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Amazing Revenge On Guy Who Steals Package | What's Trending Now

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If you're gonna steal someone's Amazon package, first make sure they're not gonna come right after you. Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwD Man Takes Package, Owner Takes Purse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucld8H_NPZY Follow us on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter Follow our host! Jay Walker: http://www.twitter.com/jaywalkr Intro music: Orientation - Birocractic http://birocratic.bandcamp.com Music by Epidemic Sound - http://bit.ly/1Gv4mny
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Text Comments (1714)
Mark Lavoy (8 days ago)
Wendetta Vaughn Wanner (11 days ago)
I absolutely would, & I have had 3 knee surgeries, by the gods I would konk them with my cane!!! Good for nothings, stealing people's goods, devil fly away with them!!
Clarke Kent (11 days ago)
Great face!
David Curtis (19 days ago)
Wouldn't chase someone stealing my package. You never know what they will do. Instead I would just shoot them in the yard if I have to I would then drag them back into the yard and then call the police. No matter, because they would be dead...
Desiree Hall (25 days ago)
I can't believe wat morons have stooped to!! Actually going up to people's domains and taking their properties???? Morons.... Kick their assss...
Judy Krachthielsberg (1 month ago)
This guy has such a great voice, I think he should be a news reporter ;)
Alexander Nowicke (1 month ago)
Blacks are low lives
what up (1 month ago)
Great voice!
Guy Dupre' (1 month ago)
He should have smashed in the thief's window or windshield. After paying hundreds of dollars to replace either, he'll probably have 2nd thoughts about doing it again.
Naseba Nabbi (1 month ago)
He could have asked if he wanted to feed his poor family 😾😾 not to thief
tootz1950 (1 month ago)
I thought that's what my 12 gauge was for.
daytona1212 (1 month ago)
The people should sue these postal delivery companies for leaving these packages on your doorstep for anyone to steal. In my country (The Netherlands) that's not allowed.
David Curtis (19 days ago)
Like I said, they used to have to get a signature. I had a package one time delivered without a signature and it was taken. I filed the paperwork (through a lawyer friend) and the delivery company ( UPS ) had to pay for a replacement. Now they just leave it on the porch and (because of speed) run back to the truck. No real service anymore.
STRIK NYNE (1 month ago)
This bastard is just a mess physically and mentally. Wearin those weak ass clothes, dumpin all crazy, no wipe game,...
Robert Marshall (1 month ago)
why would I chase anyone stealing a package off my porch when the dog is much faster than I am and he has a wicked set of teeth. and he thinks the whole front yard belongs to him.
Mickie (1 month ago)
okay I realize that this is an old video however where's the update was the info in the purse or had she already stolen that person had the other people's info in it please advise catch up on all your videos and do some more I like them have a good one
Oqprints Printing (1 month ago)
This guy/ host is just terrible, not funny, not good, he is just stupid talking with the camera guy.
Barry Culloty (1 month ago)
I would not only chase them down but make a citizens arrest! This crap has got to stop! What if those where meds for grandma?! I hate thieves, and even more hate people violating my property! Once that is done, most everything is fair game to me!
FixedByDoc . com (1 month ago)
i would shoot them. in PA its legal to use lethal force to defend your property.
NYC (1 month ago)
NYC? NOT A CHANCE DUDE!!! You steal a package and then, it will get stolen from you around the corner somewhere in "T H E BRONX."😁 Stealing is no good for your health insurance....
mcaardvark42 (1 month ago)
Let's Collude Naked (1 month ago)
Thursday's are rattlesnake days. Make sure your rattlers nice and comfy in his black box sitting in the hot sun. If you want, throw in some plumbing pipes, maybe a plumbers hat for the snake and lable the box "Plumbing Snake". Once perpetrator has been aquainted with the snake, he/she might request a snake bite kit. At which point you lead them to the side of the house where theres dozens of boxes and say "got one...in one of these boxes. Just cant remember which one". After going thru all of them with no prevail, you shout out, "I remember now...its the box some fella stole last week. Sorry pal. Would a free snake make you feel better?"
Let's Collude Naked (1 month ago)
Steal a package from my porch? You're not going anywhere. Maybe to jail, but only after paramedics have refibulated your heart. If its mine, dont touch it. You might get electrocuted. Im not talking about gag zapper toys. Im talking about blow the toes off your work boots electrocution. People ask me, "Arent you afraid of law suits"? NO.
Lil Meme (1 month ago)
See we don’t need gun control shoot all these fuckers
Kasper Kisses (1 month ago)
I’m glad I have a PObox
Rick Timmons (2 months ago)
fed up!
Brandy Moore (2 months ago)
I saw a video where the thief slipped and broke their leg while trying to run with the package ...i would be coming out anf be like "you know...im not even mad...did you leatn your lesson yet" 😆
Ron We (2 months ago)
Illegals wanting more free stuff
kevin hasch (2 months ago)
I hope there was money in her purse
Metal Boy (2 months ago)
"Found Footage Horror Film? Please, stop adlibbing. And if you wrote that, please check yourself into a hospital and get some help!
