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(Salesman tells all) Must watch before your next Car/Truck purchase!!

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(links below to upgrades) Hope this gives everyone a good inside of what goes on and helps you with your next purchase when buying a car, truck or any vehicle with my salesman tells all video! Thanks for watching. good luck shopping and hopefully this shows you how to get a good deal on a car or any vehicle, new or used. please like, share and subscribe! 1.Led Headlight bulbs - https://amzn.to/2ki2iLo 2.Smoked 3rd Brake Light - https://amzn.to/2IDzqMs 3.Anzo Headlights - https://amzn.to/2LooTlN 4.Raptor Style Grile - https://amzn.to/2KMuHV4 5.Grille letters - https://amzn.to/2GFmBvh 6.Short Antenna - https://amzn.to/2KK59Ie 7.Dee Zee Tailgate shock - https://amzn.to/2KMJCPk 8.Techmate Magnet - https://amzn.to/2GFx2ir 9.Fuel Krank Wheels - https://amzn.to/2Llyf1X 10.Husky Floor mats (front) -https://amzn.to/2s1hWPB 11.Husky Floor mats (back) - https://amzn.to/2KMAERZ 12.Anzo Tail Lights - https://amzn.to/2KMjFiN 13.Fox Rear Shocks (check fitment) -https://amzn.to/2IU9hZ9 14.Flag Trailer Hitch Cover - https://amzn.to/2GIQJ8P 15.Center Console Organizer - https://amzn.to/2ICoJti
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EddieDriven (4 months ago)
Hit 2 million views today!! Thank you all for watching!! 👍👍
Daniel Goss (3 days ago)
I was a sales managers for years at car dealer . the dealership by law can charge you 3 points over your fi rate so if u get 2.9 the dealer can offer you 5.9 so this can help them if u dont know what you qualify for and you dont negotiate price . and they payment close you they can drop your rate and charge you more money for the car. And like you said do not buy any after sells ever its all a ripp off plus depending on what type of car and when you buy it make sure you find out what dealcash the bank offers and manufacture rebates just cause the sticker says 32000 for may be offering 8000 off the f150 . if you dont know that . the sales person can take 5000 off . and you ended up paying 3000 over sticker. I have done this many times if you want a good deal buy the car they advertise in the paper. That car will cost the dealership money . they will try their best not to sell u that car. Thats why call ahead make sure it available ask questions what color if its auto . they will try to switch you. Never tell them what you can afford monthly. Never. Ever.
Chris G (20 days ago)
Helpful. Went to south coast toyota yesterday to look at tacomas. Didnt buy but made some mistakes while negotiating. Thanks man
Scrateshooter (27 days ago)
What if I just drive and old truck and save my money? MGTOW
marshall ibarra (1 month ago)
+Nick Badry dealerships have had 96 months for about a decade now if not longer so no Canada is not the only one doing it.
Nick Badry (3 months ago)
Great video! your dealership prolly doesnt like you lol I think vehicles have gotten out of hand on total price. I saw in Canada they are doing 96 month terms and the U.S will prolly go there soon!
wholeNwon (7 hours ago)
Never buy a new vehicle. It's always financial mistake.
W Schield (1 day ago)
Yes, you make some valid points as no one wants to get taken advantage of, but that being said . . . . You paid $34,000 for a $45,000 truck? Well let’s start with some facts you seem to have omitted. First of all it’s a new 2016 and it appears you purchased in the summer of 2017. Yes, dealers want it off their lot, especially considering it’s a two wheel drive. Ford will often offer great incentives to dealers to help them move old inventory. Dealers will often give you all the incentives including rebates, then the actual dealer cost not invoice plus dealer holdback. The fact you can get those savings on this particular overaged truck should not imply others should realistically expect the same savings on other new vehicles. Every deal is different! A dealership will not give away a money maker but they will definitely deal to make room on the lot for something they can make a profit on. Let’s face it, you don’t work 40 hours a week at your job for free and neither should they. Work to get a fair price. If you don’t have a dealership you can trust, go to True Car to see what a fair price is. Knowledge is power, go in prepared, they will be. Just be realistic in what you’re willing to pay. Good luck.
Adrian Ortiz (1 day ago)
Is it better to show the pre-approval at the start or near the end of the deal?
