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Amazing Revenge On Guy Who Steals Package | What's Trending Now

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If you're gonna steal someone's Amazon package, first make sure they're not gonna come right after you. Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwD Man Takes Package, Owner Takes Purse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucld8H_NPZY Follow us on Twitter! http://www.twitter.com/whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter Follow our host! Jay Walker: http://www.twitter.com/jaywalkr Intro music: Orientation - Birocractic http://birocratic.bandcamp.com Music by Epidemic Sound - http://bit.ly/1Gv4mny
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Text Comments (1668)
Sheryl Napier (7 hours ago)
You are so upbeat...love your attitude!
Richard Wallinger (19 hours ago)
dead thieves suddenly stop stealing.  Strange that .
Marshall R. (20 hours ago)
I haven't actually noticed any package theft in my area but regardless this makes me want to walk around with a baseball bat and knock a package thief unconscious
Bike Dude (1 day ago)
Bait boxes with sharp pointy things in them that fly out and hurt, maim or otherwise ensure these dirtbags don't do it again.
One More Denise (2 days ago)
Jay Walker is going to everywhere soon....
rebas04 (3 days ago)
Too much of the guy rambling on
Kay Lewis (3 days ago)
I put my cats used litter back in the box once empty . I carefully open the box ( I get it delivered to my work ) then set it back up on the door step , at home .
SideShow Bob (3 days ago)
UPS/Fed Ex/DHL, install backwards facing camaras on your trucks and help stop this b.s. easy to tell who's suspicious and asking for trouble, not perfect, but, help your customers, don't enable the thievery.
greenspiraldragon (4 days ago)
There are some good videos of bait packages on here too.
In2.makeup (6 days ago)
These people need be taught a Real lesson.
AntiqueQT Tomes (6 days ago)
Hell yeah I'd chase that f----- down and feed him or her the pkg!
davy karky (7 days ago)
Dude stops in a back alley, breaks the passenger window. Gets home and tells his wife the car got broken into. 🤣
Alisa Howard (7 days ago)
I may put my dog's poop in a package. There's a lot of it in my back yard. 😂
We have cameras up the wazoo too. I’d just turn it in to the cops. Not worth getting shot over!
RustyAnne Yakel (7 days ago)
Are you kidding me? ?? I once came to the rescue of a girl being assaulted next door to me.. I jumped the little chain link fence with my baseball bat and chased the assailant away I was 60 yrs old at the time... I take NO crap . Would I chase a thief? You bet! However. .. they better be slow as s"#t .. I'm 70 now, so I'm a little slow granny. ..
Tiger Steele (7 days ago)
Ms Daisy (9 days ago)
Someone needs to follow the thieves following the truck.
Ms Daisy (9 days ago)
How many utubers are going to keep replaying that same old clip of the guy grabbing the passenger's purse? How many times can you guys keep showing the same old clip?
David Bronze (11 days ago)
Robbing is a mental illness. People with cars and enjoying the economic prosperity of a country still they do this thing.
sluggou812beotch (13 days ago)
Dead people don't run.
Larry Baley (14 days ago)
S Lit (16 days ago)
I used to live in Concord....That's Why I moved to OREGON....🤔🤔🤔🤔
steve lawrence (16 days ago)
Irony: a negro commentating about a white thief.
Minh Dang (17 days ago)
Next time I have a rock in the box for them to get it
Carol Goerke (18 days ago)
I have a 357 and would hold him until the police got there to arrest this no good porch pirate!!
Jon Bicho (18 days ago)
Chasing is hard work. I would shoot them. Much easier.
Carlton Bond (18 days ago)
I fill empty Vodka bottles with Hydra caloric acid and a mixture of water.
Lethia Page (18 days ago)
That's genius but watch the backlash. Wouldn't it be just the shit if that guy got in trouble for taking the purse.
Ron We (20 days ago)
Thumbs down is from illegals wanting more free stuff.
Brenda Laprince (20 days ago)
I think everyone should keep a bait box at there front door. Just fill it with all kind of shit you no longer want. This way everyone is happy. You get rid of some shit, and the theif gets a free gift. Get creative, old dishes wrapped in news paper, old clothes, used pampers, old shoes, garbage, do some spring cleaning early.
Beth Sprung (21 days ago)
I'm just puzzled as to how many older people steal packages, you would think they had more sense. Guess age doesn't matter if you get something free.
Boii Villa (21 days ago)
Don't deliver packages....let the owner pick it up to the post office.
Doran and Carolyn V (22 days ago)
Awesome! Just be careful the thief doesn't have a gun.
Monica Perry (22 days ago)
Get that purse lol. Sucker's
Donna Lopez (24 days ago)
William Hutchinson (25 days ago)
i got a package you can steal, pretty boy. remember the love scene in the movie, deliverance?🥖💦🤤
lance crider (25 days ago)
Love it, you are funny man!
Destroygary Funky (26 days ago)
Is it wrong to want to see a porch pirate beaten to within an inch of their life?
