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How Much Money Do Expediter Owner Operators make Expediting is it one of the Best Paying Job's?

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Richard Roush (4 days ago)
Do you have any contact for Fleet Owners that we can contact? I am trying to get into this business and I am having a hard time finding owners. The recruiters are not being much help.
I can get you in contact with a fleet owner from NY, I don’t know if he has a van available, email me [email protected]
Richard Roush (3 days ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING But trying to find a fleet owner is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Plus I live in Northern Maine and there is nothing here.
You right
Richard Barber (13 days ago)
20 miles per gallon? I wish.
Lol how much are you getting
DJ APOCALYPTIC (19 days ago)
damn this is sort of discouraging why the hell would you even get in this business if you got all these expenses and crap?
You think this is bad wait till the next video I got planned it’s much clear picture with expenses and it clearly shows that even at .80 per mile your not making money it in a brand new van, all business have expenses but this business no one really gives it a second thought, it looks to everyone like oh I can just get a Van and Insurence Fuel it up and go, but Vans are expensive, they depreciate, you will put 150k miles on it first year, next year it will start breaking down with no more warranty, Then you got the cost of fuel, that can be as much as 20k per year, plus some people pay $18k per year just for insurance, then 2 years after buying your 40k to 50k van it has 300k miles on it, and you feel like getting out or a trade in, but you will get up to 15k for it or less then a 35k deprivation loss, and I am just getting started. Then you got to think of this other thing, you will work over 90hrs per week but don’t get over time, and stay on the road up to 3 weeks or more, sleep in the hot or cold van, and don’t get to go home after the work is done, it’s like the clock never stops, in reality your better off getting a minimal wage job with over time at 60hrs per week you will make double what the van guys make and not have any expenses and get to go home every night and have a life, You don’t have a life with Expedite or Trucking unless you enjoy the road and always being on the road and travel
blkstr liner (28 days ago)
Has any on heard about My Virtual fleet Load board
K Topshata (28 days ago)
Yes it's a load board for expedite freight but to me it now seems like a scam not sure its $300 to join and $50 a month , ask arround let know if there anyone using it thanks
I did not, have you
Tiny Bitty Magicツ (1 month ago)
What expedite company pays well and keep you busy?
It’s hard to say, but most are ok, but no one really can keep you busy it’s a dream from everyone
Adam Baits (1 month ago)
Shut the fuk up and tell us annual or monthly or weekly salary, fuk every one knows overhead cost ,
Zraupp10 (1 month ago)
Ive seen some posts for $1.20 a mile..
ishmell1 (1 month ago)
Hello. I have a cargo van, is it good money in expediting? Is it simple to find jobs as an expediter?
You just find a company that will lose your van and just do it, but not sure if it’s allot of money in it now
Trucker Barbie (1 month ago)
u tube (2 months ago)
long video long long long long
Yeah I know, I make some long videos, but I try my best to stay on point now
Mosa Dash (3 months ago)
I know your intentions are good but try to make straight to the point and short.mist of us know Ali about expenses .make it short
L Shef (3 months ago)
Safety first! -- Do not drive while you record a video. No bueno!
Your right
J B (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video.. Is there one company that is better than others?
J B (3 months ago)
They are all good in there own way, but all companies are different when it comes to requirements or fees and deductions, also some offer insurance and fuel card some don’t, some pay fuel surcharge and some don’t, best to do is just chose one that likes you and you Like them or what they offer
canter nicolai (3 months ago)
Which load board for expedite truck under 10000
359alex (4 months ago)
Sounds like a SHIT gig
boom Vas (4 months ago)
80 or 90 cents is not good. Dont take anything under $1.10 cents
lol I would like to know to
RAM Transport LLC (21 days ago)
Where can you get 1.10?
Rasim Redzic (5 months ago)
Buddy i make $640 a route. Worth 312 miles. And for 312 miles with a disel truck your not spenind more then $100 on gas and food i dont even count no one eats more then $50 in 6-8 hours. So your still pulling $500 a day/night for 6-8 hours of work. Thats $2,500 a week. $10,000 a month. Minus insurence and truck payment your still hauling more then $6,000 a month. No one pays more then $500 for truck payment with $20,000 value. Insurence cargo included shouldnt be more then $600 a month. So your math is a bit off unless your driving for FedEx with $60-$80 route which to me is pointless even with their truck. But even to that you will still make $200-$300 a day. So sorry bud but your math is off. With 26ft box truck if your making clean under $5,000 a month your doing something wrong.
Good job, looks like soon you will get many questions from drivers how you manage to make so much money, your saying your numbers as if your staying consistent, if you are then your one of the lucky ones, even I don’t make what you make, I make $300 per day average after fuel
Mike BM (5 months ago)
Good info. Thanks
Any time
Johnny5 (5 months ago)
I tried to watch... cant handle both hands not touching the wheel 50% of the time.
Lol the video is upload I am ok you can watch 😀
gail nelson (5 months ago)
I have a cargo van I live in jersey how can I get work
Watch lots of my videos, I explain more then you will need to know
william dohn (6 months ago)
OK I am seeing a huge thing not mentioned here. Many Expediters are large white vans. The object is to get the good from point A to point B as fast as possible. You need to start doing your vans up like Ambulances so if traffic is bad you click on those lights to save time! :]
Hahaha I like that
CallMe Instinktz (6 months ago)
Get plan with cricket or straight talk guys. I’m an OTR trucker and pays less than $100 for both phones both unlimited everything.
