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Is overclocking safe?

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Text Comments (3924)
BassBoostedZ (3 hours ago)
I tried to overclock a Nissan to make it a Ferrari * Worked *
hellbendert35 (2 days ago)
how about after an overclock it fails on some games but not others?
L3thlsnake 84 (5 days ago)
I overclocked a MSI GeForce gt 610 with 810mhz up to 1ghz, I have to just right alignment so it doesn’t crash or not too low that I’m not using all potential. Now I got from being 25-27fps to 40-60 FPS. Major improvement.
dJS (7 days ago)
Overclocked my old AMD A6-3500 tripple core from 2.1ghz to 4.5 and worked well every single day I used it until I upgraded
Toby_CZE (8 days ago)
9:20 thats what i said in my first overclock
Liam Nicol (9 days ago)
I overclocked my MacBook blew up in my face
Andrew Clayton (11 days ago)
Can a nzxt kraken cooler handle overclocking a cpu?
Flow van Raaij (12 days ago)
i want to overclock but i dont think i have a good cooler
Playing4fun1337 (14 days ago)
Should i overclock nvidia gtx 850m? (Laptop GPU)
Brandon Hays (14 days ago)
I have an alienware with a Q9400, and here in 2018 it’s still running strong. Running an ASUS P5N-D motherboard.
MrTrendSetter (14 days ago)
Is it safe to overclock a Intel Pentium CPU G2030 3GHz with Geforce GT 1030? 1 fan
Subjektive Gaming (16 days ago)
Some old cars actually had screws under the gas-pedal and fuel pump to limit power :D easy overclock on those! Nowadays cars are pretty much a pc on wheels.
Ariel El Lunatiko (18 days ago)
plus I am also having a little issue with the advance on command center when I click on advance button and I click on voltage most of them are green and like 4 of them goes on red I don't know why and I would like to keep the voltage low I think it has to do with ram voltage maybe but how do I get that issue fixed so it dosent keep going back to red because I have to lower the v so it can go back to green
Ariel El Lunatiko (18 days ago)
I overclocked my x399 msi 1920 build with oc genie but not all the way only clicked on set 4 and I only have 750 wtt evga g3 gold and a 710 gpu gtx witch I will be upgrading soon to a 1060 or 1070 plus I have 16 gb of ram vengeance pro what do you think
Astuteous Maximus (19 days ago)
In my experience of computer hardware (about 20 years now), it's only really worth OC your components if you're able to get a significant increase in speed and this will mean being able to cool those components which can be fairly expensive itself. That may sound obvious at first but to give an example... If I OC my CPU using an after market cooler, I can go from 3.8 ghz to around 4.4 stable and within the max voltages/temps recommendations. So that's an increase of 600 mhz on each core. In reality, this gives me an extra 5-10% in Arma which works out to be around 4-8 frames depending on the situation. The question I have to ask myself is...is it worth putting an extra 20/25 degrees onto my CPU for a average gain of 5/6 frames? If I had a super cooled system and could run those cores at say, 4.8 ghz stable and within the max temps then the extra stress on the hardware would be more worthwhile. The thing is, why bother paying for the cooling when I can just buy a faster CPU/Board?
Nathan Parker (21 days ago)
"This is an adult show here...." <---- Yeah... But it's a tech show. Pushing 30, degree, work experience, we deal with tech... These jokes keep advanced users like myself coming back.
NiightShade (21 days ago)
Im gonna go overclock my RGB so it can give me more fps
game ender (22 days ago)
i over clocked my bed from a twin to a full bed
Adam (23 days ago)
Ok tomorrow i Will try find How to overclock
Electricgamez (24 days ago)
i overclokced my gpu an bt but an bit to mutch and got the temps to hot and got the core is to hot syndrome and luckely afterburner is like hey your temps are to high let me stop the overclocking but thats scary seeying it for the first time
HEXZ0R (24 days ago)
i just realized my chip is from this silicone lottery :D my i7 8700k is 5ghz oc with auto voltage and reaches 1.33v
Nebula (27 days ago)
Overclocked My Cat Now Its A Lion! :D
LukaMasterz (29 days ago)
I plan on getting a i5-8600k and a 1070ti, 16GB ram. I don't have issues with overclocking the GPU cause I tried it before and am not scared about that, am more scared of overclocking the CPU, which I have never done. I plan on having that build minimally 5 years (7 ideally) with possible ram upgrades a long the line. I'd also get a 240 liquid cooler from Cooler Master. Would the CPU last that long and the GPU?
FranK (29 days ago)
is it safe to overclock my passive gpu?
PGY Gaming (1 month ago)
*overclocks Dual core like a boss*
Mustapha Rollins (1 month ago)
Overclock GT 710 2gb Gddr5 ??
