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(Salesman tells all) Must watch before your next Car/Truck purchase!!

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(links below to upgrades) Hope this gives everyone a good inside of what goes on and helps you with your next purchase when buying a car, truck or any vehicle with my salesman tells all video! Thanks for watching. good luck shopping and hopefully this shows you how to get a good deal on a car or any vehicle, new or used. please like, share and subscribe! 1.Led Headlight bulbs - https://amzn.to/2ki2iLo 2.Smoked 3rd Brake Light - https://amzn.to/2IDzqMs 3.Anzo Headlights - https://amzn.to/2LooTlN 4.Raptor Style Grile - https://amzn.to/2KMuHV4 5.Grille letters - https://amzn.to/2GFmBvh 6.Short Antenna - https://amzn.to/2KK59Ie 7.Dee Zee Tailgate shock - https://amzn.to/2KMJCPk 8.Techmate Magnet - https://amzn.to/2GFx2ir 9.Fuel Krank Wheels - https://amzn.to/2Llyf1X 10.Husky Floor mats (front) -https://amzn.to/2s1hWPB 11.Husky Floor mats (back) - https://amzn.to/2KMAERZ 12.Anzo Tail Lights - https://amzn.to/2KMjFiN 13.Fox Rear Shocks (check fitment) -https://amzn.to/2IU9hZ9 14.Flag Trailer Hitch Cover - https://amzn.to/2GIQJ8P 15.Center Console Organizer - https://amzn.to/2ICoJti
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EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Hit 2 million views today!! Thank you all for watching!! 👍👍
EddieDriven (19 days ago)
Nick Badry thanks man! Wow that’s crazy. Terms will just get longer as the prices go up.
Nick Badry (19 days ago)
Great video! your dealership prolly doesnt like you lol I think vehicles have gotten out of hand on total price. I saw in Canada they are doing 96 month terms and the U.S will prolly go there soon!
EddieDriven (21 days ago)
Sean Fannin same amount. Why I left it for last. Made sure I had the best deal on the truck before I worked my trade.
Sean Fannin (1 month ago)
what would you have paid without your trade in?
alex patron (1 month ago)
mbracken68 (3 hours ago)
People like this are why the car industry is skeezy. Make a fair deal, dont try to steal a car. Dealers are not set up to make money from the manufacturer anymore.
jamiemyers1983 (1 day ago)
This sounds like a guy that sold cars and couldnt make it so now he sells RV's
EddieDriven (1 day ago)
jamiemyers1983 never sold cars. Wouldn’t waste my time. Way more profit in the rv business and less hours.
Andy Villeda (1 day ago)
We planning to move to Oregon and they telling me that I need to have a 4x4 truck was the best truck I can buy ? And thansk for the video
FNTony 496 (3 days ago)
Brand New no miles, 2018 F-150 XLT 4x4, 2.7L EB, Super Crew, Short Bed, 302A, Ruby Red, Sport Package, Nav, Sync, Trailer Brake Controller, Tow Package, 36 gal Tank, 3.55 Locking Rear, Wheel Well Liners, Sticker $53,880 ***Bought last day of October 2018, 15k off Sticker for $38,880 had to take Ford Financing for 6.9% to get all the rebates but will be refinancing with Local Credit Union for 2.99% ASAP. Shopped 2 local dealers online for 2 weeks, got this deal from 3rd dealer with no haggling. Had to trade a 2009 or newer vehicle to get this deal as well. They gave me 10k for my 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L 4WD with 121,000 miles which I found was $500 lower than the best trade in I could find. Got a full tank of gas and 3 Free Oil Changes/Tire Rotations.
Anthony Szaraz (4 days ago)
your a tool bag
EddieDriven (4 days ago)
BigGameJames (5 days ago)
You trade cars too often anyways. Lease, my friend. Lease.
Wyatt Sprague (5 days ago)
Are rebates B.S., I had a friend get all rebates he didn't qualify for, me I go in and they tell me you don't qualify. But if you finance we can get that price down.
