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#GoGetThoseGeckos: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Russia sent some geckos into space to have sex. And then they lost contact with them. John Oliver wants Vladimir Putin to #GoGetThoseGeckos. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (809)
Jayden Hasting (2 months ago)
So did we get the geckos
myMelody4life (2 months ago)
...so whatever happened to those geckos? lol
Molandria (3 months ago)
Oh back when they did comedy... 2014... today 2018... Lets just hate Nationalists! that's comedy.... >_<
Danielle Wilson (3 months ago)
What if I asked Putin about what he thinks about the United States of America?
melvina628 (4 months ago)
John looks like he could be Luke Wilson's cousin.
Seth Williams (6 months ago)
Best LWT Web Exclusive yet!
Madeline Harper (6 months ago)
Yes send the Kardashians to space. Forever. Please.
Omara BRODY (7 months ago)
How about we send the Kardashians in space and observing their mating activities in zero gravity?
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag (7 months ago)
Remember when the worst thing happening in the world was the Ukrainian civil war?
laura Coderre (8 months ago)
Catboi McGee (8 months ago)
I know it’s been four years but are we all gonna forget that buzz fucking aldrin was in this!
loveld Lu (8 months ago)
So this is a common for VH1 so I understand Pebbles decide that she's going to sue you because you ruined her reputation okay bye Felicia first of all it is shooting a leg to stand on okay because you had work with T-Bone and chili on this movie and I guarantee that left eye family has a lot to say about Pebbles so you should back down because Miss I think that I created everything and it wouldn't be for me who is Pebbles that no one else could go forward intimidate you she's showing her true colors and if you really be patient you know you have a better case than she does cuz she saw him like Donald Trump with his paperwork and you know how that worked out so don't give up do not give up hope you have TLC on your side and you if you do your research and you loyal do you Resort you know that woman has no legs to stand on all the best
Sir Arliss Feathergill (9 months ago)
The Geckos eloped to mars with Elon Musk.
Made in America (9 months ago)
This sounds like something you'd see in movie staring the guy who fucked the pie in American pie
Shmacked Muffins (9 months ago)
The geckos will evolve in space and invade Earth. Thanks Russia.
Xaander67 (9 months ago)
The Russians must have been hardcore Gex fans.
galloping goose (9 months ago)
There really isn't anything that funny about the loss of a satellite. Geckos or not.
Alyssa B (9 months ago)
It’s Tim Gunn!
Star Colin (10 months ago)
I am very upset with how it turned out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/science/2014/sep/01/russia-death-five-geckos-space-sex-mission
Emanuel Rojas (10 months ago)
What in the world were Russian scientists doing?
Communism Capital Loosers (10 months ago)
Shelby Cazares (10 months ago)
That Kardashian burn was top shelf 🤣
powerfreshJennifer (11 months ago)
Did they ever get the geckos?
Malo 2901 (9 months ago)
powerfreshJennifer no, they died
Malgax The Great (11 months ago)
Got dem gekkoz
Videoparty96 (11 months ago)
Space geckos sounds like a really bad name for a rock band
Videoparty96 (11 months ago)
What were they hoping to gain from this experiment?
Torterra (11 months ago)
I’m pretty sure this is how the Gorn will come into existence.
Kris Woods (11 months ago)
Anyone wonder if this has anything to do with the election meddling?
Peters palace (11 months ago)
AGuyNamedTaylor (11 months ago)
Anybody else get the feeling that Russia is using the word Gecko as a code name for a new type of space weapon and the word mating is the code word for testing it out? You honestly think the Russians would spend that kind of money to watch geckos fuck in zero gravity? *By the way, this was a joke. I don't actually believe this. Don't hurt me Mr. Putin. Ok that was also a joke. Or was it?
Courtney Buras (1 year ago)
I wanted Geico's gecko to come on for an interview....
Ezequiel Acosta (1 year ago)
So what happened to those geckos
Graysongdl (1 year ago)
They died.
Lost Gecko (1 year ago)
Yeah! We'll miss you geckos
Not For Kissing Kate (1 year ago)
Sexually active space geckos should be a band.
Andrew's Animals (1 year ago)
That is animal cruelty. I cant believe they would do that to those geckos. I also cant belive you are making all these jokes about this. Myehh. I have geckos and love them. And give them proper care. And I know they are very aware creatures.
skunktheshrink (1 year ago)
Sure, make fun of this now, but you'll be surprised what a couple of centuries, space radiation, wildly sexually active cannibal space geckos can do to humanity.
TR-8R (1 year ago)
He got buzz Aldrin on there!
Ashley Elizabeth (1 year ago)
do you think knowledge of this experiment gave buzz aldrin some regrets about all he did not accomplish during his career?
Riot Breaker (1 year ago)
Space Porn. The Russians beat us to that too.
Blue A (1 year ago)
His absolute glee in telling us you can message Putin 😂😂😂😂
Blue A (1 year ago)
His absolute glee in telling us you can message Putin 😂😂😂😂
Blue A (1 year ago)
His absolute glee in telling us that you can message Putin 😂😂😂
下佐粉チャネル (1 year ago)
That’s not even a gecko suit it looks like some sort of leftover frog suit fished out of the costume department laundry bin smh 👎 #frogsareworsethansatan
Jamie Taylor (1 year ago)
coast generous reasonable slice cigarette lens proof characterize musical flat wealth credibility.
dustiest spade (1 year ago)
The space fuckers used the space geekos as space dildos.
