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THE SECRET Behind LIL TAY’S Docuseries And Disappearance! | What's Trending Now!

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A docuseries titled Life With Lil Tay is premiering on July 13 on the new on-demand platform Zeus. But, it’s unlikely to shed any light on what she’s been up to since her Instagram went dark in early June. This video explains why. Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgU2UnwMjBQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPMgEq0kfbM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXAS4wVTljU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wALSSaasTUQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2kmmrHn8P8 https://twitter.com/KEEMSTAR/status/998414051905503232 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-qmjyjzkMc Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwDh Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | musical.ly  @whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter
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Text Comments (160)
Lemon1133 (2 months ago)
Where I'm from, you don't make fun of the poor while bragging about wealth and people know where you stay. for real though. lol ▲👁 \m/👌Δ
Johnny Pissoff (4 months ago)
you have no right to talk about abusive when it comes to children, you had a little boy on the show dressing up like a girl strutting up and down a runway and grown men and women smiling ear to ear and clapping for him, it is perverted and that’s all there is to it.....simply perverted!
Jjane Meghalaya shillong (5 months ago)
The closet near the toilet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 gosssh that means whatever she wears her clothes smells like poop💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 nice try and so cheap And wait.....what!! Well mannered 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 O i think because of her hairfringe and she's blind she didn't notice her child acting so stupid and show off her cheap closet near the toilet😂😂😂😂
Bad parenting
Terionna Matthias (5 months ago)
Florentina Escobar (5 months ago)
Y’all need to just leave her alone and chill because she mabey done a few things that are not the best decision but she is still a little girl that can still do many things.
Jenereyna (6 months ago)
Why do you smock I can see were you are going TO HELL 🤣
pandapanda🐼💕 (6 months ago)
she's fuckin 9 years old..p[arents need to stop exploiting this kids for clout...she gonna regret it when she gets older, watch.
Rix Pix (6 months ago)
Child abuse. Suicide in the making.
LaNeita Jones (6 months ago)
She's a little foolish ignorant child being pimped by her parents !!
Lvskymar (6 months ago)
Poor lil tay being used like a puppet by her family.
Hank Hill (6 months ago)
Oompaloompadoopideedoo, how many brain cells are you about to lose.
YoinkyDoodles - Roblox (6 months ago)
Your Out Of Chracter Lil Tay
Amadi Chidiogo (6 months ago)
Lil Tay brother is her problem.
elohim660 (6 months ago)
Nicole Sharp (7 months ago)
I don't understand why anyone would want to be famous..it only opens the door for floods of corruption. I'd rather be around good honest hard working people then the people in Hollywood.
jaypeelim28 (7 months ago)
what life she talking about? she still have baby teeth lol
Bjarni Bragason (7 months ago)
Lol a real newsstation covering this, what a joke.
Sabina'sPastelGaming YT (7 months ago)
Alize Hogan (7 months ago)
Now we all know were dora went
Exotic Butters (7 months ago)
“Should the FBI be apart at this point” I was waiting for SOMEONE TO FUCKING SAY THAT, THE FBI NEEDS TO ARREST HER ASS
ian day (7 months ago)
Rashad Hartzog (7 months ago)
SixNineThis SixNineThat (8 months ago)
I just think she wanted a break
Hannah Fredin (8 months ago)
Rai Joel (8 months ago)
Why do you talk about mad and stupid people. This little stupid lady and her mom most be send to mental hospital.
Stunning S (8 months ago)
Mommyyyyyyyyyyy stop😫 I was filming!!!😂
MASTER-OF- EVIL (8 months ago)
She's one of the many reasons why people hate Americans
I Iz Your Daddy (8 months ago)
At 0:24 is lil tay drinking apple juice
Sweet Pea (8 months ago)
Jim Lahey (8 months ago)
Television for sheep
subsynchronous (8 months ago)
it's a puppet
Presence (8 months ago)
I thought 15 minutes were up..😥
Lucy Fuir (8 months ago)
Why hasn't Child Protective Services stepped in on this girl and shut her down yet
Red taehyung hixtape (1 month ago)
Cuz she makes influencer money
dest151 (8 months ago)
lil tay the most stupid thing to come out of the internet ...but i am sure that the internet will shit something worse than that poor kid
william perry (8 months ago)
Her new name: lil wigger.
So many haters in the comments. I bet your kids act the same way and you don't even know it.
