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Market maker accumulation process

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Learn how to trade with Martin Cole. Live trading, real results since 1992 Way before the days of the internet guru. Learn how the forex market really works
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Amila Wickramasinghe (2 months ago)
Do you think every chart goes through this accumulation/distribution process? Because in some charts I cant spot any congestion at all
Jiansen Zheng (2 months ago)
This is incredible, I got the same conclusion as you after three years’ day trading. Thank you all the same, since you explained it so well!
MegaAkselerator (2 months ago)
Finally it clicked for me. Thank you. I'm ready read some charts now
Ashley Neal (2 months ago)
I've been back testing this on demo and it is golden but, I tend to highlight the wrong areas of consolidation. What can I do to help with spotting the accumulation phase accurately?
1ProDomo (1 month ago)
most times the asian session is an accumulation phase and at the end of a trend when you see impulses into the other direction as he talks around 6:30. Just my thoughts
ThunderLightenBolt (2 months ago)
You need to update the video quality ,240p is atrocious .
Martin Cole (2 months ago)
Hi This is an older video with a different camera and lighing issues because of the white board reflection. Later ones got better.
Nyjah Huston (4 months ago)
can this apply to trading normal stocks or is it just forex?
ThunderLightenBolt (2 months ago)
Definitely for stocks for sure.
MonkeySpecs301 (4 months ago)
how are sell orders accumulated?
Mike S (5 months ago)
this seems more like Wycoff trading. Accumulating in consoldiation and then distributing after a move. Real non-legally committed MM strategies would prefer a sloshing market that ranges so that they can buy and sell and accumulate at opposite sides of the range playing a mean reversion game. Other MM type activity is just having orders on all sides of the book having zero directional bias and just playing the order queue in order to get filled first for a scratch or a one tick win. In Forex, your broker is your market maker, horrible for would be scalpers, your broker basically doens't show you the real market, they get quotes from their liquidity provider then quote you a worse price while also making you pay the spread. Anyone who wants to be a real scalper eventually goes to the Futures market to be on a real exchange with tranparent information and the ability to add liquidty to the market.
MICHELLE (5 months ago)
Very insightful video. Thank you!
Martin Cole (5 months ago)
Thanks :-)
Serdar Yavuz (5 months ago)
I was the 1000th person who liked the video :)
Martin Cole (5 months ago)
AR MS (6 months ago)
Accumulation of buy stop understood. But accumulation or rather distribution of sell stop, dont really understand. Hope to elaborate
Bob Tedford (6 months ago)
Toshie Ayano (6 months ago)
Hi Martin, I just finished reading your book on How Maket Makers extract millions of dallors a day. It was awesome! I understood most of it but just one question, during accumulation phase there usually don't have a clear direction. We will only know when Market Makers makes a move. Do we actually have an idea if which direction are the market makers accumulating during accumulation phase or if that's not possible? Thanks!
ThunderLightenBolt (2 months ago)
Your best bet is to use your S/R and apply accumulation and distribution in uptrend chart to find buying opportunities and same for downward chart to short. Just follow long term chart direction and use S/R and accumulation and distribution for entries and exits.
Dogen Srb (9 months ago)
Truly amazing content! Thanks Martin a lot!
Martin Cole (9 months ago)
Your welcome
s19297 (10 months ago)
6:35 sorry how do we exactly figure out what's going on in that box? I did not get it.
Samuel Kuckelhaus (10 months ago)
What timeframe would you advise using to apply this information?
ThunderLightenBolt (2 months ago)
You can use any time frame. Use longer time frames to get feel of direction of chart , then enter n exit on 1 minute chart for scalping.
Satou (7 months ago)
From other videos, I think he trades with 4H candles... so the timeframe here might be days or weeks. It might also work intraday, but from my own experience the longer term is the most important.
Darth Forex Vader (7 months ago)
1hr -4hrly charts are likely
Hayden Harris (10 months ago)
Its amazing how people can look at squiggly lines that have been moving for years and know what is going on behind the scenes.
MD 8 (11 months ago)
"We were talking over skoyp"
Dan221075 (1 year ago)
What makes the market push down to take out stops? I have seen plenty of videos about stop hunting but nothing on how or who pushes the market the the opposite way just to take out stops.
Tiny Trader88 (6 months ago)
+Martin Cole If I understand correctly, market makers make the price move their way when they have clients with very large orders that need filing. To get low prices, content (good or bad) news regarding guidance or some other aspect related to the ticker is released in order to have us small guys sell at lower prices and buy at way to high of a price, such as during a breakout, which cause US to lose money and give it right back to the market makers. I hope I'm on the right track?