B Nelski025 (5 days ago)
What if the vehicle has all these add ons?? When comparing same vehicle, can u compare prices on vehicles without 2am the add ins? Or do add ons really add to value on new, not used vehicle values? Tx
Jose-Carlos Tlalpan (6 days ago)
Step #1 and reason why this video is a failure: Dont buy a car if you still owe money on your previous car.
Uncut Fishing (8 days ago)
Exceptional advices from a guy buying a car he most probably doesn't need (and, just imho, no one really needs). And btw, It's not how much you save, it's how much you pay.
Joseph Atnip (9 days ago)
I'm a repo man and if car salesman wouldn't lie to everyone including the Finance Company just to make sales I wouldn't have half the work I have
Deez Nuts (11 days ago)
You bought a truck that is a pain in the ass to do simple things such as changing the oil. Shame on you
Aaron Phongphanchuen (11 days ago)
More like those dealerships kicked you out because of that 6k negative equity 😂
Wendy Cienega (11 days ago)
Okay question I went to look at cars and the window price was 21k but once they checked my credit and all that it was gonna be 30k that I was going to pay for the car in total. It was a Honda Accord 2017 the guy didn’t want to work with my budget so I left and never came back but what do I do with situations like that ? The guy said because of taxes and apr I was looking at $500 monthly payments total $30k for a used Honda with 12k miles.
premiercconstruction (11 days ago)
But used... unless you really have the cash.
bill97656 (12 days ago)
Get out of that deal when you buy a car
Samuel Ramsden (12 days ago)
Does warranty services cover the pdf on diesel car I got told it's not covered. Very usually
Samuel Ramsden (12 days ago)
I went to look at a car the sales man tried to pressure me into buying the car even though I wanted test it first he try to dictate everything manipulation. Wanted a deposit I left and was angry
Cameron Weiss (12 days ago)
Cars don't make you money drive beaters and make your income work for you
Chris Hastings (12 days ago)
What should I do I'm trying to trade in my Chrysler 300 but the trade in said 16,500 but I owe 19,500
rockbay79 (14 days ago)
I disagree with two of your recommendations strongly! 1.) Never finance! Pay cash! If, you do not have the cash, wait and save it up. This alone can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. 2nd.) NEVER trade a vehicle in!!!!!!!!! Sell it on your own. Example; a few years ago, I had a 20 year old Nissan Frontier Truck XE 4X4, AT, with 150,000 miles on it. Never even smoked in or saw any off-road time. Clean as a whistle. The dealerships were willing to give me $2800.00 - $3000.00 trade-in. I passed and sold the truck to my neighbor for $6500.00!!!!! I realize not everyone will have cash money, but the biggest question to ask yourself is this: Do I REALLY NEED a new car or truck. Most don't but, will go into debt to buy one.
Jonathan Lino (14 days ago)
Try coming to the dealership where i work with that bullshit. So i can kick you the fuck out. I hope that when you bought that camera that you’re recording with, you used your same method. You still over payed for that piece of shit Ford. Try trading it in now see how buried you’re on it. Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You dont know how much a salesman makes. For your information a salesman makes $100 per car. You piece of shit. Atte: Sales manager
EddieDriven (14 days ago)
Lol I would kick myself out too if I only made a 100 a car. Weak suck....And I kept the truck two years, 40k miles later I sold it for $32,500. So funny thing is I wasn’t buried and I actually made money off the truck with my videos. 👌👌
L A So Cal (14 days ago)
This is true. Especially your own financing and work price not payment. If you work payment, they can put you in anything you want, they extend the loan, and you pay more interest Another thing is timing. Dont go at the beginning of month. End of month is when they try to meet quotas. Better price.
Whatta Vlog (14 days ago)
And here I am looking at a 2015, double cab, 4WD Silverado for $24,000.
