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Simple Past Tense - Learn English Grammar

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Learn how to use the simple past (or past simple) tense in English like a pro ! Just click here https://goo.gl/DLYpao to learn more grammar and vocabulary for FREE with the best online resources ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/DLYpao Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required Step 3: Learn with the best online resources and quickly become conversational. In this English grammar lesson you will learn the past simple tense.The past simple tense has many uses. It is used in general to describe a completed action in the past, to describe a series of completed actions or to describe the duration of an action from the past. We will give you all the grammar rules you need for regular or irregular verbs, how to ask question using the past simple tense, or even use its negative form. Our English host gives you easy to understand explanations. This is THE FASTEST way to easily take your English ability to the next level! ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishClass101 ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 Click here to get started with English: https://goo.gl/DLYpao Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!
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Syed Ishaq (30 days ago)
Pls show me past continues how to say..?
Jahangir Kebir (3 months ago)
SeanzZeroGaming -2- (4 months ago)
It not free forever :(
The_Queen Ikram_br (4 months ago)
پل مالان (4 hours ago)
Thank you:)
Adli Rizky Muharam (3 days ago)
heyy thanks a lot
Mariam Al-Taee (4 days ago)
Is there an explanation of the continuous past?
Krishna Pal (6 days ago)
How I know the difference between regular and irregular verb
Gabriel Moreira (11 days ago)
Thank u, girl!
Mustafa oğuz (12 days ago)
dili ingilizceye çevirdim ingilizceye k olay òģreniyim diyee her sey .ingilizce yaaaaa hoca bile cildircam yaaa
You are the best English Teacher in the world . !!!!
Hi Alisha .  Iam Another brazilian watching your channel . You are the best English teacher in the world . Congratulations .
he bill (1 month ago)
actions that started and ended in the past use past tense
Sahar Shamma (1 month ago)
Thank you
Omar Choquehuanca Cori (1 month ago)
Awesome : )
How i want to having her number
DEVIL LUKE (1 month ago)
Please explain about the sentence - I didn't know about it
ramin alikhani (1 month ago)
she something...something...blah....blah! it was cute!
Gordon Savage (1 month ago)
Thank you for your information, it would have been nice if one of your sentences had been a regular simple past tense instead of them all being irregular verbs.
nina myna (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for thes lesson
Gangster Dangerous (2 months ago)
I can,t learn tense..what can I do for that....
sacdiya mohamed (2 months ago)
Thnk you i watch in somaliya my English bad but you good explained me
M. E (2 months ago)
Angela Illiano (2 months ago)
Hi! Excellent channel. How do we know what verbs are regular or what verbs are irregular? There's any advise for learn the right pronunciation of regular verbs in past tense? My native lenguage is spanish. Bye.
badar munir (2 months ago)
yesterday i was worried about my future but now i am confident everything will be great
red rose (2 months ago)
I wana watch all these garmmars step by setp
abdou belghozlane (2 months ago)
Thank you
Quinn sisters Oosthuizen (2 months ago)
Is it just past tense or what?
Quinn sisters Oosthuizen (2 months ago)
Is it just past tense?
Ravi Solanki (2 months ago)
Good explanation
Dmitriy Blokhin (2 months ago)
Thanks for tip of properly pronounce 'said'!
Syria Ãa (2 months ago)
Nice teacher😌
Syria Ãa (2 months ago)
Rithelle Uchida (2 months ago)
Excust me teacher what is the work - worked and the walk is a walk-walked is it corrert teaher please dont get anyrg to me please im a cute kid
Bendjazia Daouia (2 months ago)
you are betiful 😘😘😘
Vijaypuri Goswami (3 months ago)
🔫 💣 🏧 💳 🔥 💧💧
Fatima Sohail (3 months ago)
Very helpful thank you
maftuha ahmed (3 months ago)
thanks Alisha
Ahmed Abuelmaged (3 months ago)
Hello, thanks for these videos but I want to ask for report speech we use Past simple or past perfect like ( she said she had swum OR she said she swam.
