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Is The GTX 660 Ti Still Worth Buying?

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Selling anywhere between $60 and $100 on the used market, Nvidia's GTX 660 Ti may seem like a tempting proposal, but is it worth buying one as part of a slightly older or budget orientated gaming PC? Today we're going to find out. Released in 2012, the 660 Ti filled a gap in Nvidia's Kepler lineup, offering mid range enthusiasts a way to play their favourite games with respectable settings and not breaking the bank. Over three years and at way less than half it's original cost, it'll be interesting to see if this thing has stood the test of time. Today we tested Fallout 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield 1 and Far Cry Primal. Our test setup included an i5 4460, 8GB of Ram and of course a 2GB EVGA GTX 660 Ti SC Super Clocked edition graphics card. Thanks for watching :)
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Text Comments (1051)
Murtaza Rizvi (12 days ago)
GTA V map was needlessly long. and the hell loading screen was ass. far cry primal was released later and plays better than GTA V
HeadBox (1 month ago)
GeForce GTX 660 kinda lagy on Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod CSGO
Armored Titan (1 month ago)
those are around 50$ in my country....should I get dad one?....he wants to play world of tanks....and I have a buget of around 300$... what cpu should I get?
MegaBojan1993 (3 months ago)
Yup, still worth it if you like low framerates :)
xYottaByte Gaming (3 months ago)
GTX 720 - GTX 960 are more popular.
Lófarkú Penge (3 months ago)
What? Gtx 660 ti is nice
Junga Boon (4 months ago)
Saw someone selling a 660 for $15 last week. Too bad I was at work all day. Couldn't pick it up.
Phuindrad (5 months ago)
Nice what a GTX 660 Ti still can do. Cheap and great Performance. I get a GTX 670 and I am happy.
MASHHOOD wr (5 months ago)
im still gaming with gma 4500hd it's lit
hasan Sattar (8 months ago)
with this card, you can play all games on 1080p with high or medium graphics, sooo why do you spend more thousands dollars for only ultra 4k? I think the card is good if it can play all games on good graphics with no DAMN lag soooo, yeah!
Murtaza Rizvi (3 months ago)
i think medium settings is also good. also most of the settings are caused by those blur, bloom and post-effects
Floyd Royds (9 months ago)
Benchmark the Witcher 3
Thundertracker (9 months ago)
As an Asus GTX 660ti OC owner, I do agree with those benchmarks. I can also add that Crysis 3 runs playable on ultra (not butter smooth 60fps but I did finish the game on ultra) and watch dogs saw the ocasionnal freeze on ultra, dialing back a notch fixed it though
Disco Egg (10 months ago)
This gpu is horrible
Naytowl (9 months ago)
Disco Egg (9 months ago)
I posted that 1 month ago I dont know why I said that "fam"
Naytowl (9 months ago)
Disco Egg fam that makes no sense
Disco Egg (9 months ago)
Naytowl Because my math teacher owns it
Naytowl (9 months ago)
how come?
Domac (11 months ago)
Yes, it is.
Rin Kotegawa (1 year ago)
Кайфую с этого английского акцента. Он великолепен!!
Bilal Game (1 year ago)
Nikolas Marcinek (1 year ago)
i see that for 60 euros
Robert Farquhar (1 year ago)
I use the godrays mod for fallout 4 so I can keep them at ultra so no pixelated godrays lol I know I'm late but yeah.. I'm gonna go masturbate now
Techformative (1 year ago)
I got a broken EVGA FTW Dual fan 660 2gb for 33$ with shipping...easy fix
Roberto (1 year ago)
I have 1050 ti Wich isn't the best, but holds up amazingly
I would like to see some old SLI / Crossfire solutions, see how they stack up today.
UrsoJ123 (1 year ago)
Lol no its trash
Ulquara (1 year ago)
If you going to buy one don't bue EVGA one's! Most people who sell them do because of thermal problems as EVGA cards get somehow broken I bought one and can't exceed 60 fps in any game because then the cards get too hot up to 100c! Even after a good clean up and new thermal paste... I thought it was only mine but found out a lot of people have the same issue so if you're going to get the 660ti try to avoid EVGA brand! Card is solid though for all games, nearly identical performance as gtx 1050ti but obviously 1050ti can get better frames on some games due to 660ti is old now and game developers don't focus on optimizing the games on older gpu's as on the new ones.
