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Overclocking The GTX 1060 6GB Using The Asus GPU Tweak How Far WILL IT OVERCLOCK

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Text Comments (90)
Trygve Melvold (1 month ago)
Hey, Cool channel! Realy like it! Can you show us the Overclocking settings so i can put my settings to the same as you? :D
Kuroko_0 (1 month ago)
will this make a difference to the electricity bill?
sD3r (1 month ago)
Kuroko_0 obviously it Will, can’t imagine by much, takes more Watts from the Wall. Don’t know the difference doe. But it does make a difference in the Bill. Don’t think by much
Kuroko_0 (1 month ago)
+sD3r ?
sD3r (1 month ago)
xAndrey69 Cancal Vechi (2 months ago)
dude i oc my 1060 strix o6g to 2114 on core and 4404 on memory and it’s stable
xAndrey69 Cancal Vechi (2 months ago)
about 5-10 fps more it depends on the game
Random Gameplay (2 months ago)
Is it save?
q8_vip2 (3 months ago)
i feel i`m wrong i oc at 135 and memory 430 ?
Rec. Brenner (3 months ago)
Mine reaches 2114 MHz on boost
Kosmogun (4 months ago)
Is it save to overclock it that much?
aWildSurimi (3 months ago)
Kosmogun hmmmm no
Snuffles (5 months ago)
"the Asus GTX 1060 the ROG Strix version or whatever you wanna call it, man it has soooo many names" lolol I'm fucking weak
SLO420PRO (5 months ago)
Is it safe to put it all the way? Please
Lars (3 months ago)
You have to uncheck a setting in GPU Tweak 2 but I'm not sure which one.After unchecking you can Put it all the way the boost and memory clock.
SLO420PRO (5 months ago)
Piranha oh ok tnx dude
Piranha (5 months ago)
nope it will fried youre gpu and you need to get the battery out and in
Hesham h dabour (5 months ago)
FurMark ROG Edition i found choice asus clock what that mean that timing i see ?
Louie (6 months ago)
how do you get gpu tweak II? i am trying to download yet it always just redirects to the support page like tf?
Wong Mun Foong (4 months ago)
https://www.asus.com/us/site/graphics-cards/gpu-tweak-ii/ Once you clicked the download, it will redirects you to a support page. Just select the OS you using, Window 10/8.1/7 or etc...Good luck!
Nizam Ahmed (7 months ago)
How do you show the frames per second like the numbers in the corner?
Techno Nerds (4 months ago)
msi after burner
Trey Fox (5 months ago)
there should be a setting in the game itself to show fps or something along the lines of that :)
asd2769 (7 months ago)
You actually can boost the clocks more... in settings is option "Overclocking range enhancement" it's not 100% save but.......
ColdBoltz (8 months ago)
where to download this asus tweak software?
Wong Mun Foong (4 months ago)
Here you go: https://www.asus.com/us/site/graphics-cards/gpu-tweak-ii/
Zer0_L1ves (5 months ago)
get a detachable external USB CD drive
hassan ali (5 months ago)
Sztanojev Tamas (6 months ago)
you can download it here https://www.asus.com/us/site/graphics-cards/gpu-tweak-ii/
ColdBoltz (6 months ago)
SonTek but my pc doesnt have cd drive
T-G İLKER (9 months ago)
Can ı do this with my gtx 1060 3gb asus
Oblivion cloud (10 months ago)
this is all wrong yo fuck this dude there is a extra setting where you can go beyond that boost fuck this imposter
Dplex (10 months ago)
I can’t find the that app to over clock it
Nemesi (7 months ago)
If you don't understand how it works please don't touch it. You'll probably break something and when you send the card back they'll find out what happened :D
Dplex (10 months ago)
Divine Judgement how much power wat would you recommend to do this
Divine Judgement (10 months ago)
It can be downloaded
Richie Kibiloski (10 months ago)
Does it automatically come with the: "OC Mode" "Gaming mode" and "Silent mode"? Like as a present almost?