Gregory Burton (14 days ago)
Never let them know how much you like a vehicle. Always say you are looking at several other deals. Get your own financing, unless they come up with an interest rate you can't beat. Hagel the price not the payments. Save your trade in for last. My former brother-in-law, saved his Mercedes trade in for last and got a great deal. When they asked when he can bring it in, he told them he couldn't, it didn't run! They would have to get it towed to the dealership. The dealer wanted to cancel the deal, but everything was signed and sealed. Salesman got suspended! Not too many stories like that in a life time! Oh by the way, that ex brother-in-law was a real dh!
Ed Cronin (15 days ago)
Toyota I got 0 percent interest
Jay Waites (15 days ago)
Is it better to use Wells Fargo or a credit union for financing?
EddieDriven (15 days ago)
Try both. Depends on your credit profile.
Robert Malone (15 days ago)
Boys in Detroit would’ve got it for you for free
duaneredman (16 days ago)
Another good tactic to use is if you are a couple, say husband and wife, try the good cop- bad cop method and then reverse it! What I mean is before you go into the dealership, either you or your spouse be the good cop first. Play it out with one of you agreeing with the salesperson while the other rejects everything. Go as far as signing papers and then reverse the roles on them! The good cop becomes the bad cop and vice versa. Right as the good cop goes to sign the papers, lay the pen down and walk out saying you want to "sleep on it". Go ahead and leave the dealership without signing that day. It confuses the hell out of a salesperson and by the next day it is amazing how much more they have to work with!
G Alan (16 days ago)
deals can only be so good on price, there had to be dealer cash or a manufacturer rebate for you to be able to buy that truck for $11,000 below sticker. Dealers who lose money on new trucks don't stay in business long !
Andrew Jaimes (16 days ago)
U are a genius bro good job...!😎🤘
Ruben Torres (16 days ago)
Wish I saw this video yesterday! Just bought a mitsu outlander sports and I got fleeced on trade in! There's always that "accident "!
Q Davis (16 days ago)
I’m looking for a car Infiniti QX60 maybe 2015 or 2016 . My current car isn’t in good condition check engine m35 Infiniti light is on and engine making a knocking noise probably can only get $500. Is it worth trading? I will finance through my credit union navy federal. What do you think is a fair price for under 40k miles for the car I’m looking for? The prices I’ve seen have been 26k-31k. How much should I try to negotiate off the price? Thanks
busa busa1 (17 days ago)
I think you way overpaid for that truck specially with the trade-in and being upside down you had nothing invested in it
Guy H. (17 days ago)
Did nearly all the same things like this when we bought my dad's Chevy Trax. KBB mobile app is an excellent trick to negotiate against the salesman. I knew exactly what the vehicles were worth and got the price that we wanted. Finally my last 2 points: 1) NEVER PAY for docking fees. That's just an add-on dealerships use to recoup their cost. It's actually illegal to charge them in a lot of states on used vehicles. It's been covered on the initial brand-new sale. 2) Look into using the COSTCO auto program discount. You will receive an even greater reduction of price, and that's right straight up front. You know exactly what the cost is so you're only having to dicker on the trade-in value, if you're trading-in.
Barbara J Morris (18 days ago)
What if you plan to pay cash?
Joshua Friesen (18 days ago)
Your first point is not valid, Good dealerships do not do that. your second point is a great point, however do not use sites you have give your info too, third point is good, most people only care about payment. I wouldn't diss the dealers fourth point, terrible point. always let them know you have a trade, you will get more money, 5 step, terrible point again... parts gives better deals to people who just bought or are buying 6th step; I work as a service advisor at a dealership, I see this all the time people who get mad because they didnt get warranty, or people who so happy there warranty got. Undercoating and rust module hold the value of your vehicle. And who the hell buys a 2WD truck... you got played my friend. Nice Clickbait
Tdog (18 days ago)
I don’t buy extended warranty’s ... tell them yu want the shop manuals for that vehicle .... most people buy them , and yu give way to much ... tell them if they have that much confidence in that vehicle , they will give it to yu ..
