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TON The Next Bitcoin?!? Telegram ICO $1.2 Billion

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Leaked PDF/Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ucUeKg_NiR8RxNAonb8Q55jZha03WC0O/view Thank you guys so much for watching, I really found this coin interesting and hope that we can see a lot of altcoins flourish in 2018! This is my first ICO video and just want to let it be known that I will never be accepting payments to make ICO reviews, I only do coins I believe in and would invest in. __ Telegram groups: https://t.me/cryptoadvisorOfficial https://t.me/advisorcalls __ Genesis Mining 3% Off: TfkYh1 __ BTC Wallet: 1JiLbpkP5Am6YyFrreDu52iS68KVZh2j25 ETH Wallet: 0x8dC98104D4D88E9AE9c4FfB596C0aE844E278f79 __ I am a channel dedicated to educating and exposing different investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. I follow many different currencies and try to give the best information about each. I hope to be your one stop shop to making money! *Disclaimer* This video is purely educational and is not intended as financial advice.
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Text Comments (135)
Crypto Advisor (11 months ago)
Just wanted to let you guys know, this ICO IS NOT OUT YET all current ICO's claiming to be TON is FAKE. The real ICO may happen later in Q1 2018 or Q2 2018
Charlie Manner (10 months ago)
Crypto Advisor Can one buy into this ICO on Binance?
RobertBraathe (7 months ago)
Yobit established partnership with Telegram ($20,000,000 worth of TON was bought during Pre-Sale Round 2). TON token will be listed on Yobit soon. If you want to purchase TON please contact Yobit admin Robert at https://t.me/RobertGroupHelp This is the only way for individuals to buy.
Lana Aniskina (7 months ago)
https://bonus.presale.ventures/r/2917 Bounty
Tazul Islam (7 months ago)
I would not buy Durov at all for crypto currency, because for now, that there is only excitement and a big name, nothing more. It is better to already participate in the bounty of TokenGo and quietly receive coins without any risks.
Amarjyoti Deka (8 months ago)
Please review gramfoundation.io is it a scam???
GML (8 months ago)
Visa is 24,000 tps, not the low number you said. Fastest crypto is around 1,500 tps (Ithink).
Есть возможность инвестировать в TON, чрез европейский пул - https://antares.capital/ru/referral/2f617117
Token Time (9 months ago)
Yes!!! Watch video on my page. How to buy best token
Zidane Steiner (9 months ago)
TON will be competing with EOS, Cardano, Stellar, Tron, Icon, Ubiq, Ethereum. Given how the greatest minds in crypto are working on these projects already, and given the lack of talent pool to choose from, who are they looking to hire? Cardano needed 2 years to create a new blockchain from scratch. I'm not trying to FUD on TON here. Maybe it will be like it is now where they are a latecomer to the messaging game and still did well.
iKarma- (9 months ago)
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Machmud Zakhodi (9 months ago)
here I found it today https://telegram.org-ico.ml/ all in myetherwallet
Ton A. (9 months ago)
Thanks a lot ... I'm very pround . A coin with my name .... lol ...
MrFreeGman (9 months ago)
Seems like an EOS ripoff
MrFreeGman (9 months ago)
Crypto Advisor No it's not...are you dumb?
Zidane Steiner (9 months ago)
The token sale is on Ethereum retard. EOS will be its own blockchain. Anyone who bought EOS tokens needs to register before June 18th or else their ERC20 token will be worthless, same goes for Tron and Icon, but they haven't announced a date for their snapshot.
Crypto Advisor (9 months ago)
EOS is built on ETH... drop the mic
Kishan Sri (9 months ago)
Tron trx
VIDEO WATCH (10 months ago)
Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 GRAM!!! GRAM is the token of its blockchain product TON. iGift.One, the biggest international airdrop platform, will hold this event. The achieved free iGift from iGift Box will contain a certain sum of GRAM. Each iGift costs 0.2USD. Get 100 iGift, just click and sign-up. https://igift.one/i/52828065768
peter mendoza (10 months ago)
WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS ICO.... https://freecryptoclub.blogspot.com/2018/02/for-future-earners-only.html
Token Time (10 months ago)
TON Already working. This http://bit.ly/2EdDVej
partyush goyal (10 months ago)
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Ahmet YILMAZ (10 months ago)
Get bonus 50000 satoshi http://t.me/BitcoinMining_Bot?start=362838649
SHAMIT VERMA (10 months ago)
ricona.io is one of the best on here no doubt.
