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Predatory Lending: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Payday loans put a staggering amount of Americans in debt. They prey on the elderly and military service members. They’re awful, and nearly impossible to regulate. We’ve recruited Sarah Silverman to help spread the word about how to avoid falling into their clutches. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Geek Week (1 day ago)
5:27 I think I just found his “Lion King” audition tape.
Alicia Creighton (1 day ago)
Skip payday loan go direct to loan shark
level (2 days ago)
this fucking cock sucker still around?
Panta Rhei (5 days ago)
Nobody could give less of a fuck for the american people than the american gouvernment. The biggest criminals are protectet by the law while making money. But hey, that's the so called american dream right?
meme (8 days ago)
sadly now in the uk payday loans have caught on and have an average of 2000% APR with some going up to 27000% annual interest rates
Bryan Cabrera (13 days ago)
Qwiq E mart. A already spelled word wrong spelled even more wrongly
AmFilms123 (14 days ago)
Great segment except for the unfunny ending.
Wesly Z (14 days ago)
Jv Foot Ball Coach @ 1900%: "You don't just sac that qb, I want you to put his family's head on pikes!"
Keith Rodgers (14 days ago)
loan sharking at its best , don`t you love how capitalism keeps the masses enslaved , keep their wages very low so they have no money to pay bills , its a venus fly trap and people get stung and devoured by these thieves.
Keith Rodgers (14 days ago)
Ask yourself this question , how does a small minority of very wealthy people control and manipulate democracy ? Here's how ; 1) Gerrymandering shuffling the boundaries around to make it easy to win. 2) Voter suppression denying citizens the right to vote by making up weird rules. 3) Employer /employee intimidation , you vote republican or you are out. 4) Divide & rule, play one group off against another group, typical business tactic. 5) Use fear to scare people on an issue eg immigration. 6) Alter the publicised times given to vote for your competition so they turn up late eg no vote cast. 7) Use the media to spread fake news and stir people up.
Kevin Hovivian (7 days ago)
You forgot number 1 thing : putting your own men at key decision post in any government.
Gabriel Jordan (15 days ago)
Loans sharks are probably jealous.
K. David Woolley (15 days ago)
7:35 Ah so also for profit Universities, there is a market for that type of bumper sticker.
Noah Trahar (17 days ago)
We have some in Australia. Among them are Nimble and Cash Train
Bob D (20 days ago)
How the hell does this get dislikes... Seriously.
T. T. (21 days ago)
They couldn't get Monte?
Daniel rogers (23 days ago)
Wonga in England once had a 4000% interest rate
Adam Warren (23 days ago)
You realise very quick how dense American humour is. God awful.
Adam Hellerud (25 days ago)
it is funny but do not walk out of the store with food then you will have to deal with having a bond. It is a sad world where people treat each other like this.
Dan Kester (25 days ago)
Fun fact: Donating sperm... not easy. Most banks now require donors to have a college degree, certain physical attributes, no medical history of significant, debilitating ailments, and, this one's key, a year long commitment to donate twice a week, and to not make any "personal deposits within 48 hours of a required donation." Good luck getting money that way
MrFunnyGuy015 (26 days ago)
Jesus H. Christ! With a 1,900% interest rate, I'd rather take my chances with taking a loan from the mafia.
4D4plus4is4D8 (27 days ago)
He's by far his most annoying when he gets a sound stuck in his head - if he said "team bella" one more time I was going to have to stab out my own ears.
Aidan MacNamin (29 days ago)
Two new phrases from this episode: “I call Dingo” and “Where one mole falls, another shall rise”
Daniel NetSet (30 days ago)
Towards the end clip, Sarah silverman gave me such a laugh. didn't expect that from her! "they are fucking mothers. they mother fuckers..."
Riley Sampson (1 month ago)
the cash fairy; leave us money, or we take your teeth
Money and more money (1 month ago)
I love this country.
Jehanzeb Naeem Khan (1 month ago)
@15:48 - Do it on #Trump! He loves that! #GoldenShower
TheWraithkrown (1 month ago)
Having been on the payday loan merry go round about 15 years ago I can say that the ONLY reason to get one is in a life or death situation. In other words, only get one if the sole other option is death. As a side note, there are many companies that take advantage of service members. This is not new. If you are a service member keep in mind that it just takes a call to your command from these folks to garnish your pay. At least with civilians the lenders have to go through the court system to have your pay garnished.
