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Forex Bank Trader Trading Levels

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More at exacttrading.com. Following on from my previous video in which I described how I use my bank trading levels to trade the Forex markets, especially the major pairs, this video describes again the concept and gives some examples against the GBPUSD. When playing the major currency pairs do not forget that many of the large bank traders look to set up and or reverse their trades off what we call ‘bank levels’. Such levels are extremely powerful when coupled together and they work superbly as support and resistance levels, provided you can read price action and understand when price is picking up momentum and moving in your desired direction. Part of what I do at exacttrading.com is to educate people how the FX markets work around these trading levels and further how they differ from the equity markets. Please have a look at this video, give it a LIKE if you like what you see and better still come to my website exacttrading.com to have a look at what we are doing there. Finally, if you are interested in automated trading please check out the details of the forthcoming seminar which I will be holding in London on the 25th November. http://www.exacttrading.com/london-seminar More at exacttrading.com
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Text Comments (8)
Daniel Khan (1 month ago)
Around 5:30 I don’t understand what you mean. You said something like you don’t take short here, you take it here and you went near the bottom of the chart?!
Morg (1 year ago)
How do you know what the bank levels are?
Michael van Jaarsveld (8 months ago)
Hi, You mentioned in another video that the indicator is called weekly monthly annual quarterly indicator. I looked online and can't find it. Can you maybe send me an email [email protected]? I will be willing to pay for the indicator.
Paul Langham (1 year ago)
Hi Lockdown, These are created using an MT4 indicator which I had coded up and is available within my FX uncensored course. Hope this helps.
frenky0077 (1 year ago)
Hi Paul. What drawing lsoftw do u use? Thank you for a video.
Paul Langham (1 year ago)
Ok cool
frenky0077 (1 year ago)
Paul Langham snagit. Same as i do 😀
Paul Langham (1 year ago)
I use techsmith thx

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