Noah Hornberger (6 months ago)
I think the simple answer for why is that it is profitable for them (the market makers). All they need todo is sell a sufficient amount that they are holding and get a little scare and drop in the market. Maybe they sell only a tiny bit to get everyone's alarms going. Then the market does the rest and they are ready to buy up all those stops. The answer for why is that it is the business model.
Dan221075 (1 year ago)
Martin Cole thanks Martin, much appreciated. It’s been doing my head in. I figured if I knew the theory of why I might limit myself from being stopped out. Or if anticipating stoploss hunting, miss out on an entry. Frustrating
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Now... here I have to ask you a question. Your question is a common one across many industries (not just trading) I am sure there is a reason why for most things and some of them are important. However, In out case is it? Why don't we focus on the event and leave the speculation on why to other traders. I am NOT trying to be smart here or flippant with my reply but I do think its a question worth thinking about. Remember we only want to know what the RESULT of something is in order to make money. The answers to how and why are better dealt with away from the live screen. (Just my opinion and the world is full of them my friend)
vivien danskin (1 year ago)
Big aha moment for me watching this as I was learning how to trade with the smart money but it was the accumulation stage where things were going slightly wrong, This guy makes sense and I will apply this to my trading also seems like a really nice guy too.
Azu Shi (1 year ago)
did you look at a 15 min chart?
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Yes, I show that on the show
NPC Guy (1 year ago)
I like this philosophy. It really makes sense.
TradingAttitude (1 year ago)
It was the beginnig of a down trend (with my indicators)
Zorro Zorro (1 year ago)
hi martin, do u have email add?
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
You can contact me on www.learningtotrade.com
Kannapiran R.P (1 year ago)
Thank you
Delman (1 year ago)
This explains why seeing it go slightly above line then reverse, which is why i like heiken ashi, shows average and often is not above the line... Or go slightly below a trendline on normal candles then reverse... Interesting, thanks.
Delman (1 year ago)
volume is key I'm learning now and the divergence is showed at that point and err, other goodies i now go by, regression channel, bollinger band, volume moving averages, etc :).
Delman (1 year ago)
only gripe is the 240 quality, pity was not 360 min, but thank you kindly anyway... :).
Matthew Property (1 year ago)
"There's no good in just guessing this, this is not a guessing business" woooooo
E Trade (1 year ago)
Like a hill climb We need to looks at confirmation of accumulation. Thx Mr. Cole.
Thierry Kamdem (1 year ago)
Hi Martin, I'm trying to get started in Forex. Where do I start? And what broker would you recommend ?
white floss (1 year ago)
Very sensible video. Him and Sam Seiden. The fog might be clearing
g0neplatinum (1 year ago)
cant tell you how many times i've been stopped out and then to only see the stock rally back a point or two afterwards. Makes me furious. What are some indicators during that bottom roll over pattern that can show the MMs are quietly accumulating?
dappa311 (1 year ago)
Out of all the videos I have watched on youtube about learning how to trade, this seems to be the most honest and straight to the point , no fluff or marketing sales pitch!
Aerial (1 year ago)
1992? Then you know Stops are what breaks you.
Juan Nicasio (1 year ago)
this is VERY VERY VERY powerful
Mohammed Uddin (1 year ago)
if market makers are accumalting while traders are stopping out, where do the market makers place their stops? what if the force of the stop loses is overwhelming, something like a short squeeze
SouthGAboy4life (10 months ago)
Mohammed Uddin They are trading billions of dollars of currency to trigger these stops. I don’t think they’ll be afraid of our $5k accounts driving prices against them.
john doh (1 year ago)
i thought simply loo kat volume increase to gauge accumulation?
LAPAROLEDEDIEU \o/ (1 year ago)
Thanks for this free training
Yuri (1 year ago)
This is exactly the movement that happens every single day in Daytrade. Perfect analysis.
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Well done for spotting that. :-)
kavya gupta (1 year ago)
How long term investor should read the chart
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Exactly the same way
Padi Tama (1 year ago)
is it exclusively for intraday
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
No not at all. The cycle of ACC - MAN and Profit Release are ALWAYS there. I took these videos to a whole different level of instruction. You will find them here. http://market-makers-method.thinkific.com/
Kötélverő Sebastian (2 years ago)
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Thank you. You will find a LOT more here. http://market-makers-method.thinkific.com/
quality engineered (2 years ago)
Hi im kinda new at really understanding stock why and what i have been in BIEL since 2008 maybe I shoulnt be in long term but for the last week they have been selling a bunch but not going down if so just a little 240,798,940 bought was 206,167,000 sell was 32,135,000 and it only went down 7% whats your opinion?
