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i5 9600k vs i5 8600k Test in 9 Games

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Intel Core i5-9600k vs i5-8600k Test in 9 Games (RTX 2080) Games : Project Cars Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 01:16 Fallout 4 - 02:29 Grand Theft Auto V - 03:46 The Witcher 3 - 04:31 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 05:33 Kingdom Come Deliverance - 06:58 Far Cry 5 - 08:01 Assassin's Creed Origins - 09:07 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 9600k 3.7Ghz Intel i5 8600k 3.6Ghz Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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Text Comments (411)
Baby Jack (2 days ago)
my cpu is i5 2320😃
spartan 117 (3 days ago)
I have always thought that this 9600k does not make much sense and now I have the confirmation, but the main error lies in how they managed this ninth generation intel, they should have done the i5 6/12 thread -i7 8 cores / 16 tread and i9 10 cores / 20 threads, so at least you could justify more the 650 euro i9 in europe, not to mention the choices to make an i7 without the hyper treading thing that does not make much sense.
Kieran Ryal (4 days ago)
WHY ARE PLAYING AT 1080P!!! Dude you have a 9th gen processor and a 2080 wtf There's no wonder your getting shit frames
The Crater Games (5 days ago)
I don't really understand this test... The CPUs don't even working on 100%! You should show us for example rendering in Adobe Premiere or something like that ..
iTZ KIK (5 days ago)
I got . Is my pc good ? i5 9600K GPU: Zotac gtx 1070 ti 16 GB RAM viper Red DDR4 Motherboard:ASUS z370-H Nzxt x42 liquid cooling Power supply: RamPage 1050w rgb Case thermiltake j24
Patryk Wysocki (5 days ago)
What cooling do you have?
Okapi (6 days ago)
Almost same shit. GJ INTEL
Okapi (6 days ago)
Almost same shit. GJ INTEL
Koiden (7 days ago)
the 9600k is just as expensive as the 8600k here in france. I think I'll juqt get the 2700X for the same price lol
Official UFC (7 days ago)
LiveMyLifeAlpha (8 days ago)
Pffff. Why 8600 not 4.3 and 9600 not 4.7?
LastStopGaming (9 days ago)
I might just get the 9600k. Not because I want to be cool, but because the price is exactly the same on amazon right now. So I will get more future proofing for the same price xD
Nikt Ważny (10 days ago)
no horny 2 screens and on them the same image and the same time XDD cool fake tests
Venkata Vigneesh Jammi (10 days ago)
i5 9600k with rtx 2060 test gameplay please
NS Farm (11 days ago)
9600 is a beast with or without OC
Aaron Apodyopsis (12 days ago)
The i5-8600k OC's to 4.3 Ghz, the i5-9600k OC's to 4.6Ghz gives an average of 6 - 10 more FPS than the 8600k and in US right now the i5-9600k is literally 11 cents more expensive
Whatever is cheaper. Get a 2080Ti instead of a faster CPU. Anything after a R52600,or i5 8400 is a waste of $ in a game PC.
Paulo Santos (13 days ago)
It's the same shit but with a different smell...
Mihajlo Rajkovic (14 days ago)
Just look 5:18-5:22 i5 8600k is killing i5 9600k
Grand Tour Gaming (17 days ago)
the cost of both cpus is about the same
Speed YT (17 days ago)
In my country i5 9600k is cheaper than a 8600k
chanchai anunta (17 days ago)
How many watt of power supply?
Renzo A. (19 days ago)
wtf the i58600k is better than i5 9600k.
Test non oc cpu?
Edward (22 days ago)
Is the same cpu lmao
Static Rain (22 days ago)
Intel is trolling
Nikola Jurenić (25 days ago)
It's basically the same cpu, not worth the upgrade
after phill (26 days ago)
I just bought the 9600k cuz ot was on sale for 320 CAD and the 8600k was 366CAD
TiS SenteS (26 days ago)
What was the cooling?
jayyson (30 days ago)
Only worth if you have a third or fourth gen cpu
Mito Lido (1 month ago)
in poland 21.12.2018 9600 cost only on 10-15$(40-50zt) more
Orzeł (1 month ago)
Is that 4k?
Lucas Victor (1 month ago)
In this case, the biggest number is the price... not the FPS .
John Michael Lee (1 month ago)
best buy for gaming 8600k. Period
Barnabás Völgyi (1 month ago)
There is no different buy amd and save your money 💰
Marshall Hurtado (1 month ago)
Have you/anyone else noticed the frame-time spikes with the 9600K? I'm having them and it's driving me crazy.