Yep me to I use straight Talk use my referral code to get 1000 points Hi, I think it’s time you switched to Straight Talk and joined their Rewards program. You’ll get nationwide coverage on the largest, most dependable 4G LTE networks, plus have access to free local offers right on your mobile! Visit Rewards.StraightTalk.com/friend to switch and then enroll in Rewards with referral code (WQYE-A43C) so we can both bank 1000 bonus points. That’s a quarter of the way to a free service plan! ” Use referral code: WQYE-A43C
AMorobest (7 months ago)
Talk tooo much you should make short and clear u where try to kill your mileage drive that why been talking too much I just foward every time sorry bro . Make another short video you are smart but talk tooooooooo much 😀
Thanks for the advice, I am starting to make shorter videos, you might notice it, unless it’s a Live stream then I make it longer
Zabama Z (4 months ago)
Yeah the YouTubers that gets large numbers of subscribers normally have 10 minutes video, people come here to get a variety of info, don’t want to watch soap opera, all due respect, make videos of 10 or less minutes length you will see your subscribers numbers rise.
Lol I appreciate constructive criticism, believe me I am trying, but thing is I speak my mind I don’t really plan any videos, but if I have a script I can make shorter video, I am thinking of making 3, 5, 7, 10 minute videos
k w (7 months ago)
Waste of time
It can be
Igor Pozhar (7 months ago)
Hey Serg. Do u think we can talk sometime on the phone ? I have some questions for you if u ok with that
Igor Pozhar (7 months ago)
Lol thanks what’s ur email ?
Yes no problem just email me your number and my people will call your people lol
As a master Ic i pay driver $0.85 a mile and they all drive 4 cylinder fuel efficient vehicles. Van work I base it on weight pieces and mileage, and is always well over 1.50 per mile.
Nice explanation thanks for taking your time to explain, Question can you explain how prices for Expedite or Any local loads work to my email if you have time [email protected] thanks
Filipina Van Life Aubry (8 months ago)
spyralspyder (8 months ago)
Jeremiah Rodeman (8 months ago)
What is the best way to start? How Where and who can I drive for in Washington state? Or Portland Oregon?
I don’t know
Zeeshan Aslam (8 months ago)
In London average £2 per mile
Yep, in UK the prices are 1.50 minimum up to 2.00
Zeeshan Aslam (8 months ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING we don't budge on the price but alot of drivers who are desperate are bringing down the prices , but we work with those companies who understand our highest level of customer service and communication as well as being a legitimate company , keep charging more! I mean why should we do jobs for peanuts!
Sweet that’s good deal
Zeeshan Aslam (8 months ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING that is Central London , like the rest of the UK is 130-150p in a Luton box van
Joon kinloch (8 months ago)
May I ask what company are you a independent contractor driver with?
The company I work with is not hiring and they ask me not to give there information out, they always had this opinion, all I can tell you it’s family owned and they don’t have anything but sprinters and they are secretive about how many they have, my guess is more then 15 but less then 30, it’s just a one man operation so they can’t handle the volume of calls, so they just want to do day to day business and not be bothered with hiring, most guys that worked for them were with company over 5 years like me, normally no one quits even do they only pay .80 per mile sometimes less, but if your wondering what’s a better company them them I recommend Mill-house, they pay more and keep you busy
ttgk (9 months ago)
Do you have to keep a logbook?
Jonathan Balash (9 months ago)
hi Serge can you please name some companies I can work for. Is Panther a company I can work for and how do I reach them are there other companies as well? I prefer to drive somebody else's truck but I do have my own van.
Look for companies at expedotersonline.com
Shmavon Soghomonyan (2 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING hi my friend can you tell me company name I started expecting I live in California please help my
Yes you can work for panther but I do t know much about them, but on Expediters online, you can find other choices as well, and read some forums to see what others are doing, but this is what I noticed when it comes to working for companies, I only worked for good companies, they were all about same to me, and it’s because I done my job and got along with dispatch, but other drivers that work for them had problems with loads, so sometimes it just depends on the driver, example, There’s technically no first dispatch, but if you say NO to many times they stop calling
Gary Downes (9 months ago)
Stop wearing sunglasses. Your eyes need .nutrients from natural sunlight. Research
Marvin Bennett (4 months ago)
Gary - maybe he's a vampire ?
Thanks Gary, I think you are right, but driving and having lots of light in my eyes is not very comfortable
Paul Oakenfold (9 months ago)
Спасибо!хорошее информативное видео.
Anthony Brown (10 months ago)
Thank you for this informative video
Your so welcome, if you liked this video, you will enjoy this one as well, it’s same topic revised https://youtu.be/rGGkTdXcsm0
Bledar P (10 months ago)
So basically this job is not for northern states for example new york and new jersey has tolls everywhere and they go as expensive as 15$ just for one passage.... so that would to around 70$ per day
solidust23 (1 month ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING can you drive to many different states or do u have to stay regional?
Yeah you right, that does suck, but you can take a load from New York and just drive around the country till you come back
comfortouch (10 months ago)
In just one year the price/gal has gone from $2.49 - $3.19/gal :(
comfortouch (10 months ago)
That sux!
Yep I know while we still get payed same
Jay Lotto (11 months ago)
Whats the farest distance you drive?. Im im florida and i dont want go pass north carolina can i make money?
Not really but it depends
Eduardo Palacios (11 months ago)
Maybe...i did spray the engine where i was working with water
Ahh I see, yes, washing an Engine can cause some problems, that’s why I don’t wash mine, check your connection to injector, it possibly got lose
Eduardo Palacios (11 months ago)
O and i live yiur channel on the maintenece part..thank you.....i have a 2014 promaster dsl , a 2016 chevy express one ton and my back up vehicle is a 05 sprinter which i am restoring for myself
Eduardo Palacios (11 months ago)
We pay 1.30$ a loaded mile here in houston...low driver is making 2500$ a week ....hustlers are 3 to 4 gs .....we only use pros no flyby night drivers...good luck
Spot on thanks for explaining this
Eduardo Palacios (1 month ago)
By all means a woman can do this....as far as renting a van it wouldnt be cost effective as van rental locations charge a per miles used fee....the most important thing i would look at is your experience ..this is not an easy job.....physically , socially and mentally...i would wholeheartedlly recommend you start working with an outfit that can guarantee you a certain amount of work...1.30 amile is a minumum that what can be made mostly because you can also have your own customer base as you are not locked in with just what we offer...good luck
Ethelyn Schaeffer (1 month ago)
+Eduardo Palacios Can a woman do this? Can I rent a van? How do I get started?
