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Amazing Acts Of Human Kindness Trending Now

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Jay Alam (1 year ago)
It's not about heroes, it's about learning prepared and have the mental strength to do what's right
Isaac Heckathorn (2 years ago)
hero's vs cowards
Leviathan05 (2 years ago)
Isaac Heckathorn United we stand...Dividend we fall
jaxbus3000 (2 years ago)
I really hate, begging but here goes. A couple of months ago, I wrecked my car, no big deal, I got another one. But right after that, my boss let me go after working 14 years as a financial officer for a non-profit. Needless to say, a week later I had to give the car back. On the same day, I found out I had stage 2 melanoma, and due to being unemployed had to go on cobra right away, which is very expensive. So off to the oncologist I went, and had a huge chunk of my back removed and still have more cancer to be cut out. I also need back surgery badly. So, here I am, broke, homeless now, no car, no job, and sick as well. My medical expenses are huge and I owe a lot due to co-pays. Bottom line, I need your help in any way possible. I have a gofundme account and would appreciate any financial help you can give, and whether you do or not is ok, but please copy my gofundme link and put it out there on your social media sites and promote it for me. Here is the link and thank you for at least reading this. And no, I have never asked for a dime in my life. https://www.gofundme.com/jackthomas I hate resorting to trolling other peoples sites.
Leviathan05 (2 years ago)
jaxbus3000 so sad...T¬T
A B (3 years ago)
look closely at 5:00 the person gets pushed by something behind it
Karolina J (2 years ago)
+Abdimalik Barre Look again
Florida Man (3 years ago)
lol, or maybe they fainted? People are so funny.
Azais1 (3 years ago)
OMG so kind
Azais1 (3 years ago)
g so
tarah bear (3 years ago)
wow really amazing peole very lucky boy so glad my angels r out there!!!!!!p!eole lik this remind to never giv up hop theres more good than bad we r so amazing when need be and thanks to random peole who hav also helped me in lif big swak for u all!!!!
Florida Man (3 years ago)
"my angels". I would have never guessed God had a YouTube account ;)
Gina Ingalls (4 years ago)
Someday when I marry a rich man im going to create a news station that only airs random acts of kindness. All the way from saving someone s life to paying for someones meal. It may not cover the big events in the world but it will always be there for people who are starting to lose faith.
DZA (3 years ago)
'Marry a rich man' Why dont you marry someone you love and do it
Florida Man (3 years ago)
+Castle Black no you're not deluded, guy above you is just an ass. and I hope Gina was just joking.
Castle Black (3 years ago)
But how many succeed. Everyone wants to be rich but i wasn't talking about riches rey, i was talking about success. I'm not deluded.
reybati (3 years ago)
+Castle Black lol stfu. You really think in a world of 7 billion people only a handfl try to get rich. You are deluded.
Castle Black (3 years ago)
+Gina Ingalls "when i marry a rich man"... you don't need to marry someone to succeed Gina... even worst if you marry only for money. Your future is in YOUR hand not in someone else's.
lee Navarrete (4 years ago)
Some of this stuff is just saving peoples lives
sweetytwome2 (4 years ago)
it is so clear to me from these videos and others stories we are on this earth to help one another. that is our mission here.
Zhōu yǔ Qiáo (4 years ago)
Note to self: avoid the subway...
FRL LFC (4 years ago)
Antonio Nieves (4 years ago)
Zack Hemsey "The Way"
grrmonkey (4 years ago)
talkcommonsense (4 years ago)
It is instinctive to for kind people help others when they are in need . . .
Haydee Tanori (4 years ago)
Every single one of us has that inside them. May kindness be not a trend, but the living manifestation of love in motion...all the time. :) 
MotorcrossRacer1 (4 years ago)
crazy! how many people fall on train tracks WTF. im suprised you can just walk to the edge. there should be some kind of barrier to keep you from getting close to the edge.........
xNXTG3N3RATIONx (4 years ago)
if you look closely at 5:00 it looks like the guy was pushed by something.
uncle_gazpacho (4 years ago)
Call me crazy, but the tattoed bus driver looks like a lonely warrior to me, being absolutely aware of the situation, he simply knows what to do and immediately starts to act...