Oke (10 months ago)
Westen Quasar 24 F (11 months ago)
Mine reaches 2060 MHz without even manual overclocking
Mattis N (1 month ago)
mine 2050mhz without oc :) GTX 1060 Strix (OC Edition)
SonTek (5 months ago)
i know you retard
iSection Prime (5 months ago)
SonTek not memory you retard
SonTek (6 months ago)
well mine 8008
Aesir Woden (1 year ago)
Terrible - useless and a click bait bullshit. You suck - go eat a Camel
Alex Simon (1 year ago)
i have 2 fps in games .. 30 and 60 . regardless of game/graphic settings. if there is a fluctuation from 60, it drops to 30 dead. rog strix 6 gb oc. any ideas?
Strikemi (1 year ago)
I have the same problem!!
Alex Simon (1 year ago)
i'll try that, thanks!
Yasir Qazi (1 year ago)
Alex Simon turn v-sync off in the nvidia panel
Hurkeyn (1 year ago)
Can my ASUS Geforce gtx 1060 6 gb DUAL OC be destroyed if i apply MAX OC
Shooter Impact (9 months ago)
No it cant, if the graphics card get too hot it turns off automatic so everything is ok.
Austin Swislosky (11 months ago)
Hurkeyn yes, because the card would get way to hot. Keep am eyes on your temps I wouldn't go over 70 degrees.
tuncTHEcavo (1 year ago)
How dangerous is this ? Can I fuck up the carD ?
tieuquy linthinh (1 year ago)
is totally safe u can even turn on voltage to 100% since pascal cards series are locked
eversoris1975 (1 year ago)
que parametros utilizo en el tweak para OC una asus turbo 1060 6 gb?
Omar Quinn (1 year ago)
Lo puedo hacer con una 1030?
I v á n (4 months ago)
Omar Quinn Si
Farelztsu 22 (1 year ago)
I artifak
Daniel Grieb (7 months ago)
Daniel Grieb (7 months ago)
Farelztsu 22 y
n00bie (1 year ago)
Lol my Dual 1060 6gb is at 2062MHz, so either I'm lucky or your card isn't that great for STRIX
Watchdog (1 month ago)
That is right. But naturally if you get a higher fps, it will most likely stay more consistently over 144, which is useful if you don't have a G-sync monitor. My fps goes down to 60 in the new capture point mode and it's hell. I have only 8 GB Ram and I think that is affecting my performance because I had 12 GB on my laptop, then I hit it and 4 GB chip went out the slot somehow and Fortnite started lagging a lot more after that. Ram is so damn expensive.
sD3r (1 month ago)
Watchdog you should be able to hit 144 fps ingame then, which means that you get 144hz potential. Overkilled hardware. Since many ppl have 120 144hz monitors it doesn’t matter If you have 180 fps vs 190 fps. Hope what you get what i mean. Maybe you don’t have over 144fps ing depends on the game. But If you play fortnite you should only have unnecersary visualisera If you wanna hit Above 144fps. Doesn’t matter If he has a 1080 then because the monitors only push out 144hz. Hahhaaha maybe im wrong plz correct instead of h8.
Watchdog (1 month ago)
I don't even know what you mean by "hood frames" :D. I do have 144 hz monitor and 1060 6GB.
sD3r (1 month ago)
Watchdog you prob have hood frames. 144hz synced w your monitor.
Σά ββας (3 months ago)
Watchdog get the fuck out of here
atF61 Gaming (1 year ago)
can u do this with the 3gb version also ? :D
Random Gameplay (2 months ago)
I hope so, beacuse i have one to.
Ugly (1 year ago)
Adelos (1 year ago)
whats GPU Voltage? and should i use it when overclocking?
yea that should do the trick
Grant Wiggo (9 months ago)
just hook on a 12volt car battery
ImABearDontCare (1 year ago)
That's the voltage limit. There's a big difference.
megapet777 (1 year ago)
Well I put voltage to the max in msi afterburner
Herqq (1 year ago)
^ this. basically it controls the amount of power the card uses. You don't really need it in simple overclocking
Soulsreaper (1 year ago)
thanks for the video seams like everyone uses msi afterburner and I don't really understand why considering that this card comes with software to do just that, I think though it limits it so that u don't blow it up even when u push it far.. u know what I mean?
Tek Overclocked (1 year ago)
yes it makes sense, with after burner you can easily brake your card lol
ezam coffin (1 year ago)
how to overclock asus strix 1060 6gb
FSXgta (1 year ago)
Lic. Daniel Ruiz (1 year ago)
Thakyou, yep i rise my fps, great. do you have more videos like this, ?

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