Fates Fate (1 year ago)
i hate my life i had this video card. 1 like = 1 RIP for my video card
Dalle Smalhals (1 year ago)
What's salty? Is it something AFTER Tseng Labs ET6000 - If YES - my bad 'couse I'm to old ;-)
Fates Fate (1 year ago)
Dalle Smalhals ok i just wanted to post a comment and you now are salty
Connor Stuart (1 year ago)
better than consoles!
Lazul Milk (1 year ago)
what game is it ?
JurgoManz (1 year ago)
Well, no wonder that GTA V ran good on that. It's the reccomended video card for it.
Vitsimies (1 year ago)
I have 660 ti and its realy good and cheap
imperium RANDOM (1 year ago)
damn 900 p medium settings you got over 60 easy and you can get this card on ebay for 70 to 80 dolla pretty good
EK Vipero (1 year ago)
omfg o_O what 2:25 *THOSE ARE MY SPECS* i was planning on upgrading from my 1GB GDDR3 or GDDR4 gpu to a better one and then they have my specs O_O
Saint Limit (1 year ago)
You speak scottish?
elpelirrojo (1 year ago)
You make more “worth it?” Videos than Austin Evans xD
Piton Lopez (1 year ago)
man, i just saw a asus gtx 660 2gb version on sale and in my country(Mexico) this is what u have to pay for one of those used: $63,8388GBP
Felix R (1 year ago)
bought a half dead 660 Ti for 50€, soldered some capacitors on the vrm and it works like new
Nuck Chorris (1 year ago)
Should I buy 2 for $70 from a local seller? Good deal?
Willy Ersd (1 year ago)
Nuck Chorris 2 gtx 660 ti for 70$ do it bro
Mr_Owpeei (1 year ago)
NeedForSpeed 3000 (1 year ago)
i have gtx 660 and i happy as fat nigga
YungOrphanz (1 year ago)
can someone tell me if i should buy 2 of these!
some one (1 year ago)
been watching your videos since you made the r7 360 video which inspired me to buy im looking for a new cpu because i have a core 2 quad 8200 i might get an older I5 possibly 3rd generation
henrymca (1 year ago)
I recently got 2 gtx660ti's for $140 (canadian) they are the 3gb version and I'm running them in sli and love it
harvbmxx FDM (1 year ago)
I have one, runs a lot of modern games on medium or high settings and I'm planning on getting another one so I don't have to worry about the degrees
NeverMore (1 year ago)
660 ti 2 GB is at $378 CAD while 1050 ti 4GB is $200 and is 25% faster
Flighted (1 year ago)
660 ti is better than 1050 ti
HeyItsPanos (1 year ago)
nice joke
shutnotegaming (1 year ago)
I got a gainward gtx 660 ti for £47......gainward has a higher clock rate as well...
TheGreatestGinja (1 year ago)
biggest issue is driver support. i still run 2 660tis overclocked high and every time a new driver comes out games are unplayable for a while until a few updates come thru
Yugen Roachclip (1 year ago)
Somones selling a Nvidia GTX 660 Graphics Card for $50 is it worth it. Looks lime its in good condition?
Willy Ersd (1 year ago)
Pd: Ti is better for gaming than regular one if u are focus on that
Willy Ersd (1 year ago)
Squad leadr well 660 gtx is not that good as the gtx 660 Ti if u were i would save that 50$ and try to get like 70$ u surely will get the gtx 660 Ti
Yugen Roachclip (1 year ago)
259 not sure what the difference is? And it is the regulat version
259 (1 year ago)
Make sure it's the Ti version and not the regular one.
Dhruv Kumar (1 year ago)
Grt a gtx 1050 instead?
Euan JJ (1 year ago)
jesus my dad had a lot of money in his pc he has two gtx 660tis in his pc he built in 2012
Damien Wojtynek (1 year ago)
"Don't buy PC for games they say. You will have to upgrade GPU every year." Yes yes... that's so true
RBXwilliamk14 (1 year ago)
help i was watching this and eating dorritos and suddently i put my finger in the hole of mountain dew then it got stuck so i found a hammer and smash it then my hand get rekt like too many blood ;-;
Not Lucas (1 year ago)
I still use my 660 ti in my spare computer and it works just fine i can play games like overwatch no problem.
