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i5 9600k vs Ryzen 5 2600x Test in 9 Games

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Intel Core i5-9600k vs AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (RTX 2080) Logitech G302 Built for Game Performance Mouse https://goo.gl/unYcBG Games : The Witcher 3 Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 01:22 Battlefield 1 - 02:33 Project Cars - 03:55 Fallout 4 - 05:33 Grand Theft Auto V - 06:49 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 07:38 Far Cry 5 - 09:04 Assassin's Creed Origins - 10:11 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 9600k 3.7Ghz Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 3.6Ghz Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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Khinx Urfa Vegas (10 hours ago)
newer bench here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dDf6cDGJN8&t=296s
Proof 200 (1 day ago)
Most games are still heavily optimized for 4 cores, just like they have been for the past 10+ years, 6 core cpus are just now being utilized and I'll bet that will be the standard for at least another decade
Saveli Filistovich (4 days ago)
Stock i5 9600k = i5 9400
suman debnath (11 days ago)
It doesn't matter as long as you can play the games decently. For 1080p 75fps is more than enough. But for higher end monitors fps definitely counts....
Abraham Lincoln (9 days ago)
no one buys a 2080 or similar for a 1080p 60Hz or 75Hz monitor.
Omeo Mahardad (13 days ago)
Ryzen 5 : I can beat I5 9600k I5 8600k : Am I A Joke to you?
Side Winder (14 days ago)
If the rumors are true about the next consoles using 8/16 cpus then that's a big problem for this i5. It's already peaking here.
Side Winder (8 days ago)
+Damon Dodge yes, barely over 1ghz. the i5 has trouble in games especially far cry 5. It's not a next gen investment.
Damon Dodge (13 days ago)
The current consoles already use 8 core cpus.
Irishmetalfan (18 days ago)
intel is clearly better but more expensive
Quad_Buck (7 days ago)
+Irishmetalfan amd>>>intel in everything for this price range.
Irishmetalfan (18 days ago)
+Quad_Buck just saying intel is the best stop acting like a jackass
Quad_Buck (18 days ago)
idk what u were expecting. WOW! A $100 More expensive cpu performs better! Who would have thought?!
ahahha ryzen LOSE Again !!!!!
Chakra Tjakra (22 days ago)
for me, ryzen 5 2600x is still better.
Ømran Taha (20 days ago)
if ur editor / need work more then yes if you game more than intel is better
Jeremiah Freeman (23 days ago)
Seems to float around a 20% to 25% difference in favor of the Intel chip
The Man Who Laughs (24 days ago)
Lol amd sucks balls
Kokos Hardware (24 days ago)
Pentium 4 vs threadripper 2990WX
DelayThePixel (6 days ago)
Kokos Hardware Pentium
Perfectly Imperfect (25 days ago)
I don't have much info or experience but i wanna build a pc.. What should i go for from these two.. All i want is future proof build which one wud be better in that term.. My only need is gaming not streaming or anything of that sort..
Dmitri Lebedev (24 days ago)
Take a look at your budget at first,if u got videocard rtx2060 lvl or lower,ryzen 2600 is fine,or i5 9400f ,if your videocard better,look for the 9600k 9700k 9900k (recommendation to gaming)
Luca M (27 days ago)
37-43 degrees in game with 2600x where??? in dreams i have Aio and 2600x but temperature are 38-43 in idle and 50-60 in gaming
Der Kruemel (22 days ago)
Environmental influence?
Mathieu Roy (28 days ago)
Could the i5-9600k work perfect for the future or will it be oudated in 3 years?
