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i5 9600k vs i5 8600k Test in 9 Games

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Intel Core i5-9600k vs i5-8600k Test in 9 Games (RTX 2080) Games : Project Cars Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 01:16 Fallout 4 - 02:29 Grand Theft Auto V - 03:46 The Witcher 3 - 04:31 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 05:33 Kingdom Come Deliverance - 06:58 Far Cry 5 - 08:01 Assassin's Creed Origins - 09:07 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 9600k 3.7Ghz Intel i5 8600k 3.6Ghz Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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burr (1 hour ago)
Compare it to an older i5 like the 4690K instead. Most people who buys the 9th gen has older CPUs like me. Then we'd see how much of an upgrade it is.
tezatmezat (19 hours ago)
Clear intel win amd sucks
Joe (1 day ago)
Conclusion : F**K Intel 9 Gen
Funay Productions (4 days ago)
We need a new lake
farvizHD (5 days ago)
What is better
fadhil royhan (5 days ago)
so which is worth to buy? or should i buy 2700x?
MrKrasavchik (6 days ago)
9600K better in 0,1%, 8600k have more staters!
Javier Padrón (6 days ago)
GPU at 90 - 100% ... same result with both as expected.
DSM Dallas (7 days ago)
Just bought the 8600k and gigabyte z370 gaming 7 open box at local pc store for $320 plus tax. Downloaded new bios released last month f10 and BEAST MODE. Sold my current mobo and cpu and this upgrade cost me $0. Which is why I didnt buy 8700k or 9700k. Free baby.
broadband lte (7 days ago)
In south korea. 9600k is cheaper than 8600k. Wtf is going on?
Maxime Adeline (7 days ago)
DP3138 (8 days ago)
8600к хорошо смотрится..
ACCELERATOR PHY (8 days ago)
they are completely same,9600k is a joke
The_Shadow _Play (8 days ago)
Серьёзно, переплата за 5фпс
Soad Mohamed (9 days ago)
Amd thridripper vd i9 9990k
Farhan (9 days ago)
Can I tell you a joke? Intel's 9th gen and 9600k
shadow seven (9 days ago)
My channel is about benchmarking the gtx 1050 with the 750ti too, any one wanna help each other sub to me i'll sub back instantly , just like this comment and say done
Sabartoasfaloi (9 days ago)
Higher CPU using than GPU using? These shits are bottlenecking!
Alexzz (9 days ago)
Is 1080p right?
CAMM (9 days ago)
Son lo mismo, si colocas el i5 8600k a las mismas frecuencias del i5 9600k no existiría ninguna diferencia, no lo crean pendejo a uno, la 9na generación es un puto refrito en todo sentido
Hiss (10 days ago)
9600K = 8600K OC
Warrock N0HCH0 (11 days ago)
i5 8600k 5.2 GHZ easy xdd with cooler be quiet dark rock tf
AKUMA (11 days ago)
Shame Intel :(
Yang Liu (11 days ago)
pls show aveage fps but not two real time fps.
Bradley Masangkay (11 days ago)
Wtf what is the difference?
jay anand (11 days ago)
sad thing is there are people who still buy this shit
dominic0127 (11 days ago)
just get the 8600k
niwi (11 days ago)
AMD won.
Lazar Mitrovic (11 days ago)
Pls do: i15 8600k rtx 9088 vs ryzen15 2200 rx990
Ahmed Mohamed (11 days ago)
Acer predator helios 300 test
raven89k (12 days ago)
you should try them at the same frequency to see if the ipc has improved or not
JaZe MiLk (12 days ago)
Lol i have te i5 3470
M Z (3 days ago)
+ForZac bro,calm down.just asking by how much
M Z (3 days ago)
+ForZac and I know this better than any other because I have always paired My GPU with a weak CPU.For Example-I used to have i3 8350k with 1060,and also even now I have RTX 2080 paired with 9600k
ForZac (3 days ago)
+M Z i fucking own one so this i5 told me it was bottlenecking IT
M Z (3 days ago)
+ForZac Who said you that...it bottlenecks 1060 stock a very little bit
ForZac (3 days ago)
+M Z if you have a 9600k how can you know that 7400 is good ? the 7400 is like 95% usage on bf5 so it bottlenecks even a 1060
Maniu Maniek (12 days ago)
can you add i7 9700k ?