Moped Rider (1 month ago)
So its kind of like NoS
EmanMC2018 (1 month ago)
My PC has survived 6 years and I can't throw all that away
Mykal Kahinu (1 month ago)
I overclocked my IPhone it broke and i have to get another iphone and get the iOverclock App for USD$ 328.91
Muffin Killer (1 month ago)
Lmfao well thats maby true but its only - 8 years of life time go gor it
Timothy Gallatin (1 month ago)
what do i do if i dont have a clear cmos button, how would i make one(random thought what happened to dipsticks on the keyboard)
Salman Ismail (1 month ago)
I was the 1million'th viewer. Do I get a prize Jay?! :D doesn't hurt to ask....
Morpheus Druidic (1 month ago)
Overclocking is about as safe as a consoler driving a PC, you WILL crash unless you learn how to drive. Don't do it unless A: You KNOW what your doing B: You don't care about damage or wear. Even a "stable" overclock will reduce the longevity of your components, just because the engine is running, doesn't mean it sounds good when it's hauling a load. This is why your consoles don't let you access the bios and set the multipliers yourself, otherwise 90% of users will be yelling at the manufacturer for their own epic failures. Most will have a corrupted system where a app is "lagging", not even pay attention to utilization, skip that step, and overclock as if it's even going to help. People would be returning their mobiles every week if they inherantly allowed overclocks driving every single manufacturer bankrupt.
MR KO (1 month ago)
My pc: Gta V 48 FPS, after OC 52 FPS
Random Dan (1 month ago)
I messed with Memory Try It! And my bios started turning into Chinese - then wouldn’t boot, had to do a CMOS reset to fix it :-/
Mr. Saephan (1 month ago)
I need to under clock time and over clock my income lol
Blake Phillips (1 month ago)
PC God
Random Guy (1 month ago)
Will you please make a Video where you only overclock the $*&T out of the north bridge, with one of your sketchy cooling techniques you normally use. And then benchmark games?
wwaarriiss (1 month ago)
Did jay just say the headphones were only 199.99?
david crokettt (1 month ago)
Dragonfire1859 (1 month ago)
I overclocked mine, I now get loss in FPS and I've un-installed afterburner, restarted my pc etc. I need help and I'm worried i've broke something. Does anyone have a solution?
Dragonfire1859 (1 month ago)
It's fine now, thanks for the help in advance. I ended up re-installing it and setting it to default.
ifritdiezel (1 month ago)
Dragonfire1859 install afterburner back and fix that. Problems?
NarcoZe (1 month ago)
I overclocked my Samsung phone. Now it’s an iPhone
wwaarriiss (1 month ago)
NarcoZe lol wtf
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
Do not listen to this idiot. My computer is broken , Fuck this guy.
DesexedDoggo & Friends (1 month ago)
Is overclocking psps okay? When I do it It’s really quiet and it’s not that hot at all
Der Wolf (1 month ago)
I'm only halfway through this video and I still don't understand any of this. When it comes to PCs all I know is that there's USBs, drivers, a CD/DVD player, and the power button. Anyways I'm running a Alienware aurora are five with a GeForce GTX 1070. Got a question I'm hoping you can answer. Is it safe to overclock that thing? I currently don't have the funds to replace it. Any of it.
Der Wolf (1 month ago)
Sorry I was wrong it's an Intel I core. And I don't really think that overclocking is necessary right now because it runs it a standard 3.40 GHz. I wish I was joking.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
I get it, Fuck you too.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
So my computer restarts amd goes to the start screen and I even managed to start the process of deleting msi but I got the fucking pink screen again. The one that isn't supposed to ruin my computer and has.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
Everytime I do the safety mode restart it just shuts off.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
Restarting won't do anything.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
No matter what I do the pink screen wont stop coming back.
Bruce Cunningham jr (1 month ago)
My computer won't work at all now.
Wes Derp (1 month ago)
So your halfing the lifespan?
alistair bolden (1 month ago)
Sorry to have to say this but Jay is 100% wrong, and don't take my word on it, ask every manufacturer they say the same thing. Being to hot is only a small part of what ruins cpu's and ram and makes them degrade. The materials they are made from are improving in high end products to allow for more overclocking as time goes but if you are overclocking you should never run that overclock for a sustained ammount of time. When Jay said he got an 84% on a cpu and it was on 24/7 for 7 years what he really should have said was that he had that cpu in idle for almost all of 7 years just running games and bences on it for an hour or two a day. Most of that 7 years it had no load at all, and the mb was killed by a voltage spike likely during one such bench. What alot of guys like Jay seem to think is that as long as the cpu is cool its fine. That is not the case what so ever. And he has bricked several perfectly good cpu's and gpu's because of that. TLDR: As a gamer you should never have any need to overclock any part of your PC to run a nice smooth 60fps. Anyone who tells you its a good idea, is a damn idoit.