Robin Dawson (2 days ago)
A truck isn’t a truck if it’s not a 4X4 🤷🏽‍♂️
brian Atten (2 days ago)
Good INFO!!! looking for a new car and it re enforced what I thought about financing, but the paint warrant and stuff makes sense. Living in Arizona they push the paint coating every 6 months because of the sun. I had it on my Nissan, brought it back maybe twice to get it done. The dealership reminds you the first couple times and then, no reminders. I keep it clean and I have no issues with the paint. Its now 6 years old, driveway kept in the summer and I have no issues with the paint. Thanks.
Eric Borii (2 days ago)
so Today i have an apt with one of the top sales man for Hyundai and I Have a 2018 Mazda 3 sport I'm looking to Trade in and some dealers only offered me $14k when i owe 23k on my car, what should i do when i go to Hyundai Today??
Paul S (2 days ago)
Hes a cocksucker
Why buy a truck if you're not going haul anything?
EddieDriven (2 days ago)
N3uroManc3r2600 O'Cornáin I did?
jake jenning (2 days ago)
All that a you still bought a FORD
blair elander (3 days ago)
Never buy for more than 500 below invoice
Jacob Fremd (4 days ago)
How did you actually get 10k off sticker? From the trade in?
Alan Sach (5 days ago)
I never have a trade. I sell the old vehicle private party. And I never finance. If I don't have the cash in hand I don't need a new car.
Conspiracy Jobs (5 days ago)
I'll get a job at Toyota. Cash incentives on sales
Ben Becic (6 days ago)
Scotch guard// 3m is actually worth it to preserve value but take it to an independent shop save like 75% normally
ricko111 (6 days ago)
If you live in a big city email EVERY dealer that has the car you want and ask "whats your best price?" Then take the best number and forward that email to every other dealer with a higher number saying "they offered it to me for this. Can you beat it?" Do this until you reach the price you want. I brought a 26k msrp down to 18k without ever stepping into the dealership. I went in with the email offer and preapproved financing from MY bank and walked out no more than an hour later with my brand new car at a huge discount
Cristian Mendoza (6 days ago)
Dealers use car fax trade in to value your car. It’s hard to argue against a trusted site.
Cristian Mendoza (6 days ago)
And also kelly blue book
Gene Moretti (6 days ago)
12k. Where your buyers order?
Joc Sartor (8 days ago)
Help me get 10000 off the 25000 car i want.
Slingshot2018 (11 days ago)
Hello my credit union approve me for a new car loan 20K at 4.24%. I have excellent credit I'm purchasing a new car 100 miles away, that I found on the internet Hyundai is offering $1,900 in savings on the new car and 2.9% Finance for 60 months. Any advice? I'm leaving to 2 days to purchase. Wade
Jessie Kemp (12 days ago)
Spot on! I am amazed at the number of people who will pay sticker prices. Before trading in take your vehicle to Car Max or any of the places who will buy your vehicle on the spot. They will give you a price they are willing to pay. I used that to get my trade in value up. Our Dodge was 49k sticker we paid 32k. with a 11 year old trade in plain jane truck you had to roll the windows up that is how plain it was.
Charee Pringle (13 days ago)
What if I don't have a trade?
david sommer (7 days ago)
Easier for you. All you have to do is research the vehicle you want to buy. Negotiate the best price. Without a trade in they can't screw with those numbers on the contract. Also they will bug you, hard, about how much you will put down. Never tell them how much you really plan to use till the final price is established. You can use your down payment to negotiate the APR.
Caleb Gressett (13 days ago)
3k for a lift tires and wheels. Lol you have never lifted a truck or bought wheels and tires before lol
EddieDriven (13 days ago)
Caleb Gressett because I didn’t do that truck? Stupid. I just did my Jeep, 35s, 17” wheels, 3.5” suspension lift for 2k installed
MediaLoopTV (14 days ago)
You would tell on your own mother.
