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5 Steps To Beat The Banks!

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Bankers trading method EXPOSED for PROFIT💥💰: http://bit.ly/Stop-Hunt-Tactics How to DESTROY the Market Makers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzKQwttv9IA Stay up to date with market changes and NEW techniques Subscribe to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheChapmanWay ****The Underground Alliance for Stop Hunt Traders: 💥💰 http://bit.ly/Stop-Hunt-Tactics Backdoor Tactics That The Banks Don't Want Made Public... Get an inside edge on the bankers and there market manipulation tactics: ✔ Backdoor stop hunt strategies ✔ Iceberg orders ✔ Market maker traps ✔ Forced buying and selling ✔ Ideal market conditions ✔ Uncover deception in the charts ✔ High probability trade tactics Join the UNDERGROUND ALLIANCE 🎯 https://www.chapmanway.com/underground-alliance #stophunts #chapmanway #marketmakertradingstrategies Disclaimer: This video is for general information only and is not intended to provide trading or investment advice or personal recommendations. Any information relating to past performance of an investment does not necessarily guarantee future performance. Forex Traders Daily including its analysts shall not be responsible for any loss that you incur, either directly or indirectly, arising from any investment based on any information in this video. Please remember derivatives and FX spot carries significant risks and may not be suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed your deposits.
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Sam Shaw (26 days ago)
Hello Mark do you have a video teaching the direction of where institutions will want to target stops? For example, if price is bouncing off a support and resistance, there will be stops of both buyers & sellers on each end. As a stop hunt trader, how do I know what end to be on?
Sam Shaw (26 days ago)
+The Chapman Way thanks a ton Mark! Will watch more videos on identifying the types of stop hunts on both ends!
The Chapman Way (26 days ago)
Great question Sam. Thee answer is you can trade both sides, providing the levels are good. Or perhaps you have a fundamental view what some investment banks are doing, and thus only take the trades in those directions. I don't really have any videos on that, but this is freely available information if you rake through news articles. Hope that helps, Cheers.
the more the line is touched the weaker the structure becomes.
tushar shinde (4 months ago)
Most expensive videos on YouTube you are great mark
The Chapman Way (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Graeme Arber (5 months ago)
Just image if everyone us just waited! Would the market come to a stand still? :) Sorry couldn't resist.
AirmanJH (5 months ago)
Good lord man. Get a quality white board and markers. LOL. Your smudges are darker than your marks. Porcelain boards only. Thanks for the info though!
psxbr60 (6 months ago)
Roberto Ramos Nunes (6 months ago)
For that reason 1% of all retail traders are successful
Ernesto Durando (6 months ago)
Don't share this vidéo ! If everybody knows this, the banks will change the way they trade haha ;) Excellent vidéo Mark !
David C (7 months ago)
Very impressive work sir. Thanks for your help.
Jerry L (7 months ago)
Looks great!! So if I gather correctly...using a 4h daily these type of opportunities may take a few days to set up?
Liam Howard (7 months ago)
Good stuff mark. You look like a guy I knew in wildwood nj
macaelin padayachee (7 months ago)
Hi Mark, Appreciate all the great videos, thank you so much . I have a question, if I am day trading on the 1M chart how many pips away should my stop loss be from my buy or sell point. I know the trick is to set the stop loss higher than usual to avoid stop hunts but what would be a good number to stop at Thank you in advance :)
gianna Abbey (7 months ago)
Great information! I have been caught by these manipulations a few times as a 'BT' trader. Now I will be wiser. Thanks!
yashpal patel (8 months ago)
Trand reversal video sir
michelin rollinson (8 months ago)
This is probably the biggest eye opener content on youtube I have seen. Looking forward to more valuable content.
Mark I would suggest you to explain using real numbers so its easier to follow your logic. Nevertheless thanks for the upload. If you simplifies the explanation with number promise will subscribe and like your vids for ever!!! Honestly use numbers easier to visualise your explanation. Cheers!
Mark Chapman thanks I already subscribed and having a look at your previous uploads. Ton of quality information. Hopefully I can use it for my tradings in cryptocurrencies. Cheers!
matt w (11 months ago)
Thank you for all your videos, I appreciate it. What is your view on trading harmonic patterns? They are supposedly high probability patterns, but I'm doubtful of any patterns after watching most of your videos. Is any pattern for that matter just part of the manipulation??
matt w (11 months ago)
Mark Chapman awesome, thanks Mark
Teo Kanz (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for teaching. I have learnt enormously from it. I am totally inspired by it.
Rishaad Mahomed (1 year ago)
Just put the laptop aside now to see your comment. H4 & daily is perfect. What I failed to wait for was when manipulation takes out breakout traders(the 2nd pull up). Looks to be a push out the level, a drive back in, and then potentially a push back out to entice breakout retracement traders. When it comes back from taking out the Breakout traders, it's most likely to follow through to the S/R level. Risk rewards on these trades go from 1:1 up to 1:4. Pop me a mail so I can show you my charts? [email protected]
Rishaad Mahomed (1 year ago)
Hey Mark, is the 5/15min Okay? Also, I'm finding risk rewards to be pretty tight or maybe I don't have the faith that the market will continue to the main support and I'm cutting off midtrade. Any advice you could give me? It would be much appreciated.
