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How To Downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to 9.2

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How to Downgrade iPhone, iPad, iPod touch from iOS 9.2.1 to 9.2! Download firmware here www.ipsw.me Make sure you BACK UP your idevice before you downgrade. This will erase all data on the device. WARNING: All comments containing URLs are blocked automatically and reported as spam. I also personally log and ban users for repeat attempts. This isn't the place to sell your stuff. Respectfully go somewhere else. Ceadd L Please note, this trick only works if Apple is signing the current firmware you wish to downgrade to. Explained in the video and in this description: if Apple isn't signing the firmware you wish to downgrade to you will not be able to downgrade. Refer to http://www.ipsw.me to check current signed firmware for your device. * * Join me on Patreon to access exclusive news and help support my channel! https://www.patreon.com/ceadd Subscribe to Ceadd on YouTube (don’t forget to hit that bell!) https://www.youtube.com/c/ceaddl Visit Ceadd on the Web https://ceadd.ca #apple #iphonexsmax #iphonexr #iphonexs #iphonex #iphone8 #iphone7 #iphone6s #ipadpro #ipadpro2019 #11 #ios12 #ios13 #jailbreakios12 #ios12jailbreak #ios1212jailbreak #ios1211jailbreak #jailbreaktweak #cydiatweak #cydia #saurik #sileo #coolstar #electra #unc0ver #unc0verjailbreak #electrajailbreak #electratv #backr00mjailbreak #backr00m #eta #etason #h3lix #doubleh3lix #yalu102 #totallynotspyware #meridian #ianbeer #liberiOS #liberTV #jailbreakme #untetherjailbreak #pangu #appletv4K #appletv #appletvjailbreak #jailbreakappletv #applewatch4 #applewatch #macbookair #macbookpro #macmini #imac #imacpro #macoshighsierra #macosmojave #macos #ps4 #fixps4 #ps4safemode #ceadd #ceaddl #iphoneunboxing #unboxing #electronics #technology #techreview #techreview2019 #jailbreak2019 #technology2019 Ceadd 2019
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Text Comments (73)
Ali Alshaikh (2 years ago)
What if the version that i want is not in the green thing what should i do ?! Please help!!
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
+Ali Alshaikh then unfortunately you can't downgrade but no worries a jailbreak is now available for ios 9.3.3 so no need to downgrade. Check my latest uploads for how to tutorial
Jordan Gray (2 years ago)
im iphone 4 - 9.2.1 guess what i just realised i can get 7.1.2 which is jailbroken ahah YESSSS FINALLY
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
+PaYn Recyte iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak just got released! Check my latest video
Bartek B. (2 years ago)
I have IPhone 5c with iOS 9.2.1. I would like to downgrade to iOS 9.1 or 9.0. I want to know all possible methods. Please help me.
Lance Anator (2 years ago)
Is it possible to downgrade iOS 9.2.1 to 9.0 or later?
Jordan Gray (2 years ago)
if on iphone 4 you can downgrade a lot
Anders Levring (2 years ago)
why its it only 9.3.1 there are green writ me?? plzz help
HeheXP (2 years ago)
That's just so you know that 9.3.1 is the most recent one just pick the one you want and continue
Game clips (2 years ago)
Thx man. U are great. :)
Efasd Dsad (2 years ago)
what the button to open that?????
Drake Duke (2 years ago)
it gave a 3194 error. How can I fix that?
tryst cast (2 years ago)
when i click restor, it dosent take me to my files! what i do?
Daniel Xu (2 years ago)
Does it clear your data?
Stoney Tech (2 years ago)
When you hold down and hit ALT to pick a software it won't pop up to me. Help.
gta king nigga (2 years ago)
+eRa Tulk u have to hold down SHIFT not ALT
i didint work for me
Harry (2 years ago)
Does this actually work no trolls plz
Ceadd L (2 years ago)
How would I fake the video? Yes it works. Listen to everything I explain, lots of information. It all depends on the firmwares Apple is signing. The reason I don't answer all the comments is because most people are trolls. Good luck
Hunter Rosalies (2 years ago)
I think that Apple stopped signing it :/ dos they?
Jordan Smith (3 years ago)
!!!HELP HELP HELP!!! Like this comment if you can help me
Benjamin Tietze (3 years ago)
My Iphone Could not Become restored. An unknown error has appeared.3194
Tharindu Pushpakumara (3 years ago)
Ios 9.2 ??