RainAngel111 (1 month ago)
My bank offers a fair and fast loan program, the interest is literally in cents. I usually use it when I need gas before my paycheck and never use it for something that isn't already in the budget. I think it should be illegal to offer loans without being a proper bank or financial institution with actual members. If you need a loan, big or small, you should be able to get it at your bank.
Kate Martin (1 month ago)
Futurama put Nixon as "President of Earth." Should've appointed John Oliver.
Nakainu (1 month ago)
Read up about Scott Tucker's rise and fall in the payday loan industry while he was running race cars with Level 5 Motorsports. Or watch Dirty Money on Netflix
HaploidCell (1 month ago)
Remember that guy from the beginning, who would call your boss at home to get you to pay your debt? Remember how it was his "favourite thing" to do? I get it. I truly do. Do you have any idea how stressfull, how toxic call center jobs are? You are never dealing with happy people, who want to talk to you. The only reason you're in that fucking hotline is because you have a problem, or because there is literaly no other way to get something done, which is also a problem. Now imagine if you had to call people 8 hours a day in order to get them to pay their debts - some of which is zombie debt and you can't actually make them. Call center work is inherently de-humanizing because it reduces you to the faceless voice of a faceless company - so there is no way for callers to empathize with you. In addition, they are already frustrated by something or they wouldn't call, and on top of that come wait times, multiple stages of trouble shooting and re-connecting to a higher tier, and that damned please-hold-the-line muzak. It is no wonder that this guy enjoys using the most mean-spirited tactics to get his job done. His whole environment is set up in a way that he cannot feel empathy for his partner in conversation. And after he has been cursed out enough times he probably doesn't want to. This guy has to pay rent, too, and all he has is a shitty telephone job for some scummy payday loans operation. But, in order to not become homeless, be bites the bullet and does the job despite the ethical problems. And then he is hit with call quotas by upper management, and he has to follow a new employee guideline booklet, which includes contradictory rules. Clearly, he is replaceable at a moment's notice, and this hangs above his head the entire time he is at work. His boss might yell at him once a week to work harder, keep those numbers up, but that is nothing when calculated against the rest of the 40-hour week where he is yelled at by debtors. And those don't have faces for him either, they're just a line of info in an Excel sheet, combined with an angry voice. So, of course, his innital self-protective reflex of developing gallows humor to cope with his shitty job slowly twists and turns this employee into a guy who actively hates the debtors. They are not the only thing in his life that make him hate his job, but they're the one thing he perceives that - if changed - would drastically improve everything. He can take getting yelled at for a 1-hour meeting every Monday. But being under constant abuse from both sides, with the threat of unemployment constantly hanging over his head? You'd turn into a cynical asshole as well. Time and abuse, people. That's all it takes to take joy in being mean.
Zepol Yar (1 month ago)
I wonder if this is the video that put him in the running for the Lion King
Jenny Shull (1 month ago)
When will people realize no one gives a darn about u. Life owes u nothing. Real life is not a board game, video game, movie or tv show. No one owes you anything u don't owe anyone anything. Time is an ilussion. You and your ancestors are the reason old white men get to tell u how to live. Complaining does shit to change anything. Your words mean nothing. The button for the cross walk doesn't do anything. U are the reason you are being screwed. No one one or institution has failed u because they didn't do your homework or take your tests u did your home work and took your tests they just gave u a grade. You are the one responsible for your failure or success. You are the reason comedians are now news reporters. You are to blame for how your life turned out not school not your friends not your family not your co workers and boss. You did stupid things not because someone made u but because u could. No one can make u do anything u don't want to do. Stop blaming everyone else but your self because you are living your life no one is living your life for u.
Jenny Shull (1 month ago)
Comedians are better news reporters because they don't worry about looking stupid in front of people. News reporters for news networks think they have dignity and take themselves too serious.
Chase Boldizs (1 month ago)
A lot of companies hide behind a different name of the same type of loan as a payday loan. Stick with your bank for loans if you need one otherwise if you need money look for a better job or get a second job for a period of time it is needed.
James Carr (1 month ago)
Some here in the UK have 4000% Apr yes that's 4000%
Tobias The World-Weary (1 month ago)
Oh my god capitalism is fucked.
