give cash. Walk out like a BOSS. No paperwork. No hassle. No insurance. The good ole days. 😧
Lucas Gunter (4 years ago)
cool car please reply
boxer 4 (4 years ago)
swank new ride? lol
cholomackdaddy (4 years ago)
step 11: drive home in new ride..... F##K I crashed.... yah
I'm just leaving a comment because the video won't stay it keeps freezing!!!!
Dennis McBride (5 years ago)
It really is a better experience selling a car to someone who is educated and knows what they are doing. It always amazed me when a "Mr Mathematician" would come in and not understand why he couldn't finance a $28,000 car for 48 months at $300 a month. These customers always try to be so sharp. Anyone who knows a little math, should have a pretty good idea what a payment would be on $28,000 car.
Golden Retriever (2 years ago)
Geoffrey111995's HD Productions step 2 it's not that simple
Mishkin Peden (5 years ago)
All the steps make great sense. I sell cars for a living and when someone comes in well prepared and well educated on both how to properly buy a car and on what their needs are, it turn into a really fun experience for every one. Buying cars can be very stress free.
lkjlk897798789 (5 years ago)
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salma sayed (5 years ago)
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Cheers for the film. Really enjoy Youtube due to this sort of information...My best friend used to be bullied. He said he was intending to get bigger. I did not believe him. Then out of the blue he gained 40lbs of complete muscle mass. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (look in Google). No-one dares to bully him these days. :-) I actually registered last week. See what goes on. And the guys emails are awesome!!!
Yahya (5 years ago)
Who else thought this would be a funny video?
manoman0 (6 years ago)
exhaust: white or oily residue: walk away. Autotransmission: Does it bang into gears? Walk away. Tyres run off unevenly? Walk away. Unusual gaps on the sheet metal? walk away. Does mileage fit the wear and tear in the interior? does it smell or pong inside? walk away. Any red coloured lamp not turning off? Walk away. Go the full side-to-side-turns with the steering and corner. Any clicking noise? Walk away (or negotiate the price).
manoman0 (6 years ago)
Start looking for a new car before you urgently need one.
EnterTheDarkness100 (6 years ago)
thanks man. That helps a little bit
isaac161000 (6 years ago)
with the millage on a car, it depends on how well the car was maintained, like how often the oil was changed, brakes were changed and ony other maintenance that was done on it. if the car was well maintained it could run like new at 100k plus miles
EnterTheDarkness100 (6 years ago)
that fuckin sucked... How much milegage should I look for? How can I know if it has some common problems?
TheHoodedBrony (6 years ago)
If it has four wheels and drives really good and an air bag...I'll buy it.
Oliver Wilson (6 years ago)
Thanks! Find some more useful tips to help you buy a used car at Uno car dealers
Koontah Kentay (6 years ago)
Step 1 sign dotted line step 2 dealer gose in the back to make a copy and laugh his ass off
Hero_ (6 years ago)
Stephen Githinji (6 years ago)
EXTEND YOUR AUTO COVERAGE Your policy is actually a package of seven primary auto insurance coverages. Each coverages has its own separate premium amount. Your payment is the total of these separate amounts added together for each car listed on your policy. Here's a list of the primary coverages Bodily injury liability,Medical payments, no-fault coverage,Comprehensive physical damage coverage,AND OTHERS FOR CONSULTATION OR QUESTIONS CONTACT OUR LICENSED INSURANCE AGENTS CALL 888-312-4665
Galleon Chua (6 years ago)
Step 11 = No shit ya think?
AJLuver101 (6 years ago)
You will need: A license Step one: Buy the car Step two: Repair it Did you know cars are large?
auaiao9 (6 years ago)
Aww, you'll have your Mustang some day. I can't afford one either so I make do with what I have. At least it's paid for.
BYEBYE (6 years ago)
LOL i got so many negative votes, i mean i love mustangs but i can't afford one so seeing them pisses me off cause i can't have one. LOL
auaiao9 (6 years ago)
I don't think you can buy insurance for a car you don't own yet. Call around and get rates for the car you're thinking of buying. Rates can be quite different between insurance companies. Ask about deductibles, what the policies include (if you have a bank loan on the car you'll have to have full coverage). And making monthly payments on your policy might be easier than getting hit up a couple of times a year. See if the insurance company will let you pay monthly if that's what you want.
auaiao9 (6 years ago)
I didn't see any at all. I was busy looking at the swank new ride.
Imran Marikar (6 years ago)
bought a mini minor car...and now i repent because it has no 4 doors
Jason Kalmer (6 years ago)
I got burned once when buying a used car, so now I run a vin check myself no matter what the owner says. it's just $10 at vinaudit.com
bob (6 years ago)
oh shit i got a SWANK new ride!!!
Antonio Dominguez (6 years ago)
@diszkidwaszheresz after is the way i do it cuz they need the info of the car that you own. cuz at least i dont think that you can do it before because theres no car to insure. so id say after is better.