deepti vohra (10 months ago)
Please information about ICO ricona.io coin.
monika Verma (10 months ago)
ricona.io keep up the good work. 👍
Alan Goh (10 months ago)
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Mr. Robot (10 months ago)
Here's the list of 7 ICOs which are giving away free coins on just Sign Up in 2018 - http://bitcoinome.com/get-free-ico-presale-coins/
Hasher Peekpower (10 months ago)
Problem is, when will the platform be up and running. 2030
Amir Salunke (10 months ago)
777 777 (10 months ago)
Robert Fraser (10 months ago)
I wish some these Icos could pay us Cryptos gurus a level payment to review all their products
ATIEBO REUBEN ABUGRI (10 months ago)
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How To (10 months ago)
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Mr. Anderson (10 months ago)
Share your littlе haррiness tо me for ICO 1Bdxn2fVxHvgabR1xeATYVERQsydMNKere
Capt Govan (10 months ago)
https://thorncoin.com/ref/cwk6igb2r3d1ias4 Hurry left One (01/19/18) day BOOM !!!!! BOOMIII
Sheila Davidson (10 months ago)
Keido M (10 months ago)
TON The Next Shitcoin?
Sheila Davidson (10 months ago)
Become a crypto insider! Team of crypto investors sharing insights, calls, and predictions. 💰Short trades & long holds📊Diversified📚Education so you can go to the moon 👇Follow us on telegram👇 @[email protected]@crisfagleyTelegram:     http://t.me/bitcoinbotinvest
iptoux (10 months ago)
i heard that the ICO is only for big Investors. You need 1million per token/coin
Heycel (10 months ago)
$600 million investors, $600 million in a public token sale
Blakroc (11 months ago)
SCAM https://www.binance.com/?ref=10219503
Rif Music (11 months ago)
Join Right now!! https://t.me/CryptoPumps20
Google User (11 months ago)
Stroll Monkey (11 months ago)
its a scam . fake ICO ,
Stroll Monkey (11 months ago)
Crypto Advisor are you supporting this video you have posted? Which is of fake icons. TON is not related to telegram. And they are using their name. And telegram ceo himself confirms that it's a scam.. And what basis you are saying they may create or launch the ico when is being advertised on fake and false names you are misleading your followers with this assuming that they may create which is for sure is a scam
Crypto Advisor (11 months ago)
yes, that website is fake, that doesn't mean they wont make an ico haha
Stroll Monkey (11 months ago)
Crypto Advisor.. Telegram has not made any announcement. Check the following link for more information https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/breaking-telegram-ceo-officially-confirms-gramtoken-io-ico-fake/
Crypto Advisor (11 months ago)
yes, the current ones are fake, the real one has not come out yet
Naveen K Mahendra (11 months ago)
This is a fake coin. No official announcement telegram official website and their website is not even protected. This project is so huge and they aim to finish it by end of 2018? Its impractical. Just marketing thats all rest all is fake.
AE studios (11 months ago)
https://t.me/DinoParkBot?start=459536617 Join to earn money
Vance Xavier (11 months ago)
Dear TON, Don't be a TRON, Regards, HODLER
Quyền Thái (11 months ago)
use etc to mobilize ico
Quyền Thái (11 months ago)
please address web ico telegram
Brent Simpson (11 months ago)
Thanks. Succinct , well fleshed out good delivery. Subscribed. Cheers
Namrid Zeliang (11 months ago)
I’m just here to warn you about a scam site ! it looks so real but look out for security suffix ‘s’ in http
Dillishwar Yakha (11 months ago)
where can we get from updates?
vovik (11 months ago)
cool overview!
Mashad Pino (11 months ago)
you guys can try and use my reff link ! http://gramtoken.io/register?reference=3909
Max Dixon (11 months ago)
I’ve got the white paper https://t.me/TONpreICO
Gary Winehouse (11 months ago)
But where and when to buy it?