Jeff Akin (1 month ago)
please... never try to sing again.
OXDH AOXT (1 month ago)
lol I thought third world countries were corrupt. This is straight out of the mafia books
Tioram McDonough (1 month ago)
The cash fairy... Comes in the middle of the night when you're sleeping to take money, leaving your teeth under the pillow
barry dingle (1 month ago)
Price is right rules can be changed very easily. But for some reason they refuse...
Ls Vijay (1 month ago)
1.9k payday loan lenders disliked this video.
Nick (1 month ago)
Dingo dingo dingo
AJ Alonzo (1 month ago)
Flagged for showing noted white supremacist sarah silverman in this episode. She was seen dressed as Hitler and we all know context doesn't matter.
the dude (1 month ago)
What a fucking Sjw you are..
Douglas Acker (1 month ago)
Debt is slavery. Once in debt, you've become a slave.
Rick Kepple (1 month ago)
I used to work at the Waynesville Daily Guide many years ago. Yes, the same one replaced by the Uranus Examiner in Pulaski County Missouri! Anyway, I wrote a scathing opinion piece damming payday loan companies and citing Proverbs 17:5. One payday lender was so pissed, she faxed the story to every predator lender in the state! What could I say for that kind of free advertising, but thank you.
Watching this in 2018, where I know John's going to voice Zazu in the upcoming Lion King movie... and the funniest part to me is "The Circle of Debt" by a mile. Foreshadowing at its best.
L J (1 month ago)
Savings? What happened to savings?
the dude (1 month ago)
No one saves anymore.
Quinntus79 (2 months ago)
Can we bring back usury laws? 1900% is way to high.
Eldritch Unicorn (2 months ago)
I remember being a little kid and seeing these commercials on TV and thinking to myself that this sounds like a scam.
Ian Muir (2 months ago)
When bank interest rates are so low how does the government not step in and regulate these companies,daylight robbery
Matthew Aislabie (2 months ago)
Play the clip where Oliver begs Trump to run for president. That always cheers me up.
That way gaming (2 months ago)
is it bad that vanellope von schweetz saying fuckers of mothers amuses me?
lextacy2008 (2 months ago)
Of course there were more payday loan stores than starbucks! Because that was in high demand. The high demand for wages were turned down by corporations so guess what?! PAYDAY LOANS!!
Valerie Angell (2 months ago)
Sad?Its infuriating!
Nick Walsh (2 months ago)
I think that the most resilient industry in America is actually Cocaine. Which ties in nicely with what should really be the point of this video: If there is a market, someone will show up to fill it. The only reason anything exists in a free market economy is because there is a demand for that product.
Shadesmar99 (2 months ago)
why does she need 3 kidneys?
the dude (1 month ago)
It's a joke.
Andrew Hobon (2 months ago)
Looking back from 2018, these contradictory government appointments don’t seem that out of the norm.
James Tanis (2 months ago)
It's not octopi, John; it's octopodes. Greek, not Latin
Bris Vegas (2 months ago)
0:30 there are more Subway stores in the world than McDonalds stores
Facts4u (2 months ago)
Trump is trying to do away with the consumer protection agency, which regulates these payday loan services. Great way to drain the swamp there comrade Trump.
Thanapol S (2 months ago)
aunva massigca (2 months ago)
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Tanapan Pamma (2 months ago)
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damam gabac (2 months ago)
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ganna Kunyaboon (2 months ago)
I don't have Employment
Tanapon kunyaboon (2 months ago)
i need monney fast
Stan Whattmore (2 months ago)
interest rates of > 2500% here in the UK
windingpath (2 months ago)
Gosh, this is depressing to watch.
Paul Amaral (2 months ago)
Team Bella. 👍
is the circle of debs and screw us all, that line there got him that zazu part
Will Barker (2 months ago)
Interesting video, but I feel people are overlooking something very important. The lack of personal responsibility. These companies most likely have these rates in their contracts so it is nothing new. If you are taking out a payday loan then perhaps you shouldn't in the first place.