Jiri Semrad (1 month ago)
I found a 9600k for 30 less than the 8600k is it worth it?
x3nomania (1 month ago)
💯 worth it
Mike Church (1 month ago)
How did you uncap the fps on fallout? without changing the game speed???
nanky (1 month ago)
revolution of intel
ANDY MALAGA (1 month ago)
Jaáajjajaahhaha x 5 fps
caralho eu vou é agora trocar o meu por esse, ta maluco vei 2 frames de diferença é logico q vale muito apena trocar mds o outro era muito lixo rodada 2 frames a menos
jaybajan (1 month ago)
someone tell me the name of the program he uses to show the info on the screen while playing, where an i download it?
jaybajan (1 month ago)
welllllll fuck me side way with a frying pan without lube. theres really no difference at all in performance
Sweettear01 (1 month ago)
i5 9600K is 6 euros more then 8600K.... i dont know which one to get xD
Hidde Van Den Broek (7 days ago)
For me the 9600k is 20€ cheaper lmao
LastStopGaming (9 days ago)
The 9600k is exactly the same price as the 8600k for me xD
LastStopGaming (9 days ago)
+Balderrama 24/7 Chillin on YouTube ew ryzen
Agent double07 (12 days ago)
Balderrama 24/7 Chillin on YouTube nah we don’t like ryzen get outta here lmao
Sweettear01 Get the Ryzen 5 2600x!
Gemütliche Boys (1 month ago)
Without even watching the video I know its gonna be complete bs. Intel charging like 100 bucks more fot literally 2 fps
Gemütliche Boys (1 month ago)
Ok so basically intel is a ripoff
у меня 9600к, покамест что полет хороший
LukaMasterz (1 month ago)
2-3 FPS difference and 2-3 degrees difference. Imo the more heat is not worth it
WonTon (1 month ago)
did you record this n the pc or with a capture card
Ios Quantum (1 month ago)
I have the i5 9600k and what I can tell you guys is that, yes you only see a slight difference in fps and but with overclocking you can tell drastically that there is a frame difference .
Johann San Juan (1 month ago)
so what you suggest pal?go with 9600k? im planning to buy the 8600k but the price is almost same with the 9600k...
carlos casiano (1 month ago)
The 9600k is $10 more expensive than the 8600k . 9600k is $239 and the 8600k is $229 in Microcenter. Com
The_ Kebbabbaro (1 month ago)
the difference of FPS is not high but also the price isn't very different (the 9600k costs just 30€ more than 8600k)
Pizza (1 month ago)
Basically the same cpu
Keith Runyon (1 month ago)
Binned 8600Ks
PAINNN666 (1 month ago)
VS 9700 please
Mommy Son (1 month ago)
intel must sex ryzen
turbofanlover (1 month ago)
Well, since I currently have an i5 4460 and will never buy anything from AMD, this looks like my new CPU in 2019. :)
Marius Thune (1 month ago)
turbofanlover AMD will probably give much more performance and be much cheaper than Intel when Zen-2 launches
Jambba (1 month ago)
Isn't your CPU or GPU supposed to be at 100%? Is it bottlenecking somewhere else?
Chadley Rustle (1 month ago)
Which CPU cooler was being used for this video? Do you notice any difference in temperature between the 2 cpus when overclocking?
Devin (1 month ago)
The 8600k can get to 5.2Ghz without being delidded, I have this processor, and know because of first hand experience. At 5.2Ghz, I averaged at 59°C using a Corsair H100i v2 AIO. I'm happy with my decision, and I don't regret it one bit.
f00z (1 month ago)
i5 8600k best of the [email protected]@@@
Dr.bacteria _ (1 month ago)
Mint. (1 month ago)
Omg intel...
Dylan Costo (2 months ago)
You didn’t mention resolution, if it was 1080 somethings wrong with your graphics card, if it was 1440 the cpu isn’t as demanded and mostly graphics card based
Dylan Costo (1 month ago)
Valters Upenieks there’s a difference between fantasy and fact, stop using the later, that example was the only one he had up for more than a few seconds.
Valters Upenieks (1 month ago)
Pause the video? Unless you are blind or don't pay any attention, you can clearly see what is the resolution every time he shows graphic settings, for example 2:30
Dylan Costo (1 month ago)
Valters Upenieks also, I shouldn’t have to pause the video 20 times to catch the resolution, some games run smoothly with the i5 at 1440 and 4K, so instead of asking me if I saw the video, which is a dumb response, keep to yourself
Dylan Costo (1 month ago)
Valters Upenieks after leaning in very closely and getting a new pair of glasses I can see the resolution settings, a content creator should include details that are overlooked often.
