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GTX 660 Ti NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Card Surround Gaming Showcase NCIX Tech Tips

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It's never happened before... This kind of surround gaming experience on a $300 GeForce graphics card! CA: http://ncix.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=gtx+660+ti US: http://us.ncix.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=gtx+660+ti
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PERIC PLAYZ (1 year ago)
im having a problem, when i shut down pc the dvi to hdmi to one of my monitors does not go into standby but signal loss. can anyone help please
Jimbow (1 year ago)
When you still use this card
somen mondal (1 year ago)
I have 3 questions, please let me know the answers coz I am getting the answers from nowhere... 1. Which Nvidia cards would you suggest to run a triple monitor gaming setup keeping budget in mind? 2. How can I get the wide resolutions to choose(as you have shown in this video) while gaming? 3. Can I use those monitors which only have VGA ports(connecting VGA to HDMI/DVI converters) while setting up a triple monitor setup?
DSM Dallas (1 year ago)
Partappi (2 years ago)
can I run it with a i3 4160 3.8 GHz
DJGamingfps (2 years ago)
how are the monitors connected to the GPU?
Lauf Patryk (3 years ago)
is it possible connect to gtx660 3 screens with 1920x 1200 resolution?
Lauf Patryk (3 years ago)
+Official BassBooster http://www.hdtvmagazine.com/images/articles/hdmi-resolution.gif have limits but gtx have hdmi 1.4 :)
Official BassBooster (3 years ago)
+DerpCentral i was also thinking about getting another gtx 660 and run it in sli since their only like 160$ and with one card with an extreme overclock running 3 screens usually on high settings on newer game like bo3 i get 55 fps ish still very playable but with 2 cards i should easily be able to max out the quality settings while getting 60 fps
Official BassBooster (3 years ago)
+Lauf Patryk hdmi has no maximum resolution limit it will do what ever the source is
Lauf Patryk (3 years ago)
tx for answer. i dont want play on 3 screeen too much, i thinking about work. problem is with hdmi which can get 1920x1080p. that why i ask about 3x 1920x1200.
DerpCentral (3 years ago)
My recommendation is to save and by something like the GTX 970 mate. you want to be future proof. it might take you a while to save or not but you'll be able to run all titles and very high settings with no problems. don't do the same mistake I did because you'll just wanna replace your card again.
iguider yassine (3 years ago)
hi guys can i run most demanding game with a i5 2.8 2300 cpu and this gtx 660 ti ? thanks .
#Dan King how are the monitors connected to the GPU? @GreekGamer4U
GreekGamer4U (3 years ago)
+iguider yassine no
Dan King (3 years ago)
Is 1.5Gb enough to run 3 monitors?
GreekGamer4U (3 years ago)
+Dan King no
Country Gamer (3 years ago)
whats the best graphics card thats low profile and 3 inches wide
Milo Jasper (3 years ago)
+Country Gamer r9 nano
Gaming HD (3 years ago)
can i run it 3 monitors with msi gtx 960
GreekGamer4U (3 years ago)
Firstly. See the requirements of this GAME....and its a 660 Ti
Faultl3ss (3 years ago)
+GreekGamer4U this video...
GreekGamer4U (3 years ago)
who told you that a 660 can do it?
Faultl3ss (3 years ago)
but if a 660 can do it, why cant the 960 with 4 gb, i have an amd fx 6300, 12 gb ram, and the gtx 960 2gb
GreekGamer4U (3 years ago)
2gb is low even for today's games at a single 1080p monitor. Tell me all of your hardware specs and if you want triple 1080p with decent performance save up for a 980 ti
Gaming HD (3 years ago)
I want to ask you, if you want it to be in surround screen 3, when two screens can or not
Ngo Marcus (4 years ago)
Can i play game in 2k resolution with gtx 660 , i5 3.2 ghz . ram 8gb
Endles (3 years ago)
I doubt that
gothicvillasgaming (4 years ago)
I watched through to see how to connect all 3 monitors but sadly it is assumed we all know that. Appreciate if someone could tell me how to hook up 3 monitors to a single gtx 660 ti (alienware x51). Cheers
Daniel Tellez (4 years ago)
I'm new at this but can I use this graphics card for 4 monitors? If it's possible can I clone them at 1080p?
Daniel Tellez (4 years ago)
John Smith (4 years ago)
Allegedly ... it can. But souround is a different issue.