Lester Stanley (1 year ago)
This man is GOOD..!!!
mark verberne (1 year ago)
great video mark, but FGS get yourself a new marker haha
Top 20's (1 year ago)
No one on the internet is talking about this.....thank you so much for sharing such a valuable information!
John Pope (1 year ago)
you need to jump on twitter - large community of crypto speculators that could learn from this.
Rijas Chandroth (1 year ago)
i dont understand any thing from this vedio.. maybe im not following you
Munyaradzi Chitsinde (1 year ago)
Thank you i'm very grateful to learn about this before i fund my live account ,i'm still practicing with my Demo account.This precious information will hell me in my Trading journey
Jeremy Ham (1 year ago)
Mark, great content. For equities trading I see similar behaviour around VWAP as well. Do you have any thoughts on behaviour of MMs around VWAP vs historical price related resistance and support levels? Are winning tactics identical in your opinion or are there subtle differences? Cheers
Eduardo Zuñiga (1 year ago)
just brilliant!!....Great video thanks Mark
Eduardo Zuñiga (1 year ago)
I am very well, since I follow your trading recommendation
Kevin Newton (1 year ago)
Hey Mark, I've just discovered your channel - some great content here and the Stop Hunt is certainly a new (and exciting) concept for me - the way you explain it makes perfect sense, many thanks! I have a couple of questions, if you'd oblige? :) 1. Does this manipulation take a similar form on the price of stocks/commodities just as well as fx pairs? 2. Say the stop hunt goes 50 pips deep before turning and giving your entry signal, following your money management criteria (0.1% risk) you'd need at least a 55k account to get the minimum position size of £1 (most UK brokers) to cover the 50 pips + 5 or so for stop loss. (*plus whatever you miss in the move!) In this situation, would you give the trade a miss if say you don't have that size of account? If you're looking at daily and 4hr charts those kind of moves seem pretty regular to me. Cheers, Kev
White Emerald_ (1 year ago)
Videos like these gets me excited. I liked the video to show my support. Please make more videos like these. I especially like your titles. They really make me want to click. I want to check the markets and see what i tried to learn from the video. Thank you again for the video. Please make more! :) But that is up to you. no pressure. xd :)
Tank Evans (1 year ago)
Good day, Mark new subscriber here, loving your videos! one question i do have is whether the price manipulations occur on index based cfds as well, i can only imagine it would be harder to manipulate them since they comprise multiple stocks? also, do big investment banks leverage their billions the same way retail traders leverage their money? And I am looking forward to your upcoming videos, Mike :) Cheers Tank
Tank Evans (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot Mark for the quick answer
Terry (1 year ago)
Thanks for taking the time to make these videos for us. I appreciate it and am learning. :)
Truth Conspiracy (1 year ago)
Thank you for the quality content.
Mike Bely (1 year ago)
Mark, from your experience, would you say that most market manipulation happens around European vs Asian sessions? Or this depends on what currency pair it is?
Yves (1 year ago)
Thanks to you I know what I am doing Intraday. I like to ride the entry cheese of the upper timeframes on M10 with fixed CC and Take Profit. Never thought of that. I hope I can use this viewpoint to get on the big H4/D1 moves on intraday. To ride the entry cheese and the great moves on intrady would be awesome :D Great video btw. Have a nice day.
Market Traders Daily (1 year ago)
Awesome! You're welcome.
Alberto Morales (1 year ago)
awesome video and great explanation. thank you for everything
J Robert1 (1 year ago)
Thx for all u do
J Robert1 (1 year ago)
I do.
DanDirindon (1 year ago)
ok but how to "beat" banks? This is how banks beat us!
DanDirindon (1 year ago)
OK thanks! I've tried to consider your teaching these days, and I agree with you: your theory explains many technically anomalous movements in the markets, stocks but also cryptocurrencies. A lot of false signals are generated without a sense, apparently, moving erratically above or under important trends and supports/resistances. Wrong operations that generate a bunch of commissions. I think that sometimes we have to change our price level to enter or exit the market. Above all, when there is indecision. With more patience, to avoid falling in the trap. Or acting against the market when well defined trends or supports/resistances are reached.
White Emerald_ (1 year ago)
No offense, but the video explains clearly on how to beat the banks. By knowing how the bank beats us, we can use that to our advantage and trade with them. By trading with them, we beat the banks. This type of thinking reminds me of Roulette. I believe that a person can't win in a rigged game of Roulette if the pit boss is somehow controlling the ball. Imagine if it is possible to control the ball and someone places a huge bet on red. The smart move is to place a smaller bet on black. Cuz if the ball is manipulated, the pit boss wouldn't want to lose the bigger bet. Unlessssssssss, the pit boss wants to make the high roller win so they can bet more and more which is a bait. Overall, sometimes the best strategy is to bet with the manipulator. edit: or the pit boss can move the ball on green so both of bets are loss. xd
yasir ali (1 year ago)
This is the strategy for Manipulation. But how to identify when there would b no manipulation. While Waiting for that manipuation in a case where there is no manipulation, won't we miss the entry. When to enter in that situation 2nd question is don't you think a period of congestion or range will also produce same pattern as something like manipulation Explain factor of time frames also. Which time frames to apply this knowledge in Thanks alot for the video
yasir ali (1 year ago)
Thank you :-)
zenigel (1 year ago)
Are any indicators used in this process at any point?