2 pars vans 3 broken vans 1 drives, I am trying to fix them as I go, but always something else breaks and I need to fix it, plus my plate is full, doing home remodeling, fixing garage, working on my property and maintaining my van, Just now I bought $2k worth of Roofing shingles, tar paper, nails, OSB, Roofing Gun, Treated lumber for my deck, stairs and railing, Just finished the roof on the garage, cost $800 plus in supplies, no more leaking, and today is raining and tomorrow Will Build new 6 door wide stairs and railing for my deck, then need to go back and Expedite, so I can pay someone to install my AC unit and all my gas HVAC stuff and water heater, then need to finish drywall, flooring, siding and some lighting, and need to build a 14 foot gate for my fence, there’s never a shortage of projects, that always keep me busy, not to mention it’s thousands of dollars and work is slow now
Juan Rodriguez (11 months ago)
You forgot the gym membership for showers
Marvin Bennett (4 months ago)
Juan - loves/ta/pilot
I had black membership and it was 20 per month, I was able to visit any location and it was very convenient but if you can visit at 10 bucks per month even better, I have LA Fitness membership and I absolutely enjoy it, I like going to the sauna pool and jacuzzi, but there’s also basketball and racket ball and some locations even have an indoor track
DMS GROUP MARKETING (7 months ago)
Planet Fitness has over 1,500 locations around the country, and some worldwide. For $10 a month, I travel around the country, stop in at a Planet Fitness club, work out, take a shower, and go on down the road. Members can use any Planet Fitness worldwide.
That’s great
Tony Mclovin (11 months ago)
Is there a video where someone gets straight to the point? Sheesh.
Eduardo Palacios (1 month ago)
I never straight to the point, it’s important to cover this topic in detail
Ken Boller (11 months ago)
Hey Zimaleta thinking about getting in the business .I would like to Shadow with you.
That’s great, what do you mean by shadow
spyralspyder (1 year ago)
Stride Drive ppl
spyralspyder (1 year ago)
These are the same rules for uber/food delivery app drivers LOL. Uber aint the problem guys.... It is what you accept from the broker/Uber Example .... PING pick up 15 minutes/8 miles away .....you would be smart to decline that pickup and hang back or move to a better area.
Don’t buy a pro master
spyralspyder (11 months ago)
got my class c permit and will go get my c license soon. That way I will be able to drive the smaller straight trucks too...... even though I have just been wheeling around the city in a straight truck anyway.... :/ Also getting my med card. I think I will try to get on with an owner for a while and build up enough money to buy a Sprinter, Pro Master, or a Transit. The food delivery and my 1099 experience makes me not really want to be a company driver lol.
That’s great, sounds like you got it all figured out, it looks simple but it’s not, so good to have a plan like you
spyralspyder (1 year ago)
Thanks for the like Zimaleta. I will be driving a Sprinter and a straight truck for a company in the coming months for delivery and coming from being a 1099 Ubereats driver I have some ideas. Thinking about getting a good used van. (I have worked as a track and trace clerk and got sick of the office). I think I may be in a good situation being single and having knowledge on the planner/tracking side and smart deadheading.... to do expedites. While I get used to driving a sprinter and straight truck (Class C) I will check out all this stuff. I already do a lot of my own maintenance on my car. Just got done replacing rotors and pads the other day. Also gotta get my tire checkIt is what it is.. lol.
👍 yep exactly
Christopher M (1 year ago)
My guy is new at this business but we have a 70/30 split, I pay for gas. 250 also comes out of my load pay every week and I make 2.5-3.5k (sometimes more is possible) a month .. I stay out 2 weeks at a time then go home for a weekend..then back out.. im 6 months in...bracing for the summer..
Tiny Bitty Magicツ (1 month ago)
What company is it?
I work for a company, I was a fleet owner in 2010 but it’s allot of headaches, I just enjoy getting work and driving and doing thangs that I enjoy like making videos because it allows me to be creative
Huseyin Karakas (2 months ago)
Do you work for a company or did you start it up on your own?
Robert Delgado (3 months ago)
Christopher M can I do this with a 18 foot freight liner fl60
Great sounds like a good deal
Realman ontheland (1 year ago)
I remember back in the 90's Company pay truckers were paid 0.80 - 1.00 a mile owner and operator 1.25 - 2.00 a mile. Then in 2000 I've noticed a big drop and it has been declining ever since. But I noticed that most so called Hotshot big problem is with the importance of insurance. This is why they cant find other ways of getting loads. Anyone can jump into a 1 ton with a 35' trailer and haul pipe to the oilfields. To make yourself more available get insured!
Yep your right that’s what I noticed
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
Are you willing to sleep in SUB-Zero Temps. in the winter? How about 120° in mid summer, Arizona, high humidity in Florida, without air-conditioning?
Yeah Gas you can idle no problem
brettduffy19992 (3 months ago)
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING 18 but is is a gas promaster PO is much cheaper diesel is not worth the extra expense for the 20% better mileage I can get that by just driving 55
What year is your van, if it’s 2006 and older, it’s kinda ok but you need an idler stick, but newer vans with DEF and PDF there’s many problems from idling
brettduffy19992 (3 months ago)
I just idle the the van
Me to
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
Are you married? Girlfriend? Children? Better stay away, this occupation isn't for you.
