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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 vs. 760 vs. 960 vs. 1060 Graphics Card Comparison GTA 5 Witcher

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GameStar PCs | Gaming PCs & Notebooks: http://www.one.de We compare the graphics cards of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX x60 series starting from GTX 660 with GTX 760, GTX 960 and GTX 1060. We offer two parts in this video: The first part compares the performance of those cards while using the exact same graphics preset for each game and card – even when the specific preset exceeds the VRAM limit of the card. We use three games as benchmarks: GTA 5, Rainbow Six: Siege and Witcher 3. We took great care that each benchmark sequence offers a nice average of what can be expected of each game. For example the GTA 5 benchmark sequence offers a mixture of city and countyside landscape. Each sequence is actually played three times, the fps values in the diagarms are the avarage of those runs. The second part aims to show the visual advantage or disadvantage of those cards. For each game we optimized the graphics to match at least stable 60 fps (with a small tolerance for rare drops to 55 or so). The more powerful the card, the higher the possible visuals without dropping below 60fps. Those individual graphics settings are compared with each other. At the end of the video we provide an overview of the tech specs of each card. In this video we did use NVIDIA reference cards as well as custom designs. For the GTX 660 and 960 we used EVGA custom designs, the values differ from the reference cards. You can see them at the end of the video. --------------------- Wir vergleichen Grafikkarten der NVIDIA GeForce GTX x60 Serie, von der GTX 660 über GTX 760 und GTX 960 bis zur GTX 1060. Das Video beinhaltet dabei zwei Teile: Der erste Teil widmet sich der Performance: alle Karten stellen sich in drei Spielen jeweils den identischen Grafikeinstellungen. Für die Benchmarks nutzen wir GTA 5, Rainbow Six Siege und The Witcher 3. Bei den Benchmarks – die wir im Video verkürzt zeigen – haben wir auf ausgewogene Sequenzen geachtet, die möglichst realistische Ergebnisse ausspucken sollen. Alle Sequenzen haben wir mindestens drei Mal durchlaufen, die Diagramme im Video zeigen den jeweiligen Durchschnitt der Werte. Der zweite Teil vergleicht die grafische Leistung. Als gemeinsame Basis für alle Karten haben wir ein Minimum von 60 Bilder pro Sekunde ausgewählt, wobei kleine, vereinzelte Ausrutscher auf 58 fps erlaubt sind. Anhand dieser Basis haben wir die Grafikeinstellungen für jede Karte optimiert, je Leistungsfähiger die Karte also, desto höher die Detailstufe im Spiel. Das Ergebnis vergleichen wir in Teil 2 und zeigen die verwendeten Grafikoptionen dann in der Übersicht. Außerdem bieten wir am Ende des Videos eine kleine Übersicht über die technischen Daten der jeweiligen Karten. Wir haben im Video NVIDIA Referenzmodelle genutzt, für die GTX 660 und 960 allerdings EVGA Custom Designs, deren Werte wir am Ende des Videos in der Übersicht erläutern. Candyland on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/candylandGS Candyland on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CandylandGS Captured with BlackMagicDesign Decklink 4K Extreme 12G Music: Invisible – Vibe Tracks So Lost – MK2 System used in this video: GameStar-PC Ultra ------------------------------------ Hier kaufen: http://bit.ly/1O7piZC Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz 16 GB DDR4 RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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Text Comments (561)
Candyland (1 year ago)
My next video as requested is about the Nvidia GeForce GTX x60 series from 660 to 1060. Hope you like it :) ---> GTX 680 vs. 780 vs. 980 vs. 1080: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L01WPDqy7QM Part 1 is a simple performance comparison. Part 2 graphics comparison with 60 fps as base value. How high can each card go without dropping below 60 frame per second? Please comment & give feedback, I want to improve my future videos.
Shane Mitchell (4 months ago)
I just wanted to mention, if you want to have accurate benchmarking you should keep all the same texture levels. Like in the R6 one, I was scared that the 660 was better than the 1060 but you had more of the textures on low where The 1060 had things on high and ultra. Sorry for kinda shitting on you but I just thought id say something... even if its a year late XD.