Jacob Prim (1 year ago)
Something tells me that Jon jacked off to alien...
Something930 (1 year ago)
#GoGetThose... Whats that? They already got the geckos? Over three years ago? Really? Well then... #feminism?
Rich Stoddard (1 year ago)
Is “Go Fuck Yourself’ Specific enough for Russia?
Lina Muro (1 year ago)
I can't help but wonder if John has considered whether or not convincing his audience to harass Putin about geckos maybe had something to do with them deciding to attack and interfere with the rest of the world's political goals....#probablyjohnsfault #feminism?
pumba16b (1 year ago)
did they get the geckos?
DuSAprukiyathan (1 year ago)
The geckos will evolve to eat parts of the ship, and when contact is reestablished, if they haven't been depressurized, they will bring a new metal-eating species of geckos to the world.
Léa Overbye (1 year ago)
Antti Björklund (1 year ago)
"Go get those geckos" must be up there with "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall"
Spherical Scrabble (1 year ago)
Smith John (1 year ago)
This is why Putin elected Trump - revenge
Raiden the cyborg (1 year ago)
#geckosarefemalestoo #feminism
Kiz (1 year ago)
Sends link of nudes to Vladimir Putin
funny haha (1 year ago)
If they have baby’s they would technically be the first aliens
Wicked Amoeba (1 year ago)
Tim Gunn, you gem of a man.
issy goddard (1 year ago)
How many times has he said "space s*X geckos"?
The Bashful Turtle (1 year ago)
This is way too inspiring for geckos
Karolina Tchórzewska (1 year ago)
Oh my god the kardashian line killed me! Can't stop laughing :D
Diego Roman (1 year ago)
Eduardo Almeida (1 year ago)
Anirudh Sivakumar (1 year ago)
They helped us save 15% on car insurance NOW.....Its time to save them .. #GOGETTHOSEGECKOS
Gex (1 year ago)
Thank you
Natalie _Creates (1 year ago)
This was uploaded on my b-day... U didn't have to know that... Hi Jonny
相続人Pastel (1 year ago)
This made my life 300% better
RadioOppy1 (1 year ago)
Did we ever get them???
Pierre Courtois (1 year ago)
Shit Buzz Aldrin looks in bad shape
Joshua C (1 year ago)
Guessing they're still up there boning
coming-up-ooo (1 year ago)
This shit's how you get xenomorphs.
Giacomo Lo Giacco (1 year ago)
*turn to my pet gecko* Girl, we are going to space
NathanGPT (1 year ago)
formerly 987946216430 (1 year ago)
Late....Sad news, they didn't make it :( https://www.space.com/27003-russia-space-geckos-dead.html
Victor Flores (1 year ago)
The geckos died...
SmithersonIsExploding (1 year ago)
"Space Sex Geckos" Don't give DeviantArt any ideas.
Ayanee (1 year ago)
Are the Gekko's ok now?
i am bacon 123 (1 year ago)
Kamen Raider117 (1 year ago)
10 years later the Space Geckos return to Earth, highly evolved and prepared to destroy us all.
Max Medford (1 year ago)
Oliver-Hey Patrick would you in the most serious tone your British acting can muster say go get those geckos into a Camera so I can show it to Vladimir Putin? Patrick-Oliver, you drunk again?
Insert Name (1 year ago)
RIP fucking space geckos
Rock Balancer (1 year ago)
infamousmohit (1 year ago)
grant ashe (1 year ago)
FlannelLemon (1 year ago)
John Oliver throwing a baby tantrum over Geckos is my favorite thing
Ruben (1 year ago)
Of all the living species that appeared on planet Earth, the fascinating _Homo sapiens_ has been the first to develop such knowledge to allow them to visit the open space. While geckos were the first ones to have space sex. Congratulations geckos, you just won.
Jess Wolfe (2 years ago)
OMG YES I am so going to send a letter to Russia. For the hilarity alone I have to do this. Probably get the same response as a kindergarten class gets sending a letter to the US President but fucking hell it's funny.
Jonathan Sim: Magic (2 years ago)
We have to get those geckos. I have to save money on my car insurance!
Napoleon Rabbit (2 years ago)
Any update!!?
Movie Man (2 years ago)
If Elaine & Professor X are telling you to GoGetThoseGeckos you better get them
William Glass (2 years ago)
We will never forget those brave little geckos.
Emily Fletcher (2 years ago)
John Oliver, how do you get so many people to support these insanely awesome endeavours?!
swagswagify (2 years ago)
I'm gonna go get those geckos!!!!
appma balraj (2 years ago)
who fucking loses an expensive pod full of gecko's?
Chatos 92 (2 years ago)
John Oliver is Life
Akriti Dhasmana (2 years ago)
I'm so hooked to this show. Love this man! Tho I'm a little late, #GoGetThoseGeckos
Cory Mck (2 years ago)
I wonder how many millions of dollars it cost to send them there.
Meghna Dineshan (2 years ago)
omg! I was in such a terrible mood & John Oliver just cheered me up! Damn this guy is hilarious.

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