Kei Thomas (2 months ago)
Had some kids steal 2 packages from my house from Amazon. Luckily the kid neighbor next door chased the kids down and got the packages. For sure gonna get him something in return
Peter Grimshaw (2 months ago)
be easier to just steal the UPS truck when the driver is running up to the porch and take it all.
attilahun77 (2 months ago)
walk slowely to the package, pull the gun out and shoot your head off, you idiot...
b4mrducks (2 months ago)
Would I give chase to a would-be thief? Kinda, I would unload a C02 bb pistol in their ass.
talgwatr (2 months ago)
the dislike count is rather disturbing......WTF ppl!
Tango Bango (2 months ago)
Hilarious watching that “fat ass” thief wobble back to his car. Glad he got his wife’s purse & ID too.
George T Peppel (2 months ago)
Now I'm watchi g a video of a kid reading me the comments of the video. Just kill me now.
Samantha Vanderhoof (2 months ago)
You’re hilarious! I love your sense of humor!
Raquel Guzmam (2 months ago)
Click bait
ChilledTea (2 months ago)
reppin concord o ya!
snake pliskin2.0 (2 months ago)
I get all my meds shipped to me usually ups. Fortunately never been swiped but wonder how many people have and the hardship may have put them through. Make it a mandatory minimum jail sentence for this kind of shit.
Mary Cochrane (2 months ago)
JAY WALKER. You are absolutely ADORABLE!!!
Sagir32 (2 months ago)
I haven’t had any problems, even when the delivery truck couldn’t get into my driveway. He left them by the mailbox across the street. Then again not too many people want 200 pounds of dog food, 50 pounds of chicken feed, 4 cases of cat food, 20 pounds dry cat food, 4 boxes of dental bones, 20 pounds of dog cookies etc etc.... 😂
Ian Fordyce (2 months ago)
The B#####ds deserve everything they if they get nicked they should get 4 weeks in nick mandatory and a £1000 fine no it's or buts if they get caught on camera that's it got them
joey fliame (2 months ago)
Very stylish backward baseball hat. Nothing says," I'm a tool " more than this .
Matthew McGinley (2 months ago)
It would be much better without the commentary. ABORT!
R Gibbs (2 months ago)
I have my baited package waiting for them ,good luck theives
Marki Faux (2 months ago)
marianne froholdt (2 months ago)
In my country you have to tell them when you are home,ore Else you have to Get the package in the post office.theynever leave the box outside the house.
Diane M (2 months ago)
Please press charges on these dirtbags!! It's EPIDEMIC!!
Smith Glenn (2 months ago)
Why would you promote people stealing packages !!!??? 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮😮😮😪😮😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
gary posty (2 months ago)
Fat fuck
gerard burton (2 months ago)
That's cool a tea leafer getting his wallet taken off him and then he gets nicked by the old bill at a later date.
Ron We (2 months ago)
Illegals wanting more free stuff
Jeff Liss (2 months ago)
Wrap up all your dog or cat's shit. Let the muthafucker steal shit.
Nobody Nobody (2 months ago)
Mike will (2 months ago)
A real dog, not a rat or a Tennis ball buddy, but a Dog, Would have kept her and every other Assclown out of the yard
Kevin Ramsey (2 months ago)
you have good camera presence - great luck with your channel.
Corvette Ronnie (2 months ago)
Nice job. More please!
pundaint (2 months ago)
If these packages were owned by banks how much more effort would be put into law enforcement pursuing the perps? LEO's don't work for Us.
Jim B (2 months ago)
Love the host!
Raffaro (2 months ago)
After reading some of these posts, looks like people figured out how to get rid of unwanted crap! Defiantly has saved me trips to the dump, without a doubt! I'm gonna try the dog shit box next!
Kurt Zimmerman (2 months ago)
What in the hell is wrong with people! Get a F------ job !
Lava1964 (2 months ago)
If you steal from a thief, he won't call the police.
Shawn Miller (2 months ago)
Uuugghhh. A justice boner? WTF? Eeeeewwwwww puke! Way too much info. Look away! 🤢
John Speer (2 months ago)
I won't chase them I have a 12 by door and a river in my back yard. Kaploosh
R H (2 months ago)
Stealing should have harsher punishment than killing. Or cut the hands off of the thief like they do in some countries. That would stop all this bullshit.
Joe Tij (2 months ago)
I'd shoot at them..!!!
Glyn (2 months ago)
It's weird in America where packages are left on the doorstep. You should expect them to be stolen, in the uk if we aren't in they leave them with a neighbour or bring them next day.
Dindo Nuffin (2 months ago)
I jealously guard my package all the time and carry it with me wherever I go I even sleep with it so no one can get it.
Kevin Oneill (2 months ago)
What a cock u r
kiss my arse (2 months ago)
Fat bastard should have shot the twat
Paula Harley 77 (2 months ago)
Love it 👍
Andrew Montgomery (2 months ago)
Need a dye bomb like bank robbers get in their loot bag. After it goes off they could be spotted in public with the dye all over them.