Michael Marranca (3 months ago)
i like how he references The Lion King in this, and he’s playing Zazu in the upcoming live-action version
Krogan Popy (3 months ago)
Fuck Twighlite, it sucks.
leah Renee (3 months ago)
Stay away from payday loans!!!
regina jerusalemsky (3 months ago)
Yoy are shits!...dribbling..if you're not a hamburger-then you are shit! Sooo stupid...sooo dumb..how..?! How?! Only when i understand that i have same shit in my blood i can think of others..leave...come... wait for the next winter... i don't even know (anymore) how to tell you that you are stupid. .when THEY TELL ME EEE! " It's good for you.. don't even TELL thanything.. don't even think it.." and then again"it's good for you.."
regina jerusalemsky (3 months ago)
regina jerusalemsky (3 months ago)
regina jerusalemsky (3 months ago)
To those who STILL DON'T GET IT : "when they came for my neighbor..i said nothing..when they came for my entire neighborhood..but me..i said nothing..BUT when they came for me..i had no one to say anything to stop them/for me.."
regina jerusalemsky (3 months ago)
Oh..by the way.. it's all good until.."if you don't defend the texsans - it WILL come to your house!" Is left out..cause if it's"not us then hwo cares?" Theory has failed times over..
wally crail (3 months ago)
And I thought Trump is corrupt ????
eric john (3 months ago)
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Sam Downer (3 months ago)
Fo the LOVE of money is the rot of ALL evil
Aweso Max (3 months ago)
Anybody else realize that John Oliver is gonna be in the Lion King and just made a solid joke based from It?
Nola 1977 (3 months ago)
Love Sarah Silverman
maxhammertruth (3 months ago)
This guy CARES about the common man! Astonishing!
gerard . A (3 months ago)
How can you give a post that conflict the interest of the same guy , it should be banned by law !!!!
Marcus Fry (3 months ago)
Two voluntarily consenting adults entering into a contract on their own accord. Trade is win-win. My customers know what they are getting and I treat them all with respect and grace.
J Dee (3 months ago)
You mean PEDOPHILE lending you pedo.
richard kaye (3 months ago)
Heres a solution brought to you by generous friendly liberals... ask one of said liberals to borrow money, interest free of course! These libs seem like they are noble, generous souls who truly care about the “victims” in this awful country we call “America. Ask them for a helping hand and WHEN they tell you to fck off, just remember that liberals are only generous with other peoples money. The problem they ignore here isnt the payday lenders, its people making a series of fiscally irresponsible decisions that led them to being in that situation to begin with. Advocate for more responsible spending/saving and payday lenders wont exist. Of course if they didnt fail to pay previous debts, which they conveniently omit from this video, they could use credit cards and pay the balance in full on the next statement and pay zero interest while actually collecting rewards for using the card. How dare I use common sense and reason. Im a racist!
Ahhhh, the common tactic of blaming someone. I may even agree that people are somewhat irresponsible, but there is a difference; when common people lose money, they suffer, but when those at the top spends the money to gamble and lose, they get bailouts (even Friedman wrote something in these lines, that consumption patterns do not change abruptly, always dependent on the social standing of the person). I am not even a liberal anyway, and I oppose both capitalism and socialism. They turn men into vessels whose purpose is to breed and die.
why do we History. (3 months ago)
It sounds like he's saying muckDonnalds
Alystas (3 months ago)
15:33 And that's when Going in Style was first pitched
StreakyBaconMan (3 months ago)
Perhaps the government should just offer people below a certain income level a certain amount of interest free loans they are allowed to take out each year or something. Maybe if in a pinch you could go borrow $500, and pay it back over a reasonable time and pay back only the $500 it would eliminate the need people feel to visit a payday lender with insane interest rates in the first place. I have a couple of friends who borrowed $600, one for dental work and one for car repairs and neither had another viable option to get the cash as fast as they needed it so as much as they knew these loans are rip-offs they got them anyway. They were often sneakily charged late fees - they would deliberately try and withdraw money at exactly midnight knowing that some banks here can be a little delayed and that the persons money may not yet be in their account, they would send a letter that would arrive too late telling the person they were taking a payment a day early due to an upcoming public holiday leaving them with not enough in their account and each time they attempted to withdraw a payment and it failed they charged a $33 fee for it - and on top of that the guys banks would charge them $5-10 for having someone attempt to withdraw money that wasn't there, and then they still have to pay back the total amount of their weekly repayment plus $40ish for all the fees from the sneaky behavior. I have a friend overseas who is entitled to two interest free $500 loans that are paid back over the course of 6 months each per year offered by his government so I know there is at least one country who offers these types of loans - I don't get why more don't besides the fact that in America the government seems to be bought off to support these garbage companies in the same way they are for some of these horrible pyramid schemes like Herbalife.