April West (9 months ago)
Her mom and her brother are stage parents. They are running and ruining her life. Hollywood will destroy her in the end.
HotTeaGossip (9 months ago)
She’s coming back with music 😂😂😂
bloodrunforus (9 months ago)
Asian wannabe 😴
Jaime Henderson (9 months ago)
Why haven’t they been deported?
hans berends (9 months ago)
I want to make music................well ........go to school
carmen vazquez (9 months ago)
not funny this stupid chinese little girl
fifth estate (9 months ago)
i love liltay. best trolling and good entertainment
holly love (9 months ago)
I feel embarrassed for these kids to have to have such bad parents allowing this ~ shame on you adults
foxtrot golf (9 months ago)
Sucks that theyre monetizing off of her troubles by making a documentary
Bosco Bartelis (9 months ago)
More like little brat....
Mikkhiel Akbar (9 months ago)
It would be a blessing to us all if she killed herself
April West (7 months ago)
+Mikkhiel Akbar neither is the moron that said she should kill herself.
Mikkhiel Akbar (7 months ago)
April West that's not nice
she is a kid...its her family/parents
April West (9 months ago)
Mikkhiel Akbar well then why don't you show her how its done. Put a loaded gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you moron.
Dayshanay Pearcy (9 months ago)
Don’t say that yeah she’s bad and all but no don’t say that it’s wrong
Max TheAxe (9 months ago)
Someone needs to help this poor child.
Cesar Valle (9 months ago)
Unsubscribe to this channel for supporting trash like this but I guess what people say is true, trash recognize trash.
Okly potato (9 months ago)
some thinks up. people can lie and all the things her and her mum said i think was all a lie there has to be some form of abuse maybe with her brothers. anyway worry to much maybe her dad just couldnt handle it and left who knows
Megan Jue (9 months ago)
I honestly feel bad for Lil Tay because her mom and her brother are just using her for money. She cant do anything about it and hate is the least thing she needs especially now.She is having her childhood ripped away.
Peter Wong (9 months ago)
Lil Tay's mom said that she is well mannered??? 😲 OM-GGGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! 😲 Lil Tay is nothing but a spoil fowl mouth obnoxious brat! Lil Tay's mom deserved to be fired from the real estate company because she didn't ask permission from the real estate company's clients if it is ok filmed her daughter's video in their homes.
Vernest Scott (9 months ago)
Vernest Scott (9 months ago)
Vernest Scott (9 months ago)
You Get the. "L"
Vernest Scott (9 months ago)
You Suck
Fred Rogers (9 months ago)
Lil Tay be a broke ass niggah and don't even have wifi no moe since her mama lost her weak ass job. My dingleberries are worth more than anything she own.
PREMONE 920 (9 months ago)
By the age of 17 she'll be another Lindsay Lohan
Elliott Uberbacher (9 months ago)
PREMONE 920 17 is a child
Christopher Richard (9 months ago)
Boy I Fucking hate the industry.... They pick up anything
Christopher Richard (9 months ago)
I cant believe GMA tried to blind us with this fu k shit
Nub Toob (9 months ago)
1:00 Naruto part 1
LaNegra Luna (9 months ago)
And this is why we will see little Tay as vice president of president Kanye West in 2020 please get your priorities straight people
Keewee Froot (9 months ago)
This is what kids these days like and that's why the new generation of children and teens are wreck less. Awaiting all the little kids to attack me.
Jd Texan (9 months ago)
She is cool af
Soccer Chick (9 months ago)
Yay the youngest flexer if the galaxy is back I got scared when she said help me
Gandalf Senpai (9 months ago)
It's disgusting people like you who give these fake celebrities exposure! SHAME.
ProtectorKing300 (9 months ago)
I'll wait, for the internet to do its thing
Carlos Colon (9 months ago)
Stop making stupid people famous.
_軍Inferno As My Life (9 months ago)
People love watching an "Asian" girl who with full of filthy words^^
Elliott Uberbacher (9 months ago)
_軍Inferno As My Life indian*
Wake me Up inside (9 months ago)
I think she’s being used by her parents or bother
mads Nakel (9 months ago)
Sick sick World wtf is wong whit ppl
zammmerjammer (9 months ago)
Hebrew Man (9 months ago)
My little girl would whip your ass
bluworld13 (9 months ago)
Is this what the world coming to? A child talking like a ghetto queen or thug person.......That's the extent of her intelligence? Where is her parents during all this ? If I was her parent I would be embarrassed. I know they didn't raise her like this. Her purposely talking ignorant like she doesn't have an education is not flattering and not impressive. Hopefully this won't negatively affect her if she ever decides to go to college or even get a job because this is on the internet it can't be erased. Jobs will look you up for social media based on your character of person. Her character shows that she rather be ghetto fabulous. What's worth is her brother influence her her to be like this. Her mom loses her job that's the consequences that her children caused
everestfalls (9 months ago)
Dafuq is this shit.
