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how to set up / tune fat shark fpv goggles

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r3verseb4ckfl1p (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing mate, screw the haters.
r3verseb4ckfl1p (9 months ago)
added you on insta bro. cheers for the help.
Sky High Movies (9 months ago)
both mate insta - lucasperies_
r3verseb4ckfl1p (9 months ago)
Sweet, Thanks again bud, I finally worked out how to get picture and after I turned it off and back on again it remembered the same chanel. Are you on Insta or FB?
Sky High Movies (9 months ago)
any time man, you shouldnt have to once you have them set on a channel every time you turn them on or off they should connect to your device, the only time this didnt happen for me is when i had a faulty vtx on my drone.
r3verseb4ckfl1p (9 months ago)
Sky High Movies thanks for offer bud I really appreciate it man. These are my first pair of goggles like this. Do you have to change the channel manually every time you plug it in to fly?
QUADBOT FPV (11 months ago)
The receiver does not talk to the camera at all. The receiver talks to the transmitter
142jimbo (11 months ago)
Thanks for posting. Easy when you know how but there’s no info on simple stuff, like how to put the foam eye pads on etc!
Moe pow (1 year ago)
Don't apologise for going over the basics, too many people assume everyone know how to do it. Thanks for taking the time for the basics, it means you think about others and not just your self. Good job
Kyle Miller (1 year ago)
anybody have any idea why out of the box the googles wouldnt turn on? using laforgev4 module
Simon Price (1 year ago)
complete noob here, a.t.g.n.i lol. helpful vid much appreciated
Weseng Westfall (1 month ago)
Keep looking, not much here at all but at least he tried. Little information and not all is accurate.
Guillermo Gosset (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video.
Christopher (1 year ago)
I just bought the HD3 and man the battery is so uncomfortable on the stap next to my head. Do you get used to it?
Jake Kocourek (1 year ago)
Thx man, I need this, well later, bc I'm saving up to buy a drone and this😊
DroneMatesFPV (1 year ago)
thankyou just bought my first fatsharks V3 dominators was really helpful.
graemea (1 year ago)
Thanks, very helpful!
CurrentDude (1 year ago)
More than half the time I cud not see what you're doing..... not much use for me.
newf fpv (1 year ago)
wireless fpv lmfao didn't know there was wired fpv. horrible video
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
guess you where having a bad day, i know my erlie videos weren't the best but they are hopefully getting better.
JimmyDean1992 (1 year ago)
I have crisp video until I go to plug my headphones in. Then the video has noise and the visual becomes wavy. How do I fix this?
JimmyDean1992 (1 year ago)
Yes. When I plug the audio in for my box fpv system. which is eachine goggles two. There is no video noise. So it is deff a fatshark problem
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
JimmyDean1992 I have never had this problem sorry, are your reciver and transmitters the same brand
Peter Maley (1 year ago)
EGRUS 1 (1 year ago)
Thanks for tuto...
Guy Burdick (1 year ago)
Thank you!
dominick harding (1 year ago)
Sky High Movies (1 year ago)
its all cool M8ty
John Graboski (2 years ago)
Hello There! I have a stock F3 Wizard (linear antenna) and Attitude v3s (circular polarized antenna) and as I cycle through the channels I get one or two that should be probably be the channel however they're horrible/unusable. I looked at the user manual which didn't appear to offer any help with this. The V3s work with my FPV Inductrix so I wanna rule them out as the prob. I'm been placating myself by flying LOS which is shit... help meh please... :( and many thanks!!
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
yeah i would just check to see if the pig tail is properly conected and if the problem presists maby contact the people you got the vtx from and see what they say as sometimes they can come a bit dogey and not work, i had to send one of mine back once
John Graboski (2 years ago)
Sky High Movies I didn't know that it needed to be messed with. it's sealed in heatshrink! I'll get it sort it out, I hope!
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
hi have you tried looking at your vtx ?
Kevin Wang (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but you cannot burn out the receiver. Only the transmitter if y I don't have the correct load/resistance attached to it. You can power on the receiver no problem without the antenna being attached, but not the transmitter.
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
its ok my friend nice chanel btw :)
Kevin Wang (2 years ago)
Sky High Movies Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding.
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
thanks my friend for realising this but when i eddited the video it only showed up for computer users but not pone users
Paul c: (2 years ago)
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
welcome :)
This guy hasnt a clue what hes talking about..Burning receivers out??LOL;;;
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
i have adjusted the video thank you, nice Chanel btw
To educate guys like you from dishing out wrong information..
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
if your so professional why are you watching this video ?
Stephen Channon (2 years ago)
Thank very much, the goggles are not always in view so could not see everything. But good video thanks
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
ok i will work on that in the future many thanks
fiveonomo (2 years ago)
Very helpful, thanks.
Caleb Pudlik (2 years ago)
THY BCX (2 years ago)
Great video, but I noticed the receiver says "race" I'm just flying my Inspire One around to get better shots of stuff. Is that still good to use? Also what about the antenna? What else do I need beside the Fat Shark? Just the receiver and batter charger?
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
im sorry i haven't ever used a dji product with my goggles, i use a tbs trimpth antenna, batteries that came with the googles and just a camelion charger. any standered charger or baencer will work with the batteries.
Kat377 (2 years ago)
Awesome vid! FPV newbie here myself. I hear that you have to set the dip switches in the transmitter before use as they are 'off'. How did you set yours? Thanks in advance!
ZeroFPV (2 years ago)
You could burn out a transmitter but not a receiver.
Wallbanger FPV (1 year ago)
Tedro Peders yes. There is an on off switch on the bottom to turn the module on and off. If you’re using HDMI or composite input you don’t need a module.
Tedro Peders (1 year ago)
So it’s ok that I powered up the fat sharks without a receiver module? Guy at work let me borrow his but it didn’t have a module 😀
ZeroFPV (2 years ago)
sky high movies :-) thank you! merry xmas!
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
thanks man i will search for that video now. nice channel by the way:)
ZeroFPV (2 years ago)
sky high movies No problem. :-) if you have a diversity setup you even can search and find your aircraft by removing the antennas. joshua bardwell recently made a video how to do this.
knowledge__ _ (2 years ago)
thanks for explaining how the goggles and receiver works. can you explain how the transmitter is set up? im assuming you connect fpv camera to the transmitter. and then you connect the transmitter onto the power distribution board?
Stephen Channon (2 years ago)
Rampage851 I have a Lumenier TX5G2R on my drone and I should not need to do any adjustment. At least I hope not.
Sky High Movies (2 years ago)
yes i believe that this is correct. i can not be sure though as my drone (TBS Vendetta) comes pre made so i have never had to do what you are explainig

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