Be_HoPe _DK (3 months ago)
"You would think in a democracy* policies that benefit very few people at the expense of very many would not be able to succeed… but they have!!?"–John Oliver @04:51 @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfgSEwjAeno * = A "democracy" is not what neither the U.S. citizens or Danish citizens are living in... It is an Oligarchy or a Corporatoracy ! ! ! ... and that is proven, simply with this John Oliver quote ! . . This type of Capitalism – I call it CRAPitalism – is just not the way to go ! ! ! ... Because WE (actually it's not us, but the people with tons of money and wealth who can actually make BIG changes) are..: · raping Mother Earth, · buying crap we don't need, and throwing it out, faster than you can say "Don't dump plastic into the sea", and in addition to that, · way too many people are living in *DEBT* or on the verge of it... Like the people who are caught up in those "Payday Loans", most Governments are – more or less – slaves to the Big Bad Banks, because they are in debt ! ! ? ... Therefore, we are experiencing Capitalism and NOT Democracy ! ! ! ... ... WE HAVE TO START ASKING QUESTIONS ! ! ! . . : · How can banks be "Too big too fail"??? Also, · Have you ever wondered who we owe all that money to??? · What is the reason, cos there HAS TO BE a reason, why the wealth gap is increasing here in Denmark (and I'm guessing in the rest of the Western world too)!!?... · How many banksters went to jail after the 2008 financial collapse??? · How could something that happened in the U.S. have so vast implications for the rest of the Western world??? The entire world is still in a recession 'cos of that!!? · Let me not forget to ask the 2.3 trillion dollar question..: Did you Know that the FEDERAL Reserve System AKA "The Fed" (which is the United State's Central Bank) is a PRIVATELY run entity, that RUNS the U.S. entirely??!... In the words of former chairman Alan Greenspan: "the Federal Reserve is an INDEPENDENT agency" (...) and "there is no other agency of Government which can overrule actions that we take" ! ! ! ... :-O ... So c'mon, call it a Democracy one more time, I dare you ! . . ;-) ... Knowledge IS power... GetEducated ! ! ! ... //ANTI-NWO ! ! !
Be_HoPe _DK (3 months ago)
*"I SEE **-DEAD-** DEBT, PEOPLE"* ! ! ! ... (Classic meme, not my own original thought) XD
Marie Hélène (3 months ago)
Comedian John Oliver from (HBO). Even Trump said. You got to go! You know the secret of the a opportunist demagogue is pretending to be as stupid as your audience.... FOOL !! And many imagine being as smart as such stupid arrogant comedian. ----Shame on you... ! So if you are in search of an objective means of measuring intelligence, you will be forced to let the brain go. The answer may be in psychometry ..... Brain? Yes!!! Looser. ----You are Nothing, you are a FOOL and you are a waste of time!! CAREFUL talking about other people from different Countries. Seal the doors of your own mouth. But I say to you: you have many people who is angry with you. Therefore you shall be guilty before Justice of Court.
gerard . A (3 months ago)
America is so corrupt , but it’s a constitutional corruption , protected by the law itself , it make me want to vomit 🤮, really , I mean this shit , plus the federal reserve , plus all other shits , and American stile think it’s s great country !!!!! Fuck that , it’s a jungle , yea , just good for the 1% sharks and lions , the other 99% of population is the food stock !!!!
Campbell Mclay-kidd (3 months ago)
The more i watch these the more i dislike humans
T St. V (3 months ago)
What we need is to give financial basics taught in school. Teach even how to balance your checkbook. Making a budget. Money mutual was being sued. They were harassing people, illegal operations and such.
emma stone (3 months ago)
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patrick driscoll (4 months ago)
1900%? The highest rate I've ever accept was 6% and I thought that was a rip off.
GusCraft460 (4 months ago)
When the cash fairy visits, he takes the money under your mattress and leaves a few of your teeth in its place.
John Raoni (4 months ago)
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Shawn Lecrone (4 months ago)
Not more than Star Bucks or Mc Donalds, he said Star Bucks AND Mc Donalds.
Thedoctor133 (4 months ago)
Ok so is anyone else getting a weird glitch with his hands, like the matrix is going crazy.

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