Alif Imanian (12 days ago)
I like Intel because the color is blue and nvdia is Green
Cloud Navy (8 days ago)
You sound like a shill
AggelosR (12 days ago)
your gpu is rtx 2080 to play at 1920 1080 with 90 fps ?
Shibhaditya Dohare (12 days ago)
I would buy a ryzen 5 2600x
Vaner Drace (12 days ago)
that´s sad
Seth Hernandez (12 days ago)
the same damn i5 8600k processor with only overclock
TKBER USA (12 days ago)
i5 8400 VS i7 700 + 1060 6gb + ram 16gb 😍
D Brine (12 days ago)
The difference is that the new generation is soldered meaning the temps will be better which should help with OCing in general. Of course the 8600K is still good, this is just a small feature, but it's well appreciated.
No difference
Wesley Liao (12 days ago)
Sebastian 1234 (12 days ago)
Minimal difference and cpu usage is ridiculous.
Supra TT (12 days ago)
8600K is amazing cpu its animal its neck to neck with 8700k a lot titles hard to belive its faster then 7700k
Brandon Dennis (12 days ago)
All I really see is a massive IPC Bottleneck.
Eagle Fat (12 days ago)
Nobody is going to run a 8600k at 4.1Ghz and if they do they'd be better off buying a ryzen 2600x, also for the 9600k having a 200mhz advantage it doesn't seem to be doing any better then the 8600k. So just buy the 8600k delid and OC to 5.1Ghz or just buy a 2600x if you are afraid of OCing because its maxxed out right out of the box.
çelik ss (12 days ago)
https://youtu.be/_vN11S_kzSs?t=294 i5 9600k so many time low fps
leonidas vasiliadis (12 days ago)
As we see here every new gen is a 5% better performance.So its pointless to chase every new cpu.Easily can stick with a cpu for 5 years and then go for an upgrade to see a difference.
Smokescreen (12 days ago)
OC ram 4000mhz+ and go testing.
Valitte 03 (12 days ago)
In our country the 9600k is cheaper :)
Mr2tired2care (12 days ago)
What software is being used to collect the hardware performance?
Mr2tired2care (11 days ago)
Raymond Garcia Thank you!
Raymond Garcia (12 days ago)
Msi afterburner which installs riva statistic tuner
Интел, попросту иди на хуй.
Bruno Fransua (12 days ago)
Производительность +2% intel, я вам хлопаю стоя😂 что за тенденция спускать технику не отличающуюся от прошлогодней по завышенной стоимости?🤔
Percival (12 days ago)
I have an i5 9600k and it's amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking into getting it.
Ultimate (12 days ago)
Guys this build is good ? Motherboard Asus Prime Z370-A Intel Core i5 8600K (3.6GHz) Socket 1151 SSD Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SATA III MSI GeForce® GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G G.Skill Kit 8GB (2 X 4GB) DDR4 2800MHz Trident Z Red Modular Seasonic Focus+ 650W 80+ Gold CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212X Help me pls
Ultimate (11 days ago)
Help me pls @Testing Games
Magnarts (12 days ago)
It’s i5 make bottleneck to RTX 2080?
The Gaming Brony (12 days ago)
just get a i5 7500 220 bucks for the cpu and a motherboard at microcenter, steal of the cetury
I5 7500 biggest shit on earth Intelfanvoys can't accept that ryzen is much better
Franciscoman22 (12 days ago)
5% faster at lower temps. Okay
Sagar Gupta (13 days ago)
9600k soldered tim makes temperature equal with 200mhz higher clocks thats what i learned.
- zuho (13 days ago)
GTX 970 I3 2100 fps? PUBG
is not diference
anch088 (13 days ago)
in my country- Bulgaria i5 8600k is more expensive with 10-20€(depends from the site shops) than the i5 9600k so i will buy i5 9600k
Masoud Kh (13 days ago)
Should i get i5-8600k or ryzen 5 2600x paired with rx 580???
