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Sam Seiden: Trade Like A Bank

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Date of issue: 07 March 2013. Speaker: Sam Seiden. Most retail active traders struggle to achieve profits. Banks and institutions are very profitable. During this session, Sam will show you exactly why this is and how you can learn to buy and sell where Banks and Institutions do. Learn to Trade Now http://www.tradingacademy.com/fxstreet
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Exorcist (20 days ago)
Simple Mind (9 months ago)
The most recurring pattern in trading history is the daily lows and highs. Just open any FX chart if you don't believe me...this video is worth its 2 cents
Zakirhussein (1 year ago)
Which broker do you suggest?
I'm so happy I manifested this! It's insane that how a bank literally makes profit is visible to the naked eye. But yet struggling speculators will not copy! As though they have more bank roll than them. The financial markets will ever be dominated by large banks and institutions!

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