The Baniels (1 year ago)
gtx 760 has 256-bit of memory bus width
ICE700 (1 year ago)
please make compare video with 50-klass 450/550/650/750/950/1050
Candyland (1 year ago)
+Dennis Johnsen Yes yes, I will. Don'T forget, I am a one man team and those vids are a lot of work. GTX x70 series will be next!
Candyland (1 year ago)
600W is enough.
Рамзан СВЧ (5 days ago)
Respect 660
Murtaza Rizvi (11 days ago)
660 is a decent card for budgeted people
Tushe (27 days ago)
i just get gtx 760, from gts 250.. this card is great :)
Raheela Nasir (28 days ago)
Bro i have msi gtx 1060 armoe edition and i also have gtx 760 evega 4gb 256bit and my gtx 1060 is 6gb 192 bit
Serega Serg (1 month ago)
Я сообразил схему нвиду.короче они глупо каждую серию ровно по 10% прирост делают и чтоб люд не засиживались в новейшей линейке делают прирост в 200%
Sanderen X (1 month ago)
Really good and detailed video comparison, unlike the ones that show just the fps numbers. This is honestly really useful for my decision. Good work!
STRIXX (1 month ago)
xd I kind want 660 but I have 1060
PositroniX (2 months ago)
7 didn't eat nine this time. it ate ate.
FayezTehDavid (2 months ago)
Is an xenon gtx 760 jetstream 9% OC better than the gtx 960?
T.G Channel (2 months ago)
candlyland proved that we should upgrade from 1060 to 660
ERIC CHEN (3 months ago)
Guys is my GTX 1050 ti good?
Mandre (3 months ago)
gtx 660 in rainbow six siege and gta v resolution ?
silvershadow (3 months ago)
I have 1060 and my friend has 660 so I sent him this video lol
thingggy (1 month ago)
김민석 (4 months ago)
I changed GIGABYTE GTX 660 TO MSI RTX 2070 GAMING Z. Huge difference between two graphics.
Adi Adrian (4 months ago)
I just realize i have the 660 one
Arka Steam (4 months ago)
horay my father is giving me gtx 1060 6 gb for Christmas prizes
Doki (4 months ago)
Lol my gtx 1060 is very powerful xD
MPOWER (4 months ago)
I5 4460 is good for gtx 1060
Jason (5 months ago)
i have a gtx 660 trying to buy a used 1070 on ebay
Poviku-PPcans (5 months ago)
I love how the gtx 660 looks, perfect for a black budget build
Wolfgangl0l (5 months ago)
I want a 960
Farhan Ahmed (5 months ago)
Why not 1050ti 4gb ??
REZ_ Performance (5 months ago)
Rainbow six is an low settings game .. so you dont has to test it :D you play allways on low or you are dump :P just saying its no hate
Сергей Попов (5 months ago)
Полный абсурд.. в статике даж 9800гт выдаст 60 фпс..и 660 ну-ка никак не мож быть сильнее 1060
Miguel Angel (5 months ago)
wow... GTA V at 100 fps with a gtx 660 is really impresive
ProCs ProCsmen (5 months ago)
Everything off with 720p
Nitin Sen (6 months ago)
And gtx 660 runs with 60 fps
Nitin Sen (6 months ago)
I have gtx660 but at 2019 Christmas I will get Rtx 2080 it and 660 rrrrrrrrrrroooooooooocccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
Dexter Estacion (6 months ago)
You are using Same Graphics
Tokex ツ (6 months ago)
I have 960 4gb and im proud of it
Kamlesh Sen (7 months ago)
I think 660 like 1060
Sniperm82a4 oliver (7 months ago)
Sascha Pürner (8 months ago)
They sell us the same technologie again and again. But stupid mankind is buying and buying.I Like the performance of "old" cards. I play @ my last card a GTX970 and 960. Upgrade from GTX580. Last fucking buy of my life. I dont need more power to play video games.
