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Present Perfect Tense - Learn English Grammar

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Easily learn how to use the present perfect tense! Just click here https://goo.gl/kZTpSH to learn more grammar and vocabulary for FREE with the best online resources ↓ Check How Below ↓ Step 1: Go to https://goo.gl/kZTpSH Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required Step 3: Learn with the best online resources and quickly become conversational. In this English grammar lesson you will learn how to use the present perfect tense in English. You will know how to use it to express a life experience that happened at an unspecific or unimportant. You will be able to use it as well to express an action that started in the past and continues to the present, or the effect of that action. Our English host gives you easy to understand explanations. This is THE FASTEST way to easily take your English ability to the next level! ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnglishClass101 ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnglishClass101 Click here to get started with English: https://goo.gl/kZTpSH Also, please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!
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thank you so much alisha
Phieu Tran (9 months ago)
Learn English with write about big box story
Rohan Soni (2 days ago)
Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u I cant express in words how much this video is useful to me Again thank u Keep it up
Ali Hadir (6 days ago)
Good bless you.
Rona Roben (11 days ago)
I have fallen in love very badly.
Jimmy (11 days ago)
I love her sound of 'Never'
Tom Guttemberg (11 days ago)
So far the best explanation about Present Perfect I've ever seen on youtube.
Brown Sugar (13 days ago)
Great thnks
Noor Noor (14 days ago)
life experence 🤔!!!??? but here we should use present simple ?!
Siew Keng (21 days ago)
How about has/have not?
Abdul Rahman (21 days ago)
I’ve watched your videos for two years.
thank you so much. your speaking is very pleasant😊😊❤❤
Andrew Andrew (1 month ago)
Nice mam
Athul Athul (1 month ago)
Alexander Giani (1 month ago)
Nice ! thank you so much 😊
Peggy Juan (1 month ago)
This is great! Can you make a video about past perfect tense, Please!?
Nitros64 (1 month ago)
Have you is equal to you've?, when we are asking questions..
Edson Ibarra (13 days ago)
No, it isn't
HUỲNH MARS (1 month ago)
Thank you for a great lesson!
Rbaldi Baldi (1 month ago)
..perfect ! Best teacher in the world .
Very good, Alisha
Vương Hà Thái (2 months ago)
Love you so much...! :))
Teacher you are so gorgeous, i couldn't stop seeing how you moved your hair, love you teacher thanks for the class. I'm a English beginner sorry if i made a mistake writing :D
abdou belghozlane (2 months ago)
Thank you
Chaider Lima (2 months ago)
The whiteboard is unclear to read what you had written . :( I didn't get read nothing :(
SSZZ SSZZ (2 months ago)
you have not tell about the use of have had,has had and had had?
fifi fifi (3 months ago)
thankx a lot alisha
Omer Amiri (3 months ago)
can i make example like this: I have never gone to Italy.
Furkan Ekiz (3 months ago)
Hi alisha.. I Have a question. What are the differences? ''I am studying english for 2 years and I have studied english for two years.''
sherif sherif (3 months ago)
very thank you
Habib Rahman (3 months ago)
the video was very good and I would like to see more videos on all tenses from same coach
liger angry (4 months ago)
what the word tense means? how is used it... when you used it?....anybody know?
Lucas Rafael (4 months ago)
Então since seria tipo desde?
Matheus Ferreira (4 months ago)
I have never seen a so good class as this
Haythem jelassi (4 months ago)
what is the difference between present perfect and present perfect continuous ?
Amit anuragi (4 months ago)
I have never learned like that thanks for this lecture I have studied English for 2 month
T T (4 months ago)
So what's about Present Perfect Continious tense teacher? I feel embarass with the PP continious and PP. Could you help me please? Thank you for teaching me freely in the youtube, love you❤️
محمد الجوير (5 months ago)
Where is the lesson of past perfect, can somebody help me?
Nahla Magdy (5 months ago)
i guess i have never understood the p.p tense except when i viewed ur video . thanks alot
Sudipta Das (5 months ago)
Why is been used.
takaaki N (5 months ago)
I have a question What the difference between I have lived in Germany And I lived in Germany
Debora Araújo (21 days ago)
takaaki N I suposse the difference is: Have lived no one knows about when lived and can continue living there nowdays. And lived means live in past and don't live more.
Fábio RF Jacob (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for your teaching! I've stuied this topic since 2015 and I still have some doubts about it. You're an excellent teacher. I'm Brazilian.
Bahereldin . Omer (6 months ago)
I really enjoyed in this lesson, thank you so much for helping us.
Ahmed Elsayed (6 months ago)
It's wonderful,I really like this lesson. Thanks alot.
Khaled Helal (6 months ago)
Can you raise your voice, Please?
sridhar reddy (6 months ago)
Alisha ma'am you are the PRESENT PERFECT TEACHER.
Abdou Bedo (6 months ago)
Can we use (not) instead of (never) in negative state ?
raghu odi (6 months ago)
Hey thanks for teaching but your board is not bright so
Zain Khan (7 months ago)
pls can we get all tences in one video pls...
Sarig Ubonsri (7 months ago)
Thanks you and you are so cute.
De Fe (7 months ago)
Hello Alisha, Can you tell me what "Nuance" means ? thanks you :D
Pramod sanghavi (7 months ago)
SO nice ... thanx ma'am for video
josé luis v (7 months ago)
Thank you, I've learned the present perfect tense with your videos
I could'n thank you enough my best teacher I extremely admiring you
thanks for your given time
nice lesson
Thank you so much for your excellent conversational English videos . From Paris.