Junior Rodriguez (18 days ago)
Who the hell buys a V6 that gets the same MPG as a V8 ? 🤦🏻‍♂️
A Google User (19 days ago)
This doesn't actually show how much you negotiated. What was the dealership asking price before you negotiated? Dealerships never ask for the sticker price as the starting price.
E E (19 days ago)
I paid 7000 less than the $26,000 MSRP on my new Ford
Faris Hussain (20 days ago)
What if you have no credit and you’re trying to build it with a very basic car like a base Honda Accord, is it smart to lease it with a tiny down payment or rather a big down payment for lower payments? Also I have no trade in to offer, I would really some advice I’m very patient and this would be my first purchase since I am just now turning 20.
Your Kodi (20 days ago)
Step number 3 & 4 brilliant advice!!, Thnks
nikhilesh methuku (21 days ago)
What would be the best price for a Mazda 3 Grand touring 2018? The MSRP is 24G's. Getting it for 22G inclusive of taxes is a good deal??
EddieDriven (21 days ago)
nikhilesh methuku just follow the steps and do some homework. Call around. Good luck
Anand Bodicharla (21 days ago)
Does any car deals on Black Friday?
TeeMoeGoodie (21 days ago)
I disagree about the financing part. Everyone tells you 'get your own financing pre-approved from a credit union.' But this isnt always the best rate. I think the best rates are offered by the manufacturers like GMAC or NMAC. They usually have incentives to finance in-house, and they advertise these specials on their websites. If you have what they call "teir 1 credit" Which is usually 720 and above, you are approved. My so- called friendly neighborhood local credit union pre-approved me for 3.9% I went on Nissans website and saw NMAC were offering 1.9% for 60 months and $500 rebate on the car I wanted with "teir 1 credit" So I went in with a print out of this offer, and there was no haggling about finance at all. They just checked my credit and it was teir 1 so I was approved no questions asked. What they want is people who didnt even consider financing and just walked in. It's a good idea to think ahead, but just being pre-approved from credit union doesnt mean anything. Part of doing your homework is learning what the dealership finance companies are offering nationwide. If the finance company and the car brand are under the same corporate umbrella, it makes sense that they would offer you incentives to buy their car. In my experience this is the best rate you can get.
Evangelina Ayala (22 days ago)
Tips on buying a new car cash?
Jose Jalomo (22 days ago)
Always getting ripped off especially if u have bad credit
Zaki Hilmi (22 days ago)
Everyone should buy a car from auction not a dealership
Blue Xiong (23 days ago)
Wow I feel so confident now after watching this I think I'm gonna go buy a car now
Todd Jeffcoat (23 days ago)
$34k is pretty good for that truck. Not the very best, but pretty good. If bought from a volume dealership then $10k off is pretty par for the course for what they are already taking off. If bought from a gross dealer, then well done man.
Todd Jeffcoat (23 days ago)
I'm a salesman and everything here is pretty spot on. Bare in mind though, as the market becomes more transparent, and I hope it does, this advice is going to become more obsolete. The more that dealerships are forced, due to educated buyers, to be honest and transparent, the higher the initial prices of vehicles are going to become and the less haggling down that will be possible. Again, these are things that I do hope eventually become the norm, just don't be surprised when you are no longer able to haggle the price down and when initial prices start to go up to compensate for the money that they are no longer making on the back end.
David Firth (23 days ago)
I have a question are u really driven a lifted 2wd ?
James Claptrap (24 days ago)
4x2? lol pass.
Jamal Hannah (25 days ago)
Eddie, I bought a 2016 Dodge Challenger rt. Currently upside down and making ridiculous payments due to a bad deal. First time buying a car on my own. I’m currently looking to purchase a car with a better deal and looking at your video really helped me out. My dream car is a hellcat which the 2019 offers a 58K model and a 69/70K model which the red eye, I’m sure you know. If there’s any advice that would help as in credit repair companies or refinancing etc. I would truly appreciate your help
CharlestonCarVideos (26 days ago)
oh my Lord Eddie is back at it again. Come on over to my Channel Eddie and I'll show you a thing or two!