BlackBlizz259 (3 years ago)
im wss making alk of that and my ipas air was reseted
Xavier Care (3 years ago)
I upgraded just to use facebook's new like "feature" kms 100x not worth it, good luck to everyone waiting for the new j.b.
wierd sli (3 years ago)
For my iPod it said error 405
wierd sli (3 years ago)
For iPhone 5s is it GMS or Global?
Egeef (2 years ago)
And for iphone 5 please ?
Tway Radar (3 years ago)
wierd sli (3 years ago)
Will u still have your data and your phone number?
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
+Angel Camacho you need to backup before you begin. And iCloud saves your numbers
Michelle Kennedy (3 years ago)
doesn't work!!!!!!! after I get to sift /restore it just keeps saying open file
+Michelle Kennedy push shift on the restore button then open the ios file
Lakhan Singh Rajput (3 years ago)
+Ceadd L can i downgrade to 9.0.2
Mik lalo (3 years ago)
thanks this is what i was looking for because ios 9.3 has some bugs and there is no jailbreak.
Gerald Petil (3 years ago)
What should I choose. for my iPhone 5s.? GSM or GLOBAL? Please help. From philippines
Katrina Collette (3 years ago)
So does it actually work
Katrina Collette (3 years ago)
I'm doing it on my computer right now but it's taking forever
Iconic Gaming (3 years ago)
good thing i didnt upgrade, too bad i can't downgrade to 9.0.2
Obi Junior (3 years ago)
Please help! When I go to IPSW and go to my iPad Air Wi-Fi 9.2.1, it says I can only get the 9.2.1??
SlattVlone (3 years ago)
+Obi Junior no im going to wait for 9.2.1 but we'll see if pangu does something before 9.3 but theres a low chance
Obi Junior (3 years ago)
did it work?
SlattVlone (3 years ago)
+Obi Junior mine says its signed so im gonna downgrade it now!!! jailbreak this shit but im using ipad mini if that helps
Obi Junior (3 years ago)
When will that be possible to get? and do you have a link to a site, where I can see it, if it comes?
darlin santos (3 years ago)
it gave a 3194 error. How can I fix that?
MasterMcWOLF (3 years ago)
if you downgrade can you still upgrade?
TJordan (3 years ago)
+AllGamesToday does this work still
AllGamesToday (3 years ago)
+MasterMcWOLF You can always upgrade to a newer version.
Jadimations (3 years ago)
Anyone confirmed this worked?
Ricardo Cavazos (3 years ago)
Does this still work?
kang vang (3 years ago)
Does this delete data from your phone?
Toxichydra67 (3 years ago)
+Jurgen Klopp no because you left dortmund
ShowmethaMane (3 years ago)
+Ceadd L still work?
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
Yes, this completely wipes the phone, there is no way to downgrade without wiping the phone. Do a backup before you begin
BlackBlizz259 (3 years ago)
you are saying iphone sex plus not iphone six plus
Trixy (3 years ago)
+Gg Gamer13330 Iphone sex?
Cultra Pro (3 years ago)
will this process restore your idevice?
+Cultra Pro if you backup before then restore backup afterwards i think
Blacked Out (3 years ago)
Can I downgrade iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2?
Aidan (3 years ago)
+JohnsonCraft Nope, software isn't signed.
Liver poolism (3 years ago)
i downloaded the software and when i try to downgrade it gives me a error, how can i solve this problem?
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
+Liver poolism what error?
Moreno Singh (3 years ago)
is it possible to downgrade 9.2.1 directly to 9.0.2 or first have to downgrade to 9.2 and then to 9.0.2?
Aidan (3 years ago)
+Moreno Singh You can't downgrade to anything lower than ios 9.2 because everything else is not signed by apple anymore.
Chad Pasta (3 years ago)
MD KONOK ISLAM (3 years ago)
Cisco Pegasus (3 years ago)
Mohd Rafae (3 years ago)
My ipad is ipad mini with retina display with 7.1.1 version and it jailbreak. If i want to update to 9.3 will it can downgrade to 9.0.2 and can be jailbreak again? pls help. My iphone is 9.0.2 should I jailbreak? PLS HELP!!
Mohd Rafae (3 years ago)
thx man i think i want to jailbreak my phone. And the ipad I want to wait the next jailbreak... Thx for your help! This is helpful :)
Ceadd L (3 years ago)
+Aidilfit player you wont be able to downgrade to ios 9.0.2 anymore unfortunately, if you update your ipad youll be waiting on the next jailbreak. Depends on if you really care about it or not. As for your iphone i would jailbreak it if its on ios 9.0.2. Hope that helps

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