Faruk Khan (7 months ago)
It is very helpful video..... Thank you mam
edson motta cavalcanti (7 months ago)
thank you laid ....
Dragonblack WhiteBlue (7 months ago)
"You've never ridden a motorcycle?" or "Have you never ridden a motorcycle?"
wow..ur reading stlyle is soooo easy..I have got a lot of ideas for my channel..thank u for make it easy
W Pum (7 months ago)
If I was doing redaction about my jobs experience. Must I use present perfect in all the verbs?
U. Suwanthep (7 months ago)
You're great!
I don't understand why using " I have studied English for 2 years" instead " I have been studying English for 2 years" "for, since" mean "duration". Therefore we have to use Present Perfect Continuous. I'm confused
Maria Owie (8 months ago)
Hi Alishia, were or how to use " these "and " this" thanks for your teaching interesting
aydah .A (8 months ago)
Thank you, you are do a great job,you  help people you do not know them for freeI can not express my thanks and gratitude for you
walid fares (8 months ago)
Great video thank you ❤
CartolaBrazil (8 months ago)
Viktorianus Igo (8 months ago)
I am from indonesia
Lie Fa (3 months ago)
Gua juga
Luthfi Rahman (8 months ago)
I HAVE BEEN WORKING  (WORK) since 9 o'clock, but I HAVE NOT FINISHED  (NOT FINISH) yet. Why not "i have worked ince 9 o'clock"??
Maria Owie (8 months ago)
Thanks Alishia for this teaching
JAYESH CHAVDA (8 months ago)
Very good mam
osman aziz (8 months ago)
thank you Alishia *****
Tumusiime Anthony (8 months ago)
Hy Alisha ,what is the difference between present perfect tense and present perfect continous tense
Zain Khan (8 months ago)
How can i get all tenses at once plsss?
Ada NewsPro (8 months ago)
I cannot see
Khairi Yousef (8 months ago)
I like your way so much thank u
Mohammed Bousba tounzi (8 months ago)
Hi Dear ALICHA ....I like the English course and I am very happy to learn and English with you. a greeting
Guaje arroyo (8 months ago)
Why did you say to instead of in In the sentence: I have never been to Italy? Is it a matter of collocation?
Guaje arroyo (8 months ago)
based on the information given during the first 11 minutes of the video, I would like to know: Do the simple past has the same use of the 1 way of present perfect in sentences like: They have lived in Germany?
lawlat Jengisbek (8 months ago)
Greeeeat Alisha !You are so beautiful and your voice is very good ,and what else ?! you speech have kind rhythm 😄😄 in short THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Sigmorf Fromgis (9 months ago)
So damn Beautiful
Hello Alisha! It is the worst part of the English learning process to me because it is so difficult to understand The Present Perfect. I would like to ask you something. If I need to say "I had some loss" in past but the date is not important and the fact is my subject. How can I say? I ask you because for me I should say "I have had some loss" and not "I had some loss". This sentence appeard in the middle of a conversation with one friend of mine and it is no easy to solve for me. On the Google Translate from Portuguese to English is the second option but even though I think you need to use a date if you just use a Simple Past Tense. Please, could you explain? Thank you very much.
Benjie tindao (9 months ago)
i have watched many of your tutorials. and i have learned a lot since then.
Johamir Adam Tomas (9 months ago)
How if the question is I have never ever had experience to going to far? Plss fix it for me!
Samar Rudy (9 months ago)
I'm leaning the English language from you so I like thank you
Love SidhU (9 months ago)
"Since the time that i came out here,it has been 6 minutes and 20 seconds." I dont understand this sentence....plz help me
Mohammad Mahammadi (9 months ago)
Hi alisha thanks my teacher
Джеки Чан (9 months ago)
Super!!! Thank you so much!! I am enjoyed!!
Ehab Zydy (10 months ago)
How i can learn the past participles 😢
codeCd (10 months ago)
​get my number phone and give me a call on whatssap +336056265 , well let’s practice right now ...
Meryem Nisa Uçar (10 months ago)
I used to watch your fast speech Alisha 😂 this video made me me laugh because you tried to speak slowly to make people understand you well 😂
Addes Makdies (10 months ago)
Thank you teaher.
Alexandra gomez (10 months ago)
Hi guys!! I am interested in forming a group to practice English. If there is anyone interested, please respond right here and I will notify them. My lenguage is spanish.
lkhwan Arif (10 months ago)
Thankyou alisa and you look perfect... Do you want beeng
KMF (10 months ago)
What a nice video! Can't even read the words written on the board!
André Pinheiro (10 months ago)
I love the way you teaching us. ♡♥♡♥♡♥
André Pinheiro (10 months ago)
Informatecnhologique add my phone number. Where you from?
André Pinheiro (10 months ago)
Informatecnhologique + 5541999747860.
codeCd (10 months ago)
​get my number phone and give me a call on whatssap +336056265 , well let’s practice right now ...
Thanks a lot for your efforts
reese ahmed (10 months ago)
You are the best
ali bouker Telmidi (10 months ago)
hallo, could you please give me an example of however?
Françoise Dufort (10 months ago)
Hi Alisha! Thank you for this video! Instead : "You've never ridden a motorcycle?" could we say : "Have you never ridden a motorcycle?".
ali bouker Telmidi (10 months ago)
Red Pen is not Clear

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