Imnuktam (27 days ago)
If you are buying something new always ask to see the invoice. Make sure its the dealers purchase invoice for the vehicle and not an inhouse one they make just to show you. They usually can make a deal right around what they paid for it. I worked at a dealership (Layton hills dodge and they were shady as could be, don't buy there) and know they always, or at least we did there, have a dealer holdback of around 1500 that wasn't listed on that sheet as well as kickbacks and other incentives for # cars sold, so don't let them beat you up to much with the "we have to make something here" line they will give you. If you are buying used look the car over and take it somewhere you trust to look it over when you settle on the one you really want. I found so many cars that had half full oil bottles in back letting you know right away before driving that it leaks oil, or you see puddles sitting right underneath it. They cant sell to you here in Utah on Sundays either, so that's a good day to hit the lot without getting hassled and check everything out.
texjames2000 (27 days ago)
Funny how the commercials say they will take like 12,000 off MSRP. Damn sure makes you wonder what the actual cost is. Dealership isn't selling anything for a loss, so how much does a vehicle cost them? I will NEVER buy new. As soon as you drive off the lot it's worth what 6000 less if not more immediately.
Steven Brown (28 days ago)
$47000 for a truck with a 3 litre engine? Oops!
Gonzalo Castro (28 days ago)
Hey Eddie , planning on trading my car 2010 Audi A4 70k miles on for a 2016-17 Jeep or Durango. What do you mean by keep the trade in for last ? Like first get numbers best price then can do after you hit them with your trade in Sorry still learning
SunGod Asiatic (29 days ago)
2 wheel drive?? That sounds stupid
easypeasy not (29 days ago)
I did all of it when buying my car, my salesman was visibly upset when in the end i said im trading in my car too... lol got a good deal...really good one!
AmpogDema808 (29 days ago)
When he said 2W drive I left this comment and stopped watching
Derek Charpentier (29 days ago)
Decent tips...except for the fact that your losing money hand over fist trading in an upside down car for a truck that your upside down on and the value is dropping like a rock even though it's a ford lol
B C (1 month ago)
The fact that you are trading in upside down is laughable, given that you are trying to give others advice. Number one tip- if you are upside down wait until it's paid off - otherwise you are just propagating the issues!!!
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
B C anyone that buys a car with 0 down and only makes 10 payments will be upside down. Idc who you are, not to mention the car had bald tires, cracked exhaust and cracked windshield. That’s 3k in repairs. So all in all I’m happy with that deal.
Corey Cler (1 month ago)
Dang. 2018 GMC sierra Slt. Msrp 54,000...I paid $39,400. Fully load, Leather and 4x4
Jero GT (1 month ago)
"save it (trade-in) for last." Did you have to hide it and ...surprise, I have trade-in! Is that how you did it? You said all the dealers except all for one gave $6k upside down. I want to know, how you navigated through this price negotiations.
Jaysheeno (1 month ago)
Good video but I believe dealerships need to make money too as long as it within reason
Michelle48 (1 month ago)
This guy is an idiot. He must have daddy’s money bc he is teaching people how to keep him from making money. Enjoy your ford. 🤣
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Michelle48 salesman tells all. It doesn’t say car salesman. Yes I am a salesman. And idc what u drive. Thanks for watching and posting on all my videos
Michelle48 (1 month ago)
EddieDriven your video is titled salesman tells all. Sooooo you don’t sell them? Who is the salesman? You are the only person in the video. Also I drive an M3 and my wife has a Porsche. I wouldn’t drive a domestic.
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Michelle48 first of all I don’t sell cars so it’s not taking anything out of my pocket. I actually have made thousands off this video. Second I earn my money, never had handouts from anyone including parents. Third don’t hate on the truck because we both know you like it. So enjoy your Kia Soul or whatever cheap car you drive.
