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Stellite wallet tutorial for Mac and Windows

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Want to check out our crypto research and analysis tools head over to: https:moocharoo.ninja/bmm This is a step by step in depth review and tutorial of the new Stellite GUI wallet. Overview The new Stellite GUI wallet is hands down one of the best crypto currency wallets I have ever used, super slick, responsive and incredibly easy to use. One of the coolest features found in the wallet has to the CPU mining feature. That's right they have made it so that you can mine Stellite straight from the wallet. Step 1. Go to http://stellite.cash scroll down and click the GUI Wallet button. Step 2. Choose to download the correct version for your OS, either linux, linux ubuntu, windows or mac. Step 3. Click install program, choose language, and install new wallet. Disclaimer: Just the usual legal blah, blah, blah. Basically, just in case you was not aware, I am 'not' your local financial adviser and am in no way giving you any kind of legal advise. If you do wish to take any of the content of my videos as financial advise, marriage advise, spiritual advise or any other type of advice then you'll need to send me £100,000,000 worth of bitcoin as payment :-p What I am of course is not a financial adviser but just some random guy making videos on YouTube about my personal cryptocurrency investments. If you have found anything in this video useful then please remember to subscribe, like the video, and comment below with and questions or suggestions of coins you would like me to feature in future videos. Also while your here reading all of this, which I must say is rather unusual, I wouldn't think that many crypto investors such as yourself actually read as this... but, as you are here I would just like to remind you to watch the video we did yesterday on Stellite, Stellite vs Electroneum. Basically explains how you could make over $1million from just $242 of Stellite at today's prices, well worth a watch ;-)
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Text Comments (20)
Cody Ketcham (16 days ago)
as i am going through and setting up my wallet it ask about daemon settings? I dont know what to put for that?
Adam (1 month ago)
Couldn't connect to daemon:
YouTube inc. (2 months ago)
how about linux?
carbide (3 months ago)
do you need to do that daemen thing ?
איתמר שובי (4 months ago)
Why is do to me an error
Pop a (5 months ago)
how do I send xtl with Stellite wallet
David Mishler (6 months ago)
i keeping gtting an error that my miner wont configure i have done all the steps for defender and my anti virus a am using win 10 ... do you happen to know my problem issue
Kushal Singh (6 months ago)
Sir my balance is not showing on stellite wallet I'm mining from last one week
Organic BodyBuilding (5 months ago)
Same here.
MIKES MOUNOUCHOS (6 months ago)
wright. im new to this how to cash out when i collected enough to a bank account? thank you
Moocharoo (6 months ago)
video on visa debit cards for bitcoin holders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcMxOxnp5do
Moocharoo (6 months ago)
Why would you need to? I know you said you are new to this, the fact is these days you can pay for everything you want to buy using Bitcoin, Litecoin etc. cash is obselete. But to do this you'll need to get one of these Visa debit cards that is connected to your bitcoin wallet. Spending crypto like this is much cheaper than going back through exchanges like Coinbase losing another 4% in fee's just to change back to paper money to buy something you want. Truth is I'm guessing you don't really want the paper money, you just want to pay for goods.
war crypto (7 months ago)
how price on future
Darkweb Pro (7 months ago)
I have about 6 different computers at my home office that I c ould use to run for mining. Could I mine all 6 of them for Stellite at the same time? IF so, is there a way to point all of them to the same wallet?? Does it take up alot of space/CPU power?
Moocharoo (7 months ago)
Darkweb Pro as longbas they have at least a dual core CPU you shouldn’t see much loss in performance. And yes you can set them all up and point to the same wallet. But maybe try different mining pools for each one to give you more chance to get paid out more often 😉
david murphy (7 months ago)
What is WINRARR?
Moocharoo (7 months ago)
Isn't that some sort of package for unzipping and zipping up folders
Akram Twil (7 months ago)
I tried installing it on my win pc not successful ?? it wont load, any advice
Pat London (7 months ago)
Great video, I've just finished setting up my Stellite wallet on Windows and my Mac, thanks to this video. Cheers.
S. Katane (7 months ago)
nice ben

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