Farrukh Jawad (2 years ago)
Hi, i want to ask a question. What is happening in a security if accumulation/distribution line is falling on a day time frame but money flow index is rising for same period?
Martin Cole (1 year ago)
Money Flow Index. This is a trading 'truism' that you have been sold on. NOTHING exists outside of ACC - MAN and Profit Release. Check this out and you will understand all you need to know http://market-makers-method.thinkific.com/
Daniel Lopez (2 years ago)
This is the only method anyone needs to know. Its the closest thing to looking a the matrix of the market. Martin you really did people a solid by explaining this because its the reality of why price action paints a certain way all the time. Thank You
eddyvideostar (2 years ago)
I am wondering why people trade Forex, with the same popular vehicles every day. No wonder the manipulators who see the same chart can work magic for themselves. Just as the instructor in this video indicates that the long bars/candles move a great multitude of pips expeditiously. Why bother with a market as such? At least, the stock market comprises of many stocks along with a scanner or news evoking the type of stocks that will more in a more predictable direction concomitantly with much information distributed.
antoine freeman (2 years ago)
thanks felt like I learned a lot in a short time...
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
Many Thanks for letting me know
Roger Cobbs (2 years ago)
why would the markers buy as stock is falling and still falling I example would be why buy when stock is at knee on the red side level and not when stock has bounced up
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
No they will not go our of business as they are ACCUMULATING ready for a PROFIT RELEASE phase
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
In preparation for the next rise. Accumulation will not stop until all 'loose' stock has been shaken from the tree. I explain that fully in my course that you can see on the site www.learningtotrade.com
steve nelson (2 years ago)
Roger Cobbs I don't claim to understand it completely but this what is happening in all market at all times. Every sell order has a counter buy order and vice versa. And market makers take the opposite side of most trades in a market. But my thinking is if they took the opposite side of all sells in the market into infinity they will go out of business. So by manipulating the market they move price up into a up trend there by taking profit on their old buy counter trades. (Side note. Market makers can take both sides in a market since not everyone will have sell orders in a down trend, some people will have buy orders too which need to be filled. What they do is just provide liquidity to match our orders at almost every price level so you never get unfilled so long as your order sizes can be accomodated by the liquidity at the price you want. ) So now there's a new up trend forming but guess what instead of the herd going with the new trend they pick tops by selling into a rising market further propelling the uptrend and helping market makers gain their profit.
René Remšík (2 years ago)
You´ve got the point, but saying that W and M is nonsense is wrong. It is one of the first and most basic patterns which worked and will always work but only under a certain situation...
Tiny Trader88 (6 months ago)
+Martin Cole I agree! I've seen both, attempted to trade based on the "pattern" and lost big! When I see them, I just watch. I am slowing down on making unnecessary trades. I won't blow up my paper account nor my live account when I can use it. I try to buy when it's in the accumulation of buys. It has worked. 😎😁❤
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
The W and M IS NONSENSE if you are looking for a W and and M. That is the FORM the chart is taking. it is NOT the CONTENT of the market. CONTENT is where the information is NOT in the SHAPE of the chart.
Andretty (2 years ago)
Hi Martin, My name is Anders I have a question regarding this. What time chart do you look at to detect accumulationzones? Thank you for coming out with all this great information. I just started trading and I'm definitely going to read your book. Anders
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
It is in EVERY time frame as it is the underlying STRUCTURE of the market - of ALL markets
Simon Johnson (2 years ago)
Martin Your videos here saved my rear end this week, this 1 month chart was the exact chart on my stock's 6 month time frame and I sold out at the top where u have the blue circled and sure enough it popped up before crashing 25% one day then another big drop the next day. Thank you sir
Martin Cole (2 years ago)
Thanks for the kind words - appreciated. :-)
Ibom Macgroup (2 years ago)
Volume Analysis is a key component in reading these markets, like you said weakness appears after a buying climax which indicates a distribution phase is occuring and strength appears on selling climax... which typically sets up the accumulation phase before an upmove occurs.. You must always pay attention to your BACKGROUND...!!!
Amila Wickramasinghe (2 months ago)
Do you think tick volume gives you the real picture to do so?
Kamil reyes (6 months ago)
Jordan Sage (7 months ago)
I've had to read your comment @Ibom like 4 times, it's so dense and brilliant!
