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Can we fix and refurbish this GTX 660Ti ? Bricked Bios, Broken fan.

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Hey folks, first off ill apologise for the audio pop, a filter is on its way! One of the issue which is repeated in the comments whenever I review a used graphics card is that of reliability and to be fair, a lot of you have a point! I have been fortunate so far in most of my purchases with the majority being pretty much as new and apart from a little bit of dust, you would never know that they had ever been used by someone else.. And to be honest, out of the 4 cards I have received dead on arrival (well 3 DOA and one immediately going up in a puff of blue smoke) only one of those was used, and drawn out returns process made me wish I had bought it online on eBay or PayPal where the buyers protection is really quite brilliant. But what if you buy something you know doesn’t work? Something unloved and hard used? Well let me introduce you to the Zotac GTX 660Ti. At least I think it's a 660Ti anyway under half a decade of dust, gunk and what smells a 40 a day habit. Now this card has more than a few issues and immediately after throwing it in the test rig a few issues appear. Firstly, this card was bought recently and someone has “mis-flashed” the card and corrupted the bios. Secondly, the two fans are spinning at different speeds… no, this is not a precursor to modern “variable fan” technology… one fan -the fastest one - is hitting the heatsink giving a nice tick and the other looks like it’s so constricted by gunk and hair it's actually slowing down. So its obvious this card needs some TLC, step one will be to reflash the bios. I have fixed a badly flashed AMD HD 6970 in the past and will be using the nvidia tools which follow the same sort of process. For this ZOTAC version of the 660Ti there are 2 available bios files, one revision with higher boost clocks which the previous owner appears to have possibly tried to flash to unsuccessfully . Thankfully, with the NV Flash tool the Bios was unbricked allowing the 660Ti to at the very least boot into windows. Running a little stress test in 3D mark firestrike highlighted the need for a total refurb, with temperatures rocketing almost instantly, the clocks throttling back and the noise from the fans being comically loud before blue screening SO out withe the card again and time to disassemble.. But will it work.. The PC we are running the game on consists of the following: CPU: Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.7Ghz Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M-DS3H Ram: 8GB DDR3 Case: Corsair 88R Music by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100289 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (73)
Iconic Tech Solutions (2 months ago)
Plz help me i have the same board you have i use gtx 660 2gb oc in it but when i play game my gpu is like 100% in 37c And my memory is like using 880 mhz With FPS lag Cpu is performing nomally not at high as well as ram not high but gpu is... Plz help
looking at my inferno hd5770. repaste!
makes me want to fix my r7 260x doesent aleays boot. or atall
these videos are my fav...zen zone
Kenneth (9 months ago)
Use an ultrasonic cleaner. Works great!
Thomas West (9 months ago)
Never using a gpu that old. But I still found the video entertaining.
Jason Kelly (1 year ago)
Good stuff
Adilson Neto (1 year ago)
I bought recently this exact card, everything worked normal after a clean up. But I'm still having fan problems, did you open your fans to clean them, or just on the outside? I don't know If I can just open up the fan(pulling both sides), never did that.
Frank Nakamo (1 year ago)
A backplate with liquid nitrogen gel inside of it will be awesome for graphics cards
Jameo360 (1 year ago)
I bought a GTX 460 off eBay for £10 knowing it was broken, took it all apart, gave everything a good couple hours of cleaning attention, put on some new thermal paste and it works great. It's actually quite a quiet card, even under full load and temperatures are great too (tops off at around 67 C on load and 45 C at idle doing nothing). Definitely not the most powerful card by todays standards but it can hold it's own in some older games and even in quite a few newer ones. Never the less a fun project to restore a graphics card and hopefully I can use it if I ever get my hands on a older PC.
Synixx (1 year ago)
Very good video!
Sneon Boom (1 year ago)
Where can i get this elbow grease? can't find it anywhere.
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+Sneon Boom 😂 eBay?
SirBilliam (1 year ago)
Love the videos, but please get rid of that annoying strobe light. You're videos would look much more professional without it. Keep up the good work!