WarriorMaster121 HH (8 months ago)
I have a 960 4gb xD
Leandro Paulucio (8 months ago)
BEST TEST thank you so much iam from brazil
I love my GTX 1060♥️
ConfusedRealm (9 months ago)
Where's my 940mx squad XD
C F (11 months ago)
its crazy that you change the resolution of the tesing and present the fps as if nothing of significance has changed when in reality, the other games have been dropped to 720, which is a joke compared to 1080 and the amount of gpu horsepower it requires to run smoothly. You instead wait till after the fact with a quick little fact sheet. Things like that need to either be at face value during the actual test or run all settings equal.
ahmed mahmoud (11 months ago)
Damn you, you only change graphics
cr0wned (11 months ago)
Because there is a price difference of 600 % between the GTX 660 and GTX 1060 6GB, i rather get a cheap used 660.
me vale verga (9 months ago)
FlatOut Carey it's what I have on my laptop, works great
Keith A (1 year ago)
Great vid mate
Diamond Tiara (1 year ago)
what is the point, tell me, to get an overpriced GPU to play games which graphic "artists" just use a branch texture to simulate a tree, can't draw a road properly, can't design a level that will really make this investment worth it?
AdvancedBretty (1 year ago)
Went from 660 to 1070 recently. I'm mind blown. Also wanna clarify, the 660 isn't much different than a 760. 660 actually has same clock speeds than 760. 760 just renders better, allowing higher quality and smoother fps than 660 but nothing an oc cant fix
Senzo (1 year ago)
660 is very op 1060 is shit
Zavoxor (1 year ago)
GTX 960 Blows
csuha01 (1 year ago)
What is the point comparing the performance, when the settings aren't the same?
0_005 (1 year ago)
i have a GTX 760 and i was waithing 2 years but now i will get a GTX 1060
TheSimulation (1 year ago)
木村努 (10 months ago)
StalinGulagStar NVIDIA did not available Geforce 800 series graphic.
Lil Ice (1 year ago)
i got GTX 760 and it pretty Good
Eugen Krause (1 year ago)
Wtf why is the 1060 slower in some of the latter parts? I'm confused. Did you label something wrong? It should be at least 60% faster than the 760. Edit: nvm you messed with the graphics settings.
AdvertZ (1 year ago)
Eugen Krause, he turnt down graphics preset to low, medium.
TribeGamer (1 year ago)
木村努 (10 months ago)
TribeGamer he uses Intel core i7 6700K in this test, available in description.
AddRay (1 year ago)
this would be better if you compare in the same conditions. For example medium settings. For me this would be easier to understand the difference
Windows 7 (1 year ago)
i'm still using gtx 760 :)
Arytadss (1 year ago)
I upgraded from 760 to 1060. 2x Difference...
Lloyd lazaro (1 year ago)
Gtx 560 lol
Tarfih - ترفيه (1 year ago)
i'd buy the GTX 960 it performs pretty much like the GTX 1060 , where it's cheaper , who agrees
MLG Froge (1 year ago)
There isn't really much of a difference between the 660 and 760 but the performance boost is almost that of the 960
Thor (1 year ago)
Erm..when you compare graphics cards performance, you want to use identical graphics settings. Just FYI.
Sandro (1 year ago)
d3d foi removido!motivo 0x887a0006. vc sabe que erro e esse ?
thejoseandresshow (1 year ago)
What CPU?
RicardoMonteiro98 (1 year ago)
I went from a 750ti (equal to the GTX 660) to a GTX 1060 and my FPS tripled 😂
Spankplank (1 year ago)
The 1060 is 3GB, yeah?
0_005 (1 year ago)
i wish i knew i wanna know too XD
Clay3613 (1 year ago)
Anything over 60FPS seems wrong to me.
Luke Skywodka (1 year ago)
anything under is it also
в ведьмаке на 1060 волосы не развиваются будто на других отчего?
Warrren Bryan (1 year ago)
Glad i dont have a gtx 660
Luke Skywodka (1 year ago)
I´m glad i upgraded from my 660 to a 1060 a month ago ;)
карты с 128 битной шиной в 2017-2018 это говно удешевляют все пидоры
Phuindrad (1 year ago)
So it seems that a GTX 960 with 4 Gb can still run everything in good FPS - I am right?
Ed Gol (1 year ago)
Another mistake is that the Gtx1060 pushes around 5 tflops
23MVP (1 year ago)
Is this fps while recording?
木村努 (10 months ago)
Popy yes.
Ethan (1 year ago)
i finally got my gtx 1070 ti!
OxyGen (1 year ago)
GTX 1060 Shader Units 1280 6GB 1152 3GB Model
It's A Tommy (1 year ago)
I have the 760 2gb should I upgrade to the 960 4gb version?