Doe-yeon Kim (3 years ago)
Mr. Cole, you stole ICT's work. This graph is exactly the graph I saw in ICT's video. He gave out his stuff freely on babypips and u stole it.. dude. What a shame
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Do-yeon Kim Firstly my friend you need to consider a few things. 1, I was trading before the internet existed. 2, MY information has been stolen, pirated, rebranded, resold and the list goes on. 3. I have NEVER stolen anyones work PERIOD. You have made an assumption based on no evidence outside of your opinion and the likely hood that you saw whatever you did on another site before you came to this site. In effect you could be making your assumption on the basis of a mouse click. Many traders have taken my material and then teach it as if it were of there own making and this is why I took the step to make my entire Market Makers Method course 100% free. (that stopped the resellers but laid all my material open to being copied. NOBODY even mentioned the Market Makers Method until after my book was published and then 100's of "experts' on the subject and method appeared. Some went on to make millions of dollars with some excellent marketing of training packages based on my book. Such is life my friend and just the way the cookie crumbles. Now..... I could be actually wasting my time here on someone who just wants to promote Baby Pips... but you know what.. If this is the case then promote away but at least have the decency to not accuse me of theft as part of your marketing plan....
Aman Jakhar (3 years ago)
Hi Martin! Your videos are truly amazing! one of a kind thing I found on the Internet! this is my first youtube comment btw:D, Can you refer me to any link or book whereby I can understand the market making card game asked in trader interviews? Thanks :D
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Martin Cole Sorry Typo. My Book not Boom ..lol
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Aman Jakhar Hi Well you will find my boom here http://learningtotrade.com/. That is a pretty good start and only a few $
Donovan Miller (3 years ago)
Ok. I ll work on that. Do you have any dvd tutorial? Manipulation is everywhere, I can't see anything thing else.😢
Hello again Martin, It's cold and wet here in England as normal! You have the life I want really you lucky man. I watched that video on the Millionaire thing, it was great I even downloaded it. I was thinking, how much time is needed before the MM cash in their pile of longs/shorts normally? I know it varies but Is their any tips you could give me on the whole form and content thing? Many thanks. Jordan.
al karg (3 years ago)
+Martin Cole which begs the question: "where does the 'manipulation' begin & end; and where/what IS the limit to said  MM manipulation they can do to you, be it stocks, futures, FX, etc.???"  (i.e., what are the crooked limits?)
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Revenge of Randall Flag No this is just a return to pattern trading and people looking for 'rules' Markets move on BELIEFS. To understand beliefs start to understand your self and your own beliefs and how they are manipulated when you are trading.
Well just any advice on the cycle really. Also I was told that the trend run in Forex is between 6-8 hours, is their any truth to that do you feel?
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Revenge of Randall Flag Not sure what you mean by tips. You need to break your mind from the FORM the chart takes and move to WHY the form is there? What is going on in the minds of traders and how are they being manipulated
Robert Iovino (3 years ago)
Excellent video.
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Robert Iovino Thanks :-)
scott v (3 years ago)
Is there a book I can read about this? I want a better understand and definitely believe in what you say.
intajake (1 year ago)
Martin Cole just bought it!just stumbled on the video and desperate to begin learning.
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+scott v http://www.amazon.com/market-makers-extract-millions-dollars-ebook/dp/B006KXN07G Check that out :-)
N Charles (3 years ago)
excellent ! This is one of the best advice on trading. Thanks.
Lute Scrat (1 year ago)
The throttle/inertia example is great, thanks.
al karg (3 years ago)
+Martin Cole what is your expertise in? stocks, futures, FX, et al???  And where also is your comfort/familiar zone to trade in? UK? AUS? USA?  (et al).  All/any of them? And how's your returns been since this video of Nov. 2011??? Tks!
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+N Charles Thanks :-)
Eldequeel (3 years ago)
Mr. Martin Cole, Was the uphill inertia of the accumulation acceleration the definitive sign of the box's content? or should we wait to see the stops being taken for confirmation?
Johan Karim (3 years ago)
So when and where to place the stop loss?
Michelle miller (3 years ago)
Hi nice video, wouldn't the pro's be first covering on the way down and then accumulating ?
Tinashe Bembere (4 years ago)
hi, Martin , hope you Keeping well , where can i get a physical copy of this book, 'How the market makers extract millions of dollars a day & How to grab your share' , , also how can i get access to your training 
Martin Cole (3 years ago)
+Tinashe Bembere Ho Sorry no physical copies available. Contact me from the form on my website and will see what I can do for you
Hi Martin How to know its accumulation phase of buy order or sell order and how to know that accumulation phase had completed? Thanks
Adam Doyle (2 months ago)
+TheGreywolf238 Yeah.. but its the start to an answer.
stripes (5 months ago)
You know which type of accum it is by the type of stop hunt it presents itself at some point to the upside meaning it triggered forced buying and to the downside meaning it triggered forced selling and after that you look at the opposite side and you will know the profit release.