McLoven43 (1 month ago)
I am overclocking my gpu for the first time in my life. I have a amd he 6770. My problem is that I have 2 monitors hooked up and the 2nd monitor flashes every now and then but the catalyst control center says that the tests passed. Is this normal?
caush (2 months ago)
Don’t overclock! Just download Ghz!
Simone Di Bella (2 months ago)
For Overclocking not bla bla,mostre settings on video,stress test for OCCT or AIDA and temperature,no all user same USA also EU union europe...
Zezerous (2 months ago)
pc looking sexy
Jeff Holloway (2 months ago)
Can you do this remotely? I wonder if it’s possible for someone to remote access a scammer and push the gas pedal to the floor, so to speak and fry the CPU
reydolf sta. maria (2 months ago)
I overclocked our clock.. It now runs 10% faster
X Progo (2 months ago)
This overcooked my brain
daniel alex (2 months ago)
after a lot of consideration wether to do this or not i decided to overclock my gpu. everything went fine and just like you said in the videos until i noticed my cpu degree. it was on 96 C¨ and had been there for maybe 1-2min before me even noticing it. I then turned of the kombustor and it went down again to around 45 C¨. After this i got afraid something might have been burned so i started cs go and played casual. My fps was sitting on 80-120 and my mouse was stuttering af. Note that my fps before this happened was over 230. I dont know wether i can fix this or not but right now im so sad about this. I think i just broke my computer or atleast the CPU. Is there anything i can do? pls help
Jelle Posthuma (2 months ago)
My rx580 4gb Nitro+ cant get an overclock until i increase the voltage. I've finally got a stable one, on +31 mV, 1438 core clock (from 1411), and 2200 on the memory (from 2000). Should i keep it like this or is the voltage harmfull?
Rusty Mustard (2 months ago)
What about underclocking? I'm on a power budget (off grid solar) and i'm looking to run on as little power as possible. I run low settings in games at 720p, but i need dx12 compatibility and enough memory. I want a 1050ti but i'd like to be able to limit it to somewhere between 30 and 50 watts when i'm on battery power. Is there any good info on tuning cards for max efficiency rather than performance?
ZappTree (2 months ago)
i overcklocked thank you for the help
TheKrcko (2 months ago)
I overclocked my keyboard for more keys but I can’t find them PLS HALP!!!
Zevy (2 months ago)
I overclocked my laptop cpu and i ran from 60 FPS to 200 FPS and i was wondering why is it so powerful and i was worried
KZkaizer (2 months ago)
My classmate did some stuff to my laptop and now it wont start up desperately need help rn
TTV NixkGrace (2 months ago)
Thanks, I can finally run roblox on ultra settings.
Elite Gaming (2 months ago)
I overclock my ram through ur video And Now I get 60FPS in almost every game I have 3000mhz ram before it was 2133mhz but now I overclock my ram to 2800mhz and get higher frame rates. Thank You😍
R0yale _Boy (2 months ago)
Can i overclock this:- 16gb ram Intel i7 intel uhd 620 I get 40-55 fps in GTA 5,I want it to be 70-80.
Darren Garvie (2 months ago)
can you over clock a laptop?
Frosticious (2 months ago)
Watching your videos, I understood that a mild software tweak to GPU wouldn't cause any damage. I increased the core clock by 125 mHz and increased the max temps and power limits to max. It was fine for a few seconds until I ran 3DMark 11, when my computer restarted. After the restart, the MSI start up logo screen was all glitchy and distorted. I immediately went into safe-mode to uninstall afterburner, but that didn't fix it. Please tell me my MSI GTX 980 isn't broken now. https://imgur.com/a/ovTjEkq
Anson Tan (2 months ago)
I overclocked my ASUS 1070 ti STRIX and now it got noticeable coil whine.... If i sit closer I can even hear it when idling in desktop... Help... I really can't stand it
F BI (2 months ago)
Delete system 32 for better performance
Gedvinas51 (1 day ago)
Dead Meme
Themaster207 (3 days ago)
+GregoDK yeah i know that's why i said that :)
GregoDK (3 days ago)
+Themaster207 i was joking : )
Themaster207 (3 days ago)
+GregoDK thx for saying it but i know you are on pc :v
GregoDK (6 days ago)
wtf my computer dosent work anymore texting from my phone now thx need to play pubg now on mobile ;( don't do it guys
Ohad Marbach (2 months ago)
I saw some OC videos for threadripper and the temp gets 100c-118c with the best cooling around. how can these temperatures not cut lifespan?
