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Allow Me, Boys.

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No good, Mr. Krabs!
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Chris Smalls (9 months ago)
Lastan Newfor (7 hours ago)
This is exactly my reaction when I see the episode
Ryan (14 hours ago)
Chris Smalls I never expected this the first time I watched it
Squiddles (15 hours ago)
Miles Walsh (23 hours ago)
It is cookies!
I was confused until I saw squidward’s mom
Elfy, The elf no one knows (11 minutes ago)
This was on of the biggest anime plot twists ever
Leon Camero (12 minutes ago)
I'm gonna use this as an edit lol
HyperShovelMiner YT (21 minutes ago)
Top 10 anime plot twists!
Suzette Watson (41 minutes ago)
Top 10 Anime Plot Twists
Saber Is A Wulf (57 minutes ago)
This scene reminds me of the home invasion scene from the original Fargo.
tea pot (1 hour ago)
that's how the mafia works
Emily Whale (3 hours ago)
“Let’s gew maik som cewkies bouzzzzz”
Justin O'Donnell (3 hours ago)
Plot twist: Mr.Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidwards grandma are using Squidwards grandpa to bake cookies
JaysFlowerGarden (3 hours ago)
"Top ten anime plot twists"
I used to think it was Squidward's mother in the bag lol
wf. (4 hours ago)
god i just love the backgroubd music for this
Katlyn Dobransky (4 hours ago)
This scene made me so confused when I was younger. Then when I realized the joke, I immediately thought it was funny. This isn’t even a SpongeBob episode from seasons 1,2, or 3 yet this comedy is genius
Eoin Donnelly (4 hours ago)
They had us on the first half not gonna lie
EclaveGrunt (4 hours ago)
Ea and dice show up at respawns door dressed as bad companies. Respawn”Ahhhhhhhh” Dice trying to make a good game. Dice”I can’t make a good game” to EA Respawn”allow me boys” (makes good game) “Now let me save your company!”
Drag Racing (5 hours ago)
Years later this is gonna be a blackface
Bunny23723 (5 hours ago)
This episode part from spongebob is so damn funny. :)
jinrex015 (6 hours ago)
I thought it was her inside the bag, disappointed when she appears.
PopcornDude 20 (6 hours ago)
Who’s walk sounds better, mr krabs or squidward?
jester man (6 hours ago)
I always liked how Spongebobs had a serious face when he was hitting it lol
Sahil King (7 hours ago)
WITHER XX (7 hours ago)
Whats the name of this episode?
Alcer The Demon (7 hours ago)
0:08 what they should do to the entire Super Bowl staff
Haxel Hazard (7 hours ago)
Now this is a good cartoon show Take notes TTG.
Dog A (8 hours ago)
When I saw this as a kid I thought the joke was squidwards mom was stronger than Mr.Krabs
Cany0m Dude (8 hours ago)
Spongebob is me and the bag was my meat
Cotton Candy Cat (8 hours ago)
Lez go make some cookies bois
Quartex Games (9 hours ago)
Make 10 hours version
Miguel Spagna (9 hours ago)
I remember laughing my ass off at this joke when I was a kid
sammattjack#2 sahweet (9 hours ago)
There needs to be a ten hour version of 0:05
AMC Productions (10 hours ago)
She protecc She attach But most importantly She puts the ingredients in the *bacc*
FLUTTER ROSE (10 hours ago)
Your Fellow Queenie (10 hours ago)
Shinichi Yukio (10 hours ago)
was expecting some edit gonna happen xD
Lill Jeffy (11 hours ago)
Is this a joke?
Nightfall (11 hours ago)
This episode was fantastic despite being after the movie
Sinisa3Games (11 hours ago)
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
leifaxardo (11 hours ago)
At first I thought that this was real but then Squids mom showed up and that just surprised me
The Pug Knight (11 hours ago)
They got us from the first half not gonna lie.
GunHawk (12 hours ago)
Top 10 anime plot twists
Kitsu (13 hours ago)
AKUN TANPA KONTEN (13 hours ago)
Squidwards grandma: *slaps trunk of car
o ZeitH o (13 hours ago)
That escalated quickly
Ben S (13 hours ago)
The writing is really funny but the pacing here is so off
Volaire (13 hours ago)
I sang to a spongebob tribute video if anyone would like to listen/watch
R3MiX Gaming (14 hours ago)
Trying to close the description. Allow me boys.
