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NVIDIA Gamers VS AMD Gamers

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Hello Peeps! Hope You're Well! Glad to Be with you Again :D So Peeps! You Screamed, I Heard! Today we'll see a Quick Comparison between NVIDIA Gamers and AMD Gamers Tried to brainstorm the idea that's all, If there's any mistake, please Consider it, We all make mistakes :) Enjoy!! (Watch the video till the end guys,you don't wanna miss ) :3 If you liked the Work, Then please Like, Comment and Share if it's worth it, Comment so that we can communicate with each other ^_^ If you enjoyed the video, please support me by sharing the video on your preferred social media site. It won't cost you, but will help me a lot :) And please consider SUBSCRIBING to my channel, Your support makes me stronger every single time, You Guys are AWESOME :D Thumbnail Credit Goes to "Wasif"!! Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-65-sfsl3ladqwblugxRA Songs Used in this video: 1. [No Copyright Music] Walk - Ikson Link:https://youtu.be/szEfp07r5Cg 2. [No Copyright Music] NoWay2 - PeriTune Link: https://youtu.be/2-o5lE9OdRY 3. Outlet - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/W6c9F_CdvhU 4. Baltic Levity - Thatched Villagers (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/OX5w_uvJ91c 5. Tied Up - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/5IoY4ZVNCDk 6. Greenery - Silent Partner (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/qeIkbW49B6A 7. Hey Now - MK2 (No Copyright Music) Link: https://youtu.be/rioyc5xeYuQ 8. [No Copyright Music] Chasing The Light - Olivaw Link: https://youtu.be/gJSB0XkniiA 9. Bensound - Jazzcomedy Link: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/jazz 10. Vexento - Masked Raver [NCS Release] Link: https://youtu.be/Nvc0hgt9I1g 11. Elektronomia - Summersong 2018 [NCS Release] Link: https://youtu.be/HoCw_gaCHXE Games Used in this Video: 1. Gears of War 4 2. Grand Theft Auto V 3. Need For Speed Payback 4. The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt Game Clips Used in this Video: 1. Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Part 1 (Xbox One 1080p 60fps) Link: https://youtu.be/K7ivfatNNuk 2. Need for Speed Payback Graveyard Shift PC Gameplay – 4K 60 FPS Link: https://youtu.be/8kbQJTsSh5Y If you want to contact me,just hit me up on my Facebook Page or Email me FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/IKIMAWSM/ Email: [email protected] Twitter: https://twitter.com/iknowimawessome So See you again in the next video, Till then, Stay Awesome, Game ON! Love You all
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I know I'm Awesome (6 months ago)
Thumbnail Credit Goes to "Wasif"!! Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu-65-sfsl3ladqwblugxRA
Wilson Morillo (19 days ago)
WASIF remember me
Dtex-Pubg Mobile (22 days ago)
Hacker vs pro vs noob gamer
AJ Carloto (1 month ago)
hey dude can u help me at the first of the video the disclaimer thing i know the voice isnt yours but what website did you get the voice??
AJ Carloto (1 month ago)
hey dude can u help me at the first of the video the disclaimer thing i know the voice isnt yours but what website did you get the voice??
Silverbacc (40 minutes ago)
Forgot to touch on the absolutely bullcrap nvidia software.
Bishal Chowdhury (1 hour ago)
Ever Heard of Ryzen 2 and Radeon VII Intel and Nvidia literally crying xD You're probably GTX 1050 User
GekkePerp (1 hour ago)
When you have nvidia graphics card and AMD instead of intel
Abhijit.G Paramanik (3 hours ago)
At last they both went to play on nvidia
GamerP2007 (5 hours ago)
I have AMD Rayzen 7
Glitch The Deer (10 hours ago)
Amd cpus are exactly like some of Intels processors but cheaper, Im waiting on ryzen 3 to come out and the first 7nm graphics card
Harrycat28 (12 hours ago)
Hamza Khan (13 hours ago)
Checkout at 2:50 what that mean?