Ambitionierter Fan. (27 days ago)
Only 6 cores and 6 threads.. should be answer enough
blenzO (29 days ago)
Why is the Ryzen not utilizing more cpu usage?
its me a random dude (29 days ago)
Bcoae games don't require as much power as the RYZEN 5 has (streaming editing or rendering the intel dosent stand a chance )
Marcin Ł. (29 days ago)
i5 9600k <3
Generic (29 days ago)
So basically intel 9600k wins in every test but ryzen 2600x is very close in dx12 games such as shadow of the tomb raider so it’ll be fine in the future but currently it is behind
Orvyz_ Lupix (30 days ago)
Tbh I’m gonna go with amd and if u go with amd I can get 16 gb ram with it and also the intel usage is so bad especially for me streaming so I’m Gonna go for amd I don’t rlly mind by the 30 FPS decrease thoe I could save for another gpu I guess
Orvyz_ Lupix (29 days ago)
its me a random dude ok thx
its me a random dude (29 days ago)
First , with the money left you can get a slight better GPU that matters more for FPS then the CPU . Secoundly the SHINTEL i5 CAN NOT STREAM. It's a slideshow but you have 200 FPS in game . I'm not sure what's the problem you can see how a stream on i5 looks lol . The RYZEN can stream with no problem at l recommended
Ivan Grozny (1 month ago)
Стоковый ай5 ссыт на кукурузен :D Амуде будто вечно обосралась
Kamada (1 month ago)
i5 easily beats Ryzen
YSZ YT (1 month ago)
I’ve been using my new PC for 1 month with i5 9600k and it’s been great so far. So many people calling out that the price is too high and personally I think it’s worth it if you do more than gaming.
Side Winder (1 month ago)
My 60fps locked is laughing at this.
MangAnime (1 month ago)
ryzen 5 with rtx 2080 = bottleneck?
Simon Henningsson (1 month ago)
dvr1337 (1 month ago)
and ofc intel won with half threads :D
just do it (1 month ago)
2600x cost less than 100$ in india. i will go with 2600x
DIA YT (1 month ago)
Därk Vador (1 month ago)
30 FPS more for double the price, the 9600k still a good deal if you really want to buy an intel CPU, otherwise the R5 2600 is a budget killer ♥
BARTeNARUTO (1 month ago)
In plus the usage is about at 50% face to intel cpu
dbomba 03 (1 month ago)
+Därk Vador :)
Därk Vador (1 month ago)
+dbomba 03 Oh OK, that will be a very nice PC with this graphic card and monitor. ^^
dbomba 03 (1 month ago)
+Därk Vador I have a 60hz monitor because I have to change it. I'm buying an MSI MAG241C. My GPU is a RTX 2070. I just built my sistem after more than 2 years of savings
Därk Vador (1 month ago)
+dbomba 03 Yes you are right but I think should have waited the 3000 series with my G4560 a bit more, anyway I'm satisfied with it, it's really a CPU that fit my needs very well ^^ I guess you are more gaming orientated since you've took the 9600k, do you have a 144Hz monitor? :)
:D :D (1 month ago)
Intel doesn't has more thread so I'm just choose AMD has more thread and Epic on editing vids or CineBench or picture rendering becuase I love drawing on PC and Rendering Picture but it was has better Heatsink and is cheap, so Intel is only for gaming but doesn't has more thread. Why I'm so much care about thread?
:D :D (1 month ago)
+Early no about Threadripper? Huh?
Early (1 month ago)
I9-9900K destroys all AMD Ryzen CPU's
Iceman Chambers (1 month ago)
Ryzen CPU Usage : %25 Intel CPU Usage : %74 -_-
Gamyxt (21 days ago)
+Thomas :3 your stupidity is astonishing, not are you not able to stream and game, YouTube, twitch or even listening to a podcast/music can have a big impact on your gaming performance. I have a i7 4770 and multitasking and gaming is just bad on that CPU, and now go fuck yourself!
Thomas :3 (21 days ago)
+Dejwid XD no it doesn't mean this either It means the game only fully utilise a certain number of cores, differents games will use the cpu differently
Dejwid XD (21 days ago)
this means that Ryzen does not use his power lol
Thomas :3 (23 days ago)
+The Man Who Laughs butthurt moron
The Man Who Laughs (23 days ago)
Thomas :3 kys
N1 Kuli4 (1 month ago)
5 2600x - 185$ vs i5 9600k 300$, damn
Ben Plaksienko (15 days ago)
thats why you buy i5 9400f for 140$, same performance without an igpu, which a ryzen cpu doesnt have anyways
mysterious man (1 month ago)
This might sound really stupid but I'm just getting into pc gaming and I was wondering why the GPU isn't maximising itself is it a bottleneck?
