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How To Invest Like Warren Buffett | Forbes

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Forbes' William Baldwin explains why holding on to winning stocks has proven a fruitful investment strategy for the Oracle of Omaha and how it can work for you. Subscribe to FORBES: https://www.youtube.com/user/Forbes?sub_confirmation=1 Stay Connected Forbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbes Forbes Video on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forbesvideo Forbes Video on Instagram: http://instagram.com/forbesvideo More From Forbes: http://forbes.com Forbes covers the intersection of entrepreneurship, wealth, technology, business and lifestyle with a focus on people and success.
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Jason H (1 month ago)
So i make money by losing it to make more in the future? got it.
jerkasmo (1 month ago)
That's why I don't listen to Cramer's advice. I remember watching him tell his audience to "sell half of equity in a stock after it doubles so you're riding the market for free." That's such an arbitrary and stupid numbers game. There is zero rationale in selling a stock just because it doubles in value. If your house doubles in value, do you sell half of it? If you own a franchise, do you sell half of it just because it has now doubled in value? Why would you sell a stock just because the company is getting more productive and profitable???
RICH TV LIVE (2 months ago)
My idol love Buffett
Sufian Ilyas (2 months ago)
How does the guy avoid taxes after 36 years?
JA J (4 months ago)
Hang on to your winners. Sell your losers. Gold🤗
Jordan Smith (6 months ago)
All fine and good, but some people only want enough to survive. I don’t need or want to become a billionaire. I only want enough to get me through life, and at that point I no longer care.
Jj Corbin (3 months ago)
hmmmmm depends, but k
Simon Ferrier-May (7 months ago)
yeah... or just buy your stock via an ISA. moron. Don't sell your loser; buy more of your loser. If it was a good business when you bought it, now it's cheaper! so buy more for less.
bill tomson (7 months ago)
Share your gains with the Govt! Not likely they take it.Sharing and someone taking it are polar opposites! He just said share again in the final sentence. Go away goofball
Derrick Cola (8 months ago)
You're not Buffett... You're buffet!
Clarence White (8 months ago)
Barrington Morris (9 months ago)
How to make money like Warren Buffet? You don't.
Paris Davis (9 months ago)
I want to marry a rich man
Jj Corbin (3 months ago)
ll Kasper ll (8 months ago)
I hope you get played and then dumped.
THE REAL BOSSTOP OB4L (9 months ago)
Im worth 10.5 million baby. come marry me
Investor Geek (11 months ago)
Our website has always been inspired by Warren Buffett. We have recently uploaded a blog post called "What is Value Investing?" http://investor-geek.com/2017/12/11/what-is-value-investing/ If anyone is interested, check it out and see if we got it right.
Rob Shelby (1 year ago)
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Daniel B. Driver (1 year ago)
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Lawrence Mayberry (2 years ago)
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Milo Burich (1 year ago)
filthy speculators
Tridhaman Gobin (2 years ago)
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Sterling b'Vlogs (2 years ago)
Where did he get his information on how Warren Buffett invest
Patti Vanlandingham (2 years ago)
See *ANDYLANK COM* . I am using this product since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.
Negative Infinity (2 years ago)
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rainbow vision (3 years ago)
One thing that is overlooked is that a stock would hardly likely continue to beat the market index over long periods of time. When it reaches close to it intrinsic value then that would be a good time to sell it and look for an undervalued stock. If for example apple was trading at a discount when you bought at 10 000 and when the value reaches 20 000 its no longer undervalued it would be a good time to sell and buy stock you think are at a discount. If you hold on yes the money will grow but you would be getting returns more inline with the market. So if it was at a discount and it doubled in 3 years and then grew inline with the market at the end of 36 years you might be able to calculate an 11% return because your stock doubled in its first 3 years where the market only made 10% over that period. But it would have been better if you cashed in after that 3 years and bought more undervalued stock. If you do this successfully you would have much better that a 11% return after 36 years.
michaeldproject (3 years ago)
So after 36 years I won't have to pay 25% of gains to the IRS? Not sure why he doesn't calculate any taxes into the final amount of the long-term stock.
Riteesh Meti (5 days ago)
Full from of irs?
benjamin kell (8 months ago)
one year
Colours of the Rainbow (2 years ago)
When you sell the stock whether you kept it for one year or 30, you have to pay capital gains tax. As long as you don't sell it you don't have to pay any gains on the stock. This does not include dividends that you get from the stock only increases in the stock price. Long term and short term gains are not differentiated by the US government.