Hamza Khan (13 hours ago)
I know the processors heats up but it showing burn and burst.... am a lily bit of confused
I choose both
Remark67 (15 hours ago)
*I have a GTX 1060 Deskstop rip*
Brandon Teo (16 hours ago)
Intro music?
Preston Tube (16 hours ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
flynn (16 hours ago)
AMD = workstation computer NVIDIA & Intel = Gaming Computer
Smokey.Mp4 (18 hours ago)
hey how do i get rid of an youtubers upload off my youtube, like getting rid of his uploads off of my reccomendations and up next etc not there anymore, these "Gamer" videos keep flooding my youtube reccomendations, because i like computers and building them (intrested in hardware) and when i watch them youtube thinks i like videos like this because i watch tech youtubers, basically i just wanna block channels (such as this one), sincerely Smokey
Guido Holzmann (18 hours ago)
Meh, u know nothing jon snow. Nvidia cards get more temperature, and amd users just want a 100$ card that can run everything in ultra, only 1% amd users make OC and 1080 ti are expensive af, a fair "best card in market" would be 1080 ti vs 2 of the best amd cards working in crossfire, even 3. Know ur facts.
Ignacio Carl (20 hours ago)
To be honest AMD kinda sucks at Nvidia supported games
League of Bronze (1 day ago)
Is gtx 1070 bottlenecking my ryzen 7 2700x??
Questions is what do you use?
The Discord (1 day ago)
These videos have such shitty fucking quality lmao. It’s like those ads you see on social media for some scam app
Mr. Froztyyz (1 day ago)
Love how the GOW gameplay is on Console yet its supposed to be about pc graphics cards lmao
You keep telling people to not get triggered, but then you color the AMD sign green 😔😔
Tabinda Afri (1 day ago)
imagine if you have.. AMD>GPU NVIDIA>CPU INTEL> graphics
Glucose Guardian (1 day ago)
Red in CPU Green in GPU Blue in SSD This makes me the ultimate RGB Gamer
Gerard Wasilewski (1 day ago)
Amd lied about the performance of vega 56, vega 64 and 580.
Weißbrot Waigmann (1 day ago)
I don't overklock my GPU, I buy a GPU too powerful for my monitor and underklock it so it runs more silent
Stuart Baucum (1 day ago)
I game on amd ryzen 5 and radeon vega 8 and they perform pretty well on my laptop
Laser kitten (1 day ago)
I’m using AMD CPU and NVIDIA GPU
ButtersTheGun_XBOX (1 day ago)
Not to be an ass but if you need to game for cheap go for amd cpu, but if you have money coming out of your ass crack, go intel and nividia, also at 5;38, nividia is branded as a gpu company, amd is a gpu AND a cpu company, that doesn't make amd better because their holding 2 different chips, also the nividia cards are better and great, im using a gtx 1050ti and its fine considering its cheaper than a monitor with 1080p new
I have nvidia card with AMD CPU))
Trusty Patches (2 days ago)
AMD cards are usually weaker, but they’re also cheaper and with free sync monitors costing half the price of their g sync counter parts AMD can be a very attractive option.
Twitch FearAmongUs (2 days ago)
I’m watching this when the RTX 2080 is out lol
Ixpqd (2 days ago)
I prefer AMD but both have ups and downs.
can ext (2 days ago)
To everyone who ether don’t know what this stuff is or you an amd fan they are the same people tho please if you get a pc get a intel cpu go with coffee lake if you can and spend the extra 30$ and get a real gpu just don’t even try amd it’s not worth it you can tell that by just looking at the specs I never understand when people even compare these gpu the only thing they have in common is that they are a gpu they are completely different concepts they way they are build amd are built from dog shit and ninvida is for fucking Americans mad from eagle piss and hurricanes raped it a fucking American flag lmao
The Rock (2 days ago)
Bro I have a Nvidia GPU, but AMD CPU ? What now
Edward Ethan (2 days ago)
nvidia is best
Tilen Hribar (2 days ago)
I like how games from console are shown
joe m (2 days ago)
Hands down amd CPUs are better for the price. Amd graphics cards are not bad they just don't have any flagship contender's. For budget GPUs they are probably better in the used 100 to 150 zone.
