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Chinese Daredevil Dies During Skyscraper Stunt | What's Trending Now!

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Chinese Daredevil Dies During Skyscraper Stunt Daredevil Wu Yongning captured his own death on film, when he fell during a stunt from a 62-story skyscraper. Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwQ0FLN5dIA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjK1JKhYfbA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOriy-guoTU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCOHpAoLvrA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNa5dcLccS4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF214wDC4L8 Subscribe for more videos! http://full.sc/NfhdwDh Follow us on Instagram | Twitter | musical.ly  @whatstrending Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/WhatsTrending Follow whatstrending on Snapchat! Sign up to our newsletter for the hottest videos straight to your inbox! http://bit.ly/wtnewsletter
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Text Comments (774)
Ivor John (3 days ago)
these people are beyond stupid. its only because people make so much of the risk and death side of it that makes people watch. As for doing it for the money for this reason or that? well if you believe it and i dont then more fool you
UY SCUTI (3 days ago)
Sorry, sooner or later u will die. Nothing else to do?
Sachs Husam (3 days ago)
Its hard to be Chinese man in China and to be the only a son of a Chinese family under one- child policy... maybe.
Pepe Pepe (4 days ago)
jeff kemp (4 days ago)
Play stupid games , win stupid prizes!! Nature weeds out the stupid!!
Carlton Bond (4 days ago)
Oh well
Lucid Living (5 days ago)
Bob Tunbridge (6 days ago)
Darwin award winner
The Bos (7 days ago)
That dude that sploded on the railing tho
Dario DeNiro (7 days ago)
Fuck 'em all. P.S edit, Shira Lazar....nice tits.
bubu mic (7 days ago)
One less idiot in the world !
Play by Play with Zay (7 days ago)
Clout is hell of a drug
Fynn G. (8 days ago)
When the death of people becomes nothing more than an interesting sensation for a hungering audience, you realize how wrong a few things go in this world.
Triple X Ben (8 days ago)
The big sad
Chris Bliss (8 days ago)
No sympathy what so ever.
Sweto Cnr (9 days ago)
Nike: risk everything.
THE BRiCKSTER (9 days ago)
Even if you think you're strong, still never try this.
nyk31 (9 days ago)
I used to climb cranes and buildings just before it became popular but I never did stupid stunts like these guys. It is fun but you need to respect death and leave ego out of the equation. Social media is the wrong motivation for this activity.
Metheus Deacon (9 days ago)
His balls were bigger than his brains. RIP
tihomir mikle (10 days ago)
you are so beautiful!!!
Aquiles Dy (10 days ago)
That man jumped with deffective suit
Mike Smith (10 days ago)
Stupid idiot deserve it
Chances Gun (10 days ago)
Like she said👉it's not worth it.
Megan P (10 days ago)
What UK climber James Kington said doesn't really make sense. "The moment you start wearing safety equipment is when you create doubt and things can go wrong!" Uh the Chinese guy fell off the side of the building! How much more wrong can things go??? How can SAFETY EQUIPMENT cause things to go wrong?! Actually quite the opposite, it causes things to go right and safely and save lives! They do these stunts without safety equipment for the dare and extreme thrill of it and the attention and money. They flirt and play with death, skirting on the line between life and death. Seriously there does need to be some form of safety precautions for these people like a cable line. And someone standing at the top of the building to pull the Chinese man up and over in case he couldn't complete the task would've saved that man's life!
andrew wyatt (10 days ago)
Only ? ! Lol that's a lot of bones broken? !
leecosworth (10 days ago)
Healthy up top
Jimmy Christo (11 days ago)
Mick Rath (11 days ago)
this stupid video doesn't show a dam thing except her old plastic surgeon face
girlsrockurboyz (11 days ago)
can you imagine a world where people put in the effort to love their fellow companions as the effort they put into shitty social media?????
Suelynn Russell (11 days ago)
Common Sense Doesn't Grow in Everybody's Garden!"😳
Kenny (12 days ago)
The really lucky thing here was that he didn't fall on somebody and kill somebody when he hit the ground. Lucky for whoever was down below that didn't get clobbered by a body. And then it wouldn't be nice for anybody down below to see the splattered mess, which wouldn't be nice for the clean up crew as well. So created a lot of unnecessary work and issues for others.
Richard Gobin (12 days ago)
Chop suey
SMFC (12 days ago)
retard, at least he did not breed, that's natural selection 101 for you
Wrecky61 (12 days ago)
Darwin at work.
craddock619 (12 days ago)
They will be next!!!
Roddin and Racin (12 days ago)
Why does this keep popping up on my suggestions?
Terminator X (12 days ago)
fools die
colin dinsdale (13 days ago)
Do stupid things , die being stupid....
bob nicholson (13 days ago)
It's not the fall that does the harm, it's the landing.
Jay Pak (13 days ago)
He became a good chinese finally
Marine Corps (13 days ago)
Omfg this shut scares me just watching the video at that hight while sitting on my couch....
redrock1963 (13 days ago)
@ 1:39 is the reason YT and other social media platforms should NOT allow this type of content. The moron says it himself - it encourages more dangerous stunts to get the audience reaction for the likes etc (and advertising I guess) But then again, the Darwinian theory of evolution does applies here too.