NAJIN PUMA (4 years ago)
Anybody heard of Amd topaz xt-s3 2 gb ddr3??? Hw abt it?
will Philip (4 years ago)
Should I buy two 660 TI's or one GTX 780?
Rami G. (4 years ago)
780 all the way
nachosNapple (4 years ago)
so it has to be ti?
Mini ECHO (4 years ago)
when i exit surround i have to go too control panel and reset all my monitors. how do i stop this from happening? thanks
alex_aaa789 (5 years ago)
run Crysis 3 on highest and 3 monitors with this card and watch your house burn
Garrett Anderson (5 years ago)
Alright, so let me get this straight. for a video or graphics card to stream a game on the PC, without the game freezing, lagging, or slowing down, does it depend on how many bytes or memory the graphics card has? I don't know much about computers.
Garrett Anderson (5 years ago)
+Joseph Greve That makes sense to me! Thank you!
Joe Greve (5 years ago)
Not really. See, the more pixels you're rendering, or the higher resolution textures the game uses, the more graphics card memory is used. So a game running at 720p is going to use less graphics memory than the same game running at 1080p. Because this game has 2GB of memory on it, it's capable of running games in full 3 monitor surround because it has enough memory for all the pixels and textures. A card that only had 1GB would have significantly less performance in the same situation, even if in every other way it was identical. In most cases, though, video card memory doesn't make much of a difference. I'ts only a big deal if you're running three monitors or newer 4k displays.
Sean Stefanov (5 years ago)
can the 650 ti run Surround
GamerGeekNerd (5 years ago)
I ran this game on my single GTX 660 Ti 3GB on Nividia Surround 5760x1080 on Ultra got about 15 - 23 fps lol. But I only run this game on Extreme settings and some on very high
Alauddin Azli (5 years ago)
I mean it will be any lags
Alauddin Azli (5 years ago)
Nice description about it bro....but is it going to work for games like battlefield 4 and cod: ghost?
JROKGaming (5 years ago)
Dude, a Radeon Mobility HD 5650 works with Ghosts.  You'll be fine. Battlefield 4 as well.
BobManHobbit (5 years ago)
What type of monitor is he using?
zippy441 (5 years ago)
How did it compare to the 670?...
timpster (5 years ago)
If you use a computer at night check out f.lux It warms up your screen colors and has a lot lower settings than halogen. Incandescent, dim incandescent, candle just to name a few! It's free!
Assassin Gaming (5 years ago)
only the resolution of the monitor matters the size has nothing to do with it.
xXrockXx (5 years ago)
He have 3gb
Xeno (5 years ago)
most likely. yes how many GB is this GPU
HDGameplayer14 (5 years ago)
Can I run this game with 3x Evga gtx 660 ti sc sli? With 3D and all Settings on ultra?
Jackson Loeffler (5 years ago)
can a reg. 660 run 3 monitors(doesnt have to be 1080p)
TheRealZahoor H (5 years ago)
im in similar position as u but i only need ram and i5 processor. i wont be satisfied with i3 so im saving more to extend my budgte. make sure u have a powersupple of at least to power the 660ti. it say 500w on the box but u need 600l i have a 650w
Dante Lowe (5 years ago)
New Builder here. I plan to get the 660 Ti for a single monitor build (as my current monitor is very large and i like being able to sit back and still enjoy the game) should a 2gb suffice? or would it be better just to go with the 3gb due to Monitor size and resolution (not 100% on what the resolution is but the monitor is 32in') So far, build looks like this 8gb RAM GTX 660 Ti i3-3220 3.3ghz (i5 if budget allows) ASUS Intel motherboard compatible with LGA 1155
srb26967 (5 years ago)
Yes, you should be able to run up to 4 monitors at the same time. I'm about to hook up my third monitor on my 650 TI Boost, I'm currently running two and everything is great :]
Jackson Loeffler (5 years ago)
csn s 660 2gb run triple moniters, and what size are the moniters
Jaden Allbritton (5 years ago)
I would also like to know this
Someone please reply! Will the GTX 760 2GB version run 3 monitors?! even if i dont game on them? thanks!
Aegis Reflector (5 years ago)
with a foot in the back !!