Sharon Norwood (28 days ago)
As I read some comments they make a lot of sense to me, people that steal packages, especially seen on camera should be put under the jail, people that don't work & make a career need to be punished, if u know it's stealing u deserve jail or prison & the time they FOLLOW the trucks u could follow the road to EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, because people stuff u steal they have to paid double times for it & they have to pay out extra money for u unemployed self, I think jail or prison would give them time to think over there life & the ones that have cars have know excuse to look for a job.
San Diego (29 days ago)
this announcer is fairly good & funny at his job here. 😂
Carl Williams (29 days ago)
Have the cops to do a UPS sting to see who follows them. Deliver a package to a homeowner co-operating with police to catch thieves. Have the police to get license plates and find out where they live. Put a GPS in the box from police to track the thief. Confiscate the car and put the thief in jail for 8 yrs. straight!
Joel Stelmark (29 days ago)
King of Fire (30 days ago)
Is chase after them with a katana in hand
Robert Burke (1 month ago)
I love ring doorbell bunch of assholes stealing packages pirate
Mr President (1 month ago)
Cory Miller (1 month ago)
I'd hope my cameras didn't catch me mutilating the thief. His passenger would be faceless.
paradroidx (1 month ago)
no commentary on porch thieves fails come on
Tina Ericson (1 month ago)
Someone came into my back yard to steal my daughter's bicycle. I had saved up to get the bike for her birthday.
Alejandro Becerra (1 month ago)
I don't understand...how is the revenge..??
Rohini Sugrim0526 (1 month ago)
I saw a thieve stealing my package,i ran out and puched him
Joe Spawldin (1 month ago)
If I catch em I got a bat studded with hex head self tapping screws. And I'll crack their head like a watermelon. But I'm also working on a way to totally fuck up their day for when I'm not at home.
Terry King (1 month ago)
Damn, the guy got the nerve to even park up into the driveway to make it easier to load the packages.
Nonya Busnezz (1 month ago)
I'm all for having packages with explosives that blow up the whole car and kill everyone in it when they steal your stuff. But that's just me and my Christmas wishes
Loh Wen Tao (1 month ago)
Sadly, this happens everyday..
Margaret Barksdale (1 month ago)
I have the cameras all around my house now...got something for the person who dare to come on to my deck to pick up something that doesn't belong to them...
Richard Schwartz (1 month ago)
Buckshot in the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Dillon (1 month ago)
bad video. sucks
veerchasm1 (1 month ago)
That’s the fastest he’s moved ...EVER
Raymond Stemmer (1 month ago)
Nice announcing ! Your kind of funny and Jay Walker you sound like an intelligent human being not some dumb uneducated urban person !
Serious One (29 days ago)
It should be "You're" kind of funny. (You must be an "uneducated urban person.")
Amber Cason (1 month ago)
There's a video where a woman slips on the grass while running back to her car with a stolen package. The fall was baaaaaaddddd and you can totally tell she snapped a bone and broke her leg. The driver of the car had to get out and help her back to their car. The package was left laying in the grass. I love karma!
One & only (1 month ago)
What the hell? If you 60+ years old, fat and cant run? Why fuckin steal?shit..
Tricia Stout (1 month ago)
Paul Paris (1 month ago)
Did you ever think for a moment that maybe the ups or fedex drivers tip the would be criminals off????
Sandi Miller (1 month ago)
Get your package delivered to where you work. That's what I did.
Chelsea Rivas (1 month ago)
David Henderson (1 month ago)
There was a package thief running around this area. I do know who ever it was but now has some 9mm holes in the trunk of their car. I am just waiting until one of those SOBs steals a package that turns out to be an IED. It will be the last package they ever steal.
Babs Phillips (1 month ago)
I have FOUR cameras and signs on my fence warning that cameras are recording 24/7. If they come to MY house, they're pretty stupid!
Rainbow Light (1 month ago)
Dude, you are making a story out of other peoples video.
Joedy Skrobak (1 month ago)
Yes I would run their ass down!
ronald welch (1 month ago)
Needs more welfare and food stamps, a illegal
elevenart (1 month ago)
This guy is funny :))
Larry Belkwater (2 months ago)
No stupid commentary please, just show the video.