SKULL Gaming YT (1 month ago)
intel core i5 9600k is better but both are cool prosseccors
Tec Logic (1 month ago)
Look the cpu usage. After a year amd still rocks.
Samurayellow (1 month ago)
Look GPU usage 70% in ryzen vs 90 Intel xdxd
Who cares? Look at the frames
Gamer Josh (1 month ago)
i5 ok
vis hal (1 month ago)
Save extra 150 dollars with ryzen and then Spend extra 100 dollars for 1440p monitor than 1080p and difference will 10 fps with high visual quality
Swe Hampus (1 month ago)
+Paul Den just saying your not saving that much in Sweden
Paul Den (1 month ago)
+Swe Hampus okay?
Justine SWOA EDORH (1 month ago)
+Paul Den i gonna take like cards :Asus Vega 56 ;)
Swe Hampus (1 month ago)
+Paul Den in sweden the i5 cost 290 and r5 cost 230
Paul Den (1 month ago)
+Justine SWOA EDORH no the 9600k is better but the 2600x is about 100$ cheaper. So you could take that money and get a cool graphics card to get 200fps.
Rushan Gibadatov (1 month ago)
Why intel not @5.0? And memory not @4.0. Bad tests, very bad((
Rushan Gibadatov (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/rFNSS-NxfiE?t=519 look at this tests. Is more real tests
Swag It (1 month ago)
In my opinion using Ryzen is way safer i mean look at that CPU usage on i5 i mean like 80% usage wtf Intel you tryna burn my PC m8??
Swag It (1 month ago)
+Jokakutihuti oooh i see thanks for the info
Jokakutihuti (1 month ago)
+Swag It 60 degrees Celcius is the maximum for long periods of time. So anything up to 60 celcius is fine.
Swag It (1 month ago)
+Jokakutihuti sorry if i'm not being clear to this still new to this pc stuff. My pc got overheat in the past so i'm a bit paranoid for this one. Should i be concern about this?
Jokakutihuti (1 month ago)
+Swag It I don't understand what you mean with longer gaming. 50 celsius is normal while gaming.
Swag It (1 month ago)
+Jokakutihuti it is? Is it possible to lower the temperature even more for longer gaming?
S (1 month ago)
Bad test ... because only FULL HD !!! ... Test it on 1440p or 2160p. and you will see, the R5 2600 ist the best opinion! Price/Performence.
Aaron Kang (1 month ago)
There is people that use 1440 and 2160 but mostly people have a 1080p
Aaron Kang (1 month ago)
Almost everyone with pcs use 1080p.
Bekah Smith (1 month ago)
doing only 1920x1080 simply isn't enough information. Run it at higher resolutions and see the results when the GPU becomes the bottleneck. Or do it with a lesser graphics card. You're only getting like 15% of the story in this video.
Kendo (1 month ago)
cpu are not at stock :(
Bahamut86 (1 month ago)
Ryzen 5 2600 vs 2600x? Is there a huge difference? 60 FPS are enough for me. All the other power is supposed to boost the graphics.
Jokakutihuti (1 month ago)
Overclock ryzen 5 2600 and you have ryzern 5 2600x
ahmad (1 month ago)
Nah they are almost the same
KhB (1 month ago)
was this on base speed or OC?
Simonstar (1 month ago)
30fps for £100
WINSTON MOSCOW (2 months ago)
Ryzen losing Ryzen fanboys : acktchually look at the cpu usage
Aryan Choudhary (2 months ago)
7:03 gpu usage= 46% Does 2600x is bottlenecking the GPU ....??