BYEBYE (6 years ago)
god how many mustangs did you have to put in this video STOP IT!
Clay Chapman (6 years ago)
@Shamoles you want a trained mechanic
Fikhar Sjahrazad (7 years ago)
step 1: play lots of GTA chinatown wars did you know?: cops in the GTA franchise are idiot drivers and will run over billions of innocent pedestrians
Andryas Kurniawan (7 years ago)
How To Look For A Used Car ?
Faisaloo Gharib (7 years ago)
tommy hibbard (7 years ago)
how far can you usually go below asking price
kangshi0012 (7 years ago)
step 5 is the last step a person will take with a porsche.
Luc van Dijk (7 years ago)
In Russia you don't buy car, in Russia car buys you!
EvanwoodMotors (7 years ago)
looking for your next used Car See - EVANWOOD MOTORS.
s80volvoguy (7 years ago)
I hate it when they ask, why i am selling it!!!! Damn do i need a reason? Its my car i can just sell it if i want to.
spikerbrad23 (7 years ago)
@AlexMacFan How intelligent. You know you have no argument here so the best your brain can manage is to call me a homosexual. Telling me to go fuck myself does not make a mac anymore pleasing to me and really just makes you look like a 10 year old.
Callum Cadney-Moon (7 years ago)
MetalFingers (7 years ago)
@MrMetalFingers good point
felixcruzazul (7 years ago)
@MrMetalFingers they are useless anything you an do on a mac you can do on a pc better and cheaper macs are just for looks idk it just seems like anyone that owns a mac goes to starbucks to blow another mac users dick i cant stand them they so full of them self bunch of duchess
Yazure (7 years ago)
damn thats a good looking porsche 356 C
TheTechnoSauce (7 years ago)
How to Buy a used Car: Step one: Buy a used car.
MetalFingers (7 years ago)
whats wrong with macs ?
arniebarb123 (7 years ago)
@IMaHARDhabit2break im a salesman and its just as hard finding a good honest customer
Armin Ghadimi (7 years ago)
really stupid ,,, 100% wrong the most important thing about a used car is it`s condition make, model, mileage, options, accident history, **PRICE** who cares about the previous owners or the reason why they are selling the car
IMaHARDhabit2break (7 years ago)
I hate shopping for used cars! SO hard to find a good salesman!
haz939 (7 years ago)
Is that car a porsche 914 or similar?
harrygoozee (7 years ago)
@hwy9nightkid dollars is money or you can pay by card...but it doesn't say that you need any dollars or credit cards
hwy9nightkid (7 years ago)
@harrygoozee no this is in America..
very detailed information
harrygoozee (7 years ago)
dont you need money?
pete5668 (7 years ago)
@cynicalscythe17 lol!
pete5668 (7 years ago)
@JanuaryDiamonds i love saabs
GodsPuppet (8 years ago)
Show me the carfax!!!!!!!!!
k_wrx_ (8 years ago)
LFSvidMan (8 years ago)
@Chunderitis You can over here, but yeah, I get your point. If your budget is tight, you could go to the corresponding car's (if you have a make/model/spec already chosen) forum (every car brand has a forum these days) and either look for a "buying used" topic or just ask questions there. A friend of mine got a civic from '94 in tip top condition by inspecting it herself...
ankit baweja (8 years ago)
allstate is the leader in used car insurance you can call them at 1-877-521-7963 to get free quotes and add the cost in your budget
Daniel Dassler (8 years ago)
@spikerbrad23 step 13 buy a used computer lol
LFSvidMan (8 years ago)
@Chunderitis $30 for a full inspection here, no problem, and inspecting 10 cars before cashing out some 20k is a better option than get the first one that has a pretty colour you like
LFSvidMan (8 years ago)
@addjon would be a waste of a good 30% of the car's value in cash. Telling you this as having owned a brand new Mazda 6. Same thing as if I bought a 2 year old one, just with a higher price tag.
r14j (8 years ago)
or you could buy from a trusted dealer one thats owned directly by the manufacturer like Renault Birmingham that way your sure that quality checks are made and all inspection sheets are also accesible to you for viewing.... yes I do work there.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
@ Polar That's why I'm NOT a belt fan. I've had a timing belt break on my wife's car car as she was driving up the parking lot. Fortunately it wasn't an interference engine and we we're only out of $30 for a new belt. A neighbor of mine had an Old Alero for a day and the timing chain broke, trashing the engine. However that belt on the Escort we had less than 20,000 miles when the teeth fell off. I'm picky about maintenance too, but there you go. Stuff happens.