Kyle Hislip (2 days ago)
I used to be sooooo against amd till I bought one. Now I don’t think I’d have a nvidia again lol.
Someone (2 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Jeho Mendoza (2 days ago)
(Sorry if this is not a graphic card battle my brother bought them 1 year ago and forgot)i am the gtx (maxium number of it) so thoose gamers and me are winner
Pingi (2 days ago)
But what if you combine an AMD cpu with a Nvidia gpu
Vikrant Wadhera (2 days ago)
Bro it seems you are an gears of war gamer too hat's off like if you are also a gears of war huge fan
Gang of demons (2 days ago)
Hey guys how about we talk about our gaming setups here? Here is my gambling laptop specs Name: MSI RADIER RGB GE63 Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 1070 CPU: Intel Corp I7 8th generation 144h screen 1 MSI lootbox level 1 1 MSI lootbox level 2 Price = €1890. R.I.P. I’m poor now I also wanna know about about your gaming setups ( I’m not showing off I just wanna know how many people are using Nvidia or AMD or RYZEN And it’s just fun)
Gang of demons (2 days ago)
You know that Nvidia is better XD
freddy fazbear23 (2 days ago)
To be honest AMD processors and nvidia gpus are a good combo especially with amds new ryzen cpus
BlackVicinity (2 days ago)
AMD CPU with nvidia gtx 1050 ti msi
Ryan Dunn (2 days ago)
6:23 did they really just walk to go play pubg co op 😂😂😂
PSunknownsoldier (2 days ago)
Omg these videos are so cringy
Jérémy B SNK (2 days ago)
NVIDIA RTX is the best card ever for me
EdvinREV Youtube (2 days ago)
amd rtx 2080 is the best idiot
Pikaboy ty (2 days ago)
The better combination is amd + nvidia for no fights
can ext (1 day ago)
+Ixpqd lmao like i said when you know what your actually are talking about and have a degree in comp science and info its no competition at all go intel and nvidia
Ixpqd (2 days ago)
can ext Nah, Intel + AMD.
can ext (2 days ago)
Lmao definitely not intel and nvidia coffee lake line is the way of life
Normie (2 days ago)
This video makes no sense
hello hello (2 days ago)
i love your video but here important from which compAnny you wanna buy gpu ex msi evga or asus gigabyte etc.. doesnt matter nvidia or Amd just important material hardware design component quality and cooling system.
JoltX4 (2 days ago)
*S N A P D R A G O N*
Rosene Camance (3 days ago)
i have amd cpu but i can use nvidia gtx 750ti right?
AlxTNF (3 days ago)
Be like me, be an AMD + Nvidia gamer :-)
GameSource (3 days ago)
Nvidia boiii
Robin13377 (3 days ago)
No hate but in my opinion it was really boring.🤐
Hell Rabble (3 days ago)
Nvidia best!
Botond Zoboki (3 days ago)
R7 2700x RX Vega 56 8gb 64gb Ram
Hasan Gökaydın (3 days ago)
Man ı wanna ask something is amd cpus really hot ı mean can a stock fan cool it or not
Pedro Games (3 days ago)
Razer gamers vs logitech or corsair gamers plz
JoxxiGuardiaN (3 days ago)
Nvidia=Like | AMD=comment
Fuzzy Nova (3 days ago)
Honestly my RIG is really damn good. It's not the latest Most insane Rig but it is new. I got An HP Desktop with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 paired with AMD RYZEN 5 2400 Vega Graphics Processor (in short) I definitely recommend getting this set up if your looking for your first Desktop or Laptop. I used to be all about laptops. But the desktop has so much more room and stays cool under high pressure gaming. Only downside is you can't just take it with you on road trips
Twitch Lotslan (3 days ago)
Let's settle the war down by saying that the AMD is the second best for gaming but costs a lot less, and nVidia is a great PC but for quite the high price. 😊
timothy burns (1 day ago)
If ryzen keeps up. Then my personal best is amd for cpu. The money saved by not going with intel can go to an nvidia card. Then the difference would just be high speed ram.