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+SirBilliam yeah the strobe won't be coming back 😂
Stojce (1 year ago)
when i saw that blue screen i shit my pants
Stojce (1 year ago)
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+Domo123Gamin haha I'll be honest I did too when I first watched the video back since I forgot I put that in there... 😂
xkenny998 mac (1 year ago)
nice video! last day i bricked my Amd rx 460 and my system does't start with integrated video ( fans work(VGA) and There is no segnal). i can't restore my BIOS for example via DOS , help pls :(
xkenny998 mac (1 year ago)
F7GOS i flashed the Bios
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+xkenny998 mac how did you 'brick' it?
Jhonatan Miller (1 year ago)
good vid man, you need more light on them tho.
Adrian Tacaciu (1 year ago)
I can't belive you have so few views on your videos man. You make great videos keep it up. Would be nice if you could do a comparions between the GTX 780 and R9 290 :D
Twisted Skinz Tech (1 year ago)
Breathing new life into old cards can be a very satisfying experience as you proved in this video, well done. Great growth by the way, I remember watching one of your videos when you only had 300 subs keep it up :-)
F7GOS (1 year ago)
Sure, i've pinged you a message on your channel :)
Twisted Skinz Tech (1 year ago)
F7GOS I have a GTX 670 that I just can't get to work I would gladly donate it to your channel for free if you want to see if you can get it to work. It runs for 10 minutes on any game then and crashes. I have replaced the thermal paste and gotten all the dust and gunk out it. Maybe you'd have better luck lol? If you're interested let me know I'll send it to you.
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+Twisted Skinz Tech thanks, yeah it's probably one of my favourite things to do, often don't film it but your right, it's very satisfying being able to get something that was useless to someone playing games again!
PaddyDoesTech (1 year ago)
awesome video, just found myself a new channel to enjoy :), could you do a video on ttoubleshooting those 'broken' gpus all over ebay to see if you can save/gain money?
SimAnt (1 year ago)
As I understand it a GPU should have the thermal paste spread on every bit(as it was taken off) do not rely on the clamp to spread method.Don't forget under a CPU lid is a fully covered piece of silicon.
F7GOS (1 year ago)
True, but with a rice sized blob your going to more than cover the GPU, if your concerned about a little over spill then the spread method might reduce that, but in terms of GPU coverage a dolop will do the job. If the clamp cant spread out a rice sized blob of thermal paste over something the size of a GPU then its not going to be close enough to transfer heat well. But the spreader method is certainly cleaner and there will be less for you to clean off when you next refurbish the card but in terms of thermals there's no real benefit from what I've found and I think the choice of thermal paste will have a much bigger impact than the method of application. Ill maybe adopt the spreader method next time I record a refurb... as you have seen my rice sized blob isn't really rice shaped anyway haha 😂
The Morris Channel (1 year ago)
i think you should have done the same with the ram heatspreader too. curious of the caking underneath!
Michał (1 year ago)
0:50 normal graphic card 0:52 GHG mode 0:56 normal graphic card
Cesar Alvarez (10 months ago)
Yeah it was a Green Ham Gaming reference!!
F7GOS (1 year ago)
haha true, think the missus would be PO if i lit up a real 'un in the living room like GHG though.
Tico2858 (1 year ago)
I dont know why, but I love it when friends give me like 5 year old and older GPUs that are disgustingly filthy and I clean the crap out of them to the point they look brand new
MadIIMike (1 year ago)
Would be interesting to know how much the card was sold for...^^ Personally, I wouldn't trust my luck on possibly fixing a card sold as broken.
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+MadIIMike the lad I bought it from said he picked it up for about £45, he then bricked it and was wanting to offload it since he bought a GTX 960 anyway. He has advertised it for parts and I paid under £20 for it 😂
Akhil Sivan (1 year ago)
Bro, try to make videos in good or natural light
Sean Moore (1 year ago)
how do you fix bricked bios
Sean Moore (1 year ago)
F7GOS Right on, maybe I'll buy a as is ebay too lol. Thanks bro
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+Sean Moore tutorial video coming soon for fo that 👍 I was going to include it on here but its probably better in a dedicated video
ibnu yaqin salim (1 year ago)
i see an ad that shows GTX 750 ti "PROTOTYPE" should I get it ? it's half the price of a regular GTX 750 ti
ibnu yaqin salim (1 year ago)
Christian C thanks again 👍👍👍
Christian C (1 year ago)
If it's a prototype, that usually means just an early access version of the card. As it would be the same dye(They wouldn't change the architecture or any critical component through the development process). Just ask the seller if you would like to know. That's pretty much all I could say about that. Good luck!