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
Insurance: $400.00 per month, new motor after you blow your original motor: $9,000+, phone payment: $125.00 monthly. Food: $600.00 monthly, Tires: $1200.00 yearly, oil change: $100.00 monthly, miscellaneous van repairs: $$$$. Etc, etc. etc...
I see more and more guys paying 900-1500 per month just for insurance, at this prices, you are just surviving and so easy to go out of business
dmg12345678 (10 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING energy drinks = ripoff. 90ct. Caffeine pills at Walmart are $3.43.
dmg12345678 (10 months ago)
spyralspyder more like $400-475 month.
Lol $10 per Day is 300, eating fast food $7 per meal is $21.00 per day, over $600 per month, not to mention coffee and Energy drinks and grocery shopping to change it up
spyralspyder (1 year ago)
Food 600 monthly??? The hell? What are you eating???
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
Expect to drive 120,000-130,000 miles per year.
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
500 miles per day is for beginners.
Gypsy 1962 (1 year ago)
I'm working for MINUS .10 per mile after expenses. In other words, I drive your cheap freight for FREE!
Wow that’s not good
G Rad (1 year ago)
so he's reading his notes while driving? smh
Lol there my notes it’s not reading it’s using as reference
frank franko (1 year ago)
Tv star Beretta is now driving cargo van😜😜😜
frank franko (1 year ago)
It's better to buy a sprinter boat 🚣 n go fishing 🎣 to make a living 😜🙄u can catch sharks 🦈😜good video
Wow what a good idea like the movie with forest gump getting a shrimp boat lol
Dan Corrigan (1 year ago)
This guy is scaring the beegeebees  out of me.  He is driving while making the video and holding a notebook and reading from it.
james van gorden (1 year ago)
he's NOT moving
As you can see the notes was for reference only I memorized all numbers
The App Channel (1 year ago)
I was going to get into the business but now I think I change my mind
It’s not for everyone that’s for sure
Franco Franzia (1 year ago)
Is it possible to make a week at least $1,500 clean
Jon Fine (1 year ago)
Can you make ok money doing just 3-4 days only
Yes and no, this job is hit or miss, and sometimes luck, 3 weeks is needed per month to do ok
keithmackall (1 year ago)
How do you find hot shot loads once you get your truck
It all depends, mill House is good
Arnautovic9 (9 months ago)
What logistic company do you recommend?
GregB gregb (1 year ago)
I work with a logistic company
GM Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
I own a one man with a van Courier/light freight delivery business. I also do letters, medical specimen etc., delivery. What's the difference between my format and an Expeditor in general.
Watch my videos it’s full of information like that good luck buddy
Quincy Page Plus (1 year ago)
I have a couple of vans sitting idle ,how can I get into something like that?
Not sure, sounds like your doing it local which is nice Expedite is long distance, you can make more long distance but it’s better to work local
333moses333 (1 year ago)
Who do you recommend for insurance? 500 per month seems really low?
I recommend just shop around
The Honeybee Garden (1 year ago)
Too many ads
Just skip adds if you don’t want to watch, but that’s the only way my channel makes money
Re:UP (1 year ago)
But u get to write off all ur cost at the end of the year and depreciate the sprinter ...
That’s true
Clay (1 year ago)
Had to quit watching after the 5th ad, that's just too much
I make like .01 to .04 per add, it’s ok if you skip, but I have 120k views per month and the pennies add up, but I don’t do this for money I do it to help you guys, and I also enjoy making this videos, lol but speaking of free money who would not want it right, by the way speaking of ads, in less then a week you won’t be able to skip adds, YouTube make lots of money on adds and now they will charge more money for adds, Adds will be short but you can’t skip them, This will be kinda annoying I know, but there is a way around it and it’s to pay youtube like 10 bucks per month to not have adds, basically getting youtube Red, if you think about it, services like Netflix and Hulu been doing this and making allot of money, it was only a matter of time before Adds became not skippable, Also less people watch TV, more watch YouTube, this being said, I knew this would happen, I started seeing Ads that you can’t skip more and more on my channel and channels I watch, I knew they were testing this and glad to say that ads I got were short so not a big deal
Jose Madrid (8 months ago)
How much do you make per ad that way I don't skip any and watch them?
Sorry about all ads YouTube controls that part, if you don’t want to watch ads just skip them, but that’s the only way I make money on YouTube through ads, so I naturally want many ads hehe
kwame imoru (1 year ago)
I wanted to get into starting a expediting business..any tips on which kind of Van or sprinter to buy . Should I buy new or used sprinter or Van ?? How do I get load? Need help
All companies are Different, best to ask the company you would like to work for, best place to start is expeditersonline.com
kwame imoru (1 year ago)
How do I get a company to haul for and what the lowest year model sprinter is required
Hello, thanks for watching, Expediting is a great business to get into, and is profitable if you do it right, about new or used van it’s up to you, I tried new and in 2 years it was old breaking down with 380k miles and then I bought used, it still breaks down but no payment, and by fixing it my self I save money, if you can afford it, my advice my used, if you can’t afford it, then buy new, you will get into business and can relax for 1 to 2 years by not getting breakdowns, but what ever you decide let me know, and if you have questions just ask
Edwin Garcia (1 year ago)
What about leasing a van with no maintenance responsibilities? included in lease.
You need to look it up on google maps for your area
Yes there’s many local company’s that pay this and more per week
Edwin Garcia (1 year ago)
a week
Edwin Garcia (1 year ago)
how bout local? do you know any local company that hire people with vans? Trying to make 500 to 600 net but home every day. Do you know a website or any names?