Patawee Perez (3 days ago)
i got Intel Core i7-9700K
Marcin Krawczuk (3 days ago)
Gtx 1060 and ryzen 5 2600 <3
4:00 The Nvidia GeForce RTX 20 Series
trisa enterprise (3 days ago)
AMD for processor, Nvidia for graphic card.... settle
sameh lischma (3 days ago)
I am AMD Gamer !!
Mama John (3 days ago)
I have nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb
Time Breaker (3 days ago)
AMD and nivdia office use HP display
bobi cohen 25 (4 days ago)
1:15 loll I’m like this face
wiL (4 days ago)
EklipseNeos (4 days ago)
amd gpu good for pubg, fortnite is nvidia
plasheev (4 days ago)
All depends on budget and for how long your making builds. For short term and performance I recommend Intel and nvidia. For long term full amd spec. I have a build from 2008 full amd still working after heavy years of gameplay, how ever due to my work I had to switch to Intel i5 laptop. I like both amd and Intel, how ever I'm sceptic about nvidia life and performance after they pass the warranty, since I have seen dozens of burned out card on my previous job.
Armen Gevorgyan (4 days ago)
MSI Nvidia GTX 1070 and MSI z370 sli plus is mine
갑자 (4 days ago)
Amd cards are good! It is useful at bomb terror!
Yannis Pirvan (4 days ago)
Is anyone watching at the time when you can get an rx590 for cheqp and game like a gtx 1080?
Muhammad Umair (4 days ago)
Why Not Making A Video About Intel Core i Series Or Quad Core Vs Xeon PC's?
SoVeryHappy MC (4 days ago)
10 K dislike NVİDİA GAMERS :D hahaah
ebomb5212 (4 days ago)
Where all of my AMD gamers at
Saud Khan (4 days ago)
My dad won't buy me NVIDIA cuz its very expensive💳 😭, so I'll have to stick with AMD😂
Sinsanatis (1 day ago)
Saud Khan well the rx 500 series are pretty decent, but if ur looking for higher end, i heard that vega wasnt as good as it couldve been. But i heard great things about what amd has in store for next. Currently collecting parts for my first build, a full amd system
jekyll boscz (4 days ago)
Amd cpu Nvidia card user here lol 😂
Black (4 days ago)
5:36 he can buy ryzen+nvidia, it's a good combination too
SLV david (4 days ago)
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol For 1 AMD graphic card you need more than 99999999999 fans but AMD'S proccesor is better than Intel's processor
Math WinS (1 day ago)
SLV davi I have starter with full amd computer, after 3 years of gaming, the processor is dead and the graphics card literally burn... After that i use nvidia/Intel component and still alive after 7 years... Amd us just like Intel but with china quality label on it...
Kacperino RNR (4 days ago)
GabeSalvation (4 days ago)
Nvidia Fan boy.
Kaori Chan (4 days ago)
Nvidia GeForce♥
Соков Раим (5 days ago)
My CPU IS amd ryzen 5 2600x My GPU is sapphire nitro 580 8gb
minecraftpro 123 (5 days ago)
im invidia gtx 1050ti fortnite pleying im fps max setings 60 50 fps no drop
Kevo Kok (5 days ago)
2:30 hmm i have an amd it runs gta 5 no problem
Celestia S (5 days ago)
I got both 😂
Shadow_992 (5 days ago)
Best CPUS: AMD (at the time) Best graphics cards: Nvidia (forever)
Shadow_992 (5 days ago)
My friends AMD card broke down after 0.5 Years Still wondering how that happened
Shadow_992 (5 days ago)
Both are amazing! I own a Gtx 1080 in my primary PC And a Rx 460 4gb in my secoundary
Sinsanatis (1 day ago)
Shadow_992 how does that rx 460 possibly compare to a gtx 1080 tho
Dragongamer 6845 (5 days ago)
Bleach McBleachersen (5 days ago)
amd cpu + nvidia card = <3
JeeZi (5 days ago)

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