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Voice And Accent Rounds - Interviewing with an American Company

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Have you heard of a voice and accent round? Do you have to pass a voice and accent round? In this video I explain what a voice and accent round is and provide you with helpful websites that will help you pass the voice and accent round. To try out the Pronunciation Pro Free Trial, go to: http://www.pronunciationpro.com/youtube-free-trial/?keyword=VoiceAndAccentRoundsInterviewingWithAnAmericanCompany=body WHAT IS A VOICE & ACCENT ROUND? http://www.pronunciationpro.com/voice-accent-round/what-is-a-voice-and-accent-round/ An accent round is a stage in the interview process that some companies require of nonnative English speakers to examine their oral communication skills. Employers want to know how strong a nonnative English speaker’s communication skills are and will judge you on the following parameters: mother-tongue accent, listening comprehension, and fluency. Generally speaking, voice and accent rounds are held over the phone, but may also be in-person with a voice and accent round specialist (though this is more rare). Voice and accent rounds are normally evaluated by a software and your answers are recorded for further evaluation purposes. HOW TO PREPARE FOR THE VOICE & ACCENT ROUND http://www.pronunciationpro.com/voice-accent-round/how-to-prepare-for-the-voice-and-accent-round/ Click on the link above to learn how to prepare for a voice and accent round. The article includes step-by-step instructions for those who have a voice and accent round soon or in a few months. It's a great article! 3 EASY TIPS TO PASS THE VOICE & ACCENT ROUND http://www.pronunciationpro.com/3-easy-tips-to-pass-voice-and-accent-round/ In the article posted above you’ll learn 3 EASY TIPS you can apply and practice today that will dramatically improve your results in your next voice and accent round. I hope these 3 articles are helpful and useful! If you have any other questions about voice and accent rounds, let me know!
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manish aravind (3 months ago)
Really helpful......Thanks
Rajen Basumatary (4 months ago)
Nice voice
very much useful for buggers.
vijyasree manduru (5 months ago)
share voice accent link
nitesh bhosle (6 months ago)
Great speech..
dharamveer .singh (8 months ago)
Thnx a lot .....dharamveer frm India
Thiyagarajan V (9 months ago)
could help me, please u Skype id
I love your voice and accent!
ramya ganga (1 year ago)
usman shaik (2 years ago)
Kindly share the link please
Shimul Ahmed (2 years ago)
God bless you
Pronunciation Pro (2 years ago)
God bless you too. :)
Mohamed dodo (2 years ago)
loved it ur accent is clear to me as a none native speaker
Pronunciation Pro (2 years ago)
That's great to hear! :)
Luiz Carlos Sá (2 years ago)
Pronunciation Pro (2 years ago)
You're welcome! :)
ABDELAZIZ (2 years ago)

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