Eagle Fat (12 days ago)
the 8600k will be outdated way sooner because its only 6core/6threads so in a year or two it will start to bottle neck, the 2600x is 6c/12t but will be about 5 to 20 fps slower at 1080p if you're into high fps gaming but if you're at 1440p or 4k the fps difference is much smaller and the ryzen becomes a much better buy because its cheaper and has 12threads so it won't bottle neck anytime soon
Cloud Navy (12 days ago)
Ryzen is cheaper and better value for money. Also thank AMD for making Intel finally advance their technology
Goku Godly (12 days ago)
I5 8600K is good for gaming Ryzen is good for rendering editing videos speed and few gaming.
Jorge Siles (13 days ago)
There is not different, just buy the cheapest one!
silane32 (13 days ago)
Which graphics card is this?
Promit Dutta (12 days ago)
Rtx 2080.
Oğuz GÖNÜL (13 days ago)
Om Pathak (13 days ago)
DIY : overclock your 8600k to 0.2 ghz. Boom! Its 9600k now.
and Im here...happy with my i5 3330...
vieldcs (13 days ago)
will not consider buy intel cpu within two years.
MAJORzer0 (13 days ago)
if you woulda ran both and not put the names on the screen who could really tell the difference
dahlia99 (13 days ago)
It is very interesting that temperature of soldered 9600k is not better than 8600k with TIM. Presumably, this is because that 8600k has a native 6-core die, while 9600k has a 8-core based die with two disabled, suffering from more current leakage.
J Fz (13 days ago)
+M18_CRYMORE we all think on the toothpaste intel used on previous cpus when you mention the term tim, and seems that they replaced bad tim with regular/bad solder and added 2 more cores on the i7 and i9, the i5 might come with 2 cores disabled but they surely produce heat or something is happening to let the cpu reach 115 celsius on the i9, this one can go up to 100 and i'm sure it will for most people nor intel or amd or any other manufacturer use liquid metal on any cpu, so tim will never be liquid metal, it is not stable or solid enough to not make a mess in transport from the factory to the consumer, so liquid metal is not a viable tim, only the end consumer in their home can apply it, install cpu with care and hope the thing doesn't mess up the cpu if they didn't appplied it well enough, and often it is not applied properly and messes up cpu or overheats becuase it wasn't applied properly
M18_CRYMORE (13 days ago)
TIM = Thermal Interface Material. So TIM can be either solder, liquid metal or normal grease.
h1tzz (13 days ago)
@testing games can you do same test but both with max overclock? 9600k is soldered while 8600k is not it might give nice oc headroom.
Marwen Mansour (13 days ago)
do 6 cores vs 8 cores like i5 9600k vs i7 9700k at same clock please
Nexuss (13 days ago)
I buy i5 8600k
Ernesto Sorona (13 days ago)
Is the same overclocked cpu. the prices (Newegg): I5 8600K: $269 (6c/6t) I5 9600K: $279 (6c/6t) R7 2700:$279 (8c/16t) Your choice
Promit Dutta (12 days ago)
9600k of course ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sinteriya (13 days ago)
нахуй ассоциировать с различными частотами?
SkyDersy (12 days ago)
Сравнение в стоке попросту для глуповатых
Zangetsu Engetsu (13 days ago)
vs R5 2600X please.
Tom Lademann (13 days ago)
Exactly what i searched for yesterday :D thanks!
Aswin Damara (13 days ago)
Nice upgrade intel's fanboy :).
Bruno Stejskal (12 days ago)
He´s just testing hardware, so shut the fuck up.