Ayden Smith (1 month ago)
In pretty sure its a 2080ti, so not really surprising, especially at 1080p
Magnyt (2 months ago)
no 1440p Yikes
Dima Sivtsev (2 months ago)
Видеокарта не открывает микропроцессор
DragoNero1706 (2 months ago)
If you use anything bellow 2080/1080 ti performance i dont see the point of getting the i5
ZeroRumble (2 months ago)
Leouch (2 months ago)
so +10% for +100% price.
The difference is 25% And the price is 22% more What's 2rong with you lying bitch?
Sunny (2 months ago)
9600k + Rtx 2070 vs 2600+ Rtx 2080 which will be better option
Jasper (1 month ago)
2600+2080 obv for future proof reasons, but 9600k and 2070 for cheaper
Geo Zefy (2 months ago)
One single option .. wait for ryzen 3000 series
i59600k is $219 at Microcenter and if bundled with z390 mobo - $30 for the mobo = $99 for the mobo. For people on a mid-range budget, this is kind of an unbeatable option for performance.
Huub (2 months ago)
+miniCheed Those are rumors, probably too good to be true (hopefully not tho). So don't get your hopes up expecting a cheap monster cpu.
oldcracker (2 months ago)
Yeah I’ll pick up a ryzen 3 chip if it beats out intel in games for similar prices since all I’m doing is gaming
Sefer Faruk Kurt (2 months ago)
+Geo Zefy thanks
miniCheed (2 months ago)
Exactly, 3600x for 240 dolars seems nice to me.
Maurice N (2 months ago)
To the guys pretending to be pc experts, the % loads mean diddly squat unless the hyperthreading config is the same due to the way msi-ab works. Non-ht cpus have always reported high loads with msi-ab. 4 core i5's often report a solid 100% on all cores, which is almost impossible. The stats that you need to look at are the frametime and the two white line plots. Whichever cpu has the lower frametime and smoother plots is the better cpu. Jaggy plots are actually minor bottlenecking, just not enough to notice.
Darktemplar99999 (2 months ago)
Lol this benchmark isn't fair, why did you lower the i5 clock by almost 1 Ghz? You should be comparing stock vs stock clocks and not nerf either of these CPU's.
Darktemplar99999 (2 months ago)
+Julia J You are right, sorry I didn't notice i5's base frequency was indeed 3.7Ghz, thanks for pointing out my error, should I delete the comment?
Julia J (2 months ago)
Its a stock comparision. The i5 has a stock all core turbo of 4.3ghz as in the video shown. I don't see your problem
Uncommon Logic (2 months ago)
Also in the comments there are idiots posting the i5 as bottlenecking because it is at 98%,,,, actually the Ryzen is the bottleneck here, resulting in the lower fps,, The ipc of the Ryzen is not great enough to achieve 98% at gaming, this Is why it falls behind the 9600k, being a multithreaded cpu no game requires 12 threads. I love PC illiterates who use the word bottleneck to feel like they know something.. LMFAO.....If the GPU is at 100% there is no bottleneck by the cpu….the intel is allowing the gpu to go further than the ryzen here... it's right there in your face,, learn something....
Uncommon Logic (2 months ago)
Here's the logical outlook on this intel Ryzen competition... Faster is better up to a point, then faster becomes pointless. If you are gaming at over 100fps that's amazing, gaming at 180-200fps is pointless. if you have a 144hz monitor with 1ms refresh rate you will not see a difference PERIOD. Especially with freesync or gsync enabled. The only time you would want a 9600k, 9700k or even a 9900k is if you will be using a top tier card such as a 1080Ti or greater, which is enthusiast level gaming, which is all narcissistic bullsh!t anyway, (unless you are gaming in 4k) because you will not notice what you spent extra for top tier intel during gameplay with a 2600x and a gtx 1070, vs a 9600k and a 2080 ti.. If the FPS counter is off you will see NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!! (at 1080p-1440p gaming). The intel buyers will just have a phycological comfort thinking they made a superior purchase when in fact cash is king and you gave it away for mere mental gratification, not logical benefit. Boom, that just happened...
