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Thanks for watching my channel. I am honored to have you watch.
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Mr. Anderson (11 months ago)
Telegram is the best.
Stephen G (11 months ago)
Are you getting into this ICO? Where is your link?
Mick Mars (11 months ago)
Telegram is one of the best apps for years. Extremely fast, instantaneous media sending. It's incredible. If this is real, holy shit. I believe in Telegram I tell everyone to use it. This is HUGE!!!!
John Michael (11 months ago)
Dentacoin DCN,... First mover in Dental space... Flying now
Hamstar (11 months ago)
Groovy Orange ETN shirt there :D
Jd Dayanghirang (11 months ago)
ETN, IFT, Wabi, Blue, IOTA, QST !!
Albert Espinosa (11 months ago)
Can you make a review about Embercoin?
Bison News (11 months ago)
Telegram ICO is very very promising...i will join telegram now
Ray Jones (11 months ago)
thank you so much for your info, this channel is awesome i can totally relate to this dude.
Elliot Webb (11 months ago)
kingdarko (11 months ago)
This telegram stuff has been going around all day along with someone saying they are the publisher and they can save you a spot in the ICO and send your BTC to this address blah blah blah ... so far all its being used for is to scam people out of their BTC. right now i will avoid this like the plague for that reason alone. Be safe
Tola Joseph (11 months ago)
Thanks for the info
Electroneum Rich (11 months ago)
Untitled (11 months ago)
Yovani H. (11 months ago)
Thx for bitconnect update , I’ll sell it now
John Dough (11 months ago)
Goodbye TokenPay. :(
Adnan Afzal (11 months ago)
and it would be too easy!
Adnan Afzal (11 months ago)
Pissed off Governments can block Telegram app
Ray Jones (11 months ago)
thats exactly what iam thinking lol, token pay doesnt have hundreds of millions of users off the bat
Johal Johal (11 months ago)
Honestly i feel the leak was intentional. Very great marketing hype and stratergy . But also a good ico
SkyKlub JayPrkr (11 months ago)
Bitconnect is created to go off of BTC volatility. Im buying a few million Kin coins soon(KIK app)
Honey237 (11 months ago)
This was also yesterday with Substratum that it went up very much :)
Christian Gonzalez (11 months ago)
Hey Sean, are you gonna invest in this new coin? Love the vids, keep em going!
Honey237 (11 months ago)
I saw your dog :)
Bitcoin Ethereum (11 months ago)
i am in bitconnect then BTC going up bitcoonect go up too always ,it was only 1 time then btc go up he goes down
Bitcoin Ethereum (11 months ago)
and it was then they lock they coins , but they unlocked a lot off coins and bitconnect go like bitcoin . it always was like that so it`s better invest in bitcoin not in bitconnect becouse bitconnect it`snt legit like bitcoin they have lending platform who gives 1% a day about 1year+ but a lot of talking about that they calapse in 2018
infoquestor (11 months ago)
Make a videos on your experience with cryptobittrade vs usi tech. Thanks
Shamsideen Balogun (11 months ago)
Hello Brother Sean, maybe we here in the States get to reinvest our bicoins from TokenPay into the new TON coin. That will be SWEET. He who laugh last, laugh best.
Justin Blount (11 months ago)
Shamsideen Balogun Damn right. I bought Token pay but then I had to fill out the refund form =[ since I'm a US citizen.
Fulano Utal (11 months ago)
Keep us updated on the icos
Gary hurst (11 months ago)
Keep us updated, But, concerned about ICO's
First Place (11 months ago)
Good news. Got to definitely keep our eyes on it
Adrian Holmes (11 months ago)
Am in this telegram app trading platform https://t.me/iCenter_Lite_BOT?start=193gkl1838

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