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Interview with former bank trader and why he now trades for himself.

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Phil is the trader behind our signal - Kilimanjaro. He has over 12 years experience trading forex for some of the worlds largest financial organisations including JP Morgan and ANZ Bank. If you'd like to find out more about Kilimanjaro and how you can follow his trades please visit: https://www.forexsignals.com If you would like to chat with me and other traders please drop into the free live trading room on our site. We're open 24/7: https://www.forexsignals.com/trading-room-lp/
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Text Comments (57)
peter howe (5 months ago)
you needed a calculatorto work out 12x3 !! and you want people to invest their money with you... lololol.
Donnie S. (1 year ago)
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f yourself (1 year ago)
how many um can you count
aboctok (1 year ago)
Great voice for radio.
Feta Cheezz (1 year ago)
what is Phil's last name and where is his Australian SEC info?
ForexFire Investments (1 year ago)
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Am I the only person who doesnt understand the logic behind signals? It's almost unethical. You arent actually helping people if youre not teaching them how to trade.
Nick McDonald (2 years ago)
How is it unethical? Do you know how to rewire a house? Yet you trust an electrician to do it for you without him/her teaching you the process. With signals you're paying for someone to do the trading for you, it's that simple.
Todd Lavigne (2 years ago)
come on , if he was a bank trader he probably has a very nice nest egg saved up to trade with. !0% a month why would you need income from a signal service? Also, what he has said is just bla bla bla. Trading is about prices moving from one level to next. Learn how to identify legit levels and your set. It takes a while to get good at this. Patience and discipline is a must when trading. Doing nothing for 2-3 hours is part of trading. It's all counter intuitive to how most jobs are.
lifelesskids (2 years ago)
Aba Aaa (2 years ago)
He and his buddy TradeAlerter talk that fancy banktalk, but they have no clue on how to actually make money.
ForexBeginner101 (2 years ago)
Excellent interviewed and very good story! I am learning so much since I started a few months ago. Thanks for doing this video, Nick!
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
Hey man, you are listening to the wrong bullshit. These guys are not legitimate. As a growing trader, I can tell you the material that's being put out here is pure scam.
Ashfaq Sheikh (2 years ago)
As a Forex & CFD trader, my impression is that the markets slow down considerably in August. However, in September, they start swinging. Has anyone else experienced the same?
quan talor (1 year ago)
It depend which particular markets are you referring to, they are absolutely all different but do kind of move the same, it’s very rare though
Michelle Hancocks (1 year ago)
This is due to many bank and hedge fund traders are on holiday. I also know a lot of trades who take summer off.
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
This has to be your first year trading....
Chuma Mtibe (2 years ago)
good day nick I'm Chuma South African I'm planning to begin trading i have not started as yet please give me some tips I'm clueless
Brickstun Ram (2 years ago)
Don't listen to these con men. Look elsewhere bud, there is so much fucking garbage on the internet it disgusts me how these guys scam people who know absolutely nothing about trading.
hamed ghasemi (2 years ago)
The reality is, u may gain but you lose more than u gain. The ultimate winners are the online platforms (the online brokers). My advice: If u wanna make them richer, try Forex ;) its totally up to u. But u can use your money to enjoy your life rather than give it up to the online brokers.
Pete de pad (2 years ago)
17:05 lol.. Cheeky B. !
Jishnu Choudhury (3 years ago)
idio9tic vidoes.. Youtube should ban these guys from spreading garbage and polluting the world.
MaDi (2 years ago)
Herе аre just а fеw of the kеy sесrets insidе mу INCREDIBLE trading sоftwаre.==>https://twitter.com/081a7ac8bd28746be/status/804699524132278272<<====<< Gоod stratеgу>>> Interviеw with fоrmеr bаnk traader and whу he nоw tradeeеs for himsеlf
Rafal Z (2 years ago)
+Jishnu Choudhury At least they have verified track record of what they doing - 99% of trading charlatans (and trading "mentors") don't have it. I still would not invest my own money with them because of associated risk but they are much better than 99% of scams and junk trading services available on internet.
Nick McDonald (3 years ago)
+Jishnu Choudhury Ouch! Sorry you feel that way, however there is nothing garbage about us. Our clients are making consistent money and have been for over 18 months now.
Taha Chi (3 years ago)
Probably only Ozzies and Brits could understand half of it, but thanks for the part we could understand!
DailyStockPlays.com (3 years ago)
Interesting insight on leaving a successful career to go trade his own account.
this guy has absolutely no clue about trading
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hav2win (1 year ago)
says the twenty something know-it-all.