BRAAAP STUTUTU (1 year ago)
Still running the 660ti but waiting for vega so i can decide what to get. my boost clock is a lot higher at 1157mHz though.
Aviv Simhi (1 year ago)
What do you call a game with snakes ?
Vermillion (1 year ago)
I have 2 in sli and I'm waiting for them to die to get new gpu's.... They refuse to die.
Nicolas Cage (1 year ago)
is your opinion on the card still the same now in 2017?
Exige722 (1 year ago)
i have a 660 ti that i overclocked to 1201Mhz.
ay yusuf (1 year ago)
how come in gta 5 i get 20 to 30 fps i have a gtx 660 ti and i5 650
salvi (1 year ago)
my 780 just broke so had to buy one of these for £55 from cex
YourFavoriteHen (1 year ago)
I still have this card in my main PC. I am so surprised on how well this card is aging. Paired with my i5 4690k processor I am running heavily modded Fallout 4 on very high settings and godrays on low at 60fps and other AAA titles on high settings with 60-55fps no problem. With how cheap you can find some used cards I highly recommended running SLI it is pretty overkill but the 660ti alone is very good.
ShironTHPS (1 year ago)
This card is a beast!
john calanog (1 year ago)
would these old cards fit in a sff dells
Jak Lawrence (1 year ago)
Just got one of these for about £44. Overclocked it to about ~1305mhz and it smashes WoW and Overwatch so I'm happy :P (Ps. It hardly ever tops 50c and its the Asus Direct Du II model)
Confucius Say (1 year ago)
i still using hd 7850 i can max diablo no problem also overwatch all medium setting 1080p no problem. why waste money for no gains
Alejandro Hernandez (1 year ago)
Zotac 680ti is better
BrogleEat (1 year ago)
i have the gtx 660 and it runs all the modern games perfectly for me
Feiku/Faike (1 year ago)
my 660 ti still works great and I can run anything in ultra.
TheGobenas (1 year ago)
What do you think about Geforce GT 635M 2gb? And i know this will be an idiotic question but, can i upgrade a laptop?
STICKY GLUE (1 year ago)
It depends on the games you are going to play. The GTX 660 TI 2GB easily runs most games on High/Ultra that are optimised very well. From MGSV (Highest), Overwatch (Highest), Dark Souls 3 (Highest), Alien: Isolation (Highest), Nier: Automata (Highest), Resident Evil 7 (High, except for textures, the game requires HUGE amounts of VRAM for those, up to 4GB for Medium and 8GB for High). So if you can get one cheap, and you don't want to play top of the line super fancy games, then getting one is worth it. And just to be clear, i am saying this from my personal experience on an 10 year old CPU (Q6600) and DDR2 4 GB RAM, so the CPU is heavily bootlenecking the card at this point because the GPU usage never gets past 40-50%. But if you want to be future proof or just get something better and you have money to spare, get a 1060, or better yet wait for 1060 TI if it is going to be released, just be sure to grab the 6GB version, there is no point on buying the 3GB version at all.
ROFLCOPTER (1 year ago)
in Germany the 750 Ti Costs as much as a GTX 1050 Ti...
A happy Bambi (2 years ago)
Just got one for $50 for my old pc. Gonna be getting another for sli and possibly give it to a friend
Ashton makdndjd (2 years ago)
there is a gtx 660 for $40 and a radeon r7 360 for $60 what one?
Jean Le Roux (2 years ago)
I have two 660ti's - both overclocked. Despite the vram disadvantage, I still get better performance than a gtx 970 (given the games support SLI). I'd say it's still very much capable!
The Anonymous (2 years ago)
I have a R7 260X 1GB now. Should I buy GTX 660 2GB?
DZ tech blasters (2 years ago)
can u make a video comparing the GTX 1060 to the GTX 660?
Mr Tea & Crumpets (2 years ago)
I just bought the pailt 660ti for £55 from cex and I had £5 on my cex card so I got the gpu for £50. It's for my backup system that my little brother uses from time to time, did I pay too much??
Astana Kazakhstan (2 years ago)
What is the name of the game at the beginning of your video ??????????
Trollololol (2 years ago)
I have been using it since it came out and well no... it cant be used.