Erapz 6 (14 days ago)
Realistically for most banks if you walk in and ask for an auto loan there going to give you at least 7%you guys really think banks don't want to make money I?Unless it's a line of credit but that's not smart because your really going to put up something like your house for a car? Like seriously that's just plain dumb, In fact most banks give the dealers lower rates because they want the large dealers to only use them as there finance provider. ...and as far as the dealer goes? Can someone tell me one business that is against making money? When you goofs go to McDonald's do you think about how your big Mac cost them like 8 cents? I'm all for haggling to get a great deal but some of this is ridiculous , at the end of the day this guy bought a 2wd pickup and put some cowboy wheels on it , I'd say his opinion is worthless after that lmao
Andrew Neumeyer (14 days ago)
I can’t take advice from a person who buys a 2WD truck. He probably got it $10,000 off because no one wanted to buy it, thought he was slick, and went and made a YouTube video.
Andrew Pendleton (15 days ago)
This is hilarious.
Red Spot (15 days ago)
Next time I buy a car, I'll buy it with business credit. I won't buy it, my company will. I'll never have to sign my name. Done.
Dirty Shirley (16 days ago)
3.5 ecoboost with 2WD! What a joke of a truck!
juan reynoso (16 days ago)
Before you buy a new vehicle your credit score should be over 700 and then you are in the driver's seat and it doesn't matter where you could get your financing if I can get a 0.9 Finance or 1.9 financing through the dealership or wherever it is the best financing ask for down payment on a truck you don't have to put anything down if you don't want to but your tax and license could run you about 4 to $5,000
Mitch Tillery (16 days ago)
Why do people think that dealerships shouldnt make money? Everyone wants the dealership to buy their trade in at retail and they want to the dealership to sell them the car at wholesale price. Sorry people it doesnt work that way.
david sommer (7 days ago)
I just want them to use the same standard, if kbb then use it on both, if nada then my trade also
Proffesor Chaos (16 days ago)
Lmfao a ford
Nancy Monreal (17 days ago)
Can I lower the msrp price on a vehicle that is ordered from the factory for me?
jasonbrisco (17 days ago)
3.5 L eco-boost without 4x4? Perfect for that urban cowboy.
Larry Rubin (17 days ago)
100% correct. Thanks. Best advice. I went through the ringer
Rebecca Chapman (17 days ago)
Paul- I live within 10 miles from a huge Ford plant and that’s where they make the transmissions. Check your facts. My father worked at Ford so I find your remark offensive. Always go where your bread isbuttered
Rebecca Chapman (15 days ago)
Dirty Shirley not really. You might want to check Yummly for recipes
Dirty Shirley (16 days ago)
Rebecca Chapman you look like you make one hell of a casserole, do you have any recipe suggestions?
Paul S (17 days ago)
He lacks a college education, thats why he sells cars or picks fruit. Credit unions offer car loans at 3.09%. Lexus offers loans at 2.99%. Do the math.
Paul S (17 days ago)
“Invoice” price is the new “MSRP”. Dealers buy cars way below invoice.
bucsfan116 (18 days ago)
The other thing they won't tell you is there are Mfg to dealer discounts where they also make money.
John McDaniels (18 days ago)
what was the dealer cost on that last truck?how u get it so cheap?
ThePhalseProfit (19 days ago)
All good advice. Situation determines which methods are going to work best for you. I sold cars for 8 years and have done parts and service all my life so I know the business from both sides of the fence. I found the car I was looking for in 2013 online. Wrote down the stock number, went to the dealer and said "I want to see this car". That already put them on edge. Drove the car. Liked it, told them what I was willing to pay per month. (Yes, you should focus on sale price but there is a reason I did this) I got them focused on payment and after their 2nd offer when the salesman went to "go see the boss" I got up and walked out onto the lot. They are trained to keep you in the booth and under control. I never gave them control. As soon as we left the booth they came running back with the 3rd offer and ushered us back into the booth. I refused the 3rd offer. Told the salesman I was a Certified Chrysler Sales consultant for 5 years in my prior occupation and I had already run the numbers and knew what the car could be sold for and at what payment. That made him really nervous. He went back the managers office and and my room mate and I promptly got up and walked out of the booth and back onto the lot, heading for my trade which they had not even looked at yet because they were too busy trying to keep me under control. He finally sent the finance manager out to go over the numbers and I said that we were close but didn't feel that we were there. Finally he came back with a payment offer within $75 or so of what I had told them I wanted to be at. I THEN asked, OK so what is the selling price of the car. Well, that really threw them because now they had to admit that they were only discounting the car $500. They were playing with rates and terms to lower the payment. So I said "Ok, here's the deal. I want that payment, at that term, (Which was 84 months but I didn't care because I could afford more and I intended to pay it off early and nullify most of the interest charges) I then said, I want $4,000 for my trade. You can show it anyway you like, $1,000 discount and $3,000 trade or vice versa. They said they could not do that so we started walking toward my trade and said "Goodbye" Finance manager followed us and asked "If I do that have we got a deal?" I said "Yes" We were immediately taken into finance and started the process. Meanwhile, my trade was still sitting there with no one having looked at it. End of the story is, I got a brand new car that listed for $21,995 for about $20,000 and they gave me $4,000 dollars for a Nissan Pick up that had a leaking transmission line and whose A/C had just gone out 2 days before. :-)
Anthony Andruzzi (19 days ago)
What the heck does "upside down mean"?
