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Secure Link To IQ Option: https://iqoption.com/lp/ultimate-trading/en/?active=crypto1&aff=39178 SUBSCRIBE - help us hit 5000 subscribers and I will give away 2 VIP membership to Put Capital! Put Capital Ltd ---------------------------- Put Capital is a rapidly growing training and self help hub of valuable information on how to become a great trader in all sections from; Stock & Shares Forex Crytpo's ETF's & CFD's Spread Betting Binary Options & More! From complete beginners to experienced traders we offer services such as; Live Community Chat (helping each other & pointing out good trades) Training (webinars and seminars) Signals (3 daily, 3 weekly & 3 monthly) Amazing Strategies (proving to be unbeatable) News & Live Stock Prices If you're serious about training from home then you need to be part of this exciting growing family community today! Come & See us at! https://putcapital.com (PUT CAPITAL WEBSITE) https://facebook.com/putcapital (FACEBOOK) https://twitter.com/putcapital (TWITTER) https://plus.google.com/+putcapital (GOOGLE +) Trade Safe & Keep Smiling :-)
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Text Comments (42)
Achmad Nabil (1 month ago)
Can you do a review on Olymptrade?
Azri Nordin (1 month ago)
Thanks man, you are our saviour. Love from Sabah Borneo
Put Capital (1 month ago)
Thanks man
Elite Putters (2 months ago)
Love the videos Steve! Just Joined PutCapital. And need some help! I want to use IQOption in the US!
Mr Leo 007 (2 months ago)
look like a gambling
Karthik Arumugam (2 months ago)
Thanks brother to prove on IQ option.. Thumb up for u
Put Capital (2 months ago)
Thanks man
khalid mehmood (2 months ago)
sir , were trades from the same IP adress from the same internet provider?
Put Capital (2 months ago)
No one was on 4g the other was on WiFi
Dave Cox (3 months ago)
Hi mate, I'm brand new to it option but have noticed that mine is different to yours.. I have buy/sell and you have call/put. Also you have timers and profit % . Is mine different to yours or is it to do with the set up. Any help would be appreciated. Or if you have a video on set up that would be awesome. Cheers mate.
Put Capital (3 months ago)
Dave Cox I only ever traded BO for fun I’ve always been a mainline trader! But no I haven’t traded it for ages I do miss it though.
Put Capital (3 months ago)
Dave Cox I will do an update video for you
Dave Cox (3 months ago)
if so,,i will continue watching your videos but othrwise i need to learn about the new set up i rekon..
Dave Cox (3 months ago)
yeah,,thanks for the reply matr,,it seems that the binary option has been banned in europe now since 2nd july. im curious though,,,are byou still usig it or have they taken it from you
Put Capital (3 months ago)
Yes IQ have updated the platform since I did this video
David Rzs (4 months ago)
Have someone done money with iq option?
Ishfaq Pathan (1 month ago)
Lost about 6000 rupees over last 5 days
Sainath Patil (4 months ago)
David Rzs yeah lots
Vraj Patel (5 months ago)
Nice videos, I have one question is this demo and real account are same or different and i apply demo account strategy and real account strategy give same resut in real time frame?
david pikner (6 months ago)
I have a question, were trades from the same IP adress from the same internet provider?
Put Capital (6 months ago)
No Dom used hotel internet, I used my 4G connection
FronTank (6 months ago)
Hi, discovered your channel a moment ago. Excited for your future videos.
Put Capital (6 months ago)
Hey From thanks dude I will keep working hard to deliver for you guys and make things better
PaganiGamer 64 (7 months ago)
Great job on the video! You nail'd it! That goes to show iqoptions is legit!
Put Capital (7 months ago)
Thanks man
T T (7 months ago)
I was ur follower starting from when u have 200 subscribers in 2016... But now i want to let u know that iq is a complete scam.. My cousin is here with me and he told me they refused his withdrawal... Cos he won.. 4k. He has all the evidence.. What can u help .
Put Capital (7 months ago)
Yeah for sure send it over on email I'll see what I can do for you!
T T (7 months ago)
Hi steve
Muhammed Atif (9 months ago)
Great job love you
Put Capital (9 months ago)
Thanks man love ya right back 😀
Marcel Stebe (10 months ago)
I enjoy watching your videos,greetings from Germany
Put Capital (10 months ago)
Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it.
Jack Anderson (10 months ago)
Great video I want to join your UTC on your website. Is it possible you can show a preview of what I can expect when I sign up please id like a little more info on what I am signing up for. Many thanks
Put Capital (10 months ago)
+Jack Anderson thanks for the feedback Jackson really appreciate it... Why not join for free first and take a look at all the free stuff we have, some great training and strats there for starters all for free. Then if you want to take it further for just £35/month you can get the UTC. There are 2 very high end strats with a new coming coming soon each strat caters for different types of trading, Long term, short and scalping. We are also building the advanced training section as we speak and we are about to launch live trading and training g webinars. Plus UTC members will get to be beta testers on out new platform.
Max Durdant - Hollamby (10 months ago)
Great video as always Steve - very informative indeed.
Put Capital (10 months ago)
+Max Durdant - Hollamby thank you
Adrian Edwards (10 months ago)
Another fantastic vid yet again, Put Capital is becoming one amazing place to be, everyone sharing trading ideas in the groups, trading together if in doubt others help you out. Any newcomers coming here you need to join people cos you're missing out big time, Put Capital is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Just being a member is incredible, an honour honestly & what a team fantastic guys amazing. Well very nice seeing "Doctor Dom" out & about, bet it gets stuffy in the surgery lol.
Put Capital (10 months ago)
LOL thanks Adrian have a great weekend...
Eric Miller (10 months ago)
steve what do you think about copytrading on binarymate?
Put Capital (10 months ago)
+Eric Miller it's not for me I prefer to make my own destiny but each to their own.
GMC (10 months ago)
Thank you steve and Dom now i feel totally happy about using iqoption win or lose it will be only my fault if i lose if i dont do my homework and research first before i trade thanks steve. appreciate it .
Put Capital (10 months ago)
No worries have a lovely weekend

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