BoardWalkToke (5 years ago)
Oh yes it can
прикольный чувак если б ещё осознавать о чём он гласит )))) у нас таких дудки весьма жалко не могу избрать какую приобрести видеоплату 660 ti
Leap (5 years ago)
Every damn card produces more heat. The more the power, the more the heat. Nvidia's cards use a system that uses less power and thus produces a bit less heat, but AMD's system is cheaper overall, and there's ways to compensate for it, and the difference isn't even really that big.....overall, any good graphics card is going to produce a lot of heat. Not exclusive to AMD.
Izzedine Al-Qassam (5 years ago)
what is the best monitor to load this card ?
Franco Pettine (5 years ago)
i hate being from Argentina, for me that costs 8 times more than it costs there :(
ApocalypticMerc (5 years ago)
I'm pretty sure their desktop GPU's run cooler than Nvidia usually, laptop card always run hot.
Ryan Mitchell (5 years ago)
so the GTX 660 Ti NVIDIA graphics card "can" run skyrim? Someone please answer...
Evryx (5 years ago)
i have the gtx 760 4gb version and was wondering how to set up 3x 1080 2d version
hewad melma (5 years ago)
how will a single gtx 760 2 gb perform on 3x 1080p
xBluexSkittlex (5 years ago)
if he did it on a 660 ti, you can easily do it on a 780
Egil Sellgren (5 years ago)
can i play 3x 1920x 1080 22" displays on a singel gtx 780? how will it affect performance?
Spencer Marchus (5 years ago)
Not insulting your intelligence but is your monitor hooked up to the actual card? I've seen a few people having 'issues' that didn't have it hooked up to the actual card xD What processor do you have? What drivers do you have installed? You could also be asking too much out of a mid range card. It's not going to run Crysis 3 on 5760x1080 and ultra settings. There could be so many things causing that. It's hard to troubleshoot based on a youtube comment :)
SFseis (5 years ago)
Did you watch the video?
Robin Van Mulken (5 years ago)
i got a GTX 660 Ti with 3GB
Shuib Abdillahi (5 years ago)
Yes you can , as long as it is at least 2gb in RAM , as you can see linus is doing that
Well, it can also be just a way to market the card. like Apple call a NAS "time capsule". call backup file "time machine" so for people dont know a lot about computer when they see overclock and only cost 50 dollars more they be like what a GREAT DEAL.........
Tim Verheugd (5 years ago)
So, i've been reading post on allot of site's for ages now, can somebody tell me simple and easy, IS IT POSSIBLE TO INSTALL 3 MONITORS ON A SINGLE 660 TI OC! Yes or no.? On some site's they say, yes you can. On other site's, they say, no you can't.. Can i , or can i not? Somebody out there with a simple explanation?
aa25662 a (5 years ago)
My point is you could overclock a gpu to the same levels as the 'factory overclocked' card, save money and get the same performance and stability!!! (Not to mention getting great performance gains AND stability at slightly higher overclocks.)
aa25662 a (5 years ago)
Why on earth would one pay extra for a 'factory overclocked card' when they can just set the speeds them self (unless it has better cooling or is on special or something...)!?
connorpm123 (5 years ago)
dat intro
The LocalMoonman (5 years ago)
well if you have a 120hz monitor its better
DarkSaber9000 (5 years ago)
LOL I know right. Money doesn't grow on trees. The only reason my dad got me a new graphics card is cuz of how well I did in school. Funny thing is I built my computer last summer. LOL one year later I upgraded the graphics card. And as long as it can run Skyrim, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3DS Max, and Blender then I'm fine
DarkSaber9000 (5 years ago)
Why would I do that when skyrim runs with no lag. And my GPU is factory overclocked anyway.
Tony V (5 years ago)
then he would have to replace the motherboard and processor, costing more money than the extra 10 to 15 fps
The LocalMoonman (5 years ago)
you are bottlenecking your GPU. get a i5 3570k. get it and you will run skyrim ultra settings at 75fps.
Alfredo (5 years ago)
Come on now, dont be rediculous if you got money for 3 1080p monitors you got for at least for a gtx 680. I'm not hating but come on now dont be making these vidoes to make money.
RazeAndJadith (5 years ago)
yes it will run much faster on one screen. Less pixels to render :)
FarkaOfficial (5 years ago)
Yet I doubt you would deny that you would rather play a more graphically impressive game with a tad less gameplay than piss-poor graphics and amazing gameplay, if you were basing it on first looks.
