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Best 5min Binary Options Trading Strategy

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Text Comments (5)
rubble demo (1 year ago)
hi can i use this strategy on iq options ?
Marina Coertze (1 year ago)
HI Andrew Thank you for your great video. This was the first strategy I earned when I started trading binary options and this really works. It's true what you said about practicing and trading with real money. Will you please explain more details using this strategy? Looking forward to your next video! Keep up the great work! M
Peter Miller (1 year ago)
Awesome video. Was using RSI, will now change to Stochastic. Much easier and more reliable it seams. Thanks again.
Herbert Chacon (1 year ago)
Thank you for explaining this 5 min strategy. PLEASE keep doing videos.
sils (1 year ago)
Like your lessons. Please tone down the music. Too loud
rav64k (1 year ago)
Hi Andrew, That was really fast. It seemed you was rushing it ? Could you go over it again please with little bit more explainations Thanks
Elpaso Estabourn (1 year ago)
Hi Andrew I really really like the strategy you are using on this Chart powerful and easy to understand but i only have one problem I can see you show us when to take a trade but I do not understand how to take it, could you please show us taking atleast 1 trade using the same strategy so that I can understand I can understand how to take it Thanks.
keith good (1 year ago)
hi my friend is 23 traders a good broker

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