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Wall Street Academy Confluence Trading 1.0 with Cue

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Product of : Forever In Profit Wall Street Academy Mentorship http://www.wsatraining.com Social Media Instagram : Cuebanks Facebook : Facebook.com/mcacue SnapChat : CueBlack
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Text Comments (130)
nilbert pacheco (2 months ago)
I downloaded this. I hope i can learn more. I'm struggling to learn to trade.
Josh (3 months ago)
Jesus loves you.
Hayden Harris (4 months ago)
We have students LOL you were a customer of the pointless training. Studying the graph is pointless.
jietse strubbe (5 months ago)
this is great! do you only trade on 1hr charts?
Marcellous Duncan (9 months ago)
Lol you just won me over bro. Literally golden nuggets right here. I’m joining within the next two - three weeks
Next LVL Digital Trend (10 months ago)
WOW! That was an amazing training. I took 3 pages (front and back) of notes my first time watching. You put it all together so simply and I get it! I finally have some of my trading rules/plan in place. I can't wait to learn more. Thank you for sharing this and I'll see you soon at one of your in-person courses. This is def a no-brainer. God bless Cue.
Kanisha (11 months ago)
Any chance confluence 2.0 will be posted 👀 lol. I still find this video to be helpful a year later 👍
Kanisha (11 months ago)
Cue Banks preciate it will do this month 👍
Cue Banks (11 months ago)
Kanisha 0% chance. All this is in Wall Street Academy. Just get the membership. 2.0, 2.5, and the new one 2.9
جو جو (1 year ago)
This is the best webinar i watched in my life
edwin ramirez (1 year ago)
always wicks
aquariun Lo (1 year ago)
if you use daily time frame as to draw my support and resistance zones would I still wait for the re test on 5min?
Dododo Man (1 year ago)
Ig Pippings (1 year ago)
Thailand :D !
Blogs (1 year ago)
do u assist ?
Richard Matthew (1 year ago)
I hope you're reading this but i will be seeing you soon. Thanks for all the content online.
ThatMagixGlitcher (1 year ago)
bro where did you get them harmonic patterns from
Ed Gordon (1 year ago)
Where ya at Cue? Did you get tired of teaching this stuff to the unwashed masses? :-)
Added this to my strategy and I must say.. this has def helped me in getting perfect entries. I'm not a hater and I gladly give props to those that know how to trade. Props man, this is legit.
Marlev Adonis (1 year ago)
this is wassup. dropping jewels. i will be joining wsa in jun. june 2 to be exact!! cant wait to see wht the full course has to offer! will have this vid on repeat til then. respect bro
Ryan Vaughn (3 months ago)
how was the course?
Anne Mbuti (1 year ago)
I am blown away by this video and yes I took sooo many notes :) What levels of EMA were on your charts? I am hoping to raise some money and hopefully join WSA this year... I am still relatively new to FX. #keepingpositive. Thank you for sharing this video.
Dejhano James (1 year ago)
8 EMA (blue), 21 SMA(Red)
Jasmine Belser (1 year ago)
So do you wait for the higher time frame candle, such as the 1 HR, to close first to drop down to the 5min to look for the retest?
Jesus Lozano (1 year ago)
Hello Quillan Roberto Black was wondering if you can recommend a broker in the united states highly appreciated thanks for your great work
Jesus Lozano (1 year ago)
Thanks for reply
Forex Tiff Harris (1 year ago)
Bleek Cartier (1 year ago)
So much freaking value !!!! Whoa 22:11 was 🔑 just have to be patient for these move set ups
Andre Catnott (1 year ago)
This is some good stuff!
Nannette Rivera (1 year ago)
Best video to share with new traders. Thank you for all you do Cue
Peter 1barra (1 year ago)
What are his moving averages settings ? Much love
Dejhano James (10 months ago)
Yup I'm sure.
Bleek Cartier (1 year ago)
Dejhano James You sure ?
Dejhano James (1 year ago)
8 EMA-Blue, 21 SMA-Red
James Vornes Jr. (1 year ago)
1stlady90 (1 year ago)
Do you get the overall directional bias from higher time frames 1st before plotting s/r on the hour?
Choi Dongho (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot! your teaching is so simple. Great to watch :)
Billy Jean (1 year ago)
What timeframe do you use?
Jonas (1 year ago)
Thanks so much for that video! Will study hard :)
Sleazy Eezy (1 year ago)
Love the video Cue, always coming out with that fire! I had a question about doing taxes with TW, was wondering how you would do them or if you had to do them at all since its an overseas broker?
JmansFragments (1 year ago)
QUE u my new PLUG see u in my vlogs soon
JmansFragments (1 year ago)
JmansFragments (1 year ago)
JmansFragments (1 year ago)
Junkies Crew (1 year ago)
your the man dude!
Toothbrush Dave (1 year ago)
Like my 10th time watching this but.. your EURCAD analysis looks like what USDJPY is currently doing right now
James Watts (1 year ago)
did you learn from astro FX? says on the right you're an astro student? just curious :)
Germaine Mills (9 days ago)
i think he said that to get the answer .. ..
600 Herb (3 months ago)
Can y’all read someone telling him they are students of astro
Loose Bills (8 months ago)
James Watts I was looking at that too
LiquidEntourage (1 year ago)
ok so you enter on the retest of the 5 minute chart. but you tp based on a higher time frame and according to your analysis right? you don't trade from the 5 minute you just enter on it, correct?