The Answer (2 months ago)
That's not how it works you fucking retard, you're totally gonna see a difference if you game on a 144hz monitor, as soon as the fps counter goes down by 10-20 fps I totally feel it and it isn't nice, let alone those that play on a 240hz one. Now go educate yourself and then come back u fucking mongoloid.
Matthew Kutas (2 months ago)
Look at CPU and GPU ussage
Sammas TV (2 months ago)
Please repeat this test in 2.5k
DinoTheThird (2 months ago)
I have the ryzen 1600 and a gtx 1070 sc and a 144hz 1080p monitor and the 1600 struggles to maintain high FPS :/ looks like I’m switching back to intel in the future
Julia J (2 months ago)
In the future you should look out for ryzen 3, it might be very worth it if rumours are true!
or doron (2 months ago)
buying a pc with a used 1080ti and 16 gb ram . what cpu is the best with this gpu at a normal price for 144hz
Tripnotik25 (2 months ago)
Either that 9600K or the i7 9700K with a Z390 board. Fastest CPUs to pump fps on a 144hz monitor. If that used PC already comes with a motherboard, then you gotta know about socket support first.
Best Youtube (2 months ago)
Am i the only one who sees ryzen only using like 50% where the 9600k is using like 80%???
Skirmish_ Noob (2 months ago)
bj0z (2 months ago)
Maybe r5 2600x without SMT? :D
컴맹이 (2 months ago)
2600x : 240$ i5 9600k :199$ Temp 2600x : 60 9600k : 85 FPS 2600x : 100 9600k : 115 40$ = +25° and + 15FPS ???????????? serious?????
Saba Gamer (1 month ago)
Ryzen is cheaper wtf
JungleGhost (1 month ago)
In my country Ryzen is cheaper
Ezequiel Rodriguez (2 months ago)
rip ryzen 5 2600x
ЖЕКА 667 (2 months ago)
i5 он вечно остается i5) вовек лагающим микропроцессором. не берите ни когда i5 - это не игровые микропроцессоры, нескончаемые просадки фризы и лаги, хоть 500 фпс, все равно лаги и просадки. Для игр хоть какой i7 от 2 поколения до 8 поколения, особо различия дудки. Упирается все в видеоплату.
Wessel Kappert (2 months ago)
ryzen 5 is performing on 50%
Smart people buy AMD
pankaj Chandel (2 months ago)
i5 9600k rtx 2060 vs ryzen 2600x rx 590 pls
D L (2 months ago)
9.600k = 299€... 2.600X = 209 €...
If the gta5 test screen can take up 9600k 85/100, then how to play online multiplayer mode?That takes up 30/ 100-40/100, so there's a frame drop.But once the CPU becomes the performance short board, then any picture quality setting is useless, entire journey loses the frame massively, the CPU always must be rich some is good, the GPU is full may,As long as he can satisfy the stability at 60.
If you use a graphics card like RTX 2080ti, isn't that bullshit?That is not called measuring CPU performance gap, it is called measuring extreme cases.Because no one will use 2600x with rtx2080ti. I believe 2600x and 9600k are more suitable for rtx2060 and vega64 and 1070ti, these graphics cards.
Designer Boiz (2 months ago)
I am new to pc building and I think this is a great video but why is the cpu and gpu usage percents so different on amd cpu? is that a good thing?
Alucard (2 months ago)
Just the video I needed, I was thinking of getting the 9600k. but I have to absolutely be sure right? I mean, I was buying that because it's kinda "cheap" and performs quite well. I never used amd cpus or gpus, but now I think I'm going to switch to just that. The ryzen is much cheaper and honestly if it can play games then it already won. I also do a lot of 3d rendering so all those cores will definitely come in handy. For 100€ less, plus I can get a cheaper mobo.. at the end of the day, for the same final price of the pc I could get a graphics card 1 tier higher Also, it consumes less power!
Inocencio Calvo (2 months ago)
there is a lot of difference in the use of the CPU
- Immortalian - (2 months ago)
Imagine buying a 6thread cpu after all 4thread cpus went obsolete lol
AnotherBirdMore (2 months ago)
But what's the resolution? 2k right?