Russel Mtlokwa (6 months ago)
Where about to get that book
Cindy Barrymore (5 months ago)
@TheGreywolf238 or anyone else, what book would you recommend?
Thanks for your explaination.
yifense86 (4 years ago)
Hi Martin, I am very interested in your message and am looking into your platform. I am more of a swing trader and hold for days to weeks instead of intraday. Does your platform work for multiple timeframes or does the market maker method only work intraday?
Kris T. (4 years ago)
I watched your program and researched more on VSA and supply/demand. How would you scalp during periods of accumulation? What would be the best entry points
Martin Cole (4 years ago)
+Kris Taylor I would not scalp, I want to trade for 75-90 pips when I trade. Recently given market conditions it is easier to take 45 pips but this will change back as things cycle around again
hellochriis (4 years ago)
What's your definition of a "buy order" in the context of accumulation? You say all one would have to be keen on spotting is that market makers were collecting "buy orders". 
ThumperOne (5 years ago)
Who is the market maker?
Mike S (5 months ago)
Unfortunately in forex, your broker is your market maker!!!
Nick C (2 years ago)
Banks. Just as they are the world maker. Lol.
jxn141 (5 years ago)
The question is how can we know what is accumulating in the box? special software? or some indicator? will one be able to figure it out by going through all the videos?
lgwe (6 years ago)
Hi Martin, As the market moves continuously, the market phases (accumulation, manipulation, profit release) can be observed on any timescale. Or am I wrong? Are the market movement phases more solid - so to speak - for any special timescale? I note that you often use the 15 min charts when demonstrating the MM method. Can you comment on this issue?
Stanley Harrison (6 years ago)
Warmonger - Incredibly Naive to think that. 90% of the activity of the fx market is from the super banks. They turnover 90% of that 4 trillion you refer to. If you had that sort of impact on the market then of course you'd manipulate the market. Unlike us they can't just click "buy" and "sell" - they need to create an opposing trade which is what Martin is reffering to when they trigger the stop losses of traders. They're there to buy into that selling pressure and boom, there's the 100 pip move
morehn (6 years ago)
look at a forex chart, dude. observe how every single stop gets hit by retesting the highs and lows and spiking the prices past them.
Martin Cole (6 years ago)
Dont BELIEVE what I say. Do the course and apply what I say. Then when you are routinely taking money out of the maker you may start to believe from you own evidence. This is the best belief of all. Just one thing. EVERYTHING is manipulated and buy fewer 'families' than you would believe.
Harrison Enameguono (1 month ago)
Please I want you to recommend a genuine broker for me to invest with
Ciccio Traliccio (6 years ago)
I think your trading system can have validity and you certainly sound knowledgeable, but there is no such thing as a "market maker" in the forex market for sure. Cannot be - a 4 trillion daily turnover market cannot be manipulated no matter what, not even by a central bank intervention. Sure, clearing firms and big hedge funds can stir the markets for awhile, but I wouldn't say "manipulate". I know an insider (ex trader at Bear Stearns) and that's more or less his own take.
Martin Cole (6 years ago)
In every down move there is up movement and in every up movement there is down. You have to read INTO the process of what is going on and NOT focus on the PATTERN the chart is making
Alexander Tatsumaki (6 years ago)
i have to say, and i don't say this a lot, this guy actually seams to know what he is talking about. will check out more stuff later.
YoBravaFrumAnuvaMuva (7 years ago)
@TradingToTheMillion This sounds great. I'll look more into your methods. Thanks for the reply!
shanks414 (7 years ago)
Great video. Yes, most stops are always broken. I see it as market's way to test your conviction of the trade. Thanks for presenting with a really nice chart.
YoBravaFrumAnuvaMuva (7 years ago)
This doesn't really help much since it reveals the accumulation after the fact. Countless times, at the bottom when the retail trader's sell orders are hit and the market makers buy, it pops back up and then plummets right back down through support. Ultimately, whether they accumulate or distribute can only be known after you miss the move. I believe you're knowledgeable, but I am curious to see your track record in terms of % gains over the past 20 years. Have you made that known publicly?
jaredr101 (7 years ago)
@TradingToTheMillion Always that question, go short... or go long... =D
jaredr101 (7 years ago)
Great vid Martin its added to and confirmed my understanding of that period. Thought youd put up an old vid till i saw the dates cos youd grown your hair!

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