Polarcupcheck (8 years ago)
@fixinggrace Things break for all crazy reasons. You can have a perfect belt break if a pulley locks up. Personally, I don't trust it.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
@ Polar My friend bought a Hyundai and I was using this to make a point about depreciation. I'm looking for a full-sized (maybe) GM or Ford van myself. A lot of cars have interference engines these days whether they have a chain or belt. I'm not a belt fan, but they are a lot easier to replace than a chain is. I did one on an Escort in an hour. The fact is these are a maintenance item and need to be done. Even chains need replacement at intervals, but more time and money involved.
aleon1018 (8 years ago)
I've read worse where people bought lemons and dumped more than the car was worth. I can still count my blessing that nothing major has gone out.....yet. At least I got something that wasn't a pick up truck with 14 mpg :)
Polarcupcheck (8 years ago)
@fixinggrace Hyundai equals interference engine. I would never drive an interference engine. Belt breaks, and you are toast.
Polarcupcheck (8 years ago)
@aleon1018 Sorry to hear that.
Mya Kay (8 years ago)
I am going to buy a used car as my first but I try to ask the seller's what type of problems the car have if any and whatever problem the car has, research on how much it would cost to get fixed. What a headache. I am still more worried about the cost of insurance then anything else. lol
aleon1018 (8 years ago)
I believe I've read that the $1,000 deposit isn't refunadable if you don't buy it and that's WRONG Dealerships taking over Ebay and or impersonating private owners is also WRONG. I found one car on Ebay by a private owner that had no reserve and he only got 300 for it. For all we know, a dealer or salvage yard bought it. Ebay is sour grapes and has a bad reputation according to some people on automotive blog sites. Although, they are also selling. $1,000 non refundable deposit? WTH?
cdrake411 (8 years ago)
Thank you good video!
aleon1018 (8 years ago)
I'm currently looking at the VW TDI or turbo diesel. So many have high miles already and are still too high a price if it needs work. Private owners also want too much. One car I just found supposedly has 83,000 but a questionable mileage descrepency as stated by the dealer. The car looks great, but some still do with high miles on them. Many sites don't show pics of the engine, which I hate. Some, not even the interior. Ebay is said to be even worse, but many dealers post there as well.
aleon1018 (8 years ago)
My mother bought a car for me after my father died because it was one thing he wanted to do for me, but he wanted me to get a truck and I didn't want a TRUCK. :( I wanted something that got at least 30 mpg highway. My brother, who took over the estate kept changing his mind, but finally gave in after my mom complained. First decent car I found, I wanted, before I ended up with a back yard POS like a crapalier. I found a 2001 Buick Regal and now sorry I bought it.... for that price.
elchicoboy (8 years ago)
go to the tips. if everything's ok, then go with it :)
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
My friend just bought a new Hyundai and is going to spend $11,000 for the first year, including $6000 in depreciation and $1400 in interest payments. I'm going to be practicing what I preach in the next few weeks b/c we've been saving for another car. Of course this one's going to get a lot more scrutiny. I can drive a pretty decent used car for the cost of depreciation and interest on a new one in the first year.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
@fooey88 I can't afford not to at this point., or ever again. For me, it's a change of mindset to delay gratification. Every car I've bought has been used b/c I can't afford the insurance and depreciation. Now I realize I can't afford a car payment eating into my monthly budget in this economy. I can drive an older car now and save up for another one for later and will still save money.
Peter (8 years ago)
@fixinggrace ya cause all can afford to do that.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
Then you did fine from the looks of it. I saw your car and it looks great. I'm planning on spending $3000 to $5000 on a vehicle w no payments. I would rather fix stuff than make car payments.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
No offense, but car payments are a trap, especially when you finance for more than 3 years. Better off to buy a garage sale car for 2 grand and save the money you'd make in payments for a couple years. Then you'll be able to pay cash for a really nice ride. I got burnt on my last car loan to the tune of over $10000 on an $11,000 car. Save the money on interest.
Walter Grace (8 years ago)
You and I are in the same boat. My Dodge is going to cost too much to fix and is no longer safe to drive. One problem is that it was in an accident and twisted the frame. Once I replaced the struts, the steering went to hell. Now I've got to pay off the lemon and pay cash for another vehicle.
billy corgan (9 years ago)
i know i will never buy an american car again never ever ever forget about it i blew my money on chrysler i will never make that mistake again ever now i need a new car and i have to wait so i am doing so much research on cars it s not even funny every book every video everything i can not to get ripped off again thanks for nothing dealerships
why would anybody my a american car ? that's suicide
markviichick (9 years ago)
AND make sure (should you have any doubts) get a car history report. If the car seller thinks you don't know crap about a cars, they WILL try to get over on you. I'm a woman and you have no idea how many times someone tried to get over.
badmudda (9 years ago)
Kartkid024 (9 years ago)
If done based off the kelly blue book, and in most cases, a private owner will be cheaper. However usally a dealer is gonna have higher quality cars and will often do maintance on some stuff for you to get you to buy the car. This isn't always true and research is your only real way of getting the best deal. Also credit is always importent expecially in todays world, but thats up to you, if you can't afford it then its not worth attempting cause you may ruin your credit.
Ethan Donker (9 years ago)
yeh the 50's porche dose kinda look like a bug. but not an old one
Jasmine Shafley (9 years ago)
Id say you probably need at least like $5000 for a descent used car..

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