That’s very possible, but you will need to call around to find a company that has fleet owners and maybe try it out
Benjamin Duke (1 year ago)
Know your numbers. The people that have saved money, want the road runners starting out, they already know once you get into their system you are making them money and in the end you will lose. So many people do not see the over time development of our structured failures. Learn the numbers. This video a little topic jumpy but truth, and point on. Great video.
Your so welcome
Benjamin Duke (1 year ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING there are many paths to the same goal. It just depends on what you decide to do. There is a wealth of information out here and yes the common thread is the one guy Trk is being corralled off to think this is all there is by some one with more experience, wealth or influence in a Area. Their are very few that say this is the best then look back and see they are not much better off the when they started out as a company Guy. They drive the truck, never looking at a rate or just how the way things are working out effect them. Best of luck, and thanks again for breaking the numbers down and how they relate to the real world of transportation.
Thanks so much, your exactly right, and I guess what I really should have mentioned that if I knew what I was sharing in this video 10 years ago, I would of been in allot better shape sooner, but instead I wasted many year expediting without no real out come, the only thing I got is enough money to cover the bills, and sometimes I get lucky so I made extra to have fun money, so I was always wondering why am I not making much money if I am seeing this big pay days but no money in bank, over the years I tried different things and the outcomes were different, maybe I should make a video on that, because the important message that I want to spread is, if you do this right you will more then pay your bills, you will have money to buy everything for cash like car and a house, sometimes I still wonder am I doing it right, and the answer is I could be doing a better job so I am always looking at what else I can improve in my life to make more money, truth is I can do even better but that means taking more risk, like hiring a driver or 3, and I just wonder do I really want to go that route, that’s never ending head ache day in and day out so even do I have one more van to put a driver on, the van just sits there waiting for me to make up my mind, and maybe I will, because technically I can hire 2 drivers to take over my 2 vans I own now and sit home and do what I do, build and fix sprinters, you might be wondering what is stopping me from this, and the answer is Insurence, Insurence is the biggest thing because it’s expensive and drivers get into accidents and the owner is still responsible for it, so Insurence will go up, the other thing is break downs
Joseph Lieberman (1 year ago)
thank you for sharing this well presented information.
Your so welcome
Eyestube (1 year ago)
I want to hire driver For my sprinters van ? What I have to do ?
Me 11
GregB gregb (1 year ago)
Eyestube I'm available I drove otr for 8 years
+Eyestube if you need a driver I have a possible driver for you, if you want send me an email I will connect you to [email protected]
John Leitaker (1 year ago)
you can write off 60 dollars a day for food, see your tax pro
Mike Tersanschi (1 month ago)
Non commercial per deim is only 29.00 per day
Yes PerDiem, but I don’t even write that off I just write off Miles
B. Atwater (1 year ago)
The new tax law does not allow that. It's called PerDiem. DON'T READ AND DRIVE! You are an accident waiting to happen!!
+John Leitaker yep $60 give or take it’s called per dean
Edgar Bravo (1 year ago)
I wanna start a delivery. I have my eye on a Freightliner sprinter with under 300000miles and the owner said it has engine light on. More videos of how to start a delivery company would be good 👍👍
Good advice, check Engine Light can be a headache
AncapistanVan (1 year ago)
Don't go for one with an engine light on unless you are a technician.
+Edgar Bravo sure I will make more videos on this trust me, this is my focus one Video per day I interesting topics how to make money with your sprinter
69zenos1 (1 year ago)
Thanks for this channel. I drove a 2014 Dodge Promaster 2500 for a company that went through Panther for a few months this year 2017. I was paid .37 per mile. Of course I had no other expenses other than my rent and food, etc. No fuel or repairs. the company was very honest and never tried to pull any fast ones.   My point here is that I have been working a straight job for the last few months and I am ready to go back into the expediter van business and I am considering getting my own van. Panther says they will pay me .83 per mile if I work for them. My question is....have you had any experience or can you share any experience from other drivers that drove the Promaster van? I heard mixed reviews while on the road. Mine was always dependable but I heard others say they are not goo. All of the reviews for these vans are good.  Also, would you recommend I buy one that is a couple of years old or try and get a brand new one?  thanks for your time. P. S. driving in NYC is something I will never do again.  No amount of money is worth that headache....
Yep sure is, Unless you’re trying to tour the NYC then it’s not worth it
Que Z (5 months ago)
Amen, I try to tell people about NYC, not worth the headache.
Wow Nice story, it’s crazy how much tickets they give, it’s like they are against cars all together, want us to take taxi instead
Jonathan Balash (9 months ago)
I grew up in New York City. it's tickets, traffic, and headaches. Everything is too expensive. Before 9/11, I averaged about $500 a year in parking tickets. This went on for 20 years, about $500 a year and parking tickets. a After 9/11 my tickets for parking in New York City went up to $2000 a year just parking tickets. I moved 300 miles out of New York City to Pennsylvania. I've lived here 5 years and not gotten one parking ticket, not one moving violation, not one speeding ticket, not one vehicle ticket for anything. I had to drive back to New York City to handle guess what a moving violation. I won the case cuz the cop was wrong and it cost me $200 in fuel Plus other expenses just to fight the ticket.$16 just to drive my van in to New York City.$18 to go through a tunnel. I've lived in PA for 5 years no tickets. parking tickets where I live is $3. haven't gotten one yet. do not think you're going to drive into New York City and make money. you might get away with it once or twice. but sooner or later you want to leave and never go back.