Vanjoe Roque (19 days ago)
I was looking into trading my car in but I’m around $3k under. Did you just roll over the loan into your knee truck? How does that work?
westk305 (19 days ago)
Thank you Ed.. good advise.. have to purchase soon no choice my transmission no more on 07 escape. 160k miles.. wish I didn't have to.. the escape has been a champ . This first and major problem and driving in dade county fl. Ain't easy...dumbass people always on cell.
JeffTheChef (19 days ago)
3k car salesman thumbed down 😅
Evan Nystrom (20 days ago)
Dealerships will try to make as much money as possible because whatever they charge you controls their income. Of course salesperson & finance managers are going to get as much as they can from you because they have bills just like you. Some have integrity and will be honest with you and it works on both ends. Some will literally try to fork every penny out of you for various reasons. The deal you get depends on the sales person & finance manager. Not only the reasons you listed. If you don't like your sales person ask to work with someone else. Although they're all on the same team and will leave a sour taste in everyone's mouth which will in the long run hurt you. The first 30 seconds you spend in a dealership are the most important. Get friends maybe to do some inquiring for you and attempt to judge the sales persons integrity. Find the most honest sales person & finance manager.
david sommer (7 days ago)
Evan, to do a quick integrity check on a dealership, what I do is grab the Sunday auto ads, find a vehicle I 'm somewhat familiar with that they have listed for sale, then go to the dealership and wander around with my normal dumb looking for a car look. When the salesperson comes out rubbing his hands in anticipation i'll do the normal get to know you chat, and when he/she asks what i'm interested i'll say the year and make of the car that I know is listed for sale. Upon getting to the car and asking the price, if the salesperson quotes me the old price I politely thank them for there time and leave. The point is if they are too lazy or dishonest to quote the sales price on that vehicle then I won't deal with them. Every time I've moved to a new area I have done this to quickly weed out the bad ones. Also I NEVER tell them that they just failed the integrity test. Let em wonder.
Zachary Moffett (20 days ago)
I've been talking to several dealerships and trying to negotiate price. They tell me the price you see is the price you pay and there is no negotiation due to the prices being set by corporate and them being a "no hassle" price dealership. Is that a trick or is this a real thing they have to follow??
Chris G (20 days ago)
From 45k down to 34k for your truck? Wow. 2019 tacoma trd off road. What do you think I should haggle it down to?
djkenny (20 days ago)
Never trade a car with any value. Sell it on your own. Cash is best to use for a down Ave they can’t screw with numbers as much. Giving you too little. Never trade a upside down car. Pay it off. Then sell it. Don’t buy a car you don’t tend to keep a good while and paid off. Being too fickle won’t save you $$.
Tenzack YOGI (20 days ago)
This guy is from Fontana. 😂
Paul S (17 days ago)
Tenzack YOGI FONTANA is a shithole.
Richard Kulig (20 days ago)
Wow Americans are true scammers 18 yrs I have been in the business In Canada, the common F150 sport FX4 ecoboost Profit margins is in between $4000-4800 Some models may differ, not by much The only time a dealer will blow out vehicle at $8000-10000 under list is when they have a few left and they have a shit load of new models coming in. And who is stupid enough to pay a interest rate at 4.9%plus at a dealer or bank. My line of credit is 2.35% and I still will not dip in to that when I can get 0% -1.9% from the dealer or $8000 plus cash back or xxxamount cash price, trade Works two ways real wholesale value or close to market Very seldom do you get both $4000/5000 off the vehicle and top market value for your trade.. dealers have to make money their not in the give away business. In Canada it’s different.. dealers will walk away from deal as quick as customers
James Zaldana (20 days ago)
I have a few questions 1. Is there any way to avoid the doc fee and delivery fee? If not how much should I really pay for them? 2. Is the warranty a scam since it is a new car? Or is it beneficial to have it?
