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RTX 2080 Ti + Pentium G4560 Test in 8 Games 1080p and 4K

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti + Pentium G4560 Test 1080p and 4K Games : Grand Theft Auto V Far Cry 5 - 01:18 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 02:38 Assassin's Creed Origins - 04:04 Forza Horizon 4 - 05:48 Battlefield 1 - 07:27 The Witcher 3 - 09:03 Fallout 4 - 10:43 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel Pentium G4560 3.5Ghz Asus Strix Z270E GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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Zona X&Z (4 hours ago)
La gente es muy ignorante y en masa, por qué usó un G4560? porque está realizando test a 4k, Donde CASI TODA LA CARGA se la lleva la GPU. no la CPU. Efectivamente igual hay cuello de botella, pero con un i3 de octava o un ryzen 3 o 5 vas de sobra a 4k, porque no necesitas CPU potente si piensas jugar a esa resolución.
Enorbic (6 hours ago)
Can I pair up a gtx 1050 ti with a Pentium G3220 without bottleneck?
ZeR036 (10 hours ago)
I have the g4560 too and a gtx 1060 3gb with it and i get the same fps in some of those games. The video it's completly legit! The cpu reaches his limit but it can handle some titles pretty good
Jenuvin Jose (14 hours ago)
Dreadnought (14 hours ago)
80% GPU usage at 1080p *_WHAT_*
Summoner Arthur (16 hours ago)
Now pair that shitty 2080 with a fucking celeron 420, the real deal processor.
Mohammad Taufik (22 hours ago)
All in this comment talk,like u all are expert.but u all are noob,do more research about g4560
Play _De_Novo (22 hours ago)
Rtx 2080TI .... Core 2 Duo
Premton Kerolli (1 day ago)
How many Ghz is G4560??
Wolf Hunter (1 day ago)
¡Terrible cuello de de botella de 3 litros!
Just Learning (1 day ago)
Gamora : What did it costs??? Thanos : My body parts!
87crimson (1 day ago)
Say what you want about that CPU but if you pop in a cheap RX 570 you can have a great 4k/30 system.
Jacky L (1 day ago)
Can you try with pentium 4 pls? 😛
crackN jacks (1 day ago)
isnt the cou bottlenecking?? damn it still performs good
Mariusz Głuszek (2 days ago)
RTX 2080 Ti + g4560 Looks like... T14 armata with ZIS-5 cannon XD
Upset Vịt Nem (2 days ago)
Great couple
Finchy mkx (2 days ago)
pentium? why did u use so weak processor?
STREAMEREK XD (3 days ago)
Geraint H (3 days ago)
GPU always the greatest affecting factor when it comes to gaming
ItzNanoHD (3 days ago)
High cpu bottleneck
ZeusZiiN (3 days ago)
zombielols (3 days ago)
Damn, what a powerful CPU for such a cheap GPU.
gagan raj (3 days ago)
Bunch of trolls lol
Смэрть (3 days ago)
GPU bottleneck
Trophy_Hunter_CR (3 days ago)
Bottleneck in god level lol
Harsh Pahurkar (3 days ago)
When a budget gamer wins a giveaway for 2080ti
ˆˆ TAkEUrHeaRT (3 days ago)
Bottleneck =))
Art Smashing (3 days ago)
when u spend all the money on the gpu and borrow some from ur lil bro to buy the processor
Fabi G. (3 days ago)
CPU am Ende also schonmal nicht die volle Leistung an der GPU ...
ThEpicSoul (3 days ago)
It's obvious that the fps is low because the cpu is bottlenecking a 2080TI
Dave Longden (3 days ago)
This is like having a Ferrari with a Mini cooper engine!
[MD] Mike (3 days ago)
RTX 2080ti and AMD sempron 2000+
Dantino (4 days ago)
vilninho (4 days ago)
Гиперпень ебашит 💪😤
CrewMaster (4 days ago)
Next time GTX 2080 Ti in a SLI rig
Vanh Giang (4 days ago)
Bottleneck too much :(
kkart man (4 days ago)
MEM 7000 MHz WHAT!?
rafa faria (4 days ago)
mad cat (4 days ago)
Oof the bottleneck
Sarka Shinee (4 days ago)
i5-2400 vs G4560? Which is one good?
Igie Tipsay (4 days ago)
I think it's bottleneck..... not sure tho
potato is not tomato (4 days ago)
i have ps4,i dont have to think about fps,bottleneck,ram 😂.i just play games for fun,buy a console sit on couch,change your position,trust me its easier this way.
Alister Alister (4 days ago)
Please make the test sempron socket 754 2500+ or celeron d326 socket 775. Both of the processors support pci-e.
V sick (4 days ago)
G4560 in little monster xD
Blight-kunシ (4 days ago)
aint that gonna be a bottleneck?
Лол Кеков (4 days ago)
If even Pentium G4560 with RTX 2080Ti shows 60fps in 1080p Ultra = Ryzen 5 2600 should be good CPU for my RTX 2080 Aorus!
nir catri (4 days ago)
pubg ??
Jude Courtney (4 days ago)
That's crazy, the £50 CPU actually holds up!
Ibadur Rahman (4 days ago)
I don't mind the low FPS, but DAMN, those FPS spikes, really kills the whole experience. FML, stuck with this shit of a CPU which can't even max out an RX 580 at 1080p.
chocolate milk (4 days ago)
Pentium g4560 rocks!!