S Z (1 year ago)
You didn't told us how much you make per week or per month after expenses 🙄🤔
+Freedom 4 All what I make and expenses will be different from yours, Sprinter main Experience is Fuel, Sprinter Payment if you got one, Sprinter service Oil Changes etc... filters and such and break downs parts and labor, then Insurence which is different for everyone, some pay 6k per year some $14k per year, if you want to know my experience No Mortgage Payment No Rent Payment I own my home I own my Sprinter Insurence is $147 per month Fuel is $1500 to 2000 per month Oil changes, maintenance and service Free, I just pay for the parts Could I have a major break down and not do maintenance myself, sure I had this many times in the passed, I learns from it, now I share what I know so you guys can save money So you want to know how much I make per week after expenses $2k per week sometimes more sometimes less, it’s expediting we have busy weeks and slow weeks, I am in same boat as you guys, I share what I know with you guys, and some of you share what you know with me, we can all learn from each other, and oh yes I drive for .80 some guys drive for more with newer vans, but you got to ask for more if you got a new van at least .90 because just .10 is 1k extra in your pocket for month that can be a sprinter Payment. A buddy of mine drives a 2015 and he goes for .90 .95 and sometimes 1.15 per mile, he works with 27 companies at once’s, phone is going off like crazy so he don’t care if he gets told no, he gets that all the time, but he still gets the price he likes
kak nashiot po ruski???
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING iest jilanie i prosto nujen sovet. vi uje razbiraites vetoi teme.
+ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING privet daragoi. udachi tebia v jizne. ia i moi drug xotim otkrit kompaniu. sobiraoemsia pokupat odon box trak i odin sprinter 2009 leta. chto posavetaiesh. vigodno otkrivat kompaniu?
RICKS WORLD dereaux (1 year ago)
RICKS WORLD dereaux (1 year ago)
in europe its more liberal,if avoid all expenses like me,,,i just pay for diesel,and repairs i cant do self,,,with ebayparts....and run only cashjobs...removals....thats why i can afford a c6 vette and save...$ I FOUND 4 wintertires used for 7$ install 50$....privatgaragerage....IF NEED MERC;PARTS HERE IN GERMANY THEY CHEAP::
+rick dereaux nice
+rick dereaux Lol not sure what you mean but you got some good points, I drive 2006 Mercedes Sprinter 5 cylinder Diesel it’s good fuel economy I am happy with my choice, glad your making all that money 💰 How much do I get 👍😆
RICKS WORLD dereaux (1 year ago)
Chowchilla Charlie (1 year ago)
Sounds like you are trying to steer people away.
Yep I am glad you understand
Eduardo silva (1 year ago)
Not really he's just trying to tell you not to work cheap you will be out of business soon and you affect other drivers by accepting this low rates
+Justin Ramsay sup Justin, what are you discouraged about?
KingRamsay (1 year ago)
Chowchilla Charlie I agree. I feel extremely discouraged and it almost feels intentional
+Chowchilla Charlie away from what
Michael perez (1 year ago)
hello I have a question for you I live in ny and I been thinking of driving for panther. unfornately I don't own a van but I hear you can drive for a owner and parther with him and he can give you a van .I'm only 25 I live with my mom for now but I wanna help her.do you think I can make at least decent money partnering with a owner using his vehicle? and do I have to pay for anything?.Because when I read panther website it says I don't need to invest for anything .would appreciate if you can answer this
+Michael perez yes you can work for an Owner Operator and make really good money, 25 is perfect age to start
Ruva A.A (1 year ago)
Thanks for helpful information ! Already working at it five years, looking forward to quit this job and become a cosmonaut ;)
+Ruva A. A. Lol
Ruva A.A (1 year ago)
I heard that too ...One way to find out )
+Ruva A. A. Lol want to become a cosmonaut ha lol that might be a problem lots of YouTube videos say the earth is flat hehe
Cameron Garcia (1 year ago)
Is expediting a job for a retired person who has the money to buy his own rig, and has a regular pension, including their own health insurance plan?
+Cameron Garcia I have seen many Retired people Husband and wife teams, that get a van and set it up like and RV, so they get the best of both worlds, they get to see America and get payed for it, then they visit many historical sites including State Parks, and they looked really happy plus make money from traveling, that's just my obsession from talking to people, but I don't know if it's for Retired people, what I mean by that it might not be for everyone, if you hate driving and have road rage moments, then this job will not be a good one, but for someone that loves to travel and don't mind driving and getting payed, it's a great opportunity, I personally love it, only down side Wife and kids at home and we miss each other, but the money is good, it helps if you know a thing or 2 about maintaining the van or it can get expensive very quick and be a huge headache for sum, but anyone can buy a Van and start driving, if they can afford the payment, me I prefer cash For the Van, and put money aside for breakdowns, to sum it all up I see many different people driving from all walks of life, most love it and some can't take it staying gone for weeks at a time, but to get back to your question, I personally think it's perfect for retired people, they can find allot of free time to visit interesting places and get payed for it, but for Rich retired people, best to just buy a nice RV and enjoy it on there terms, it just won't be cheep
Jess Arellanes (1 year ago)
Hector Hernandez (1 year ago)
Hello my name is hector, and buying a pro master early next year. Question 1st- can I used a ram 3500 to do the the same thing expedite. 2- do I need to get commercial plates on van or truck doing expedite. 3- what is the max weight u can carrier in ur van. 4- do u fill out logs 5- do u have to enter weight stations I have been told that , no logs and no weight stations. 6- what's the name of ur or the company you ran for. Thxz for any info u may give me.
Everything Apax (9 months ago)
To figure the weight you can haul you need to get a full tank of gas and no freight on board. Then go to CAT scales and weigh your van. Subtract that from your gvwr. Most 350 or 3500 series vans will have gvwr of 9950. Your empty weight subtracted from that is what you can haul to stay under 10k gvwr.