Lyndsey Roach (2 months ago)
Needs to water his grass 💧💧🌟
Thomas Dehart II (2 months ago)
People need to start shooting those thiefs with airsoft guns. Cause Lord knows we all would love to shoot them for real
BL l (2 months ago)
We live in a country were we can work unless your disable. And there is work out there such as raking leaves putting a fence up washing dishes cleaning toilets the list goes on. Some people just don't want to work and live off of the government assistance. I'm not talking about everyone I'm talking about some. And this thief definitely has not and listen to his own conscience. We all were given a god-given conscience and when we don't pay attention to it then problems happen. We all know the difference between right and wrong there is no excuse not to. We all make choices in life and we are exactly where we are in life because we put ourselves there by our choices. Somebody is to tell me that and I got pretty upset and angry at the person and I would point the finger and say things like hey you don't know what you're talkin about, I'm having gone through what I've gone in to in life! And I'd say things like You're judging me you have no right to judge me. I was highly on the defense. Then I started thinking rationally in a lot of cases I had put myself in that position. So I look at it this way you can't blame other people because you made the choice and this guy has made the choice to steal nobody wrenched his arm up and said you give up you give up. I know a lot of people won't agree with me but there is always work out there you just got to look for it you can't get discouraged you have to not listen to other people's comments about being lazy or good-for-nothing goes to none of us are lazier good for nothing if we put our mind to things. And it's a sad thing that sometimes people were raised in a family where a parent would discourage the child so they would end up thinking that they are useless and dumb and stupid and can't do anything. My mother used to say to me you can't do anything right. And I look back and I say to myself I chose to believe that all my life. I also had a teacher that told me I was stupid and put me down in front of the whole class. And that's another choice I made for over 30 years. We can choose to believe what anybody tells us. We can choose to love our neighbor and not steal from him or her. So it's all about choices and this guy definitely has made the wrong choice. Amen he could be out there pounding the pavement so to speak and looking for a job instead of sitting at home and doing nothing. I'm not saying there's a lot of jobs everywhere but there are jobs people choose not to do because it's beneath them. Appearing Canada some guys can make some pretty good coin in Alberta when it comes to working on the oil rigs. And I mean tons of money but since there's been a slump and a change in the economy these young guys refuse to take any other job that pays less. Who cares just take anything until the slump is over. We have to learn to be appreciative for what we have and that's the key to be appreciative. Go out and work find a job and this guy should have at least realized life is short so make it good
DrunkmansTattoo (2 months ago)
Thiefs don't understand how dangerous it is to run on someone's property to steal. The owner has all the rights to shoot you if he chooses to make an example out of you.
Foxxy Vet (2 months ago)
Thank Goodness my property is gated& fenced! I have a home based business & my boxes are worth A LOT OF 💰
Banter Board (2 months ago)
I'd say Porch Pirates are peskier than roaches, but that would be an insult to roaches.
Ramiro Corzo (2 months ago)
Nigga host
Patrick (2 months ago)
This does happen a lot, so I hear, and in many different areas, not confined to any specific demographic, but there is a way to keep this from happening. You can send the packages to a local store that has mailboxes, when the item has arrived, you get an email with the bar code for the corresponding locker. Print it out to scan at the checkout reader, or type in the code on the keypad and the door with your item(s) opens and you take it home. If you need to return the item, you take it back once you receive the return code and your door will open and you simply drop it in and close the door. Mine is at the local Shoppers, so I always pick up some groceries on the trip to save time.
Glenn Lathem (2 months ago)
Put a bullet in back of head. And feed the buzzers.
Santiago Acuna (2 months ago)
Unfortunately package thefts are more and more common. Cameras are catching them but unfortunately in many cases victims end up getting a front row seat to seeing how their packages are stolen. And although very few thieves get arrested some have even tried to steal the cameras and most simply get away with it. Here are a few best practices on how to prevent this from happening to you as well as a couple of interesting stats on the subject. https://www.lockthepackage.com/pages/package-best-practices
earl garcia (2 months ago)
It's Called a "Fence" for a Reason... LOL
BaltimoreBama (2 months ago)
Right lol why was he running
remembering jazziedog (2 months ago)
These ppl should be glad that they don't live in countries where if you get caught stealing you won't have one of your hands left to steal with
J. A. (2 months ago)
How STUPID are These thieves that don't know EVERYONE has surveillance CAMERA'S??📹🏃😒
David Henderson (1 month ago)
And guns.
KA Drafts (2 months ago)
fuck tim Kaine
Teri Looney (2 months ago)
Ahhh! This grandma thinks you are just a cutie pie!
Alphonso Zorro (2 months ago)
Minor crimes. Don't over react!
henry R. (2 months ago)
They need 2 make a package that explodes in 30 seconds filled with old fermented diahrea, that'll teach them 2 steal..
Nous Resterons La (2 months ago)
The best thing I've done is smash a guys windshield with a baseball bat as he tried to steal a package (that was fake btw).
R F (2 months ago)
A new class of losers older people
Thomas Lauria (2 months ago)
Wow people are such scumbags !!!!!!!!
TheAmtwhite (2 months ago)
You’ve got a great voice and personality (and not bad looking). You should be on TV!!
Becky Barnes (2 months ago)
Seen the box loaded up with a shot gun shell. The shell is loaded and will go off when package is picked up.
lily blu (2 months ago)
They got balls! To be so brazen and walk up on someone's doorstep and steal their shit is unreal.
amsterdamsel (2 months ago)
Jay Walker - You, sir, are extra, EXTRA funny!
AllegedlyMike (2 months ago)
Jay's pretty funny... he's got that dry humor.
Cassie Hugh (2 months ago)
You know, if a trend of shooting these people in the leg started and gained in popularity then I'm guessing this would stop....congratulations, now you understand the second amendment
George Chard (2 months ago)
Good job as narrator!!

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