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Usher Pays $1 Million For Infecting Woman With HERPES! | What's Trending Now!

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Usher Pays $1 Million For Infecting Woman With Herpes! The singer settled with a woman out of court after she alleged that he knew he had herpes but had unprotected sex with her anyway!
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Eric Gill (1 month ago)
Transmitting diseases is illegal in California that's an understatement it should be the world how many likes can I get for that one
Emily 6969 (3 months ago)
*mmmm deeellliccious* Ya nasty
Jazhua Vanboven (4 months ago)
I wouldnt "squeeze out" nothing. I'd drain the tap!
Theycallme Ziggi (5 months ago)
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Erica Shepard (5 months ago)
Amanda Recob (5 months ago)
you are very cute
PATRICK MORRISOM (6 months ago)
If I was that person I would make him go bankrupt
quinnlon gaddis (6 months ago)
Meanwhile Charlie sheen infected women with aids but no body says anything about that.
olivia meza (7 months ago)
I would never sleep with him if I heard he has green residue coming out of his penis
Dreambigpashion Davis (7 months ago)
all his moneyyyy
Johnny Mckiver (7 months ago)
He is the true fire Starter!💉💉
Deborah Pollard (7 months ago)
If you have herpes you'd have more than a green discharge. Woman can be so pathetic. You sleep with him because of who he is. Some don't mind the benefits for being a trick. Then you want to scream and hollar I want money. These guys need to wise the fuck up.
Falana Jerido (8 months ago)
,40 million dollars
Hamley Hess (8 months ago)
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Chrystal Willis (8 months ago)
It doesn't get any better than 0:36-0:40... I have replayed this SO MANY TIMES and cracked up laughing. I think I'm going to set it as my mother-in-law's text notification 😏🤔
Margaret Acco (8 months ago)
Omg Usher is so sick to look at 😖
Jae KiDd (8 months ago)
Damn they did him dirty with that let him burn.... So he really has herpes?!?
Lilliemai Parker (9 months ago)
actually that's not the worst she could of caught HIV or straight damn AIDS. and furthermore everyone has herpes simplex in their system. it not a big deal
Jane B (1 year ago)
I would squeeze hmmmm...his life out of him. Lol
100% (1 year ago)
AI censoring application of YouTube is working just fine !
Kyle J. (1 year ago)
All the cash in the world and he still has dirty dick!!!! Sad
Nora Collins (1 year ago)
eww the fuck
Brad Bunnell (1 year ago)
This video women looks like a herion user..grubby..
Cris S (1 year ago)
Cinnamon Bun (1 year ago)
The reporter cracks me up lmao I can't even care about the news
jcrc chokai (1 year ago)
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Alex Beas (1 year ago)
usher got herpes when he found justin beiber
PATRICK MORRISOM (6 months ago)
Alex Beas that's hilarious
Ashley Braman (1 year ago)
what if she gave him herpes? and he told her about the sht coming out if him its kinda on her whether she still has sex with him. a million seems decent i guess. but he really should just get with women who have herpes
lorry beaks (1 year ago)
That's sad how women want to get paid for some problems they brought on they self sad and men wise up and use a jimmy
Destiny A. Jackson (1 year ago)
I would want everything he owned . 😂 can't you die from that ? ... not funny
I would squeeze 15 million out of him since I wouldn't know when I was going to die
Patricia Jernigan (1 year ago)
Mitzie Tomlin (8 months ago)
Patricia Jernigan I don't think you wanted those zeros to end. Ha ha
Kapricon767 (1 year ago)
Lol so I guess all the women who've smashed now gonna come out and speak?! let's call it "Bill Usher"
Kapricon767 (1 year ago)
This News Ain't scaring some women at all.. some of em would still Smash!!
Marlon Hoyte (1 year ago)
I"m sad that we cant play more let it burn or slow RnB while you read the document in a Barry White voice. No, I"m completely disappointed
Jacinto Monstro (1 year ago)
lol....sad thing is that women will still let him hit raw.....
monsieur305 (1 year ago)
He is DONE!
Sarah (1 year ago)
More people have the herp than catch a common cold. Those aren't the symptoms tho. Those symptoms are of...the now incurable...gonorrhoea. Well the green stuff is
Al H (1 year ago)
+Sarah Not genital herpes you nasty bitch.
Fire ie (1 year ago)
I would ask for $55 billion. Lol.
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
Ivani's Girlfriend And you wouldn't have gotten it because that is unreasonable and he doesn't have that much money.
õsõ thtkïdd (1 year ago)
I will make him give me 1 billon dollars
PATRICK MORRISOM (6 months ago)
õsõ thtkïdd I see ju
Simone King (1 year ago)
õsõ thtkïdd With Dr.Evil Voice???????? 😉😂🖒.....