Michelle48 (1 month ago)
I’m confused. Why would you make this video? You are telling people ways to take money out of your pocket in every way.
xrcrx ftfghjg (27 days ago)
mike hubey (1 month ago)
Ford= garbage 🗑
TheDoltonboy (1 month ago)
Must every video on YouTube start with ‘’HEY WHATS GOING ON GUYS’’?
Kanye East (1 month ago)
I’ve been in sales for over a decade. Still can’t figure out which route is best. I’ve put 160K miles in for years. I’ve NEVER bought a new car but I’m considering now
Marcus Cassius (1 month ago)
Why you wa t a 2x4 pick up truck.
Steve Bannon (1 month ago)
All great info except the 2WD and it’s a Ford. Thumbs up.
Oscar Ortiz (1 month ago)
Prices don't drop towards the end of the year. Don't trust the dealership people. They will make sure they take as much money as they can out of you. Don't let they words to drop you guard. Prices are way too high for any kind of car they will want to sell you. Be aware, don't drop you guard. Good luck.
Ben Chesterman (3 days ago)
Because socialist democracts assholes rip off bussiness , there is also taxes on cars you buy
Andy (1 month ago)
Excellent video absolutely 100 percent correct on all points!......it is funny how all the sales men always ask what your looking to pay a month......that’s the beginning sentence of where they try to screw you.
chris beery (1 month ago)
Not true about the same deals. On new cars all the rebates are controlled by corporate. When they’re gone they’re gone.
mscolli3 (1 month ago)
Watch the % off sales for anything... price $100, discount 50% = $50. then weeks later it'll be a new 60% off sale, but the price is ~$120 = ~$50. There are ALWAYS rebates or discounts. (if that's their selling strategy).
Carlos Alberto (1 month ago)
What if you walk up to the Dealership and straight up offer them your cash price?? Example I'm interested in a 2018 f150 Lariat 5.0 dealer price is 57k and I offer 35k how will they react to that ???
mscolli3 (1 month ago)
Try it - the worst they can say is no. Watch pawn shop episodes to learn how to negotiate... Always offer low and try and 'meet in the middle'. Remember they want your business, you can always buy a vehicle another day/somewhere else. Walking away is always an option.
Horm999 (1 month ago)
I traded my 2013 RAM Sport 4x4 for a 2018 RAM Rebel in June. They offered me $20,000 for my 2013 that only had 80,000km, (50,000 miles) I said no thanks and got up to leave, they asked what I wanted for it, I said $23,500, they came back with $23,000. Then I got $22,000 off list for the sale and using a high volume dealer, I ended up paying $22,000 for a truck with a sticker of $67,000! I wasn’t even planning on trading mine, until I saw the sale they had on and found out what I could get for mine, then it was a no brainer, loving the new truck!
Batman (1 month ago)
Hello sir.the dealer called back again said on $34,999 they will minus $4,000 savings and down to $30,999 then they add this tax,government fees,then total is $34,389 and of will down money $3,000 the total balance is $31,389 is hat fair price for that car. Thx It’s 2018 Toyota Highlander le.
mark safronsky (1 month ago)
Jheez, you went from upside down on an old car, then financed a new car that you will be upside down in, in a few short years. And so on and so on. You will have crazy car payments for the rest of your life! Does anyone else think this is insane?
mark safronsky (1 month ago)
Pay cash and own your shit outright people!
Batman (1 month ago)
Hello sir..i try to get a Toyota Highlander le for my wife the MSRP is $34,999. How low i can ask for the price? I hope you can help me. Thx
Nealzeypoo (1 month ago)
I would add, be willing and actually do, walk away.
Katherine Mabry (1 month ago)
Wow, yoU are an angel... .. priceless🙏🏾🇺🇸🤩🤩
Laura Espinoza (1 month ago)
I'm in the market for a new vehicle. My mustang got totaled by someone who didn't stop at red light. I've been open minded and test drive different vehicles. Out of 7 I'm down to two. Honda and Toyota but I got so frustrated dealing with sales people. I just repaired my old college vehicle for now. So I wouldn't feel overwhelmed and rush buying a vehicle.