Bleek Cartier (1 year ago)
LiquidEntourage Correct
ericalynnfields (1 year ago)
I've watched this so many times since you posted it. Such valuable information! Thanks so much! Looking to join WSA asap.
Eligwe Eligwe (1 year ago)
nice good job :)
Cue Banks (1 year ago)
ericalynnfields And look at that... you've joined !
Chris T (1 year ago)
I will go over this more than once for the knowledge. Much appreciated
Siviwe Sawana (1 year ago)
Nice and simple strategy. are those Moving Avarage 100 and 200 EMA ?
Genesis Perez (2 years ago)
AWESOME!!!!!! Video, tons of more notes taken.
Toothbrush Dave (2 years ago)
Que is the goat. #keepbrushing
Hi Cue, is there a way of linking this live chart software to my mt4 account where I can just buy and sell where I do my analysis.?
+Cue Banks Thank you very much for clarifying 💯💯
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Notícias De Ultima Hora no there isn't, been got over even thinking of that idea long time ago. I still use MT4 with my CUEFX4 Template
IV Bar (2 years ago)
Had to watch it twice i guess i have to join WSA :) 
IV Bar (2 years ago)
Already ahead of ya just give me about 2 weeks
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
IV Bar make it happen bro
RAMO Media (2 years ago)
how do I get access to the WSA partial course Q? there was alot of value there too .
RAMO Media (2 years ago)
thanks for getting back to me bro
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Omar Rivera not available
Adrian Prieto (2 years ago)
The 2 people who put 👎. Gonna catch these hands lmao
Patrick Thomas (11 months ago)
Nah they just don’t understand that’s there’s a million ways to make money in the market. Trading is very subjective and individualistic!
Rakibur Rahman (2 years ago)
This was very helpful, thanks Cue
Ahzariyah Yashar'Ahla (2 years ago)
My second time viewing, Gratitude for the value
Andres Fernandez (2 years ago)
Great Video this man here is A blessing and one of my favorite Trader's in the world Bless up bro
Matthew Ekpo (2 years ago)
Thanks buddy been of great help.
Paris Yearby (2 years ago)
Richard Nyak (2 years ago)
Damn i will join this
Cole Jones (2 years ago)
Thanks for putting this out Cue!! I appreciate it bro.
Kiingtrell D (2 years ago)
this is gold
Cristian Velazquez (2 years ago)
this is insane thank Cue
Ben Jamin' (2 years ago)
Im just starting out man I just want to thank you for sharing the knowledge
Adrian Prieto (2 years ago)
Awesome video! btw what ma's do you use?
Joseph (1 month ago)
8 EMA and 18 SMA
Royce Saunders (2 years ago)
Rewind twice already lol
Cameron Billions (2 years ago)
Cryptonalysis (2 years ago)
great video bro thank you!
olivier Tardif (2 years ago)
i like that video man thanks alot
Christian Brito (2 years ago)
Scorpio Indigo (2 years ago)
You will get blessed for this man!! Cue is the best trainer in FIP🙌🏾💯💯
Marian Matros (2 years ago)
Wilson Khasa-budu (2 years ago)
@Champagnewilly from Belgium I really really appreciate this video thanks for the knowledge. I've take notes but I'll watch the video again and again god bless you
Gregory Norwood, Jr. (2 years ago)
Get money. 💯.
CharlesWAnderson3 (2 years ago)
my nigga I love you lol
Matthew Mina (2 years ago)
What are the moving averages you are using?
david sebastien (2 years ago)
Matthew Mina 8 ema 21 sma
Matthew Mina (2 years ago)
Thank You
Usmaan Hussain (2 years ago)
Looks like the 21 and 8 ema
Isai Guzman (2 years ago)
Much needed and much appreciated, God bless man
Bynx (2 years ago)
Nice video , what broker / platform do you trade on and can i join from the uk
xSyberprox (2 years ago)
Gripper I practice a lot demo I started following cue since almost a year and I can tell you the market has been more clear I have a good understanding on trend and all what cue offers. I started seeing lots of blue and im not saying this to sell off. I'm saying this video is a real freebie for none fip members.
Bynx (2 years ago)
xSyberprox if you don't mind me asking
Bynx (2 years ago)
xSyberprox are you consistently make good profits ?
xSyberprox (2 years ago)
Gripper yeah great mentor
Bynx (2 years ago)
xSyberprox nice mate , hows it going as cue been your mentor
SA.Khan. (2 years ago)
I FIP from UK 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥❤️
Uka Serge (2 years ago)
Thank you bro! OMG! Thank you soooooooooooo much
motoko9 (2 years ago)
OMG! This is golden. Thank you so so so very much!!!!
Jewel Thomas (2 years ago)
Mario Sz (2 years ago)
Bless You Cue!
Junuh30 (2 years ago)
ears and eyes locked
xtrextechx (2 years ago)
xtrextechx (2 years ago)
Biggeswaz123 (2 years ago)
lol I got the notification and hoped on it quick!
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
Alfonso Becerra all my macs I can do that, that's on tradingview.com
Alfonso Becerra (2 years ago)
hey cue, what mouse do u have cus i cant zoom in and out like how u do with ur mac . is it the mouse on the laptop pad or separate mouse? thanks in advance
Ramon Rivera (2 years ago)
Biggeswaz123 same bro ! Hopped on it ASAP
Cue Banks (2 years ago)
waste no time !

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