zenigel (1 year ago)
Well if i found it interesting, so will others.You can buy bitcoin from over 50 places or so.Heck you can even buy with paypal with no verification required but with high fees.Buying is not the problem.Cashing it out is actually more difficult and done on less exchanges and it is where the bottleneck is at. The professional speculators are from all over the world and they also compete against each other so there is potential.The naive get-rich-quick noob investors got fleeced when the bottom feel out of the market and they desperately kept buying at any price cos some schmuck said he will eat his pecker if bitcoin doesn't reach $1m by 2020 (McAfee).The people that became bitcoin millionaires are no longer "millionaires".Had they cashed out at the top they would have had a very easy life.I guess they should have watched your videos as they would have learned a thing or two about professional speculators. :)
zenigel (1 year ago)
yes i did and since you answered i'm going to ask another question.Do you think that the crypto-currency market is just as easily manipulatable as the forex market?It is more volatile but the coins are limited and distributed all over the world since 2011 or so.Have you considered making videos about trading bitcoin or other crypto-currencies?Cheers! :)
dj Trade (1 year ago)
hmm , very nice , i like it
Vix Crush (1 year ago)
Great video. I sent you a private message to your Youtube channel.
Duy Nguyen (1 year ago)
How can we figure out if they accumulate to sell or to buy Mark?
Fahad Rehmani (1 year ago)
Mark my question would be is it possible for market makers to go against their profit release side opposite to what they were accumulating under any circumstances? In case they were forced to move out of the range of level because of buying or selling pressure?
Fahad Rehmani (1 year ago)
The location of recent stop hunt before the move would give a clue what’s been accumulated. Also keep an eye on a double edge stop hunt as Mark explained in No.3 the Manipulation phase. Again a great video by Mark explaining the basic mechanics of how markets operate. 👍
Tony Decorso (1 year ago)
Thanks,great video. Liked and shared
WLMPRO (1 year ago)
i found your channel only 2 days ago and watched many of the videos, "How To Destroy The Market Makers" this video caught my attention since my mindset also goes like "markets are corrupt, and wouldnt even work without the rich steal from the poor" i am in the crypto market where theres no regulations yet so i knew... ive been making profits here and there, but mostly i am just stuck in a position, you opened my eyes why i often get stuck. using your methods for the past 2 days, and the ideas i took from other (those 0.1% traders like you), - i am not getting stuck anymore -i have made more profit in 2 days than this past month -i see the fucked up patterns which they trap us with and instantly know how to counter. thank you dude.
Mr. Bill Parkinson (1 year ago)
if you can grasp the fact that theres only 3 different types of trade styles.. it makes things soooo much easier and you know exactly when they're entering the maket. Your training is unlike anyone i know of man. keep up the awesome work Mr. Chapman!
Mr. Bill Parkinson (1 year ago)
if you need to ask, you prob need to watch the video again :) Level traders, breakout traders and retracement/pull back traders.
JoyfulyMe (1 year ago)
Hi Bill, and Mark... would you please remind me of that 3 style of trading in short thanks so much...
turbyturbo1 (1 year ago)
This is fire! good stuff Mark
pikiwiki (1 year ago)
"the more touches a level has, the more eyeballs are on it, the more liquidity, the more it's ripe for the pickings..twenty pip candle body to close zone..this is penetrating analysis.
n1chr0me (1 year ago)
Hi Mark! So where to take the profit at? The video glitched at the moment when you were about to explain it...
n1chr0me (1 year ago)
+Mark Chapman (Trapped Traders) alright. Thanks a bunch for your videos!
KraxSnipe (1 year ago)
This is exactly what I learned by myself, after several losses during my beginner journey. Great to see you sharing the same manipulation !
You made me a good trader.. now i see the chart and i know what to do when stand and watch and when wait and when to enter.. all trade that i enter from the day i saw your vids are all with profit.. thank you man you are great
Mark Chapman sure sir I’ll do
Vixen FX (1 year ago)
Once again Mark great video. I applied what you taught in a few previous videos and like I said I made 160.00 eur/usd Thursday...lol not much but most I've made in 3 years in 1 trade alone. I waited 2 days to enter in the stop zone. Liked and shared your video. More people need to see your videos. Much respect. Your awesome. Have a great weekend. 😎
Cutting Edge Cool (1 year ago)
Pure Gold!
Walanaus Tulis (1 year ago)
I learned a lot from your video..I was a failure and decided to quite Forex..Then luckily i found your channel and things got changed suddenly..now i m earning daily 200$ by knowing their manipulations and i encounters them always when they try to encounter my trade..Any way thanks once again for your effort to deliver the truth......thanks

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