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Ripple XRP: SWIFT Sanctions, XRP Consumes Less Energy, XRP Among Top Q3 Return In Grayscale Fund

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Text Comments (173)
rvnmedic1968 (2 months ago)
Okay, I admit I'm confused over how much energy XRP consumes. It's not mine-able, so how is it consuming any electricity? Is it related to transaction processing times? My moron mind seeks an answer.
Benjamin Dorr (3 months ago)
XRP is a centralized Coin. The Developers have taken 20% of a total of XRP Coins, which are already produced. Ripple has taken the rest of 80% by them self. From this Amount they are selling 50% to exchanges and banks. For special conditions... XRP is not what we want. It´s designed for an dieing banksystem and it will die with them.
Paul von Gassmann (3 months ago)
XRP is definitely the best crypto coin on the market, the price doesn't reflect the product at this early stage. Once the market expands so too will XRP at an accelerated speed. XRP is a real working model tried and tested successfully unlike  others which have had major problems. And as far as Bitcoin goes, it is the worst coin available yet it is ranked number 1, the future is very bright for XRP just hang in there and it will surpass Bitcoin.
aristo michael (3 months ago)
What a stupid comparison. Comparing a premined closed circle coin with coins which rely on electeicity as security. How many people can mine ripple like BTC or Eth? Bitcoin and ethereum have 7000 and 25000 nodes alone. Conparing them with ripple is like a small start up saying they consume less energy than tech giants.😂
XRP Moon (3 months ago)
I jus wanted to say: moooooooooooooooooooon!! ✊
Mama lacy (3 months ago)
Good morning ☕️
Ross Delman (3 months ago)
less energy means XRP has less volatility, The programming of XRP is much more stable than any other coin, Meaning it can sustain a quantity that is of cryptocurrency possible too have a more positive market. I just wish it was this simple too read of. I know nothing of how volatility is made without buy and sell...
Tee X (3 months ago)
A Orange Walker is a humanoid creature from the NBC television series The Apprentice , Orange Walkers are a supernatural threat to mankind who dwell north of The Wall not built
Bob H (3 months ago)
I've felt BTC is a slow sinking ship due to its energy consumption and Chinese control. However he with the gold makes the rules and too many power houses own a lot of BTC and won't go down without a fight.
Adam Stanger (3 months ago)
Great video today!
Loocifur (3 months ago)
And here Putin says that we need another form of Payment than SWIFT https://youtu.be/JqBOsWrI6pw?t=133
Chris (3 months ago)
Interested in that volleyball article!
gandalf (3 months ago)
xrp and silver baby...i do wonder about gold and bitcoin in the next 4-10 years
A Person (3 months ago)
numbers don't lie people. follow the old money, watch the numbers. nuff said
+Silver Surfer , good question.
Silver Surfer (3 months ago)
...and u r saying exactly ..wot ?
A Person (3 months ago)
@rob_cash. absolutely it is going to be and epic bull run. going into and even more epic 2019. get in, shut up strap up and hold on. it's gonna be a WILD RIDE!!!!!!!!
David Novák (3 months ago)
Great video!!! I'm from Czech Republick. Woow Ripple loves this beautiful country in the center if Europe. So, hold your xrp!! $589 EOY
Shane (3 months ago)
i think ripple would have had enough foresight to figure out sanctions you don't get were they are by leaving holes in ya ark
Steven Thomas (3 months ago)
I live 45 Miles from Oatman Az. An old gold mine town on the Colorado River in the SW region of AZ, CA, NV.
Silver Surfer (3 months ago)
...and ??
saint 23 (3 months ago)
Bull run soon
MrDkgio (3 months ago)
The rest of the international community say Iran is sticking to the nuclear deal, trump Iran oil and regime change
Rename Murder (3 months ago)
I wonder how much fiat currency consumes in energy?
Boofhead (3 months ago)
Do yourself a favour and ready JC Collins information on this. He has been talking about this since 2014.
Ash (3 months ago)
How much energy will bitcoin use once all coins have been mined?
To The Lifeboats (3 months ago)
"Aren't respecting the rules" - Try not bowing to US government dictates in it's desire to control and subjugate populations globally.