Ppl dont understand that clock speed isnt everything. 7980xe has 2.6 gHz and will absolutely crush any z370 cpu with a higher clockspeed. Its about instructions per clock tick, and some chips like the 7980xe will naturally have a higher IPCT since hyper threading and high core count. Another main thing is primary cache speed, capacity and most importantly cache hit rate which limits most CPUs, there r so many other things that matter as well like core counts and single core int, float, byte, and char throughput. Clock speed is not even close to everything dont judge a cpu based on its clock speed
Eagle Fat (12 days ago)
clock speed is the only difference between these two cpu's, they have the same architecture and same ipc
Lehel Hanko (13 days ago)
The 7980xe rarely sits at that frequency. So while what you said is true, the 7980xe is always boosting accordingly it's cores as I suppose you already knew
can you please add the "average fps" thing in your msi afterburner? it's really hard to distinguish which one is really better.
Sher Tanumihardja (9 days ago)
+selohcin amen brother
selohcin (12 days ago)
If you can't tell the difference, then it doesn't matter which one you buy. That's the whole point.
A Mavis (12 days ago)
You can pause the video from time to time
In my country it's the same price of a ryzen 2700X...i bought the ryzen
Emil Strutui (4 days ago)
+Zombie Gaming Ghost Recon Wildlands,AC Origins,AC Odyssey,The Witcher 3,GTA V ,Fallout 4 these games are few of them that give me hard times to run them over 45 FPS in heavy load situations on a freaking 1080ti. If you don't believe me look up some benchmarks or even better if you have the possibility test it out by yourself.In my eyes Ryzen is not that high FPS but rather stable fps gaming for a reasonable price. Just look up MindBlank he has an in-depth analysis on Ryzen 7 2700x vs i7 7700k and how ,fast RAM speeds and tight timings benefits both platforms.
ForZac (4 days ago)
+Zombie Gaming 2018 released AAA titles or even 2016 ones uses up to 16 threads. Ex : BF1, Forza horizon 4, BF5, AC Origins and more
Zombie Gaming (4 days ago)
+Emil Strutui BF1 is pretty much the only game that hassles the i5 4690k. Upgrading to a Ryzen would only benefit in that one title, upgrading to a newer intel chip would provide benefits across the board.
Zombie Gaming (4 days ago)
+ForZac Very few modern games properly utilize more than 4 cores, if this was the case Ryzen would be destroying intel in gaming alas that is not the case. I will be waiting to see what the 3rd gen ryzen has on offer, but as always my priority is gaming performance. If they ain't beating intel or at least matching intel performance I ain't gonna be buying.
ForZac (4 days ago)
+Zombie Gaming And for an upgrade just wait for zen 2 and 3rd gen ryzens.
Eduardo Pinheiro (13 days ago)
Same shit + 200 MHz + higher price AMD Wins
Dylan Plos (13 days ago)
R5 1600 vs R5 2600...fps different 10-20 fps.i5 9600k vs i5 8600k 1-5 fps different.good job Intel
modyXgame (11 days ago)
0:25 the use of GPU in 9600k is 93% and 8600k is 81% 😕 why
Jesús IK 36 (8 days ago)
Easy, because the 9600K is running at higher clocks. A 8086K at 5Ghz, will make the GPU run at 100% almost 99% of the time. Also, the CPU % usage is not accurate, because the CPU usage could be 55% (like in the video) and the CORE1 CORE2 and CORE3 running at 100%, CORE4 at 36% because of background activity and CORE5 and CORE6, running at 0%. The bottleneck will be solved with higher frecuencies in cores 1,2 and 3. Not with more cores, more threads or more RGB.
b lewis (8 days ago)
Harish Govindaraj you want gpu usage to be as close to 100as possible....if gpu usage is low that means you have a bottleneck somewhere else in your system
Harish Govindaraj (12 days ago)
+Bluger Yeah really worst
Harish Govindaraj (12 days ago)
Why intel are using more usage in gaming? 🤔 GPU usage is full.😱 Directly to bottleneck.
Bluger (13 days ago)
Rohan Halder (13 days ago)
Same performance only 1-2fps difference
Khmer Gaming (6 days ago)
I5 9600k cheaper
Rohan Halder (8 days ago)
+Virtual squad gamerz yes u're right and the difference is not enough to notice
Virtual squad gamerz (8 days ago)
Only 9600 or 8600 number replaced on box no difference
Sam Parker (9 days ago)
+Cloud Navy in the UK like £20 more expensive on amazon...