Sean Wood (2 years ago)
soooo, how do you define long term and short term ? is there any specific period that indicate an investment is long term or short term ?
Rishabh Gang (2 years ago)
you don't have to pay for long term gain but you have to pay taxes on short term gain
William Elbaum (4 years ago)
Where does Warren Buffet get information which leads him to buy and sell stock ? To make $40 Billion dollars you do more than read company reports.
Sam Abdow (10 months ago)
He has 4 princpals; 1. Stock must be lower than intrinsic value (forecasted by future cash flows discounted today at a discount rate) 2. Must have good managers (defined as people who love the busines more than they love money) 3. Must have a moat (competitive durable advantage) 4. You must be able to understand it (if its too complex, the chance of you knowing where it'll be in 5yrs or 10yrs is very slim)
William Elbaum (3 years ago)
+Lucifer Leviticus So Lucifer, how's life in hell treating you ? 
Lucifer Leviticus (3 years ago)
Idk friend just a joke.
William Elbaum (3 years ago)
+Lucifer Leviticus WTF ?
Lucifer Leviticus (3 years ago)
Hes a secret agent that has secret agent friends.
Oscar Huy (4 years ago)
yeah How do you make mullah
CuRe RedeemeR (4 years ago)
Good video. Very informative.
Jan Park Holm (4 years ago)
Taking the inflation into account for a 36 year period (looking back) you'll have to devide the number by 3,5. This means you got approx 36000 gain - before tax.
Sean Wood (2 years ago)
inflation affects both long term and short term. if you add the inflation element to both investment approach, the short term investment even got lesser
David Perezzz (4 years ago)
how do you make money if you keep them forever?
Diego De La Mota (19 days ago)
Tyler H it’s been 3 years mate! Let us know what’s happened, you’re 19 now
Mthwakazian Mthwakazian (6 months ago)
dab0331 that's why you need to invest in companies that pay quarterly dividends like Apple.
Eli Kf (8 months ago)
dab0331 you have to think about it as an extra source of income , not a primary one , i put in the stock marked my play money , if i got a bonus or some money as a gift or i sold something, or i had extra money , i buy stocks and ignore them
ll Kasper ll (8 months ago)
The short answer is dividends.
dab0331 (10 months ago)
Michael Ryan whats the point of cashing out 36 years later when you're old and impotent? How do enjoy the money?
Chuan (5 years ago)
I am sorry. I was using a shitty phone to type it and it was a pain in the ass to type in punctuation. Also it kept of mistyping the words that i wanted to type. I did not buy apple, I was only using it as an example.
Billybear185 (5 years ago)
OOOO... I get it....? Sell my losers (lose money). Never sell my winners, and never liquidate my cash!! Now I understand :).
Chuan (5 years ago)
Is this person stupid? Lets say I boughught apple at 400 and at the highest point it was 700 but if I didn't sell it and held on the price today is 500. So if I held on I would lose that 200 dollar gain. Just because they are rich doesn't mean anything. They could have just got lucky with 1 stock. And they think they are professionals. What a joke
Kiks (8 months ago)
Do you know what dividends are? Also are you aware that stock prices can change when Apple decides making a decision like a new product? That certainly can make it go back up in price. Before you call people stupid I suggest you learn about dividend because then you will have somewhat of an idea as to why people hold it for really long
bee yapa (5 years ago)
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Miljan Stojanovic (5 years ago)
it is not the point to have stocks just so you could sell them. it is about incomes from your increased ability to take more credit and then invest it in some production that in turn gives you more income. By having those stocks there forever starting from the times interest rates where low, you now have valuable asset forever while others who bought their assets later did that under probably higher rates, so you are step ahead of them in the future!
leonardgan (5 years ago)
It not dumb to let go AAPL stock at 600 ... as of date its hovering around 460.
jones clips (5 years ago)
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Atinder (5 years ago)
If you get paid a decent dividend then it's not a bad idea, sooner or later a stock will start paying dividends even if it is currently a growth stock
roybronxhhx (5 years ago)
I would like to learn how to buy and sell stocks !! I think im going to buy a beginners book online
SequelFinalNight (5 years ago)
This is stupid.... why the hell do they spend millions if not billions on high-frequency trading then?!?! Why because they the best way to make money is to keep selling when you win... lock in a win. This guy forgets every time you sell a win. Your stocks buying power increases and you can get more stock and sell ... etc etc. Some people get 200% on their money using this strategy... not just 8%. Warren doesn't just sit on stocks.
ayeres James (5 years ago)
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InstTaxSolutionsLLC (5 years ago)
That's pretty good tax advice especially since capital gains tax is paid when you sell at a profit. I think the point is that one doesn't make much off their investments by selling after the first or second year.