Anime Livestreams (14 hours ago)
They had us in the first half not gonna lie
Ass Eating Roach (15 hours ago)
deep fried pidgeon (15 hours ago)
Me: I wish somone would suck my peanut butter covered cock. My dog: 0:18
Fleys Play (15 hours ago)
10 hours please
Ulotrichous-Beard509 (16 hours ago)
“So now that me laundry in the trunk.”
Kenn Johnson (16 hours ago)
Mama squidward used only .000001 of her power to close it
Suga Kookies (16 hours ago)
When I first saw this I thought the grandma was still inside the bag and the one who locked her in the trunk was her evil twin sister.
EnclaveTesla (16 hours ago)
Let's go bake some (pot) cookies boys!
Dom Smith (17 hours ago)
dont know why this is in my recommendations but glad it was 👌
Dakota Moffatt (17 hours ago)
an imaginary world (17 hours ago)
This is probably my favorite episode
Joe Williams (17 hours ago)
Allow me boooaaa
Lightskin Boi (17 hours ago)
f duff (17 hours ago)
Top 10 anime plot twist
K3V1N4TW ! (17 hours ago)
I didn’t understand it back then so I just thought it was normal
J Gio Sanchez (18 hours ago)
Top 10 Anime Plot Twists😭
PotatoDog (18 hours ago)
*Tik Tok is watching.*
The Student Official (18 hours ago)
When i was a kid, this went over my head.
SUPERNOVA 1357 (18 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommended? We will never know
WasteOfTime, Why?! (18 hours ago)
But that doesn't explain why they are wearing masks!!!😥
Vermillion Catus (18 hours ago)
She has a past.
Irtdor (18 hours ago)
"Allow me boys"
Pixel Wanderer (18 hours ago)
"Let's go make some cookies boys!" Top 10 lines said after the kill
george chopsuey (19 hours ago)
Top 10 anime plot-twist
ZEKEVLOGS !!! (19 hours ago)
Squidwards face when the video ended!!! He's looking at Mr.Krabs with a weird look 😂
Gregory Moran (19 hours ago)
0:19 *CRUNCH*
bailey hall (19 hours ago)
The algorithm has brought us together once more
Sir Arthur of Winterfell (19 hours ago)
Ummm....what did They need the ski mask for
Mr. anoni (19 hours ago)
So...they didn't only almost killed a food inspector But also kidnapped a poor old la- wait, nevermind
Jayson Woodson (20 hours ago)
Plot twist: Donald Trump got magically turned into dirty laundry and squidward's mom handed it over to spongebob and mr. krabs while his aides and secretaries looked for him.
meme mustard (20 hours ago)
Boys will be boys
AlctrZ (20 hours ago)
Allow her dood
Gabe Bernhard (20 hours ago)
“They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.”
Eli da man (20 hours ago)
wanna pin mah comment? it’s Valentine’s Day after all
Jesus Ayala (20 hours ago)
I think the music is Augurs of Spring... look it up and correct me lol
The Weed Wizard (20 hours ago)
It was so unsatisfying when that trunk wouldn't close tbh
shadow wolf (20 hours ago)
Lol everyone thought they were beating the poor old lady
TheDestroyerGaming123 (21 hours ago)
I just wish mom was a better cook..
Leon 13 (21 hours ago)
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28 (21 hours ago)
They had us in the first half, not gonna lie
Avery Carlisle (21 hours ago)
i eat chicken
Bungle - Man (21 hours ago)
Welcome to episode 673 of why is this in my recommended
Jemethyst (21 hours ago)
i thought that was the grandma
Music Lover (21 hours ago)
Imo this was one of the funniest episodes
Lava Is A Lava (21 hours ago)
Top ten anime plot twists
The Dice Master (22 hours ago)
So uh.....what was the joke?
TEC 9 (6 hours ago)
The Dice Master chef youre so retarded
Papa lo (19 hours ago)
The Dice Master (20 hours ago)
+Nathan Richards or how bout you be more kind to those people.
Nathan Richards (20 hours ago)
No one should explain the joke, if you aren't smart enough to catch on then you dont deserve to know
Avery Carlisle (20 hours ago)
+EuropeanEurope I don't know
timmy 900 (22 hours ago)
So dark but so funny
Dat0n3 GuYD0uGH (22 hours ago)
How’d he get his laundry anyways? Is it just casually sitting at Mrs. Tentacles’ house?
Smol _Cringe (22 hours ago)
That’s how Mafia works
mctwistx12 (22 hours ago)
the lazy potato (22 hours ago)
fate hzq (22 hours ago)
Jordan Wilson (23 hours ago)
Real question here. Why does she just accept the fact that they are wearing ski masks and driving her off to God know where.......

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