Warren C. (3 years ago)
All of this talking somehow seems to assume that the future is going to resemble the past. The attitude seems to be a "Play a good game..." and "carry on mate" In my opinion the future that's going to soon be upon all of us will present with massive, multiple terrible events, like, say, 11 March, 2011. So, my seeking investments is based on THIS assumption. We shall see.
Ginger Gander (3 years ago)
I'm very interested in your concept, Nick, of taking signals from great traders, but this displays why the tactic doesn't work. Kilimanjaro is pulling his punches for the public account, meanwhile his real trading is going on privately. Basic human greed is kicking in. He's not getting enough benefit from giving away his juiciest ideas. So your vetting process is perhaps too thorough. If you let everybody with a trading account who wants to sign up (100 or 200?) for your website go ahead and connect then their results will rate themselves over time... you could use an eBay style feedback and sort them all by their weekly results. The market changes and the best this week won't be the best next week. That would be the value in such an arrangement. Let competition rule the day... It's the free market way. Follow me on Twitter @GingerGander
agaw kla (3 years ago)
+Ginger Gander That is what Darwinex is doing. Myfxbook autotrade is better than what you are suggesting though.
Taha Chi (3 years ago)
+Ginger Gander Isn't it an interesting point you are making, but do you really have the solution? If doctors did not really feel like their juiciest solutions will get the remuneration they deserve, would there be a way out? The best to raise their prices to extremes? Standard deviations aside, if you were being the best doctor you could be and applied the House rule, 95% of your effort for 5% of your patients, and achieved better quality of life for your patients, would anyone notice? Could anyone notice? I am afraid the quality problem is unsolvable the free market way, it is spiritual!
noone (3 years ago)
Blah, ba blah, ba blah!!!! lol
Bijan Fletcher (3 years ago)
that bloomberg data isn't cheap though $34,000 per year
ForexOracle (3 years ago)
So....in his personal account, he makes over 10% per month. But his signal service is not even making half of it ( and just for the last 3 months) which means his private account. Which nobody can see, is doing well. While his public account, which people can see is not going so well. LOL !!!! If you buy this kind of **** you deserve to be scammed.
Todd Lavigne (2 years ago)
that's a reasonable explanation. more leverage = more profit when your making money so his clients as long as they are making money every time he does may make less due to the difference in leverage.
Nitin Walji (2 years ago)
Herе arе just а few of the kеy secrеts inside my INCREDIBLЕ trading sоftware.==>https://twitter.com/db7128550dfc15ed0/status/822802098999951360<<====<< Good straаatеgy>>> Intеrview with fоrmer bаnk trader and why he nооoоw trades fоr himsеlf
Danial Syed (2 years ago)
Hi Nick, Like the videos, I am trading on the 5m for quick scalping and 4h and 1D for day trades. So far making money, some months are good, some are bad however the overall its profitable. I am a full time trader
Nick McDonald (3 years ago)
+mrzipdisk Why?
mrzipdisk (3 years ago)
+Nick - Making A Million (Forex Trader) SEEMS LEGIT. NOT!
Robert Taylor (3 years ago)
Nick asks the question whats your edge in the market. You don't need an edge in the market Nick, the market never changes. You just need to understand the structure of the market and trade it. :-)
Keaos0 (3 years ago)
+Robert Taylor I use the The Force when I trade.... ^_^ It's my Edge... But I still pay attention to the daily economic news...
Stephen Morgan (3 years ago)
Good one Nick, very informative, do a few more if you can, thanks
monkeysgone2heaven1 (3 years ago)
Kilimanjaro- thanks for the interview. If you can get close to 5% each month (as you say you are aiming for) combined with very few losing months, people will be very happy with that. It sounds like you are tryign to create a style specifically for Forex Signals subscribers. That may or may not be a good thing. I guess time will tell. But if it doesnt work out, perhaps you will be more comfortble switching back to your more familiar bank style of trading. Good luck!
Broke Mike (3 years ago)
Good to finally see and hear phil! He loves to talk lol must come with working by yourself for so long, he sounds like a good bloke and lots of fun when not under the FX pump! Thanks for sharing Nick!
Broke Mike (3 years ago)
+Tom Jaz oh what a sad story :(
RoathRipper (3 years ago)
do more of these trader interviews, nick. great insights.
Kevin Ross (3 years ago)
Thanks Nick and Phil for the video, awesome insight into Phil's trading. I found the quality in the last third made it difficult to catch all the words, I'm not sure if that's the video or if my connection lowered the playback quality. It would be great to see how Phil's personal account differed from the Axi account.
Dev Light (3 years ago)
Can you do a video explains his trading method and how this has changed moving to retail? Thank you
Broke Mike (3 years ago)
+Dev Light I doubt he or anyone can explain that to you in less then an hour
Dev Light (3 years ago)
Great video, thanks

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