Zolar Czakl (2 months ago)
You want to know what would be funny? The purse was booby trapped and exploded with poop on the guy who took *it*
James Cohen (2 months ago)
I might be tempted to chase them with a few rounds !!!
Brenton Perkins (2 months ago)
You would get shot and fed to the wild hogs where i live.
Rollin McKim (2 months ago)
It's sweet to live down a one mile dead end road............with 2-3 neighbors along the road to watch who comes and goes.........
Mãrky Märk (2 months ago)
And everybody thinks " OnLy bLaCk pEoPLe sTeAL " all the people I saw in this video were mainly white ( not being racist )
Rose Mary (2 months ago)
Kickass press charges
Mick j McGregor (2 months ago)
Should have keyed his paint job too! a bit of Mace wouldn't have been a bad idea lol Gives a new definition to a "Package cruise"
Damon Davis (2 months ago)
Not worth a life to steal from people so say your prayers if your gonna do this the next day it might be your last
bill nipp (2 months ago)
If i'm home when one of these dirtbags tries stealing my boxes I'll be sure to unload my paintball gun on them till they scream for mercy,
reyes trans (2 months ago)
Stupid video, fuck you 🤣🤣🤣
vote Phillips (2 months ago)
boring J walker. boring. It would be better without you. the video was ok. thanks for boring me. I appreciate it.
Mick Carson (2 months ago)
This is total bullshit. It's so easy to make arrangement for the package to be picked up at a post office or at a parcel center. Who the fuck does drop parcels at the door these days? It's okay to drop them at the door if they're empty boxes but parcels and packages usually contain items of value. So, what brainless delivery company would just leave a parcel/package in front of your door? Of course, once this happens you're looking for trouble, yes you the owner, for not informing a post office or parcel center to leave the package at the depot and leave a card in the letter box or wedged by the front door seam. So, what bullshit is this? First, you WANT the package to be stolen. Secondly, you know that packages left by the door attracts thieves. Thirdly, you are also doing it on purpose by placing fake packages in front of your door laced with explosives, chemicals and or excretion, just for the fun of it. And lastly, if the person is harmed, injured, falls sick, of loses an eye from shrapnels or gets a heart attack from the shock, you can easily get sued thousands just for the stupid and illegal prank. And the law knows it's a prank because no such offensive and dangerous material is allowed to be posted in packages. So, be careful because they will eventually get back at you, and up in court, then pay compensation to the thief-turned-victim.
tinalupan (3 months ago)
This guy talks too much.
Harley Me (3 months ago)
doesn't happen in Canada.. if the person isn't there to collect the package it goes back to the post office and you get a phone call stating where you can pick it up. then again.. I would call that prevention.... something Canada does often instead of basically feeding your criminal's goods. stupid system..... get a fuckin lockbox that has a one way gate.... and mark it DELIVERY
Robert Begin (3 months ago)
What they should be doing is putting explosives in those packages with a detonator that works once it gets out of range of a certain signal so you plug a signal box into your power outlet it generates a signal for the package to accept and as soon as that signals cut off the package will explode there for blowing up inside the thief's vehicle but make sure your fingerprints aren't on the package or explosives and also make sure the fake labels you put on the box doesn't have your address on it
Keeley Jackson (3 months ago)
I didn't hear shit you cute!!!!
Debbie Knight (3 months ago)
Yep I'd get a baseball bat and wack the theives I hate those bastards
Wraith Reaper (3 months ago)
Hey, you guys can put bait packages with holes on bottom of box and lots of stink bomb liquid in a bowl. So when it's tilted it pours out on porch pirate and all over inside their car. LoL 😀
Chris Kinn (3 months ago)
Hmmm... I wonder if I could set up a box in way that it would pull the pin on an M67 frag grenade. SURPRISE!!!
Alex Saidit (3 months ago)
I caught one of these guys stealing my package. Two weeks later, I saw a flier with his picture asking for information about him. I sold him to my friends in Juarez Mexico, they told me this guy is the best drag queen they have ever had in Juarez. Should I tell his family, he found a new life in Juarez?
schobbie123 (3 months ago)
M.A.G.A . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.fuck off .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
utubn guugles (3 months ago)
Motion sensing auto Gatling machine guns ... in case them aliens go for MA packages...shooting rubberized pellets like how them pigs do it - but without real bullets.
Sheryl Napier (3 months ago)
You are so upbeat...love your attitude!
Richard Wallinger (3 months ago)
dead thieves suddenly stop stealing.  Strange that .
Marshall R. (3 months ago)
I haven't actually noticed any package theft in my area but regardless this makes me want to walk around with a baseball bat and knock a package thief unconscious
Bike Dude (3 months ago)
Bait boxes with sharp pointy things in them that fly out and hurt, maim or otherwise ensure these dirtbags don't do it again.

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