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Dirt bike making rattling/squeaking noise - How to fix

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Just a quick video about how i stopped my pit bike from rattling. This may not fix your bikes noise so pleas do not hate if it docent work. Sorry about the Dirty bike ;)
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Darren Arnold (1 year ago)
Hi there m8 I have a demon x 170 and iv just started to get a ticking noise would you know what this is. Would it be the values in and out take or something else thx
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
Darren Arnold hi mate check inside your crank case for any loose bit of metal
Silk Boxing (1 year ago)
I am having an issue when kick starting my Sons CRF 50.. It will make a squeaking sound every kick and definitely sounds near the Filter not flywheel. I replaced the stock filter with uni filter and 3 inch Breather filter which ran fine for awhile but has sat for a year. I am putting the stock one back on and cleaning the jets out. Hope it works but great Video !!
Qussaiii (1 year ago)
Silk Boxing hey I have the same issue. Did you fix yours?
macker b (1 year ago)
Any idea why I would have smoke coming from mine coming from that side case
ElasticBan (4 days ago)
macker b Check the oil rings and check theres the correct amount of oil in the bike
macker b (1 year ago)
SMS CUSTOMS I put new oil in an it didt Happing so seems ok
SMS CUSTOMS (1 year ago)
There’s a lot of different reasons. I had the same problems after restoring 3 different Dirt Bikes. Could be the engine case is loose or gasket seal is shot. Too much oil. Also, did u put a new air filter on the bike other than stock. Tighten it up. These Bikes are non stop maintenance, especially if they sit too long! Clean out the Jets, New spark plug, drain oil and gas. Start fresh !!! Good Luck Bud.
macker b (1 year ago)
no u what's blowby.... I heard of it Happing to people but they just cleaned the hose out and everything was fine... There a small tear in my hose
no u (1 year ago)
put your finger over the hose and if its pushing air out everytime the engine fires then its definitely blowby

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