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OPEN PLATFORM A Winner 2018 -- Payment Infrastructure For Crypto!

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Open Platform Website https://bit.ly/2Ie4FfZ Whitepaper https://bit.ly/2GjKed6 Telegram https://bit.ly/2ITOyS9 Twitter https://bit.ly/2rmQjj4 Business: [email protected] Let's talk about open platform which recently got off ICO. They are working on creating a payment gateway for cryptocurrency to be able to accept payments inside of applications, so in other words a huge use case!
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Juni LEE (7 months ago)
Bought a lot more after the current massive market discount!!! Registered my ethereum account for the 3 to 1 token swap! 1Hbu1gdEN8s4kBqrDJoxfLFbBSmcefTAb5
Juni LEE (7 months ago)
See following links Re: OPEN token swap snapshot dates for bonus swaps! https://blog.openfuture.io/announcements/final-token-swap-announcement/ https://blog.openfuture.io/announcements/open-token-swap-summary-with-new-snapshot-date-and-random-snapshots/ BTC: 1Hbu1gdEN8s4kBqrDJoxfLFbBSmcefTAb5
Upgrade (8 months ago)
I hear lots of buzzwords, but I smell bullshit.
M K (8 months ago)
Open will bring mass adoption :)
Crypto Review Central (8 months ago)
It's OPEN for discussion!
Tahani Zughyar (8 months ago)
I subscribed!!!!
Crypto Review Central (8 months ago)
Thanks ! Glad to have you onboard
Jonathan Da Mayn (8 months ago)
Thanks for this summary but for me who is not used to crypto money, don't they all do the same? Please can you explain all the differences, I got some massive interest lol but its hard for a newbie I dont want to get destroyed. But super cool content man! And good project this is please maybe  do followup video later?
Lucas Andrezza (8 months ago)
Third LOL! Keep the giveaway money just bring us more of these gems
The CookieWorld (8 months ago)
Second love your vids
Crypto Review Central (8 months ago)
Thank you so much!
David Ander (8 months ago)
First! Love that you bring out these "Coins" Or "Projects" which is not well known. Because I missed the train on the big ones! I need to find some hidden gems.  Good on you buddy! Payments seem to be important, will do more research
Crypto Review Central (8 months ago)
Thanks much lvoe!

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