Danny Deerborne (2 months ago)
Hello J, I am considering overclocking my i5 7500. It runs at 3.40 GHz. I have a GTX 1050Ti to it. I am an avid Flight Simmer, and Scenery Designer. At present, I would love to upgrade to an i7 but am constrained by cost. Overclocking, at the moment, is a logical step. My MB is an ASrock H270Pro4 with 16GB Ram 2400. Please make a vid or tutorial on doing this. I have seen so many on the Tube, and most are BS, kiddies playing at making vids, This would surely be helpful to us, and me...Thanks
DAWGZofWAR (2 months ago)
Please help??..What is a universal safe amount of overclocking for any CPU in this day and age... An overclock that will not damage any CPU but will still give you quite a bit of benefit on average(8700k??)..
DAWGZofWAR (2 months ago)
+N K thank you brother..will do that tonight for sure... I appreciate your response ☺
N K (2 months ago)
Look up 8700k overclock techdeals "tech deals" is the channel. I'm new to this myself, his video was pretty informative.
Ave C-Zam (2 months ago)
I overclocked my Ram from 8gb to 64gb. Itssss fast now.
richard zhang (2 months ago)
0:26 Holy sh**, how did he know!?
stektirade (2 months ago)
Will it still shave off lifespan even if you keep it cool with a water cooling system?
Bujar SHI (2 months ago)
when i play games like big games planetside 2 i get 70 - 100 fps and my temp stays to 70-77 when i play fortnite 66-70 is it safe tell me before i break something
Bujar SHI (2 months ago)
hey i have and a question i have a i7 3770k 3.4 ghz i overcloack it like 50% and i have a 3rd motherboard is it safe ? ofc if it goes for 7 years im fine cuz ill buy new one later but as a kid i need my pc for now
kenki (2 months ago)
well Tnx now i can use this and blame it on some one LOL just kiding It worcked AWSOME
Marko P (3 months ago)
Finished tweaking my PC... AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (watercooled) ASUS Crosshair VII Hero Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 1060 6GB G.Skill Flare X DDR4 2933 16GB Samsung 970 EVO 500GB before -> after CPU bus 100 -> 110.4 MHz CPU core 3400 -> 4276 MHz CPU voltage 1.275 -> 1.286V DRAM 2933 -> 3236 MHz DRAM voltage 1.20 -> 1.23V GPU core 1594 -> 2050 MHz GPU voltage 1.063 -> 1.075V GPU memory 4004 -> 4551 MHz Cinebench R15 CPU score: 1130 -> 1470 Cinebench R15 OpenGL: 138.95 FPS Unigine Superposition (Extreme) score: 2470 Max temps: CPU 63, GPU 55
Hjörleif (3 months ago)
This video might actually have convinced me not to... I'm upgrading in 2020 at which point I'd have had my current computer for 8 years... I've no reason to believe the next upgrade from that will be any sooner..
The Joker Box (3 months ago)
cool vid. i haven't used gaming pc's in YEARS.
EliteCanadian (3 months ago)
I overclocked my dog.
Shadow Warrior (3 months ago)
Ask yourself first why you are going to OC? Games, video editing or rendering or just browsing? Or perhaps benchmarking ? OC CPU will not do anything when you are browsing or doing MS Excel!!
Poultrygeist (3 months ago)
Robbie Rotten is STILL ALIVE
Jellyjamgaming (3 months ago)
im 2 stupid to under stand this and cant be fucked watching 12 mins of stuff i cant understand so is it safe or not
Quicky (3 months ago)
I have a gtx 1070 quicksilver of and my power limit and temp limit is at max , I don't touch my voltage.The core cloak is 125mhz and 450mhz memory cloak.I am curious because the memory cloak stays at 4455mhz but the core cloak moves between 2088-2050mhz.Is this normal
Calum Whittingham (3 months ago)
i overclocked my gpu now it only runs at 405mhz and 325mhz mem XDDD
Marco Costa (3 months ago)
Quick question... So if you overclock you may reduce the life of your gpu?
Tres Waters (3 months ago)
Over clocked my i7 920 from 2.66 GHz to 4.2 GHz. 62% overclock that's been running since 2009, still stable. 9 years with 0 issues.
Haris kurtishi (3 months ago)
I overclocked my clock, mann how time flies while watching these videos
freud kop (3 months ago)
no, you just voiding claims, let manufacturer upgrade their things the safe way, toutubers must care their subsribers not putting to a sink, techs today upgrades fast, so why do we need to overclock?
SpoxThe ProBox (3 months ago)
guys i hvae g4560 and gtx 1050 i will chgange them in 2 years should i do it?
amr nimo (3 months ago)
could RAM be overclocked ?
JD Gameg (3 months ago)
Can i overclocking on a laptop with AMD Turion II and AMD HD GRAPHIC 4200?? Did it burn my laptop cause i just have only that potato laptop
Pachinko (3 months ago)
Compared to overclocking a graphics card, this sounds so much more complicated and risky.

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