New Money Crew (5 years ago)
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Kongdej Kong (5 years ago)
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Capital Forex Training (5 years ago)
If you keep hold of your stocks forever there is no guarantee it will keep going up. You should always have a target. This video doesn't make sense. If there is something to gain from this video it needs to be explained a whole lot better.
David Ferrari (5 years ago)
Awesome, but I'm not the person who's going to hold on to stocks for 40 years. I prefer creating several sources of income, it pays way more.
Mark Sie (5 years ago)
Hold forever to winners....if they do not drop forever....Hi even Warren Buffet exit when market is overpriced and sold out before the crash of 1973-74. The clever thing he did was when market was underpiced , he bought more back.....
Dunkelberger David C. (5 years ago)
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borderlord (5 years ago)
If you hold on Forever,when do you get to spend the gains??When you're 10 minutes from the graveyard???
Milo Burich (1 year ago)
it's a saying. Generally, 5 years is a pretty decent holding period
baryman antonyo (5 years ago)
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Goodlife Vibes (5 years ago)
all you want is not to pay tact and share your wealth with the poor??? that actually dumb
Orange Saw (5 years ago)
IMO, another reason for him to hold forever is to protect his wealth as well.. He doesn't need to sell stock to get cash as is wealthy enough already.
Honeycutt Manuel F. (5 years ago)
Matthew Fredson (5 years ago)
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pipscalibur (5 years ago)
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Ivan Chacon (5 years ago)
Another Comment , Why Hold On Too Long? To Enjoy The Money When Your Old And Cant Enjoy It?
Ivan Chacon (5 years ago)
I Have A Different , Short Term Strategy
RayneR (5 years ago)
How much do you get payed to spam?
Bobby Chansen (5 years ago)
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lewis matthev (5 years ago)
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morgan antonio b (5 years ago)
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YourASlaveWakeUp (5 years ago)
8% lol i make more than this each month. amateurs
dorniaki (5 years ago)
Well i do have a fundamental problem with this video, if you dont sell any stocks you have no cash generation. That means you have no way of reinvesting your money, unless the stocks payoff huge dividends.
Wishing HappyOne (5 years ago)
I also inherit 10 mil from my neighbour..and im only 14 yrs old... if u know dont forget to tell me k..
Shivz (5 years ago)
learnt alot from this
Dmitri Konash (5 years ago)
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W Arr (5 years ago)
Hold onto it forever? Then you have nothing. This video is stupid for at least 2 reasons. 1 Hold and dont sell = You get nothing. 2 Hold forever so you dont share / get taxed = Sooner or later ya gotta pay the piper... ... and pay the Gov more or less... When you come up, they come up too. This video is dumb, and they attach Buffets name to it. BS
raiga98 (5 years ago)
Great vid! But guys, If you happen to be be pressed for time due to a busy daily schedule and just having an all around hectic life, and have been looking for a way to earn fast income without investing too much of your time, LOOK NO FURTHER, because I have found what you are looking for! Just feel free to email me at [email protected] so I can walk you through how to use an online money making system in order to make REAL RESIDUAL INCOME from doing minimal work!
Riley McCabe (5 years ago)
whatever you do do not rush into it. pay for a financial advisor, invest in mutual funds something that will continue to give you income (mutual funds usually have around 10%/year returns) and also be careful with it you're only 15. If you earn 10% on 5 million that's 500,000 right there and that will continue, they are generally safe. That would be 7,320,500$ by the time you're 19. that's how you make money don't invest when you are not sure how because you will probably lose it
Sravan Appana (5 years ago)
Its not that ridiculous as you make it sound like... You don't know that information by common sense but proper research on prospective companies is not done by many...
jetliFAN (5 years ago)
Through dividends is one way. Another way is through re-investing dividends into the stock. In 40 or so years when you're 87 like the Charles man he mentioned you'll finally be a millionaire. However, you'll be too old to enjoy your money or maybe even you'll never enjoy your money but your kids and grand kids will.