Gabriela Lima (3 months ago)
Love your classes!!! Thanks for all!!! Can you give us a list of the irregular verbs?
Marcela Contla (1 month ago)
You can take them from internet
Savio Julian (4 months ago)
You made my day thank you👌👌👌🎉🎉🎉
Clara Clara (4 months ago)
The best class
majid dehbi (4 months ago)
plz alish need some lessons about difference betw Who and Whom
Namdev Patil (4 months ago)
Very easy explanation. I appreciate your teaching skill. Thank you. I am from India.
maris Cardeenas (4 months ago)
Hello my name is Juliana . I inglish easy . Yesterday studing to inglish
The_Queen Ikram_br (4 months ago)
Thank you
Salim Muhammad (4 months ago)
A great teacher
Seso Stir (4 months ago)
Brajendra Choudhary (4 months ago)
Namste mam please make full conversation vedio
Maria Lima (4 months ago)
I´m a Brazilian English teacher in Brazil and I love Grammar, because it was how I learnt English. But my coleagues said that I have to avoid teaching English with grammar. I use to use grammar then speaking activities. What do you think? By the way: great channel and great classes!
Gabriel Moreira (11 days ago)
I think both are important, but sometimes grammar is used a lot and speaking is a few... Maybe we need more speaking in brazilians classes!
Vignesh B (1 month ago)
Yeah without knowing grammar difficult to make sentence
Amit anuragi (4 months ago)
That's good thanks
Adnan Abbasi (4 months ago)
Hello Mam i am new here. I want to learn english.it’s my wish to learn it but i am a beginner please tell me from where should i start learning i am so confuse after watching so much lecturea here
Mehedi Hasan (5 months ago)
my english pronunciation is very poor ,so what can i do?
Yomna Seddiq (4 months ago)
watch English movies and listen to audiobooks and watch tv programs and immitate what you hear
dunya jamil (5 months ago)
So great really
Alismena Bertin (5 months ago)
You're very nice alisha thanks for all your videos i really like your videos i love it
Diễn Lê Công (5 months ago)
Thank you, Alisha <3
abdelazeem adel (5 months ago)
i want all tenses in list please
abdelazeem adel (3 months ago)
the human that give me alike thank you alot
Nguyễn Thị Hường (5 months ago)
Hi,I really wonder what's difference between "at the moment" and "at this moment"? thanks!!!
Pedro Tech (5 months ago)
Thxs a lot for the help teacher
"something something" sounds very cute))
Jui ju (6 months ago)
Hi, I am Jui. Thank you for introducing grammar in easy way with examples. I love your teaching style. Would you like to make a lesson on YouTube about past perfect tense and when should we use it, please? Also, would you make a video for all passive(peasant and past) sentence structure formation and their use, please? Thank you again.
dharmendra singhtomar (6 months ago)
very nice alisha ji
dharmendra singhtomar (6 months ago)
Very nice alisa
Harshad Chopda Fan (6 months ago)
Thanks for the great lesson....U r an excellent teacher plz also make a video on explaining present perfect, present perfect continous, past perfect tenses....I m really looking to them.
sin pui shan (7 months ago)
Lucas Tenório (7 months ago)
Thanks for all videos you had made. Please someone can help me: Is there a way do know what is a regular or a irregular verb please?
Katsuhiro Okubo (8 months ago)
I played baseball at the park yesterday.
u bhaskar goud (8 months ago)
Thanku madam excellent claass
Cloé ten Boom (8 months ago)
like when you come from the Netherlands!!
lawlat Jengisbek (8 months ago)
Hi Alisha. Thanks a lot I like you
Musafir Jauh (9 months ago)
Nice i like it..
You're great!! A hug from Australia ;)
manohar grandhi (9 months ago)
hi alisha mam can you please explain me about this sentense . It is time to start. TO It was time to start. thanks for explaining about tense mam i really enjoyed a lot .