+Hector Hernandez +Hector Hernandez hello Hector this information is really easy you don't need any special plates you don't need a special license you don't need to stop at way station max Weight is 3000lbs for 2004-2006 Sprinter 3500lbs for 2007-2017 Sprinter Pro Master can do 5000lbs according to every driver I spoke to and it's much wider between the wheel wells Here's my recommendation how I do it, I don't take over 2500lbs and if I come to pickup its little more anything up to 3000 lbs is ok, so I will take it, and I might ask for more money, Here's why more weight is more were and tear on your Van, Tires were out faster Breaks and bearings wear out faster More stress on your transmission and drive shaft and Diferancial Pro master has no drive shaft or rear Diferancial Your Engine has to work harder I know this is all common sense but I must say it. Something I will add is a story, a friend of mine with 2006 Sprinter took a load and they said it was 3000lbs but they lied it was way more, and he started driving, and it cut his lug bolts clean off and his sprinter fell to the ground on the rear, the front was ok You might wonder what load it was, it was musical equipment going to some concert or a show, basically no pallets, they just loaded bunch of stuff and that's it My recommendation about Pro Master, disregard if you will trade in every year for a new one 1st pro Master Problem at 100k miles Transmission And about 150k engine starts having problems This information from not happy drivers, some are friends of mine, that at this stage don't know what to do, in most cases no more warranty and having problems Information for FordTransit Eco Boost Gas model It's good till about 460k then you will get problems, this might be a good van to get, but keep in mind with this miles your still with payments 2-3 years left unless you payed cash, this is something to consider My best advice, buy Used it might be ugly but pay cash for it, you make same money with used as you do with new van, think about it like this, it's a work Truck, your not going on a date with your Girl in it, Note, I actually went on many dates with my wife in my van lol but that just me lol If you need any more info please let me know Company good to work for, there's many good ones I work for Carolina Logistics (910) 745-7824 Last but not least, before buying a van you need to do 2 things, first check with a company that you want to work for, will they work with this van, 2nd what Insurence they need, Then check Insurence rates, I am not kidding, depending on where you live Insurence cost as much as $14,000 per year, so this might be a deal breaker for some of you, I will make a video on this, to explain better When I started I got payed 120-180 per mile and Insurence was $6000 per year But now guys take .60 per mile and get a new van with expensive insurance, I don't know how they make it, my opinion it's a bad business model, and just one break down, you can lose 2 weeks to 1 month of work, not to mention your bills, what will they do then, This is why I can't stress it enough .80 is minimum and try getting.95 to $1.00 if you got a new van, or you just won't make it after 2 years or less, plus Diesel is always going up and Insurence is going up, cost of living is going up, and vans are way more priced now now then when I started I started with brand new 2007 Sprinter Extended loaded with options I payed $38000 for it
Tamaz Pitava (1 year ago)
well I have 5 years experience... in otr ... let me tell you something about sprinter Mercedes... it is the most worthless and expensive piece of crap ever... now let me tell u what u have to buy ... Ford ... that's it... it s like a tank men.. I had been new Mercedes diesel engine... at 60 000 it just turned into shit... so all I could get was ford e 350 cargo extended ... not high roof of cours and there was no transits yet... and my tank had 100000 when I bought it for 6000 ... and I put on it another 150000 ... no brake downs ... do u get it ... no brake downs and I sold it to dealership for 2300 ... now I have ford transit .. 70000 on it so far and so far so good... buttom line fuck sprinters... can't say shit about pro master never had it..
RICKS WORLD dereaux (1 year ago)
yes,yankengines are stronger ,because they got much more ccm,and lower compression...but they consume double or triple then a euroengine..cause a gallon here is 5$:::MB IS THE FOUNDER OF THE MOTORCAR AND ENGINE;AND IS THE MOST RELIABLE ENGINE THERE IS,,,besides its the most expensive Van in the usa.....why yankvans are cheaper..then if they better...they aint better,,,and the gasbill will kill your profit....
+Tamaz Pitava mogcere tamaz chemi nomeri mailze da roca gecleba tu sheidzleba damireke. gmadlob.
+Tamaz Pitava ki genacvale exlave mogcer mailze nomers...
Tamaz Pitava (1 year ago)
an ager batono chemi email I [email protected]
Terry Waters (1 year ago)
Did you say $10 a day for clothes?
+Terry Waters no per month
beliver Nimry (1 year ago)
working for lyft & uber is much better than having the $ .80 / mile
+See Your Purpose cool, I know I like it, but I never drove with passengers
See Your Purpose (1 year ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING This is better than driving passengers. I did both.
+Adam Ponicki that's a great point, you obviously understand what your time is worth, plus there's same problem with Uber, to many drivers
Adam Ponicki (1 year ago)
You can't make any money on Uber you actually working for free if you understand your time and expenses
+beliver Nimry yeah that sounds much better, but for that to work you need to live in a big city
alolipa (1 year ago)
It's a waste of your life i rather work on something else
+alolipa that's probably best
Russel Y (1 year ago)
Thanks ZIMALETO. Good luck !
+Russel Y your so welcome 👍
Gail JOHNSON (1 year ago)
Who are you leased to?
