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French Spider-Man SAVES CHILD in Death-Defying Stunt | What's Trending Now!

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A Malian immigrant to France is being hailed as a hero after scaling four stories in under 30 seconds to rescue a stranded child. After his heroic deed, 22-year-old Mamoudou Gassama was offered French citizenship by President Emmanuel Macron. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuKDeZiWY8U Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwDh Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | musical.ly @whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter
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Text Comments (42)
Denny (8 months ago)
This stunt was staged
Sabrina Spellman (9 months ago)
He’s the new Spider-Man! 😃❤️
phaerless (10 months ago)
looks fake and staged.
MrChillybee (10 months ago)
written and directed by Globalist Butt Plugs PLAY IT IN SLOWMOTION.
dalambchop Hyde (10 months ago)
This man is a God!
rickiex (10 months ago)
This just goes to show not all immigrants are bad. It's good to clairify that there are good and bad people of all race out there.
baldieman64 (10 months ago)
Just to be clear here, it is very obvious that the guy next to the kid had a hold of him the whole time and was dangling him there while he waited for the black guy to climb the building for the camera. He doesn't even let go of him when Gassama gets to him and you can clearly see that they both lift the kid together. The supposed backstory was that the kid had fallen from a floor above, caught himself on the way down, managing to hold on until help arrived but think about that for a second... How far do you think you could fall and catch yourself? If you believe this utter bullshit that serves no purpose other than to manipulate attitudes towards illegal immigrants, I have a scheme that will get you rich by importing millions of dollars in Nigerian gold bullion and all you have to do to get 10% of it's value is front the $10,000 that it will cost to charter a plane to fly it out of Nigeria.
ohohvalerie (10 months ago)
Get this guy on Ninja Warrior
Jaakk0S (10 months ago)
how convenient. reeks PR stunt
Skiny Celo (10 months ago)
this is so staged..
Hugh Mungus (10 months ago)
With great power comes great responsibility
Gristle Von Raben (10 months ago)
Casey Hansen hilarious!
Gristle Von Raben (10 months ago)
That was fake, the other guy is seen giving the child to the climber
Sifiso Mavimbela (9 months ago)
We don't care even if you've watched it in 90 inch screen,I mean like who'd gamble with a child's life just to prove a point
poiuytr (9 months ago)
actually there is a wall between the baby and the man, help was needed.
ohohvalerie (10 months ago)
Gristle Von Raben thank you!!! And you're right wth
Gristle Von Raben (10 months ago)
hell yeah lol, i got it on sale at best buy
Gristle Von Raben (10 months ago)
ohohvalerie i'm seei g it on a 55 inch tv screen in hd video. I rewatched it, and the guy holding the kid isnt even holding that hard, you can see the kid is limp and swinging like on a rope. Now looks super fake. Also, why not break down the door next door?
jishimoari (10 months ago)
THIS IS SETUP FOR MAKING MIGRANTS LOOK NICE! POLITICIANS ARE BRAINWASHING YOU, why do you think everyone is talking about he is migrant so much?
rickiex (10 months ago)
jishimoari..... Don't know if trolling or just stupid....
Matthew Bender (10 months ago)
No it isn't. Not all migrants are bad people, most of them aren't. There are plenty of horrible ones too though.
Trickybuz (10 months ago)
0:27 that upper body strength is amazing!
Somaliano Hussein (8 months ago)
West african brother are real strong my brother they are real strong 😎
Mandy Olsen (10 months ago)
The man is a hero. No matter what.
Ghost 57 (10 months ago)
One good migrant doesn't speak for them all
Cody M (10 months ago)
You no there is saying if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all
KEEP CALM GUY (10 months ago)
Damn you must be a special kind of fucked up ,good luck with those school shootings fuckboi
Ghost 57 (10 months ago)
kiliyah perry no it just takes 7 to gang rape groom children to speak for the majority
kiliyah perry (10 months ago)
Ghost 57 one bad one doesn't speak for them all either
speedy Thunder (10 months ago)
Ghost 57 stfu
Mariama Diallo (10 months ago)
He is also Muslim
New3DSLUIGI364 (10 months ago)
GreenGuyMan2 (10 months ago)
cute jacket :0 <3
Ryan lex (10 months ago)
Lmao only one person is like this😂😂
What's Trending (10 months ago)
Would you have been able to what Mamoudou Gassama did?
sn1p3r ki11s (10 months ago)
Hell NO
kiliyah perry (10 months ago)
What's Trending naw, I'm week as fuck.
Coullen (10 months ago)
What's Trending Hell to the nawww to the naw naw naw HELLL TO THE NAW
Jesus E. Martinez (10 months ago)
Great job
Vixonimus __ (10 months ago)

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