Burak Kalafat (1 year ago)
It's A Tommy İf you can afford go with 970. Or buy the 780. İ dont know price for your country.
Zorbsz (1 year ago)
wtf i have 2 gig in graphics memory in my grapics card but i cant use the setting its says they are too high
Ruthless Army (1 year ago)
I call bs
samuel lopes (1 year ago)
I'm running 2 GTX 760 2 GB in SLI and was wondering if going to a GTX 1060 6GB would be worth it? I plan to sell both my GTX 760's and put the money towards a GTX 1060 6GB.... mainly for playing GTA V
1GTX1 (1 year ago)
It depends on what CPU you have, 1060 is twice as fast as single 760 in most games
lord damianos (1 year ago)
theanks good video
Sturmv0gel (1 year ago)
4:40 GTX660 looks like PS4 Graphic xD
0_005 (1 year ago)
that's a little bit too bad for a ps4 dont you thing? you're hearing that from a GTX 1060 owner
Essa Diallo (1 year ago)
is the 1060 with 3 or 6 gb vram
ketsu wo taberu (1 year ago)
Cant friggin wait for volta to come out
VesakaBG (1 year ago)
Wow im suprised from the gtx 660 results
lukilladog (1 year ago)
760/960 were rippoffs performance wise, now the 1060 is a rippof price wise.
Aluzcz (1 year ago)
Ok so i have a old rig with G3258 intel pentium CPU(OC 4ghz)/8gigs of ram/SSD and GTX 660 is it worth to build completely new rig with G4600 and GTX 1050ti or just put the 1050ti in my old rig? I dont play too many games at the moment just Diablo3 and DoD(HL2 engine) but i would like to play some newer games like Call of duty WII or the 'latest' wolfenstain. What are your thoughts guys?
NowTV Roku (1 year ago)
Would anyone compare a Gtx 460 to a xbox 360
VEGSYO (1 year ago)
I found a good deal about 50$ for 2 660 should i buy or? I will be buying the r3 1200 cpu
Tony Stark (1 year ago)
I think my GTX660 can fight more three years😁
Murtaza Rizvi (11 days ago)
yup. saw vids of far cry new dawn on gtx 660. its playable.
Squidly (1 year ago)
I’m buying a 1050ti soon :)
Luke Davies (1 year ago)
Maxwell to Pascal still makes me go wow
Fabian Alvarez (1 year ago)
I have a fx 8320 processor with a 760. I plan to upgrade to a gtx 1050 ti or 1060. do you guys think that the fx 8320 cpu will bottleneck the 1060?
FILIP HEDMAN (1 year ago)
Gtx 970 for the win!
Batdman (1 year ago)
560 ?
Just4kl (1 year ago)
You should pin in the description more comparisons like More videos: gtx 670>770>970>1070 link gtx 680>780>980>1080 link gtx 780ti > 980ti > 1080ti link./ anv vise versa on others of those with links.
Pixel Logic (1 year ago)
With my GTX 760, I used to be able to run Doom 2016 at max settings and get 90 fps average on my old square monitor. Now that I've finally switched to widescreen, I get 50 fps average, and I find I have to lower the settings on some parts because it gets borderline unplayable. At least I no longer get all the bugs I used to have on my square monitor. The GTX 760, in my opinion, still holds up today.
D Ott (1 year ago)
i have the 660 ti
jotaroxtreme (1 year ago)
It's incredible how capable these old GPU's are.
Hoojikee (1 year ago)
I don't understand why people continue to benchmark GTA 5 in the open world setting, different variants/car spawn/ ped spawns could easily change fps, why don't they use the actual benchmark tool?
Fourmatic (1 year ago)
nvidia steel this video https://www.facebook.com/NVIDIAGeForceDE/videos/1731541023541329/
Ayberk Görkan (1 year ago)
I have a 960. Anybody ask question for me?
JERRY Wzhang (1 year ago)
You forget 260 460 560
genocide amerika (1 year ago)
Lol I have HD 5850 with bios mod it runs everything on ultra 60 fps
thecerrus (1 year ago)
genocide amerika i bet it dont! xD
stella fodelianaki (1 year ago)
4:00 and the 660 is better that the 1060!

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