private private (21 days ago)
Bruh you are so cute! why are you wearing sunglasses. We girls aren't distracted by your good looks we can enjoy the view and listen to what you're saying too ;-)
Paul S (17 days ago)
redraidermathias (21 days ago)
Has anyone here ever used Truecar or the Costco Auto program?! I'm sorta in the market for a new car (I'm doing research on what I want now) and I'm already planning on using my own financing and putting a FAT down payment along with my trade-in. I'd rather just use a broker service then because I really don't care for the nitty-gritty.
Malie (21 days ago)
I hate dealerships. I hate seeing the sales people and finance people because they just seem skeevy. I know i overpaid on a CPO dodge charger RT and could have had a better deal..i probably coulve bought a new one for around the same price.
kreebow12 (21 days ago)
Some fucking idiot from southern California really felt the need to explain basic shit about buying a car from a dealership??
ANDRE JOHNSON (21 days ago)
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Connecticut Dashcam (21 days ago)
This is something that will vary brand to brand. Most of the American companies are notorious for this but, do your homework by reading reviews of dealerships. You’ll learn all you need to know.
Kybear (22 days ago)
A two wheel drive truck?? That's wack?
Karl Wiggins (22 days ago)
#1 buy a four wheel drive truck otherwise great video!
labmn34 2018 (22 days ago)
Car salesman =scum of the earth con artist
King Floater (23 days ago)
useless truck
Chris Foss (23 days ago)
So dumb people
Chris Foss (23 days ago)
This is why people have a hard time at dealers.
Chris Foss (23 days ago)
This guy lol trade in first
elr2141979 (23 days ago)
Why do you got ripped off pretty good because you gave up a 2014 Mustang to buy 2016 F-150. There's one thing that every car owner should never do when they are still in a loan and that's go upside down on a trade in. It's always better to pay off any loan that you have on your car before you trade it in or sell it.
LPnewt (23 days ago)
Not all dealers bump rates. For example we do not. However trade last is spot on, careful in F&I as well, and do not buy accessories. One thing you failed to mention is timing. Best deals are 4th quarter and more specifically the week after Christmas on the previous model year.
Rebecca Chapman (24 days ago)
I am wanting to buy the new Ranger when it comes out, soon? On your deal, wouldn’t it have been better to sell your trade-in outright by yourself? That way you come in and deal exclusively with what you want to buy. Also, do you know anyone that works for Ford to get their A or Z plan? Cuts down on the bob and weave tactics between you and the salesman. You have to put on your big girl/boy pants when you walk into a dealership. Walk out if they won’t negotiate- they’re not your “buddy/friend” It’s really like preparing for battle. Thanks for the tips!
Paul S (17 days ago)
Rebecca Chapman Fords are trash, all made in mexico or haiti. Buy a Toyota , they last.
Steve Dunch (24 days ago)
34,000 for a vehicle. Respectfully I must say.... Fuck that.
Flanker 07 (25 days ago)
You lost me at 2WD 😂💀
Jackson McMaster (25 days ago)
I got a brand new focus st originally 26300 down to 20800.
Paul S (17 days ago)
Jackson McMaster FOCUS is garbage. Buy a japanese car
jodopeg (26 days ago)
I'm 57 y.o.,, I've never purchased a new vehicle, just doesn't make sense.
Paul S (17 days ago)
jodopeg It makes lots of sense. New car technologies make u safer. Since youre an old fuck, you need to buy a lexus that has airbags for your knees. Tesla will even drive you home when you’re passed out.
Murphy82nd (26 days ago)
Just walk out. So many people are willing to buy same day that the first few offers are the lowest hanging fruit. If you do walk out they'll be calling in days begging for a sale.
Murphy82nd (26 days ago)
I once had a dealer evaluate a car at 2/3 the KBB price. I looked at the salesman and said, "Yeah I don't think we can make a deal". He said the CarFax came back with one accident reported, and that the car wasn't worth as much and he'd see what he could do. While he was gone I valued the car using CarFax on my phone. He was still thousands below that price. When he came back the car was magically worth a lot more somehow, but still well below KBB and below any other offers I'd had. I walked out. It blows my mind that given the ease of internet tools these days that dealers still try to pull this crap.