MrMexBiker (3 months ago)
hey liffeboat, if this govt is so opressive go live in Iran or Saudi Arabia and help them fight our opression. You get away saying this in the US. Try speaking out there. U R Clueless
Working Money Channel (3 months ago)
Lol! Absolutely Sam -- In the U.S. government's eyes of course...they "aren't respecting the rules". I'm not taking a political stance. But of course...many many factors involved in this and it isn't so cut and dry. I DON'T WANT TO GET INTO THE POLITICS! This is not THAT channel! ;)
cncpyro (3 months ago)
Hi Sam! Can't wait for your next video!
T Miller (3 months ago)
Sam, found something you might like. I was looking up the pheonix symbol on wikipedia and found the term "pheonix business" and the definition lines up with what could happen with this possible SWIFT sanction... Here is the definition: A phoenix company is a commercial entity which has emerged from the collapse of another through insolvency. Unlike "bottom of the harbour" and similar schemes that strictly focus on asset stripping, the new company is set up to trade in the same or similar trading activities as the former, and is able to present the appearance of "business as usual" to its customers. It has been described as "one that arises amidst or from the disarray and demise of its predecess"
Jacki33 (3 months ago)
Jock Rocks (3 months ago)
XRP is the real tech. It will allow the smaller banks & payment providers to compete with (laid back, we control the system) corporations. Once they see the smaller operators making money, they'll use it.
XRP Brah (3 months ago)
XRP accounts can be frozen on a global scale if trust is an issue - Bit like Spamcop freezing your ip, This feature was created for exactly this purpose. https://developers.ripple.com/freezes.html
Crypto Tishbite (3 months ago)
Correct me If I'm wrong. If he shuts them out of swift, is there still a way to use Ripplenet? Just throwing thoughts out there.
Daughddy Classics (3 months ago)
I AM DAUGHDDY!!! (Pronounced DAW-DEE)
Daughddy Classics (3 months ago)
+Mo Korim Ayye! Sup Mo!?!!
Mo Korim (3 months ago)
I'm mo (pronounced mo)
Crash Monkeyz (3 months ago)
Love it
Saint of Last Resorts (3 months ago)
Saudi Arabia bought all of the US debt that China, India, Japan, and Russia has been dumping.
CryptoAUBS (3 months ago)
Oatman is a very very small town..almost ghost town
9'63 Creation (3 months ago)
I think global warming and limited resources are more important than a Philosophic-Decentralized issue of some assets. (---> to Bitcoin maximalist that keep attacking Ripple.) Now Ripple are countering attack them back harsh in many issues, from China to Global warming....
Roy Dopson (3 months ago)
Efficiency equals longevity. Btc will die.
Unstoppable (3 months ago)
Xrp is a scam, it will never be adopted by banks. It is ripples fundraiser coin. I cant see it ever going above $1. That being said I own a ton of xrp and I'm loving it.
Crypto Tishbite (3 months ago)
+Unstoppable yep lol
Unstoppable (3 months ago)
+Crypto Tishbite I know right lol
Crypto Tishbite (3 months ago)
Lol. Any XRP bad mouth talk will be meet with extreme resistance. 😅😅😅
Unstoppable (3 months ago)
+Anthony Garcia dude chill, wheres your sense of humor.
Anthony Garcia (3 months ago)
It's a scam...but you bought it...? Does that make you an idiot or a liar?
Rob_Cash (3 months ago)
I "personally" think that the bullrun is purposely being held back until ALL of the REAL controllers are satisfied in their positions. I have some reservations about the effects of "Geopolitical" intervention with the crypto space 😑.. Could go either way..
Rob_Cash (3 months ago)
+Agent 187 #TRUTH
Rob_Cash (3 months ago)
+Nelson Valladares SPOT ON!!!!! It's a very effective and old tactic.. Good eye!!!
Agent 187 (3 months ago)
Nelson Valladares agreed, definitely some truth to forcing retailers into a neg pos and having them hold for long periods of time. It takes balls of steel to hold during stress esp when most people tend to fomo in with money they can’t afford then later become illiquid and need to take a loss to settle debts and run a normal life. Personally i invest what i am comfortable holding for 2 years min. Invest with money you don’t need to live on.