RAM WOLF (10 months ago)
you are more enegetic when you are with michael
Hoshino Sakiharu (10 months ago)
She said you don't understand what I said I said no no no you're wrong
Ragnar TheBrave (10 months ago)
Some of your examples of the sentences didn't have a specific point in time, so I suppose that we don't need all of these 3 factors to use Simple Past Tense, am I correct?
JITENDRA MISHRA (10 months ago)
is this sentence correct today i awoke early in the morning because i had to do my home work.
Eric Nuijtemans (9 months ago)
no the right answer is : Today is woke up early in the morning because i had to do my home work
Dao Luengprapa (11 months ago)
Hi~ Alisa . I like your voice.. Thank you for subtitle
Ghafar Karimi (11 months ago)
Really I appreciate Thanks from your advice.
johnny carter (11 months ago)
I like very your videos .i have a question. Do you have simple present tense videos ,please god blessing I am from colombia COUNTRY .I had been learning english with your awesome englsh class bye kisses.
rio reni (11 months ago)
Hello! Thank you for such a great video! I would like to ask you to make more videos about each grammatical Tense. Thank you!
Daniel Bellcaster (11 months ago)
Today i took a break I cooked and ate an owl Then i ate a steak And finished with a growl.
Daniel Bellcaster (11 months ago)
/no i didnt eat any owls. Just in case/
You are very good teacher. Thanks about your lessons.
Juan Palacios (11 months ago)
Thank you Alisha your videos are very helpful..
Ami Dee_silverwolf (1 year ago)
Ohh..I love that girl..such a pleasant personality keep it..up..dear..I m in learning phase so I watch your all videos...
Olivier Samor (1 year ago)
What is this ugly woman laughing at ??? She's so UNNATURAL AND FAKE, she looks ridiculous !!
Bassirou Keita (1 year ago)
I'm very happy to watch these videos. Thank you Alisha
Safarka Aakhiro (1 year ago)
U r full teacher 👩‍🏫 🙏🙏💕👈
Safarka Aakhiro (1 year ago)
I'm in USA 🇺🇸 i know English but thank you sis😘😘
Mohamud Yussuf (9 months ago)
Iqra wacan Asc iqray ma ficantay
Shiji Hariharan (10 months ago)
Iqra wacan can you me to talk english iam from india kerala
Maria (1 year ago)
Those classes are so useful to try my listening and writing :))
Rot Khan (1 year ago)
You my language very simple place Alisha place on try to understand. Your language fishing kiching..
InkFiction8 (1 year ago)
what a really useful video thank you!
Miloš Hejda (1 year ago)
I realized today I Don't need the subtitles already during your classes. Your English is so clear. I CAN confirm that listening Does work. Cannt beleive it. I'm happily surprised. ... and, Past simple, peace of cake ☺
Bubble J (1 year ago)
you always to smile.I love your smile.
Esmatullah Ghani (1 year ago)
useful! thank you..!
Jagan Mohan (1 year ago)
FfTtI am creating group for who wants to talk English through WhatsApp.this is my WhatsApp 7660943346. Benefits .U can practice U can learn. Just send hi through ur number.i can add
Lojanbabu Murugan (1 year ago)
I understood what you are speaking mam ..but I cannot speak in English very fastly....so what should I do mam .
Thank you, teacher, I understood everything you said
Hi Alisha! How about native speakers? They make mistakes when they use irregular verbs in past simple tense too? Thanks for the excellent lesson!
Anh Nguyen (1 month ago)
Maria (1 year ago)
I think not, they should grow up listening to those verbs all the time, it's natural for them
ElbertGalarghGaght (1 year ago)
I watched a lot of videos about english grammar but you are another level I really love the way how you teach you got a thumb up, Keep up, from now Ima follow ya P.S. You look so pretty.
fardowso m j (1 year ago)
Thanks teacher
how to use the words like live work stay in the past and past progressive..
Alejandra Arreguin (1 year ago)
Thanks ALISHA, you're the best !!!

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