Christopher Wilson (26 days ago)
Caroline Zayas (26 days ago)
Sport packet in a truck?? Mmmm ok
James Roy (26 days ago)
Thank :)
The King (27 days ago)
Carvana you can get nice car 2017 for about 10k
Paul S (27 days ago)
You’re a huckster.
Daniel Hurt (28 days ago)
For a 2 wheel drive....geez
Mark James (28 days ago)
wow...i'd never have guessed that much of a discount! I thought you were going to say you paid $40k
gabriel madrid (28 days ago)
What was the truck worth after you purchased it and drove off the lot?
EddieDriven (24 days ago)
Less of course. But I sold it 2 years later with 40k miles for 32k. So all in all I didn’t lose much.
Abner Doubleday (29 days ago)
I always look for the salesman who wears plaid pants with white shoes with matching belt before I'll even consider buying a car.
IamKorry That’sme (30 days ago)
Thanks ❤️
The greatest (30 days ago)
Mike B (1 month ago)
EddieDriven (30 days ago)
Lol they give you buy rate of 2.9. Which you could give to the customer but you write them at 3.49. When I can go to my own bank and get 1.9 and then bring that in. If the dealer can beat it great if not you have your own financing. So how is that wrong? Watch it again.
danny hernandez (1 month ago)
That didn’t help shit bitch you traded in an already expensive car you cunt
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Grrrr lol
Abrupt TV (1 month ago)
Just go to DGDG and we’ll give you a good price. We don’t work on commission and we give a discount so you don’t have to haggle.
Charm dlr (1 month ago)
How do I work for the price instead of the payments?
little wn (1 month ago)
Truth is....the majority of car dealerships especially when selling used cars, will disable the engine warning lights so that they can pass the inspections to stay on their lots,,😒then they forget to hook the warning lights back up when selling the car to the customer so that they would at least know a problem exist to fix it....😶now wouldnt you say that most dealerships are responsible and should be made liable for selling 'lemon car's and causing most accidents on our highways?😠
C Leh (1 month ago)
You shouldn’t be financing vehicles anyway, but to touch on your point, a lot of dealers can beat the banks rate.
John P (1 month ago)
dealers are the worst part of the retail auto industry
csteger03 (1 month ago)
Save your money people, pay cash!!
Kurt & Karena Thomas (21 days ago)
Thank you! 99% of the people on here need Dave Ramsey's message. No loan ever ever again!!!!
spyguyjim (1 month ago)
$11k less wow
New age Justice (1 month ago)
2w shit box 150
Charlie Davis (1 month ago)
Actually.. the internet has made buying a car soooooo easy. Back when computers were non existent, yea, people got ripped. But, now, if you very screwed it's your fault. But next time you go to Walmart to buy a tube of toothpaste and get to the cashier, tell them you want a discount. It cost 22 cents to make toothpaste, but it's sold for $4.28 a tube. But they will let you leave with stinky breath. I wish car sales was the same. If you don't like the price... go somewhere else.
Charlie Davis (1 month ago)
People want a great product but don't want to pay. Fuck em.... you get what you pay for you cheap bastards!!
sandeep133 (1 month ago)
I was at a dealership where the salesperson offered me 2.9% rate with a big smile as if he was helping me. What he didn't tell me was that there was a 0% rate being offered by the manufacturer. Ofc I already knew this. Sometimes it helps doing some research beforehand.
Lost and Abandoned (1 month ago)
Well I'm looking at getting a chevy cruze 2018 lt with push button start keyless entry remote start that chevy is selling for $24,000 but they have a chevy cruze lt at a dealership for $19,000 what should I do cause I really want the push button star and remote start
Joe S. (1 month ago)
If you think you found an honest car salesman, that means you found one that tells a lie every other sentence, instead of every sentence.
Joe S. (1 month ago)
Point out the fact that I've actually been denied a vehicle from a lot, because I had my own financing. Pretty sure they had it priced so low to draw attention and then they were going to make all the money off the finance deal. They came up with some crazy excuses to tell me why it wouldn't sell it to me for the advertised price. Straight lies.

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