+Gail JOHNSON Carolina logistics
Sarasdad91 Tim (1 year ago)
Less pay is because of more competition. You have so many people expediting, even retirees are doing it. U also have some expediters that will haul for 65 or 70 cents per mile. And Do Not Buy a new sprinter. Dodge Promaster is much less purchase and less trouble too
+Tim Fowler you right about Pro Master, it's cheep but not much cheaper and it's front wheel drive, just don't seem right for doing this in my opinion, it might handle better in the snow and ice, but from what I am hear from PRO master owners Breakdowns at 100k some Transmission go out and some problem with actual Engine, and it's not cheep to repair, if the Door mirror Replacement is $800 bucks what does that tell you about everything else, the Body is ITALIAN but Engine Who I think it's Dodge and I think sand goes for Transmission, all this info is from Owners I did not own one or have done my research, I am a Sprinter Guy ask me anything and most likely I will be allot of help because I deal with Sprinter Problems and break downs for 10 years and I put 10 to 15k per month, if your Expediting then you are doing same. Speaking about Expediting Rates, here's what I will tell you I never Drive for .65 Cents I stay Firm on .80 and I stay Busy, and sometimes I get asks to take .75 and I say great idea Let me take it for .85 then and then .80 don't sound that bad, instead of losing .05 I ask to gain .05 This might sound like Hey what's the big Deal it's just .05 Cents Bro lol But here is what I Think It's allot better for you to drive 500 miles and spend $25 bucks on a great streak and Ice Cold Lemonade and Put a smile on your face for a Job well done and a nice Tasty reward at the End :)))) I am not giving away my steak any Time soon and I do just fine. Sure there's lots of competition and if they are taking .65 Cents Then They will feel it on there first break down and No Steak for them Probably Dollar Menu at McDonalds, just saying, I just don't see room for a good meal nothing but fast cheep food That does not feel rewarding and comes with a Huge Health Price. And you know Health is not cheep. BTW eating steak every day might not be good who knows. But it's a reference to a healthy meal and I think for $25 bucks you can find some good home cooking of your choice. Lol Long response I know :))) I am a Blogger and YouTube is my Blogging platform, I like reading comments my self and adding my 2 Cents 2
mouad bekka (1 year ago)
what companies you recommend? and what vehicle do u recommend?
+ice blue couple years
ice blue (1 year ago)
how long you been with Carolina Logistics?
+salafination manhaj asalaf I recommend a Sprinter, and for Company's there's many good ones out there, it's up to you what you like, and what best works for your area, Best place to look is Expediters Online, I work with Carolina Logistics, so far so good
Alex Garza (1 year ago)
and how much a team drivers are expect to make per week, no owners )just drivers 60-40to the owner of the sprinter with panther?
Yes but not many choices and the age of the van might be the problem, visit expeditersonline.com and make some calls
Timothy bulter (8 months ago)
Can you have a 2003 Ford cargo van it's gas it's a one-time 10000 pound tags would that work I have regular driver license my license is clean I have a good driving record
+Alex Garza not sure what your asking, but if your working as a driver for a fleet owner it's 60/40 split, but teams don't make more, they just get longer runs
wsmtrucker718 (2 years ago)
hello. my name is chris im a truck driver otr but i want to get into sprinter van expediting. i have question and it look like you know what u talking about.
+KrisTheLegalHustler hi there what questions do you have let me know I will make a video about it
Steven Berry (2 years ago)
Do you take a mileage deduction or itemize everything? What about the food deduction?
+Steven Berry I take a mileage Deduction and for food I take Perdiem
Armando Hernandez (2 years ago)
You have to take at least 25% off the 4500 monthly income for taxes
Thanks for backing me up, because fed allowed you to write of .52 off and if I work for .80 then my take home is .28 per mile so that’s like $33,600 if you drive 10k per month and 120k per year, but we all know 10k loaded miles is a long shot maybe more like 6000 to 8000 miles loaded and other miles are dead head, and it only gets worse depending on the companies that you work with
Les Desilets (6 months ago)
No. the Fed allows to write it off I think 52 cents a mile.He right .80 mile minimum the problem is the competition somebody living 8 to a home they will work for 55 cents a mile.The illegals killed that industry subcontracting in LA a joke.Sad the people screw the illegals regularly I know I worked for some of them parttime.One owes me 600 hundred last year The owner started slow paying him she owes him thousands and he still works for her sad there others.
Who knows
comfortouch (10 months ago)
Pretty sure that .50/mile 'freight' is a cover for illegal activities.
+J Hutch yeah you right, lol .50 in a box truck lol I don't think they can survive, IRS let's us write of .50 to .52 cents per mile lol
Mark Mantia (2 years ago)
where is all the panther freight i get 2 loads a week and like everyone else i have Bill's. I guess expediting is dead to many company's out here not enough freight.
+GSXR600Z Z my ema is [email protected]
GSXR600Z Z (1 year ago)
+Mark Mantia yep
Mark Mantia (2 years ago)
i guess im going to have to find someone else to drive for
+Mark Mantia maybe its dying and maybe, they are selling freight to other companies for less
MrFarscape40 (2 years ago)
I work for a company that delivers office products. I get paid by the piece, but i pay all my expenses. My average day is about 100 miles and start at 6:30 home by 3 pm . I am sure people make much more than me,but I my cost to operate are pretty low. I have enjoyed it most of the time. Thanks for the video Serg...stay safe out there.
your welcome, i used to do same thing and i got paid per piece as well, i delivered costume cabinets and all the stuff, i was also doing about 100 miles per day
Ali Soud (2 years ago)
there is a group of expediters i watch like tim xpedites ,everything apax ,expedite travels they always talk about not accepting cheap frieght. Zimaleta are you leased to a company or go on your own?
+Ali Soud I am Owner Operator, I guess I am leased on, but I name my own prices, and more times then not they counter offer with cheaper rates and make claims that .70 is the going rate for locations like Texas, California, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and much much more, and that's just not true, a going rate is how much we are willing to take, and if drivers willing to take less then that sets the Bar for everyone else, I will continue making videos like this to get others attention so that we can stop being taken advantage of, it is getting to the point where it's hard to make a living and that breaks my heart, keep in mind I own my own home and sprinter I have no major Bills, but I still won't drive for cheep, I want other driver to be able to make a living and get out of debt and stop being a slave to the road, we already drive sometimes for months at a time and we barely get family time, this hurts our family relationship and it's not fair we should be able to be with family more often and be able to afford it by having extra money left over

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