Valters Upenieks (1 month ago)
You clearly didn't watch the video, did you? In multiple instances you can clearly see that the resolution is 1080p
Acid Artic (2 months ago)
Is a i5 7400 a good pair with the 1080??
kpt. Ceckowitz (2 months ago)
While Intel just rebrands an old stuff and sells it more expensive, AMD is actually developing new and powerful CPU architecture... Shame on you, Intel
Garouchieflol .Gaming (2 months ago)
Ghoul YT (2 months ago)
I5 is better :/, The differences is 2%-5%
burr (2 months ago)
Compare it to an older i5 like the 4690K instead. Most people who buys the 9th gen has older CPUs like me. Then we'd see how much of an upgrade it is.
tezatmezat (2 months ago)
Clear intel win amd sucks
Joe (2 months ago)
Conclusion : F**K Intel 9 Gen
Funay Productions (2 months ago)
We need a new lake
farvizHD (2 months ago)
What is better
fadhil royhan (2 months ago)
so which is worth to buy? or should i buy 2700x?
Marius Thune (1 month ago)
fadhil royhan yes, the 2700x got 16 logial Core compared to the i5’s six cores
MrKrasavchik (2 months ago)
9600K better in 0,1%, 8600k have more staters!
Javier Padrón (2 months ago)
GPU at 90 - 100% ... same result with both as expected.
DSM Dallas (2 months ago)
Just bought the 8600k and gigabyte z370 gaming 7 open box at local pc store for $320 plus tax. Downloaded new bios released last month f10 and BEAST MODE. Sold my current mobo and cpu and this upgrade cost me $0. Which is why I didnt buy 8700k or 9700k. Free baby.
broadband lte (2 months ago)
In south korea. 9600k is cheaper than 8600k. Wtf is going on?
MikusGG (5 days ago)
Same here in Latvia, im pretty confused
MeeleDash (6 days ago)
Same here in Finland. They're only sometimes same price if not cheaper
Yuto (8 days ago)
same idk wtf is going on
Freminik (15 days ago)
same in sweden, 9600k is like $30 cheaper than 8600k
Maxime Adeline (2 months ago)
DP3138 (2 months ago)
8600к хорошо смотрится..
ACCELERATOR PHY (2 months ago)
they are completely same,9600k is a joke
The_Shadow _Play (2 months ago)
Серьёзно, переплата за 5фпс
Soad Mohamed (2 months ago)
Amd thridripper vd i9 9990k
Farhan (2 months ago)
Can I tell you a joke? Intel's 9th gen and 9600k
shadow seven (2 months ago)
My channel is about benchmarking the gtx 1050 with the 750ti too, any one wanna help each other sub to me i'll sub back instantly , just like this comment and say done
Sabartoasfaloi (2 months ago)
Higher CPU using than GPU using? These shits are bottlenecking!
Alexzz (2 months ago)
Is 1080p right?
Hiss (2 months ago)
9600K = 8600K OC
Warrock N0HCH0 (2 months ago)
i5 8600k 5.2 GHZ easy xdd with cooler be quiet dark rock tf
voltrox (2 months ago)
Warrock N0HCH0 I got my i5 8600k with a Noctua d15 and it’s great
AKUMA (2 months ago)
Shame Intel :(
Yang Liu (2 months ago)
pls show aveage fps but not two real time fps.
Bradley Masangkay (2 months ago)
Wtf what is the difference?
jay anand (2 months ago)
sad thing is there are people who still buy this shit
jay anand (2 months ago)
voltrox im indian
voltrox (2 months ago)
jay anand let me guess your an AMD fanboy😂
dominic0127 (2 months ago)
just get the 8600k
niwi (2 months ago)
AMD won.
Lazar Mitrovic (2 months ago)
Pls do: i15 8600k rtx 9088 vs ryzen15 2200 rx990
Ahmed Mohamed (2 months ago)
Acer predator helios 300 test
raven89k (2 months ago)
you should try them at the same frequency to see if the ipc has improved or not
JaZe MiLk (2 months ago)
Lol i have te i5 3470
Jesús IK 36 (10 days ago)
+Diganta Majumder OMG, I used to play GTA V on a laptop (GTX 860M) slightly worse than the 750Ti
Diganta Majumder (10 days ago)
+Jesús IK 36, still played gta v with gt 710!
Jesús IK 36 (10 days ago)
+Diganta Majumder OMG
Diganta Majumder (10 days ago)
i3-540 here....
Jesús IK 36 (13 days ago)
+M Z Those are not specially weak CPUs.
Maniu Maniek (2 months ago)
can you add i7 9700k ?

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