Check Truth (13 days ago)
Big tits Leopard print
Jimmy C (13 days ago)
Damn! That's at least 60 + floors high. That's is his passion or hobbies for height. I get scared just to looked down from the 2fl.. jump down anywhere that are10 feet + can kill.. RIP
Tesla 4eva (13 days ago)
Idiot, there’s a reason why this shit is against the fucking law! As much as I’m against it I still feel bad as fuck for him with some form of sympathy because I’ve been young and dumb too..
delija67717 (13 days ago)
it's natural selection guys
jaja djamoekjouw (13 days ago)
All some mf idiots.....what about those peole who have to see and hear them when the hit the ground .?? He? Trauma for life! Fuck you all dare idiots!
More Awareness (13 days ago)
The lady talking is a cougar
bg81973 (13 days ago)
its not about being equipped. you can only tempt death so many times. unless you stop at some point, death will eventually get its turn.
TheJanka51 (13 days ago)
what an idiot
Dana Lewis (13 days ago)
For $15,000 fuck outer here
Glen White (13 days ago)
Uibeltje Snuibeltje (13 days ago)
RIP- I heard his last words were: " AA-AAAA-AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!....."
Mike Ivy (14 days ago)
All for views! Idiotic behavior for a few likes...sad sad sad 😢
zudemaster (14 days ago)
No fucking loss.
Josua Naulutegu (14 days ago)
Imagine the feeling falling from that height .... I hope he asked God to forgive his sins during the fall..peace be with the family
PEPE HIDALGO (14 days ago)
GASP...!!...Another human splat...!!!..he chose the wrong skyscraper..with slippery windows......!! GAME OVER....!!
Punk Rock Piper (14 days ago)
Fuck the Chinese
Mark Rice (14 days ago)
Geoffrey S Tuttle (15 days ago)
Keep it up, stupid! It just makes room in the world for people whose bravery serves to accomplish something real.
Sonny Bussey (15 days ago)
When was falling the said I new I f up
Sonny Bussey (15 days ago)
The this when I new I f up
victor portocarrero (15 days ago)
Stupid mfs....!!
Drick Venomn (15 days ago)
R. I P .."Rips. Into. Pavement". I hope he doesn't RESPAWN in America.
EVERYDAY LIFE TV (17 days ago)
Ahwanul12 (17 days ago)
i even bothered by the host boobs..
My Dick (17 days ago)
Oh well. Thin the herd is what I say. Too much traffic as is, so climb away guys.
Des Colhoun (17 days ago)
It was very fortunate that the ground broke his fall.
Mario Muccino (17 days ago)
Osg Killerzzz : (17 days ago)
*begins Falling* “Ho Le fuk”
Dave Crockett (17 days ago)
Medical treatment for mom? What's wrong with honorable China free healthcare? Fucking Chinese ....... God I hope Trump wins again and brings the Bejjing fucks to their knees. And don't think they ain't nervous
Inquiring Kevin (17 days ago)
Look at the host, premature aging is what being in late 20's looks like as a vegan drug addict!
Faarax Shidan (17 days ago)
I am regretting why I watched
Chrysi Chrysi (17 days ago)
So ..wait, if you're trying to win a sum of money for you're OWN wedding and sick mothers hospital bills and not just for likes and fame ...woudnt you do everything in your power to make sure you make it back alive???? What a sad predicament.
Daniel Colasuonno (17 days ago)
She is smoking hot
Maczy Thurr (17 days ago)
Louise Beck (17 days ago)
Well there's a surprise, just a matter of time before this happened.
thad anderson (17 days ago)
Agentfaux Laurito (18 days ago)
They can do stunt again in ghost form but the sad part we can't see them doing it.
Rick massey (18 days ago)
I couldn't concentrate on the stories I was mesmerised by her .... I want to say beauty
Jim Bradley (18 days ago)
Stupid idiotic moron, and I must be in the same league for tuning in to this "Social media" horseshit...Why is it usually a blonde or dyed blonde that runs this horseshit?...
Antonio Novais (18 days ago)
Chosen Prince (18 days ago)
Legend has it that he is still falling .... Lol.
Brian Johnson (18 days ago)
Bye dumbass👋🏾
GTR MAN (18 days ago)
Nice tits! 😊 😊 😊 😊
Adeles Toy Reviews (19 days ago)
RIP great man
Adeles Toy Reviews (19 days ago)
1:45 european girls got the pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzasssssss
Adeles Toy Reviews (19 days ago)
the reaper has been looking at his watch since
Mr.Poseidon (19 days ago)
Shoot, this has to be the ONLY thing in my life...... dare devils that hang on for dear life, make me cringe hard! That feeling that runs down your spin. Totally chilling!
Wayne Turner (19 days ago)
There's some really stupid in the world! He obviously hadn't heard of the law of averages!
Bishop Williams (19 days ago)
Joe Peroni (19 days ago)
These people are NOT "daredevils", they're IDIOTS.
A Penandroll (19 days ago)
Are you interested in ending up with your brains splattered all over the pavement like a fucking idiot?...well look no further!...just follow the example of this fucking imbecile and youll end up just like him in no time!
paul baguilat (19 days ago)
his fault he did not wear helmet
User Name (19 days ago)
*those dead eyes the blonde has. you can tell she regrets her years of thottery.*
JD (19 days ago)
I wonder if Woo yelled "WOOOOO " while falling.
Bruce Burns (19 days ago)
One down and only 1.2 billion to go and the world will be relieved of a plague of cockroaches and grasshoppers that just consume everything in their path.
ERIC EDMUND (20 days ago)
Red Dot (21 days ago)
He played. He lost. Next.
Kevin Hardesty (21 days ago)
She said he fell 45 feet, did she mean 45 stories?

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