Michael Fitzgerald (11 months ago)
Rikhi Kang scam site. No news on telegram.org so not live
Rikhi Kang (11 months ago)
hi there, http://gramtoken.io/register?reference=952 you can get the ICO from here.. I will get a small percentage if you buy.
Jakob kaye (11 months ago)
Looks promising. I will definitely invest in this. Another ICO I would recommend crypto lovers is DIGITEX. Digitex will be huge. A decentralized exchange... Just wow! simply click on this link. Watch the video. read the white paper. Get convinced and only then invest in it. Most importantly, you can only invest by trading ETH for their token. ICO starts tomorrow (January 15 2018). GOOD LUCK GUYS https://vrlps.co/a?pt=24egHeF-mYgN9sCzFHAbpvZzKrw&referralCode=HJlm0PuEz&refSource=copy
call of duty black ops 4 (11 months ago)
When and where can we get it(
Onwudinjo Alexander (8 months ago)
verty (11 months ago)
Any idea how much the ico price will start at?
Tony Stallone (11 months ago)
Will there be a bonus for early birds?
Miroslav Zaťko (11 months ago)
why do not I want to open a blockchian tune page, do not want to know it?
MuhfugginMike (11 months ago)
"leaked" lol
Dry Dessert (11 months ago)
1.2 billion. ridiculous. not burning my eth for that.
Samatha Rechtlo (11 months ago)
The new CELL ICO on daifuture org will dominate all anyway have fun with those nuts
kistzu (11 months ago)
AriseBank's Arisecoin ICO is going for a 1 Billion, too
Sahand Bagheri (11 months ago)
If bankera can get 700 mil dollars, telegram could easily get x5 of that
vanAzmie (11 months ago)
https://collectivexchan.ge/official-no-cryptocurrency-trading-ban-in-south-korea-government-says/  LOL ok own up, who fell for the FUD these past few days??
Mr Smith (11 months ago)
A domestic surveillance token... 🎣
G G (11 months ago)
Where to buy?
Кремлебот (11 months ago)
The first exchange based on the blockchain reliable project for investment https://goo.gl/rK8GQs
Mark Drisch (11 months ago)
it's a measurement of weight lmao. The way you pronounce it though :P
Crypto Advisor (11 months ago)
You are right hahaha
Adam Gabrieloff (11 months ago)
you keep repeating "you guys don't know", how do you know whether we know it or not, or you're just assuming.
Pedro Sanchez (11 months ago)
When is going to be a pre sale
brad wright (11 months ago)
Ltc giveaway telegram brad Wright LduVuZ4ckwd12SvhXTEgbfHiD8RMRWDM3K
Harikrishna Kalivarapu (11 months ago)
is it same as GRAM?
Harikrishna Kalivarapu (11 months ago)
how to buy this TON now ?
Pedro Sanchez (11 months ago)
I dont think so.I think was a scam.I invested 2g and today Icant find the page
Laughing Invest (11 months ago)
Nice videos very informative man thanks for all the effort and tips. Hope I do win the LTC giveaway tough period man... Continue the great work. Telegram: gordono12 LTC address: LTLMq2voQvUJwAJ9WkVM1XpkBEqSvEdmos
Richard Smythe (11 months ago)
i believe its pronounced like Ton the weight.
Allen Joyce Dela Cruz (11 months ago)
Followed on telegram and subscribed! With notifications for new vids! Ltc: LSvznBbQeFGGA1TWxt4Boo9aLhzENJDRQU
Craig Miller (11 months ago)
Just as a warning, there is currently a FAKE ton ico launch out right now which claims to be nearing the end of the token sale....THIS IS NOT FROM TELEGRAM STAY AWAY.
i'd love to know, hope they don't have lower limits, they should have high limits though
Chris (11 months ago)
When is it actually on sale and how do i buy
Chile Chiludo (11 months ago)
Where can I buy this
Rikhi Kang (10 months ago)
Lior Atia you're right mate. I nearly got caught out. One of my mates was scammed by someone pretending to sell bluzelle. Something needs to be done about this
Chile Chiludo (10 months ago)
Lior Atia good looking out on this brother thank you
Lior Atia (10 months ago)
be careful.the link he sent you is a scam! there is money scammers that will sell you fake coins
Rikhi Kang (11 months ago)
Hi there, I'm buying them now. Just missed out on the Digitex ICO:( here's the link to TON http://gramtoken.io/register?reference=952 I will receive a small bonus if you buy using my link. Just letting you know.:) Thanks, rikhi
Justin Morrow (11 months ago)
https://gramcoin.tech/referral/WoYUcLR199 I received this link. Is telegram legit or is it a scam?