Nelson Valladares (3 months ago)
I’ve been saying this for months but it’s not for them to have a better position it’s more for the people who hold xrp to Waite them out till they get discouraged or can no longer hold and make them sell so the wealth of the world stays were they want it in there hands not in the hands of common people like me and most of us
Working Money Channel (3 months ago)
It totally could.
Andy Price (3 months ago)
What happens if Iran uses xrp? Will ripple get hit with sanctions?
aristo michael (3 months ago)
Iran can use XRP if it is an individual. But unfortunately, it is a country. Hence, they need to make the transactions official. Official xrp transactions will have the same impact USD or Eur transactions make. Meaning, countries dealing with them will face sanctions. Hence, nobody will use xrp for settlements against sanctions. Also, if ripple(the company which sells XRP in bulk to countries and institutions) officially collaborates with them, it can forget the US, UK and rest of the allies. Us will ensure ripple is going to have a long lasting bear market for XRP alone. Ripple is self declaring as the coin for regulation and government rules. So it will stay away as much as possible from the countries US govt hate. Coz they know they will lose more than they gain. Yes, Xrp can be used in small scale and unofficially. But not as an official way for settlements against US sanctions.
MrMexBiker (3 months ago)
Sanction blockchain? Is that possible by architecture? Great question
Exegezel 1 (3 months ago)
They'd probly have to sanction every company capable of transacting xrp in high volume, which r quite a few. there's already over several hundred partners, including over 100 banks, I think.
D K (3 months ago)
Ya. That's why they probably won't use it. But my answer was about the sanctions.
Andy Price (3 months ago)
+D K but wouldnt they have to have the software to integrate it into their banking system?
Vincent Wilson (3 months ago)
20K XRP will be life changing in a few years
John Tyson (3 months ago)
+Nick Arrigo I don't need luck, for im not the one holding some shitcoin.
Nick Arrigo (3 months ago)
+John Tyson BTC is the biggest shitcoin out there...expensive/slow/double pay problems. GL with that pile of crap.
silver fern kkiwi (3 months ago)
+John Tyson haha
Matt (3 months ago)
+John Tyson btc is the shit coin..
John Tyson (3 months ago)
You will jump off a tall building when you realize you could have put that money in BTC instead of some shitcoin.
GREG L (3 months ago)
I think that the president owns XRP and has a vested INTEREST to get rid of SWIFT
Crypto Tishbite (3 months ago)
Trump is a businessman he knows where the money is. I wouldn't doubt your idea.
Thomas Hollen (3 months ago)
I feel that the big money is suppressing the price of bitcoin. If it spikes in Korea it seems to sell off in the states in exchanges. Its almost to perfect how they can figure out when someone is pumping the price someplace in the world and all they need to do is sell of some bitcoin that they bought OTC and drop the price back where they want it. They don't want any momentum. I think the reason why is the fidelities and the Bakkted of the world want to keep the price down long enough to get as many of there clients in the market before the next bull. I predict 16 months for a new bull market...
Rod999 (3 months ago)
Interesting point on the geopolitics; The Saudis are in tight with Ripple and Iran is their archenemy, so they would love it. Also, I can see how Mr. Drump might try to do this to gain favor with the Saudis. However, before doing this he would advise one of his family members to buy some big fat stacks of XRP because we all know that narcissistic pig would never do anything that wasn't going to benefit himself ;-P
aristo michael (3 months ago)
Wow! People do live it in illusion. He makes sure all his golf vacations are in his own properties and millions of tax payer $ goes to his own pockets. Its a known secret to the rest of the world that throwing a lavish oarty in his property is enough to get favor from POTIS. Probably first time ever in the history of this country that a president makes sure goct is paying him to stay in his own properties. And yeah, he is not getting salary.😂
Chris Hughes (3 months ago)
can you blame him?