Chris Choi (5 years ago)
how do you make money if you hold onto your stocks?
jp5373 (5 years ago)
You're right! But i say that because some people think that the stock market is something easy,and if they invest in something ,so complicated they should know ,that there's going to be a long waiting.
Noble Absinthe (5 years ago)
Well he's talking about stocks where you simply play the waiting game. Fueling a business with your funds is a great way to add another stream of income because you worked out a specific deal. On another note, casinos are pretty much just blackjack nothing else.
jp5373 (5 years ago)
I rather better, grab those $10,000.00 and invest them, in any kind of business, that a least give me a return from 25% to 35% per year. Instead of investing in such an overrated market like "Stock Market" and have to wait 36 yrs. just to see the profits. Fuck that! I will even rather to put $10,000.00 in the roulette at the casino than putting it on stock market,at least i know where my money is going.....
thinchrisful (5 years ago)
this guy is an idiot, market is different nowadays, you cant hold long term like in the past
thinchrisful (5 years ago)
selling aapl at $600 is dumb? your dumb to have held it
Ayesha Thandeniya (5 years ago)
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Dian Saha (5 years ago)
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ECNasc84 (5 years ago)
Or I can also watch balloons floating up into space.
Kanbra Racing (5 years ago)
So all I have to do is somehow know which stocks will keep going up indefinitely? Why didn't I think of that?
nutbagbrew102 (5 years ago)
buffet is an asshole - he doesnt care if you live and die hes in it for the GOD OF MONEY!
Sly Music Official (5 years ago)
If you hold on forever, that means you never sell. If you never sell, you never make any money. This is bullshit.
Earl Simmons (5 years ago)
"I dont like to share my winnings with the IRS.........but I have no problem crying like a little bitch when something bad happens and expecting the government to protect me."
BuckleDownFinance (5 years ago)
Great Video.... Still waiting on those 8% returns to start coming back around... Founder/CEO - BuckleDownFinance com
dsouzand (5 years ago)
No one lives forever
Alex Silcock (6 years ago)
its actually not that hard because one you old as fuck you gone have enough money to buy unlimited amount of Viagra
ajatkinson2004 (6 years ago)
You have several options but its easy to see that your best option is to either put it all into Corporate Junk bonds in Spain or put everything into index-inverse Leveraged ETFs such as DOG or DXD. Those are winners in Buffett's book!
Lene Power (6 years ago)
How do enjoy that money if u invest it forever?
Adidas420778 (6 years ago)
What about inflation
dyslem97 (6 years ago)
I get erections at very inconvenient times. This is my problem.
The1WhoThinks (6 years ago)
This guy is an idiot. There are so many variables...this is imagining that it goes up 8% every year...look at Apple, Steve Jobs died, and he took Apple with him.
Brian Bost (6 years ago)
I couldn't disagree with the video more. Scared money doesn't make money. You remind me of my grandfather and the ol days of holding on to my series EE bonds and taking that ever faithful "conservative approach". If we are talking about a multi-million dollar trust fund that needs to simply beat inflation than this makes more sense however if we are focusing on capturing a fruitful income, positions are going to have to be traded. Even the great WB knows all about timing...
vettefever67 (6 years ago)
You need to see a financial advisor. Don't say things like that on the internet. Take care.
iK0uONEhit (6 years ago)
That's called investing in an IPO AKA speculating, that's not what Warren Buffett does
GuerillaMusic7 (6 years ago)
That's where research comes in. Money + no research = gambling. Money + research = profit.
z ye (6 years ago)
Well, if the return is 8% every year that is what you have assumed.
killtime351 (6 years ago)
share some please I would like a new car i'm just a poor kid from Wisconsin with a dream.
QQQonigiri (6 years ago)
This concept is too easy to make video of, the real problem is WHICH STOCK TO BUY, that's what you wanna learn from Warren Buffett.
Dsky (6 years ago)
are you saying that opening your own business is less gambling? it might seem so if your the one opening the company and your thinking super good about it but fact is still that over 50% of all new businesses fail in the first year. So probably much more risky than buying some stocks, which by the way you don't have to be wealth to do. you just need to have a bit of brains.
MetalDiffa (6 years ago)
Keep it in the bank. Don't invest it if you have no clue what you're doing
infamous985 (6 years ago)
How do I invest?, I am 15 years old and I inherited 5 million from my dad........I wanna make more but I don't know how?

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