Der Haggero (11 months ago)
Bye Whatsapp <3
Shawn Behnam (11 months ago)
Wish they were making a decentralized chat platform
Telegram BidGram (11 months ago)
First cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram! ICO available! http://t.me/Bidgram_ICO Become a co-owner of the world's first cryptocurrency exchange in Telegram today! http://tonBidGram.com/freewallet ICO is Open. Become co-owner today! Get your Wallet NOW! Free coins will be distributed to all participants of beta testing. BidGram owners will receive 50% from exchange earnings. Every 1 day of the month BidGram coins owners will receive their dividends depending on the number of BidGram coin. You will receive dividends in coins, which our project will receive as fees from trading. BidGram coins owners will have access to beta version of our project. Calendar ICO >> 21/12/2017 | 1 BidGram - 0.000005 btc Amount: 3750000 BidGram >> 11/01/2018 | 1 BidGram - 0.0000075 btc Amount: 8750000 BidGram >> 12/02/2018 | 1 BidGram - 0.00001 btc Amount: 12500000 BidGram >> 20/03/2018 | Finish ICO http://t.me/Bidgram_ICO http://tonBidGram.com/freewallet #Telegram #TON #Cryptocurrency #ICO #BidGRAM #GRAM #TGramCoin
Timo G (11 months ago)
they can expect a TON of money
Savage Investor (11 months ago)
Yeah I’ve been reading up on TON. This is going to be a game changer ... good overview bro.
raul b (11 months ago)
join here guys!!! https://gramcoin.tech/referral/7JaqNsIy6j https://gramcoin.tech/referral/7JaqNsIy6j https://gramcoin.tech/referral/7JaqNsIy6j
bitcoinnews (11 months ago)
Whitepaper is available here https://t.me/bestICOdiscussion
Andrew Hopkins (11 months ago)
Thanks looking forward to hearing more.
Kartereo (11 months ago)
Discord > Telegram
Norberto Figueroa (11 months ago)
This could have a lot of potential. Huge ICO
Ivan Nevmer (11 months ago)
This is gonna be huge. Rumors about ton/gramm leaked in mid December (also there is a video) But Pavel Durov denies it. And there is no official announcement.
carlos machado (11 months ago)
A lot of money for "hopefully" they can do something good.
David Fernàndez (10 months ago)
i gonna HODL til the end of the world
Kiran v (11 months ago)
Is this scam or not ?
Crypto Advisor (11 months ago)
yessir hahaa
carlos machado (11 months ago)
1.2 billion ICO, must be a real idiot to invest on it. This market is becoming beyond crazy.
The Daily Dab (11 months ago)
time to dump 30 thousand into a ico
CC123 (10 months ago)
Just what I was thinking. Tyler you think it can live up to the hype?
brett barkley (11 months ago)
Good post lad, informative
Kyle Biggar (11 months ago)
Good vid. Any idea on when the  ICO will be released for sign up?
RobertBraathe (7 months ago)
There will be no ICO. Yobit established partnership with Telegram ($20,000,000 worth of TON was bought during Pre-Sale Round 2). TON token will be listed on Yobit soon. If you want to purchase TON please contact Yobit admin Robert: RobertGroupHelp at t.me This is the only way for individuals to buy.
Rikhi Kang (10 months ago)
Oh wow.. I'm going to wait until I'm absolutely sure it's the real one
Kryssie's World (10 months ago)
Rikhi Kang fake ico is out
Michael Fitzgerald (11 months ago)
Rikhi Kang pretty sure that is the scam site.... no news on telegram.org so it can't be live yet
Bkz81 (11 months ago)
Telegram is the hot spot for crypto
Tyrin Alcott (11 months ago)
$1.2 Billion ICO? Damn count me in.
Marcus Cohen (11 months ago)
Already know I'm going to like this video.

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