XRP STACKER (3 months ago)
So what's Trump trying to do?!? Force Iran to use XRP??
s trav (3 months ago)
Annoying channel
+s trav $589 + EOY 2018.
s trav (3 months ago)
Shameful Cock I don’t just pick on this guy I pick on every crypto currency YouTube expert who sucks . YouTube rewards stupidity. 98% of all crypto currency YouTube have been dead wrong the last year yet people for some reason still listen? There are certainly a few who called the market perfectly and told people to sell at the right time and predicted the bear market. But this guy is not one of them. People need to realize most of these crypto you tubers are not experts ,they post from their parents basement they’re not employed and they have zero financial skills. they are also completely anonymous and when the shit hits the fan will be gone like a ghost.And they almost have a cut like following for example I criticize this guy and people get offended that I criticize a guy who’s been wrong for 12 months straight about pretty much everything crypto. these scammers use flashy titles like” xrP everyone will get a little richer if they Hoddle”. Or “Xrp could hit $589”. You guys are being played for fool’s with flashy titles and well produced videos. But if you followed what this guy said for the last year you’re down 70 to 90%
s trav (3 months ago)
phil d since this channels inception he’s never been right about one thing.
phil d (3 months ago)
s trav : annoying comment
Simon Philavong (3 months ago)
Congratulations on 10k subs, i was with ya since 2k!
Working Money Channel (3 months ago)
Thanks so much Simon Philavong! Happy to have your ongoing viewership and support!
Arysta (3 months ago)
I wouldn't be surprised if the ETF was announced Monday. In fact, I expect the US to be simply inundated with news from every direction on Monday. On the eve of the election, the Trump admin wants to impress or, at the very least, overwhelm so people can't focus on anything.
MrMexBiker (3 months ago)
There will be no ETF just as Bitcoin was denied. Its unregulated. Thats the problem. Look at some of the practices of the exchanges. Liquidity goes from difficult to denied
Dave Jones NPC #7388299 (3 months ago)
+Jacki33 yes yes ...trump is a moron...resist! Grab your pussy hat and never -trump! Talk about a moron. Tell your people the welfare is over.
Jacki33 (3 months ago)
Trump is a moron and I certainly hope they do announce it Monday. His voters and 99% of most people have zero clue anyway!
Eduard Esrever (3 months ago)
SWIFT sanctions are hypocrite. Absolute monarchy Saudi Arabia had a record number of beheadings in 2015, recently butchered a journalist and commits war crimes and atrocities in Yemen. But we're getting our oil from them, so they can do what they want to do.
Cts vVv (3 months ago)
Been going on since a secretive deal between Nixon and king Faisal in early 1974.
Nick Arrigo (3 months ago)
+w smith Saudi buys US treasuries and maintains the status of the petro dollar as the world's reserve currency. Iran doesn't. I'm not saying it's right but it's the way the US wants it.
w smith (3 months ago)
A lot deeper than that.
Leigh Jenkins (3 months ago)
Starve the innocent, FUCK YEAH, USA!!!!
Kev (3 months ago)
Ok, I can't let this slide. You are so bloody wrong you should be embarrassed. Iran did nothing to warrant new sanctions. This is why only American wants to sanction Iran. China, Russia and the EU have all been threatened with sanctions by America if they don't walk away from the nuclear deal. America is alone. Simply saying that Iran must have done something because your idiot president is throwing a global tantrum makes you look like a simpleton. If you don't understand the world beyond the Merica border please keep your comments confined to reality TV and angel's
spanishcobra805 (2 months ago)
+rvnmedic1968 and 14,000 gm workers
rvnmedic1968 (2 months ago)
+spanishcobra805 He's a "complete idiot" only to you and the whining "Progressives". Funny, if the Witch had won the election thanks to the electoral system, you'd be rejoicing. She didn't. Get over it. Trump is a businessman, not a pol. Odumbo made deals with the Russians, the Saudis, etc., but that was okay with you. Odumbo and the Leftists worship the UN, the same disorganized body that wants to have a one-world government - by them. I don't know where you live, but I would rather be here with a disruptive Prez that's pushing the Marxists in this country back down their filthy holes.
Gaz Mellen (3 months ago)
everyone needs to watch "To The Lifeboat" all is explained quite intelligently
MrMexBiker (3 months ago)
Sounds like you are from the "bloody" UK mate? Yes they did violate agreement and oppress their own protesting citizens. Be happy we saved you in WWII and protect you now ungrateful moron. Learn to spell our country correctly as makes you look more ignorant
spanishcobra805 (3 months ago)
+Dave Jones NPC #7388299 idiot?