TheMajic101 (4 years ago)
most of time man are the one to save help.. most woman are just get panic in emergency
Prof. Moriarty (2 years ago)
I'm a female, the other day I literally saved my best friend when she cut her hand open on a saw. I'm also 16. This was at school.
R4NKEDNUB (2 years ago)
Well he is right in a way, if you look at all the people that save the victims, they are men. However, there is the case where men start the emergency, like that segment where the man pushes the woman onto the subway tracks.
Prof. Moriarty (2 years ago)
Sexist dick
That busdriver should get a hero's reward, they all should...but he was so persistant..never giving up :)
BazmurTheBeast (4 years ago)
(>^__^)><(^__^<) HUGS FOR ALL
THE AMAZING JOE JOE (4 years ago)
We need MORE people like this!!! :) :)
Haydee Tanori (4 years ago)
We are those people. We are the peacemakers. We are the heroes that we have been expecting. We are changing the world one act at a time. (((<3))) 
dooquidis4ever (4 years ago)
These are really cool stories but the music makes it sound sinister
THE AMAZING JOE JOE (4 years ago)
Make the WORLD a BETTER place!!!!! PEACE & LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!
3laxx (4 years ago)
I cried, because of the simple forgiving and selflessly acts of those people, who handled to save others lifes, without caring about their own lifes. Big respect for those, who save other people physically and psychially. I think, those people are the real heroes of life and they have to be honored because of handling like this, because I think, I could not. I'm not very good in english because I'm german but I want to thank the people, who are saving the world everyday like this and although these are just a few people, it means one more saved life. In a world with horrible accidents that means propably not much to others, but for me, it means, that real heroes are existing and I think, everyone has a life like me, with dreams and fears and that means so much, if such a life is saved. Human like everyone saved other human like everyone. Like me. And when you're realizing, that a human, just one, can be the world for one Moment, that saves the world one more time. I think, it's great to think like this and it always makes me a little sad, but also really happy, that the world isn't cruel at all. That deep in us are heroes, who are waiting to save others. Maybe not like this in the Video, to jump in front of a Underground tube like this. But saving can also mean healing from Depression for just being here. Thanks to all the people who had the Chance to save lifes and did it. Just thanks.
Dosh (4 years ago)
What is with all these retards waving at subway trains like that's going to make them stop?
SOUTH PARK KENNY (4 years ago)
Make the WORLD a BETTER place!!!!!  LOVE EVERYONE!!!!!!   WAKE UP!!! PLEASE    Do  one Act of Kindness a day make someones day Better!!!!!
wsupthisisparadise (4 years ago)
my heart.
John Nolan (4 years ago)
the general message of this is stay the fuck away from trains
RelaxedKiller (4 years ago)
People, the song's name is The way by Zack Hemsey.
o0xTHEcoPlayerx0o (5 years ago)
i cried watching this, knowing that even if its just 1 in a million, there are good people out there.
Ahmed Moustafa (5 years ago)
TMANUSMC2468 (5 years ago)
i officially hate subways now
TMANUSMC2468 (5 years ago)
i know its ridiculous  
Uplift Life (5 years ago)
Still can't get enough of videos like this, the fact they are so powerful they inspired me to make this channel is so awesome :)
Sarah H (5 years ago)
for the people who were trying to commit suicide, even just one person trying to help them probably meant everything to them 
z Ir (5 years ago)
This video is a good response to all feminists, that not all mens are rapists or pedos.
MetroWolf (5 years ago)
4:54 "Ok guys, lets push this car off this man!" 4:56 "Ok, he's out, everybody move along, nothing important here!"
MetroWolf (5 years ago)
The woman at 2:30 Wtf? Why are you killing yourself?