Albert Fuentes (1 month ago)
@eddiedriven what do you mean exactly by holding your trade in till the end?
mscolli3 (1 month ago)
He means in your discussions with the salesman don't mention/talk about trading in your old car until you're close to the 'cash' price for the new one. Then work on getting the most you can for your trade. Otherwise you give the salesman more 'buckets' of money to get from you. If you negotiate both the trade and the sale at the same time, it gives more wiggle room to offer you something that 'sounds' good. You might think you can keep both numbers straight without a problem, but salesman employ a lot of psychology that make it easy for people to 'slip' and agree to more than they were planning on.
mike saget (1 month ago)
2wd but he jacked it up so it is not going to get any better gas mileage than a 4wd. looks stupid
mike saget (1 month ago)
when you move out of your mommy's house get a real job and can afford a man's truck let us know. obviously you are a sensitive flower that needs to be told your a good boy every day. now go clean your room so your mommy will give you, your allowance
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
mike saget haha 😂 such a hater. Awesome I love it. Thanks for the comments and views!
mike saget (1 month ago)
must be just you that looks stupid then
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
mike saget we both know that it doesn’t
alan tijerina (1 month ago)
U need to look at payment cuz that includes interest u just need to know how to do calculations
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Simple math
Kenny Reed (1 month ago)
You're $3000 upside down in a mustang and giving advice on buying cars?
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
Try putting 0 down. 90 days to first payment Owning the car 10 months Buying it from a dealer, financing tax and license. Having bald tires, cracked windshield and cracked exhaust. Than go trade it in. Idc who you are, your losing 3k at minimum!
Jason W (1 month ago)
Rule #1: NEVER finance a vehicle. Period. Pay cash or buy used.
Isabel Cee (1 month ago)
bomb ass truck😍🙌🏽🔥
Alfonso Gastelum (1 month ago)
Is it bad for a dealer to make money ? Lol
Popeye Sailorman (1 month ago)
Hi eddie thankyou for the very informative video! so here is my question, in the vid you say dont let the dealer work you on payment and to focus on working the price. so if your able to get the price settled, how could i work the dealer on getting myself a lower monthly payment?
EddieDriven (1 month ago)
thanks man, well after you get the best possible price the only way to lower your payment is to extent the length of the loan. say from 60 to 72 months. Also the other way is to lower your interest rate. Every dealer will have your rate a little bit higher than the actual buy rate. Best way to get them to drop that is to say i wont pay 5.99 i want 4.99 or do what i said and have a pre approval from another bank/credit union and make them beat that rate to earn your financing. Good luck
rchin (1 month ago)
not sure if you still check these posts... but as a guide if the invoice price is the starting point. How much lower can you normally go for a 2018 vs a 2019 model suv?
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
Communist talking bullshit
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
Democrats bring in more regulation and taxes on dealership owners , why they charge more . In Australia Bmw m2 pure is $75000aud shipped ,10% gst = $82000 + 5% tariffs = $85,700 + luxury car tax 33% = 92,900 + orc with 3% stamp duty = $100,000 / $25,000 in tax the dealership makes fk all profit on each M2
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
Dealerships make fuck all money in Australia , the Finance Broker they hire makes the money off finance not the Dealership owner
Melvin Mathew (1 month ago)
Why do you have to be a dick if the dealer doesn't want to sell it at your price. It's their right to sell it whatever price they want to. Just like as a customer with a trade will always try to get more for their vehicle. So as a customer you can do business elsewhere why would you hurt them with negative reviews. Also even though in many cases it's best to do your own financing sometimes manufacture's financing is better at 0%-1.9% apr
Ben Chesterman (1 month ago)
That's the left communist view , Business shouldn't make profit wtf . Bmw M3 pure is $97000aud shipped to Australia , but its taxed 51% . Dealership makes $3000 profit is delivery fee off the car that will help the huge Million dollars of debt Dealership owners have in Australia . Most dealerships are owned by Small business franchise

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