Karol Gering (9 months ago)
I hate her
Hlengiwe Zungu (9 months ago)
chu chu train I hope u r under 18 coz if u r not to HATE a 9 yr old as an adult...ah😏
Annette Lee (9 months ago)
This little girl is being totally exploited by every single person around her. Her mother and her brother are disgusting human beings. I hope for her sake no one gives this docuseries any views so she can go back to being a kid again and have a normal life.
mm gel (9 months ago)
Her mom is fame hungry
April West (9 months ago)
mm gel So is her brother. They act like pimps on that child.
Your mom's favorite bbc (9 months ago)
mm gel Her brother is too lmao he's the one who tells her what to say.
Lil bh.
Sneaky NinjaKat (9 months ago)
Her family really should be investigated 👀
Dutch Confetti (9 months ago)
Who? Why is this being given attention - some kids need regular beatings.
What's Trending (9 months ago)
What happened to Lil Tay?
Hannah Fredin (8 months ago)
What’s happening is watch the freaking video and you’ll find out
Claire Ikekhide (9 months ago)
What's Trending her friend X died.
Nate (9 months ago)
I bet I make more than this poor little shit and I'm a broke college kid
Nate (9 months ago)
Your mom's favorite bbc yeah I'm losing faith in America. It's just sad what people care about these days. Like a fake 10 year old swearing up a storm gets her famous. That's pathetic
Your mom's favorite bbc (9 months ago)
Nate Yeah you probably make more than her at the moment, but dude look how stupid the entertainment industries are they're literally throwing money at these no talent celelbrities now a days. She already supposedly got a million dollar headphone deal lol. Just give it time bro in the next few years when she more older I guarantee she gonna have tons of money and I'm not saying it in a good way. I'm just speaking the truth the entertainment business are cashing these dumb celebrities out. Just look at the cash me outside girl, she's making thousands right now and she's a rapper on tour already.
I don’t blame the kid, it’s the parents greed, and the greed of the people posting this shit that keeps her active in a environment she should not be in
R Picifica (9 months ago)
Why are you giving attention to this child?
Red taehyung hixtape (1 month ago)
Distraction from important stuff but also a case of neglect and child abuse
R Picifica (9 months ago)
Itz Ankitaa Whom is the reporter or the child?
a n k ¡ t a (9 months ago)
Why not? She’s capable to do whatever the fuck she wants
Whim Pranks (9 months ago)
July 15 is a big day guys! Not July 13
james jones (9 months ago)
Who cares....
Ducky Darkstar (9 months ago)
She'll be doing porn in 10 years guaranteed 😂😂😂🤣 her parents eat dogs 🐶🐕🐩
Sebastie Cortes (9 months ago)
My question is , Where is child protective services?????, If they're making her do that stuff, she clearly needs help.
Astroflight (9 months ago)
CPS only go after white people.
MasMore Strikes (9 months ago)
Stop giving her the lime light! Mom, Brother and her have no place in the interwebs, period!
shannon Long (9 months ago)
She needs to go back to school. Her parents should be investigated.
Ducky Darkstar (9 months ago)
shannon Long they eat dogs
Timmy (9 months ago)
lol Tay is gay and fake af
Kevin Jones (9 months ago)
This is just sad and a prime example of bad parenting.
Presence (8 months ago)
Kevin Jones rehab in a few years....which isn't a bad thing😒☺
Hlengiwe Zungu (9 months ago)
Kevin Jones So agree
Tun. (9 months ago)
Lol ok... And?
Yosh Monster (9 months ago)
It's called getting there shit together lol just leave it alone.
John R (9 months ago)
spoiled brat
Jared Shelton (9 months ago)
God Lil Tay is so fucking CRINGEY
don't subscribe to me (9 months ago)
Her brother looks like a kpop star.
JustPj (7 months ago)
Not really, more like a koreaboo

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