Daniel Drury (5 years ago)
These are all wins for the human race.
ZosoNHendrix (5 years ago)
Angels are real.
Dom Saddle (5 years ago)
If u disliked this video ur a wanker
ben whitten (5 years ago)
Why is there ALWAYS a train coming?
TheSoftCop (5 years ago)
Entropy wins (5 years ago)
What a great video, what a great song
Evan Brody (5 years ago)
Omg, I thought they would get hit. Such amazing heroes! Thanks to lord that we have such nice people!
Guilio McEwan's Space (5 years ago)
So moving and such warm hearted people
jobeywobey1 (5 years ago)
Although this is highly touching. It scares me that the right thing to do has become considered the good thing. As humans it should be in our nature to all others out. Yet some people stand and watch. 
Tac (5 years ago)
Hero's plan & simple
Andy Mu (4 years ago)
+s0ft_c0p No, it's "The Way" by Hans Zimmer. 
TheSoftCop (5 years ago)
thats the song?
Official Shae Johnson (5 years ago)
Praise Jesus ,that there are still good people on this earth.
JaykePlaysMC (5 years ago)
These are not acts of kindness these are life saving situations get it right but they are still truly amazing
Kellen (5 years ago)
this video goes to show we need better safety measures in subway tunnels.
Laura Loo (5 years ago)
Thank god these people isn't hurt hurt.We all should be thankfull that parents raised noble people like that Joslyn Ruiz
Fuzzy Lip (5 years ago)
was this filmed with a calculator?
redknight801 (5 years ago)
I am a bit curious to know the "story" behind the incident at the 1:50 mark.  Why on earth did that one man shove that woman so violently towards the tracks when it would seem the three were conversing together?  Huge props to the other man for giving him a good flogging and for helping the woman, though!
redknight801 (5 years ago)
*you, *wankers ;) 
An Thraxan (5 years ago)
He is ever so educated, my dear you need to learn more swear words. 
redknight801 (5 years ago)
lovely rebuttal, enjoy your future trolling, mate.
redknight801 (5 years ago)
yeah...I am the wanker...not the guy commenting on someone's post that was made some weeks ago to criticize the choice of words they used.  Piss off
Laureen Kuizon (5 years ago)
Am I the only one watching a 'good deeds' spree?
redknight801 (5 years ago)
haha no you are not...after watching several videos of crude behaviour, I am now also on a "good deeds" spree to cheer myself up again. 
Matteo Pagliarulo (5 years ago)
Juriah Din (5 years ago)
These acts of kindness is like a reflex action to them. It comes instantaneously and naturally . Others would just watch , maybe think but no action.
YoshiShell (5 years ago)
The moral of the story is: Trains are evil.
Eli Sando (5 years ago)
Human beings are beautiful and amazing, their love is unique, they are the real angels, gods among nature, they just did not know the truth yet
Eli Sando (5 years ago)
Humans...the real angels, the real gods, they just didn't know their true nature yet
coolshit9 (5 years ago)
they shud show this kind of stuff in the news
trubo9001 (5 years ago)
Stuff like this just makes me happy to see :')
Exirting (5 years ago)
Kitty_Kat (5 years ago)
These are amazing people! ♥
David Höfer (5 years ago)
Does anybody know what the song in the beginning in the background is called??
Bingu (5 years ago)
These people right here, they are the real heroes of our world!
Rambofant (5 years ago)
Why does it have to be a trend to help people? What has the human race evolved to? Acts of kindness should not have to be encouraged by it being a trend, it should be implied. 
Jesus M. Candelario (5 years ago)
Some people just kick ass at saving lives.
Ikki Phoenix (5 years ago)
it makes me think to workout  hard to be in good shape so i can perform some of this acts when needed
smoshchanel (5 years ago)
2:27 kick the woman in the face could just used his hands
Tylor Herbert (5 years ago)
If he would of used hands he would of fallen off himself, their for not saving the laddie
Blossom Arnold (5 years ago)
he didnt kick her in the face ...
ohevshalomel (5 years ago)
4:34 That could make a person misty-eyed.