Thomas (2 years ago)
2 months late, but yes the 660ti is worth using. It will easily smash 1080p gaming.
Felipe (2 years ago)
still much better than a console, pc's are a good investment over time, the money you save with Steam sales and not having to pay live/psn totally worth it the end.
Rui Marques (2 years ago)
I have the GTX 660 TI windforce OC edition and i overclock it using MSI afterburner. I play GTA V at Very high and its the smoothest gameplay I've ever encountered. I have an old AMD A-10 5800k processor... the trick with GTA V is that when you start the game Alt + Tab, then open task manager, select GTA V, go to details, and then set it's priority to high. yea.. My GTX 660 Ti is such a beast. if I could find myself another one in south Africa for 70$, or around that I'd get 2 of em and do a triple SLI
Retard 'elevision (2 years ago)
my friend paid about 1000 dollars for a pc with a 660 and an i5 4690k. I feel so bad for him. liek if u crie evw tim
Ron robo (26 days ago)
I got a faulty one for 15£ is it worth it? Im hoping to revive it
Flighted (2 months ago)
@Ryan Simmons you can give me the 660 ti for free
xYottaByte Gaming (3 months ago)
mine is even better, idk how my bro and parents planned on buying it but it includes a gtx 2070, amd ryzen w/ water cool and crosshair... well i'm now to pc and my parents really surprised me.
Kevin C (9 months ago)
_But the ad said it can run all modern games!_
OnlyOneTyping (10 months ago)
So you'd give the i5 3570k away for free would you??
[影] Silhouette JDM (2 years ago)
Just bought the last one on US CEX. Great video man, you're one of the only people with straightforward details and benchmarks of older cards. Keep up the great work!
Publius2k4 (2 years ago)
I've been using my 660 ti for about 5 years now. It's dated, but it still works perfectly for gaming and rendering videos
Ichor (2 years ago)
gtx 666 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
WarGamersNL - WGNL (2 years ago)
running a 2-Way SLI EVGA Geforce GTX 670 FTW and it's doing a great job running games, I play BF1 Ultra on 1080p(2560x1080) at a solid 60fps. SLI bridge + GPUs cost me €130, here are some more specs: MoBo: ASUS TUF Sabertooth 990FX R2.0/gen 3 CPU: AMD FX-8120 (OC @ 4,2GHz) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB ddr3 1600MHz(OC @ 1866MHz)
Luddl (2 years ago)
Bros is the rx460 2gb rx460 4GB or 660ti 2gb for 80€ the best solution? with the Pentium G4560? i have a good PSU
Marcelo Caballero (2 years ago)
Great video! Thank you so much the reply budget Gamer appreciate this
RELICXXX (2 years ago)
I still run two 660's {non Ti} in SLI in my old PC, and I'm still happy as ever with them today
mrdawgza (2 years ago)
gtx 660 (non ti) vs gtx 1050 ?
Mackenzie lewis (2 years ago)
I found a really cheap GTX 660 but I don't if i should spend the extra to get a RX 460. Opinions?
which lara croft game is dat?
Preachers Games (2 years ago)
My cousin just gave me his EVGA GTX 670 for free. How well will it run modern games.
Vermilleno (2 years ago)
@RandomGaminginHD I suggest adding Mafia III into the games you'd be testing as it's unoptimised and would be interesting to see what older card can handle it.
John Totten (2 years ago)
I have an EVGA Gtx 660 ti sc+ 3 gb gpu. Tempted to sell it since it is just collecting dust.
Gabriel Ko (2 years ago)
why is the 660 ti priced at abut 284$ when you can buy a 1060 for that price?
Jaime Gianola (2 years ago)
I love your videos mate!, what is the Tomb Raider game shown!!!?
ahmar shad (2 years ago)
Please can you do a video on the R9 270x
OhhFree (2 years ago)
I still use my 660
Stinson Gaming (2 years ago)
I think it should be mentioned that an OC can improve performance as well. an extra 100MHz on the core and 300 on memory could get the minimums into the 40s-50s and averages into fifties-sixties. Stock performance is a good thing to measure but I kinda wish you'd overclock as well. even just moving the voltage and power limit sliders in MSi AfterBurner all the way to the right could increase performance.
Ben (2 years ago)
How do you feel about the 4GB GTX 960?

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