Tim O’Brien (3 months ago)
I just seen this on the news and had to get on YouTube. Good job!
AJ Bogan (3 months ago)
In the last month or so - so much has happened that nobody thought would happen, (as fast as it has). As some people say...we are the cusp or precipice of major adoption it is hard to get our minds around it. When this takes off everybody is going to be SHOCKED and AWED at where it goes! Then in less than 2 years time people will look back upon this time and say I can't believe it moved to this level so fast! Nice work Mr. CANADA!! RED SOX and BRUINS!!! LOL!
Bucky Dent.
Jacki33 (3 months ago)
+AJ Bogan 😉😉♥️
AJ Bogan (3 months ago)
Jacki33 - Oh yes I forgot about them!! Lol!
Jacki33 (3 months ago)
...and Celtics.☘☘☘😉
AJ Bogan (3 months ago)
Working Money Channel - I truly believe something big will be happening in the next few weeks.....!!
Bob Meiroff (3 months ago)
I saw this on Fox News yesterday. Thanks for bringing this info to the community.
K. S (3 months ago)
‪Hmm when do you think we will see the first price movement ? Maybe in this month ?‬
Time Trader (3 months ago)
And the $ is on the way out. https://youtu.be/jrLrmalthC0
Turdus McFlurdus (3 months ago)
So pleased that you covered this news. Great job sir
Ripple riddler , remember remember the 5th Nov?
dancrowl (3 months ago)
+mike nichols you are 100% right. It's more a review not a ruling 👍
Nick Arrigo (3 months ago)
I thought the SEC could punt one last time into early 2019. It would make sense as BAKKT would already be established and Fedelity would not be far behind.
mike nichols (3 months ago)
+dancrowl Hypothetically...5th November is just the deadline for public comment on previous rulings. They've already made a ruling and don't *have to* do anything but an announcement is likely to come shortly after Nov 5th. https://ethereumworldnews.com/the-sec-to-rule-on-9-bitcoin-btc-etfs-after-november-5th/
dancrowl (3 months ago)
Sec ruling on etf = 5th November
Roy van Kester (3 months ago)
First thing that i thought about..!
Ripple riddler , remember remember the 5th Nov?
Roberto Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeeeesss !!! It's my birthday !! :-)
S Mac (3 months ago)
#LipGlam Multi-purpose Beauty Balm usually before a big announcement or something .. lots of insiders buy, and the price moves... its nov 3, I don’t think big news will come nov 5... I really hope I’m wrong.
XRPopulist (3 months ago)
BOOM! 10K subs! JUST LIKE THAT! Keep it up brother!
Working Money Channel (3 months ago)
Thanks so much XRPopulist! It happened! ;)
Mr pilot 33 (3 months ago)
When it's coming
David Emslie (3 months ago)
The only way Ripple will be used is if Le Garde from IMF has sold Ripple hard for Euro China Russia Iran deals.. No chance of Iran using Ripple / XRP otherwise.. And also limited chance Ripple will start business by stepping on US toes..
David Emslie (3 months ago)
+Time Trader cool.. Let's see how it goes :)
Time Trader (3 months ago)
Ryan Zagone from Ripple just announced on twitter he'll be doing a presentation with an IMF bod on Nov 5th.
DAN SKI (3 months ago)
Instatutional money will be a key factor for crypto growth and bull run.
Clear Beats (3 months ago)
Licky on my Blicky Ughhh (3 months ago)
dancrowl (3 months ago)
+Shameful Cock cardano in development, xrp in production. Either way you can't go wrong investing in both of the two coins.
dancrowl (3 months ago)
+Crypto Tishbite slow and steady wins the race. Be patient and HODL !
Crypto Tishbite (3 months ago)
+dancrowl Good because I'm waiting for xrp to take off so I can load up on the top 30 tokens
dancrowl (3 months ago)
+James S. yes it does. Give it time. Charles hoskinson and his team are doing great work and it will come to fruition late next year or 2020 at the latest.
James S. (3 months ago)
Ada notjing to offer

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