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Zotac GTX 660 AMP! Fan noise test

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Zotac GTX 660 AMP! Fan noise test
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Daniel Besteti (4 years ago)
ola cara, vc poderia me mandar a bios original da gtx660 amp, preciso salvar a minha rsrsr, abraço
TheVapourCheats (5 years ago)
compare to HD 7990 :D
U6b36ef (5 years ago)
I kind of glad you sid that, coz this vid makes it look noisy. I keep looking at buying the Zotac or the Gigabyte, and this is enough to put me off Zotac. I know it's open air testing, but the fan motor noise is above air whoosh I think.
João Pedro Rosini (5 years ago)
The GTX 660 uses 140w u-u a good 500w 80 plus psu will hold it easy, CX500 or GS500 are a good choice. =D
Chez Bugs (6 years ago)
i have one and i can say that i cant hear it
TemporalSatisfaction (6 years ago)
What stinks is I don't know what volume to play it at lol
SootheCustoms (6 years ago)
Very nice
hbktminc (6 years ago)
looks badass

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