SKY Gaming (4 days ago)
G4560 with gtx 1030 Stream pubg mobile plzzzzzzzzz I want to know the fps
Jose Larral (4 days ago)
No pasa nada con este procesador pentuim gold con el 2080 ti? Le dar cuello o no?
Kevin Wagner (4 days ago)
bro get a better gpu I think its bottlenecking the cpu
Glitch (4 days ago)
Lets see that bottleneck
João Gamer (4 days ago)
I7 2600?
ΛIDΞN (4 days ago)
Who else saw that Ram at 6666? 1:06
ToWer_Dzn (4 days ago)
neck is real
Rukasu L (4 days ago)
Rtx 2080 TI + pentium g450 < Gtx 1060 3gb + core i3 8100 I thought it would be the opposite in fps question
GAMER LAN (4 days ago)
Pentium D with rtx 2080
Oscar G. (4 days ago)
GPU is bottlenecking the CPU so ducking hard
Stephen (4 days ago)
ahah poor cpu can explode 😂
Deanディーン (4 days ago)
How can this dude even afford the Pentium G4560
Ali Rıza Ünal (4 days ago)
Ryzen 1200 OC + RTX 2080 Ti 4K pls
o cara das gameplays (4 days ago)
SC G (4 days ago)
When you don’t know how to balance your budget
Bivash Biswas (4 days ago)
A few graphs would be nice :/
HASNAT ALI (4 days ago)
Qba (4 days ago)
rtx 2080ti + core2duo please
Yu Tub (4 days ago)
It seems Shadow of the tomb raider is the only game in which the Pentium is mostly not the bottleneck while Far Cry 5 is almost balanced. I'd say if you play triple A games at 4K the pentium should be enough when paired with gtx 1080
TapOrNap3100 UGMMA (4 days ago)
Have you had any problems with your 2080 ti and do you have the founders edition.
TapOrNap3100 UGMMA (3 days ago)
+Petar Stankovic i been hearing about artifacts and crashes and I ordered my 2080 ti it should be here tommorow , so I was just curious to know if anyone has a 2080 ti that actually works with no problems. Alot of the forums say alot of people are having problems
Petar Stankovic (3 days ago)
What problems do you mean?
SeadPer (4 days ago)
PiXLELY (5 days ago)
Bottleneck over 9000
Ashutosh Mohapatra (5 days ago)
Actually that wasn't too bad wonder how it would do with a ryzen 5 1400 though.
koxx55 (5 days ago)
Best bottleneck ever
Marko 3 (5 days ago)
Medio cuello de botella wn :0
Пока в великодушные APU Zen 4 православные ядра RTX не завезут, с поделий вНеВИДенИИ можно лишь угарнуть!
Yaman Eqbal (5 days ago)
Cpu is bottlenecking as it crosses 90 percent usage
gAblock Y (5 days ago)
The biggest bottleneck
Magic Fire (5 days ago)
Cuello de botella detected :v
Eduardo Silva Couto (5 days ago)
King gargalo no cpu. lol
ville takkunen (5 days ago)
kids using allowance to buy rtx cards to their office hp pc's and then wondering why performance is shit
Dezync (5 days ago)
oh and do a microtransistor from the 60s with the 2080
Dezync (5 days ago)
that cpu is bottlenecking the hell out of the gpu
karthik reddy (5 days ago)
Lol that bottleneck in GTA5😂
shubham patil (5 days ago)
If you want to play 4k get Pentium CPU. For 1080p get 9900k 😂😂😂😂😂
tmezan (5 days ago)
Stutering.. Not playable
Amirz dude (5 days ago)
Cheap CPU+Cheap GPU=✓ Expensive CPU+Expensive GPU=✓ Cheap CPU+Expensive GPU=× Expensive CPU+Cheap GPU=✓
Intel i7 9700k with integrated graphics card
Indian Tech Gamer (5 days ago)
Include watch dogs 2 And wow results are good with the pentium 😮 not that bad bottleneck
Sascomer Random (5 days ago)
The bottleneck is bigger than the universe’s diameter
John Galactus (5 days ago)
At higher resolutions, most games become GPU bound, therefore at 4K, reasonably good fps can be achieved even on an old CPU. The CPU bottleneck is ever present, but becomes less noticeable (not reduced) as the game becomes less CPU bound. How do I know this? Because I'm using an i7-3770 with a GTX 1080 Ti. I game mostly at 1440p and 4K with "really good " fps 😆 The 'minimum fps' you hit will be far worse on an old CPU due to the game coding/programming 'suddenly' pulling more CPU than GPU. That's why my minimums in game benchmarks at 4K are still good but the minimums are bad. It happens in game too, but I don't really notice it / not bothered by it. My previous GPU was a 970 😁
Sunny 4.0 (5 days ago)
Weird flex but ok
Ayuda necesito los drivers tarjeta gráfica Asus rtx 2080ti OC 11gb y mi placa es una gigabyte B360
Cristian Perdomo (2 days ago)
Descargate el gforce experience
Edu RJ (5 days ago)
4:28 "You are the lag"
ApexPredator 241 (5 days ago)
J R .TROLL (5 days ago)
Which sofuware you use for benchmarking
DuTRoXx HiNDi GAmIng (5 days ago)
grandfather of bootleneck. but a good entry level cpu..
Purwo Nugroho (5 days ago)
please Sempron 140 AM3 soket +mobo 770 + 32GB RAM + RTX 2080ti
nextNE (5 days ago)

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