Cloud Navy (12 days ago)
And how much more expensive? XD
Distream (13 days ago)
Pon el precio de los componentes en la miniatura y veras como llega la gente :)
Alessio Bonfadini (13 days ago)
5Ghz 9600k vs 5Ghz 8600k ♡
RIZECEK (13 days ago)
Overclocking and renamed 8600. Joke of the year ....
NocliP (3 days ago)
You guys forget that the 9th gen is soldered and the 8th gen is cheap thermal paste.
A1179125CE (7 days ago)
Plus increase the price, 30$ for a product that barely improve is a big scam.
Radd (11 days ago)
+The Land of The Destitute *8600
Ngurah Bramhyang (13 days ago)
Is it like skylake to kabylake?
Benry1984 (4 days ago)
if only there was somewhere you could type that question in for an immediate answer...
Subhajit Chatterjee (6 days ago)
Its basically coffee lake refresh..
Cloud Navy (8 days ago)
Playboi Papix (12 days ago)
Ngurah Bramhyang sammy lake
Nacera ELB (13 days ago)
rx 570 https://www.ebay.fr/itm/RX-570-8GB-ARMOR-EDITION-OC-NEUF-JAMAIS-UTILISE/362477570081?hash=item546558c821:g:irsAAOSwYBtb0fSl:rk:1:pf:0
Seigneur Freezer (13 days ago)
Seigneur Freezer (13 days ago)
Yeah... Enfin https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Carte-Graphique-zotac-Nvidia-Geforce-GTX-1060-6Go-sous-garantie/283219724077?hash=item41f136072d:g:BXUAAOSwD-dbp~ph
Nacera ELB (13 days ago)
+Seigneur Freezer ses un bon plan rx 570 8gb a 200 balle
Seigneur Freezer (13 days ago)
Breeless (13 days ago)
What cooling are you using for these processors?
Testing Games (13 days ago)
zalman cnps10x performa
AroGamer 93 (13 days ago)
I have 8600k and for me is the best CPU for gaming.
Anero (13 days ago)
+Distream how tf worse cpu is better in gaming
Distream (13 days ago)
For gaming is i5 8400 and r5 2600 :)
Red Rod (13 days ago)
2~5 FPS
SkyDersy (12 days ago)
4.3 vs 4.1
Nicolas Jüttner (13 days ago)
amd won
TheVillainOfTheYear (13 days ago)
These are K SKU processors. Please clock them the same if you’re going to compare them. Obviously 4.3 GHz is faster than 4.1, but they can both hit 5. Please clock both at 5 and see if there’s a difference.
Jesús IK 36 (8 days ago)
I will sét the voltage to 1.35v and clock them to their max frequency possible with that voltage. To see also the OC posibilities of each one.
TheVillainOfTheYear (11 days ago)
selohcin wrong. There are hardware-based Spectre and Meltdown mitigations that may be faster than 8th gen.
selohcin (12 days ago)
There obviously won't be a difference, since there was no change to the architecture and no change to the memory configuration. They're functionally the same CPU. The only benefit to the 9600K is the solder. You can decide if that's worth the extra money to you.
Arfat Shaikh (13 days ago)
i5 9600k is running at 4.2ghz and i5 8600k at 4.0ghz if we oc the 8600k to the same frequency then the performance will be the same.
Khitish Agrawalla (7 days ago)
Neither the cpu nor the gpu is at 100 percent usage whyy
Maestro (11 days ago)
Jesús IK 36 (12 days ago)
This video is a little useless, because if someone has a K intel CPU, He'll overclock it, at least at 4.5Ghz.
Scott S (13 days ago)
+דניאל משה lol supposed to. Enjoy the koolaid
Maestro (13 days ago)
nice conclusion dude
Nexus Infinity (13 days ago)
ads blocked.. :)
Zandit TM (13 days ago)
Upgrade is not worth its price
Hasa Rafael (13 days ago)
360P reeeee

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