Lone Wolf (5 years ago)
how do gpu get cheaper by time? i mean right now i'll have to pay like 400$ to be able play games like crysis 3 on very high with aa and all. But after like 5 years i'll be able to max out crysis 3 by paying like 200$. So what really happens? will a 7970 or a 680 cost 200 bucks lesser after 5 years? or will the technology will become cheaper? i mean new gpu better than 7970 n 680 will be released for 200 bucks??
Lorenzo Mzf (5 years ago)
no, thanks for the answer :)
DarkSaber9000 (5 years ago)
This card plays skyrim on ultra with 50-60 average FPS. So its pretty good. if you had two (I can't I can only have one in my mother board at a time) then its even better
DarkSaber9000 (5 years ago)
Processor: AMD Athlon 2 x4 640 Processor 3.00 GHZ Ram: 8GB OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Service Pack 1 Graphics Card: (1x) EVGA Geforce GTX 660 Ti Anything Else You Need?
Lorenzo Mzf (5 years ago)
DragonWhisper (5 years ago)
*cough* BULL SHIT *cough*
John Campos (5 years ago)
Can a gtx 660(non ti) handle surround at 1080p over 30fps? at near high settings?
Stephen Campbell (5 years ago)
what monitors are those
Malachi Stephenson (5 years ago)
i can play metro last light on high and at1920x1080 resolution and get 30 50 fps
DarkSaber9000 (5 years ago)
I just installed a new graphics card tonight. I got the EVGA Geforce GTX 660 ti. WORKS GREAT on Skyrim. I can now play Skyrim on ultra with around 50-60 FPS on average and little to no lag. SO WORTH IT. =D
darkveroth (5 years ago)
is this card good enough to play 2013+ games or should i buy a 670+??
ORuien (5 years ago)
ohh thx now i can buy a new monitor then since i tought i had to save up for one more gpu :D
computerwiz123 (5 years ago)
ORuien (5 years ago)
so can one EVGA GTX 680 4gb run threr monitors
EastendBillythekid (5 years ago)
Yes it's a top card for abudget gamer but get the OC version !!
Devin Sparks (5 years ago)
Can it handle ultra settings single screen world of warcraft nowadays?
TheDaskful (5 years ago)
Get a GTX 650 TI Boost 2gb, they're 160-180 USD from EVGA. A single GTX 650TI Boost will smoke a GTX 580. The only key difference between the two is that 580 have higher bandwidth.
DuinbergenGames (5 years ago)
If you want to run cod at 1000 monitors, then you should no waste your money on a geforce gtx 560 ti, and just go with intel family integrated graphics
Jasper Quirynen (5 years ago)
obviously, 1080p is 1080p
Rizki Ziyad (5 years ago)
will it running on 3 X 42 inch display tv with GTX 660 Ti ?
Kian Palmer (5 years ago)
Yayyy I'm getting 2 of these in my new computer!
neil goode (5 years ago)
neil goode (5 years ago)
Intel integrated graphics can probably run it in surround
mikewannabees (6 years ago)
670 is about 100 bucks more. if you can afford it of course get it. but the 660ti is awesome for 300 bucks. and the 660 is a hidden gem at 200 bucks. this all depends on what games you like to play of course.
mikewannabees (6 years ago)
dude get the 660. its almost the same price as the 650ti and it is a beast for the price. about 180-200 depending where you go.
MrAtlanta2 (6 years ago)
i have a m17x alienware r1 laptop and need to upgrade the graphic card dont know what to get any suggestions it has a 1tb of hdd 4gb of ram looking to upgrade that to 8gb og ram
hakker2002 (6 years ago)
Guys help me please: gtx 650 ti vs gtx 470. i have 470 should i replace it for 650 ti or they are the same? I cant afford 660ti
Anth B (6 years ago)
Oh.. just got one two weeks ago :-D
cjapojsdod opwqw (6 years ago)
why do people say not to get the 660 and 660ti because of its 192bit bandwidth?i am using a 25inc monitor with 1080p resolutions would 660 ti be a good card or should i go for 670 if i do choose to turn on AA
SkullNBones19 (6 years ago)
I have the msi Power Edition OC its nice!
TheBestGamer43 (6 years ago)
Was there 2 or 1 GTX 660 Ti that you were showing Crysis 2 with?

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