HIMmagTV (5 years ago)
Amazing video! Have shared it!
Shahidur Rahman (5 years ago)
Nice to know
Dylan Johnston (5 years ago)
4:20 he didnt save his life he raped him!
Tiny Grizzly (5 years ago)
8 people have no soul. 
Mohammed Ibrahim (5 years ago)
God bless .
Michael Lawn (5 years ago)
Only idiots do that stuff. As American I would just laugh at those stupid people.
PyroDraco Aureus (4 years ago)
dude some of those clips were taken in other countries too you idiot
hana777amanuel (5 years ago)
+vevoz sorry, if that was not your intention.
VeVozify (5 years ago)
+hana777amanuel yeah i said american,  AN,   not ANS  there is a difference -.-
hana777amanuel (5 years ago)
+vevoz You said American, why generalize,those who are helping are American too.
Samantha Smith (5 years ago)
what would compel u to say u would laugh while someone is in danger and might die...that is horrible and i dont think it would be a lie to say YOU are horrible!!!
Khalique Mohiuddin (5 years ago)
That is pretty nice
Fred Kimani (5 years ago)
how are there still people that dislike this...honestly
Sunderas (5 years ago)
The sad part is that there are more ppl standing and doing nothing than helping...
Ross McMullin (5 years ago)
It's ok, as long as one person is willing that's all it takes. 
Don Toine (5 years ago)
I loved the very last one :D
saviorcinco (5 years ago)
1.52 is not exactly kind.
jakep1979 (5 years ago)
Justifiable self defence is very kind.
"trend"?? oh please.. this should be a standard
Ethan Potts (5 years ago)
the part where people pick up the car makes me cry. lets people know there are still caring people out there, and even literally at a moments notice people can band together and save a life
Themasterxboxer (5 years ago)
This shows people care for each other
Themasterxboxer (5 years ago)
This is great
Lionchild1978 (5 years ago)
Trains are a menace to society!
arsetothem (5 years ago)
adrenalin rush... if used correctly - save lives
Gerard Gaughan (5 years ago)
2:27 **kicks woman in face** "What a hero!!"
corkey04 (5 years ago)
+Gerard Gaughan Snap back into reality bitch!!! *kick*
Gerard Gaughan (5 years ago)
+Lee Sin Yes, but he did it in the most hilarious way possible.
Lee Sin (5 years ago)
you know she wanted to kill herself right?
Oliver Swenson (5 years ago)
I don't think some of these are acts of kindness there just people saving others for horrible deaths
James Treeman (5 years ago)
Uplift Life (5 years ago)
Hi everyone!  We are a channel dedicated to restoring faith in humanity and, as the name suggests, "uplift" lives. We do this by filming and uploading videos created to make people happy, as well as the viewers happy. Hopefully with your help we can achieve our goal of making people smile. Join us on this movement of positiveness! If our channel is something that interests you, please check us out - :)
Mr Zonalar (5 years ago)
Mårtin (5 years ago)
For once i am on the oppiset of wierd side of youtube
Arch Angel (5 years ago)
1:34 angel in human form :)
sgtdemanda (5 years ago)
What amazes me more than the folks who jump in to help is the number of people who just STAND THERE and do NOTHING. I could never watch someone in need of help and not act. I guess that's just me.
adam as (5 years ago)
Seroiusly ..Like it was his momma ... Momma... momma... I ain't going to let you die momma..LOL. No in all seriousness its wonderufl to have people like this.. Thank you to all that are like this
adam as (5 years ago)
On the last one he was like hell no you aint' dying on me bitch.... Put in work. Got up and was like and thats how you do it .. lol :o)
Ben San (5 years ago)
finally I´m on the right side of youtube before going to bed. I like it!
Judi Henny (5 years ago)
i like these uploads,but im amazed at how many people fall onto rail tracks

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