ibnu yaqin salim (1 year ago)
Christian C thanks for the tips but what about performance ? I was expecting to have it run as good as the original GTX 750 ti
Christian C (1 year ago)
Yeah, If it's on ebay and the seller has good reviews/ good return policy or if it's on a trusted site with returns available, you should be good.
ibnu yaqin salim (1 year ago)
Christian C it's the two gigabyte version
namaeva (1 year ago)
Awesome video - too much flashing lights though. Any chance you could dial them down on the next video? Cheers :)
namaeva (1 year ago)
Awesome stuff nonetheless. Keep up the good work - you have a really nice hands-on approach to tech :)
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+namaeva yeah, the effect looked OK when filming but when I changed the video speed it does look a bit too much when watching the video back 😂
Dr.Zanos (1 year ago)
Awesome video , love watching these refurb/fixing parts kind of videos , I love doing it myself and it's pretty entertaining to watch too
F7GOS (1 year ago)
Thanks :)
J0N7X (1 year ago)
can you make a guide of how to search for theese kind of deals?
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+J0N7X sure that's a good idea :)
anikanbounty97 (1 year ago)
i got gpu that fans spin and all but no dysplay
anikanbounty97 (1 year ago)
well minus the one i got for my parents for pc i built them
anikanbounty97 (1 year ago)
well at least I got rx 580 msi gaming x 8gb at micro center for $250 when it came out and works perfectly. My only graphic card I got that works and that pcie
Combatsmithen (1 year ago)
Well if the VRAM is corrupted your card is a brick. Sorry bro
anikanbounty97 (1 year ago)
No got it from a friend whose friend gave it to him. It a amd 6870 gpu or 6950 or 6850. Was loaded and filled with dust so I opened and cleaned it out and looks new but no display and computer beeps saying vram corrupted. Any fix besides reflow?
Combatsmithen (1 year ago)
did you just buy it? if so send it back thats not good
anikanbounty97 (1 year ago)
used at least you kn ow it works but buy new you may get broeken or dead
JRV 2017 (1 year ago)
Yet another great video, got myself a very well used hd5850 at the start of the year for my prebult acer w/ i5-2400 and gave it a refurb. Wish I would of used q tips for the old thermal paste/dust great tip ! was actually thinking about this card to replace the old 5850 due to its small size and low cost now. Would love to see more content like this keep it up !
Combatsmithen (1 year ago)
Nice job thats a steal. Sadly in ~2 years you may need to upgrade if you wanna continue running ultra
JRV 2017 (1 year ago)
Combatsmithen ended up with an r9 270x for £65 !! absolute bargain and has enabled me to bump all my graphics settings to ultra, I got a power color single fan varient and is only about 230mm in length also.
Combatsmithen (1 year ago)
750ti is good if you can find it for less than a 1050. A 1050 is only like 100 USD and performs much better. The 750ti used to be 100 but its production ended a while ago so im not sure
JRV 2017 (1 year ago)
If I could afford a 1060 or even a 1050ti I would certainly be going for one but I'm on a tight budget I've spent £120 so far on everything I could probably just about get a 1050 non ti for that ! thanks for the reply though any other older cards that had a small version? power draw isn't a problem as I have a 600w psu
Combatsmithen (1 year ago)
You can find tiny tiny one fan, 1060's, 1070's. And if you want a low power card you could always get a 1050ti
Gee Jones (1 year ago)
Saved the card? give it to mee!!!1
Xttrition (1 year ago)
Great video, do more videos like this of fixing old parts!
VHS_ NXGHTMARE (1 year ago)
old prebuilt upgrades are fun i do them all the time
F7GOS (1 year ago)
+Xttrition sure, I enjoy doing it so I'll see what I can find :)
Andy Lynn (1 year ago)
loved it. great work. would have loved to have done it myself.

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