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
õsõ thtkïdd You mean you would try to make him give you that and fail miserably because that would be overcompensation.
D M (1 year ago)
Watch spotless on Netflix
Majid Alawadhi (1 year ago)
The fucker is ugly as fuck it's her fault
Simone King (1 year ago)
army 43 Mama noooo 😅🖒.....
Majid Alawadhi (1 year ago)
monsieur305 I bet you find mama June hot too huh
Majid Alawadhi (1 year ago)
NoobifiedSpartan you find him attractive?
Doc Trower (1 year ago)
I guess I can call it Part 3 of Usher's Confessions.
koolyokam007 (1 year ago)
She said "mmmmmmmmmm deliciousssssss!" after the green discharge oozing part. My kinda humor. 😂
EVERYTHING ! ! (3 months ago)
koolyokam007 was she serious though? I’m kinda disgusted
dirty thirty (1 year ago)
who shit in your hair?
Mandy Olsen (1 year ago)
Is he married??
Matt skeletor (1 year ago)
now the herpes are suing, Also because they didn't consent to that gold digger.
Stallone Santiago (1 year ago)
Now there a video title that I've been waiting to read from a long time
ABC (1 year ago)
So why is this court document now released? I like all the WT hosts but Ava has to be the most surreal host here ("herpes? yum!" I know she's joking but I'm talking about her jokes)... or maybe she gets the most bizarre story.
ATL 1 (1 year ago)
she needs to see an herbalist so she can be cured. T
Miss B. (1 year ago)
ATL 1 he probably can still infect another person. He still carries the virus, it will never be cured, or just go away.
ATL 1 (1 year ago)
NoobifiedSpartan What with the name calling. Insults are not arguments. I know this guy that had herpes, the doctors said that it couldn't be cured. He went to a herbalist. While fasting for 23 days, he drink the herbs. Now he is free of the disease. The drug dealers don't want you cured, they want you to hooked.
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
ATL 1 Herpes can't be cured you fucking idiot.
Brandon J (1 year ago)
you silly!!!!!!!!! let it burn lol
minus (1 year ago)
Well Ofcoursesir (1 year ago)
Weeeeee getting herpeeees alllll nigghhht
A_Socialist_Channel (1 year ago)
Doesn't like have the population have genital herpes? No really I'm pretty sure there's a stat somewhere and a significant percentage of people have it. Am I wrong
Solomon Grundy (8 months ago)
BabakG1 Not half the population. About 50 million people in America have genital herpes.
Marlon Hoyte (1 year ago)
Nice try Usher
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
Michelle Johnson No he isn't. He's right somewhat. It's over half the population.
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
Babak G Nah, it's not half the population. It's more. 67% of the population to be exact.
There was a statistic that in 2030, half of the population would have herpes
Michael Cook (1 year ago)
I would let Ava give me herpes
EVERYTHING ! ! (3 months ago)
Michael Cook BREAKING: local middle age balding douche willingly wanting to get herpes from woman
Slim Tina (7 months ago)
Gross ass
Michael Cook (1 year ago)
caparzzo go get some aids then bud. k?
caparzzo (1 year ago)
not me with that hair
ttv Udied12 (1 year ago)
Beast5boy (1 year ago)
Source fed
What's Trending (1 year ago)
How much should Usher have paid out?
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
Myra Mami I don't have it either. The 67% is a worldwide statistic. It adds up to about 3.7 billion people, but that does mean billions are also clean. Whether or not you have it changes nothing. However, the effects can be so mellow that you may have it and not know it yet.
Gamer Chika (1 year ago)
NoobifiedSpartan im sure you're in the 67%.cause I dont have tjat shit
NoobifiedSpartan (1 year ago)
Miss B You treat herpes as if it's the worst thing imaginable, but it's not. If he had given HIV/AIDS, that would be a different story, but the fact is that about 67% of the world's population has herpes, so it's clearly not a major life inhibitor. 1 million dollars is more than enough to compensate for the disease. The ironic thing is, we treat herpes as such a bad thing, but it's actually "normal" to have it seeing as most people do.
Miss B. (1 year ago)
NoobifiedSpartan what would you do if you got herpes? That's not curable, and he has money. Everyone that gives someone an STD should have to pay their victims. Maybe people would be safer. Right now people just get away with spreading STDs, and STIs. It's BS. He should absolutely give her more than 1 million, 10 million is not much considering it's a lifetime full of herpes. It's not like it's going to just go away.
ttv Udied12 (1 year ago)
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ttv Udied12 (1 year ago)
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