Hamayal Mujtaba (3 months ago)
Test i3 8100 vs ryzen 5 2600X
Acaedia (3 months ago)
Why AMD Fanboys are so aggressiv? 😂😂😂
Vovical (3 months ago)
Intel - Pure Gaming, better FPS but kind of overpriced AMD - Gaming + Literally anything else, worse FPS but much more reasonable price I myself will be going with an Intel 9600K for more FPS, even though it is kind of overpriced, and intel is greedy as fuck
Panagiotis Rafailidis (3 months ago)
look the cpu usage on intel its double all the time where the 2600 is chill af axaxxaxaxxaxaxaxax poor intel
Vincent L. (21 days ago)
Panagiotis Rafailidis when a game doesn't use the threads well, ryzen will generaly go up to 50%. So when you see 45% cpu usage on ryzen assume it's DX11 and the cores used are at the same as intel. In the farcry 5 bench, the ryzen was at 80%-90% cpu usage due to bad thread usage. In A.C origin, we see a cpu limitation but a good usage of threads. Ryzen did better but we see 84%usage vs intel 98%.
Mark (3 months ago)
what CPU cooler did you used for Ryzen in this test?
Gioele (3 months ago)
Intel for cpu amd for Gpu
Woe (3 months ago)
"Look at the usage though" bruh what other program uses the 50% cpu left over? and if the usage matters so much then why isn't ryzen at 100%??? your telling me that the cpu not using its full potential is good? and I love ryzen, i am using a r3 1300x and an rx580 right now but jesus christ you dumbasses in these comment sections hurts my brain
Archangel17 (3 months ago)
Clearly these people are talking about the fact that now most games are still optimised for lower core/thread counts, which explains the more threads with amd doing more poorly for gaming (but great for cpu usage). This is probably caused by the fact that intel hasn't gone past 4 cores/8 threads for years for normal cpu's, so why would game developers optimalise the usage of more threads/cores. Now that amd is pushing the Cpu market with more cores/threads cpu's, future games might be developed to use more threads, and thus becoming more efficient for amd high core count cpu's. The 50% usage now, might be 75% in a few years for all we know, while the i5 obviously can't increase much past the 80-100% it now seems to already get.
Daalio (3 months ago)
well this is 180 euros vs 310 euros battle in my country, actualy for the price of 9600k i can get 2700x ryzen with good stock rgb cooler
Pierfrancesco Sozio (2 months ago)
Stock Rgb cooler sounds amazing! 10 more fps guarantee
Rain-er (3 months ago)
intel is not bad, i just fucking hate that with intel i have to buy a cooler and a motherboard that is more expensive and wont matter for future cpus
htg97 (3 months ago)
intel's 9600k ~ amd's 2700x for gaming
Vaclav Rada (3 months ago)
I like how everyone is complaining about 110 vs 130 FPS while having 60 Hz monitor and not considering $200 vs $260 price... Edit: Ryzen 5 2600 = $160
madalici madalici (3 months ago)
As the i5 9600k manages to get more fps than rizen 5 2600x, I think it has a higher performance. Worse more because it gets more performance. It's normal!
Spirit Bond (3 months ago)
In my country i5 9600k is 80 euros more than 2600x and 130 euros more than 2600 :X
Crazycauses 51 (3 months ago)
I think the i5 9600k is one of Intel's best cpu to be honest.
Abdulhamid Saraçoğlu (3 months ago)
İntel işlemci kullanımı yüksek ama Amd düşük neden?
turbofanlover (3 months ago)
If one is predominantly a gamer, the i5 is still the better option, IMO. That said...it will be veeeery interesting to see if Zen 2 can finally change my mind on that. I would not be at all surprised if that will be the case. Stay tuned.
Iceman Chambers (1 month ago)
Zen 2 is going to be Incredible.
Shawn Minor (3 months ago)
That 20 series isn't that great
Stijn Weijters (4 months ago)
higher mhz ram and better oc optimzation and it will beat intel in every way except maybe for wattage.
Ahmad Chudary (4 months ago)
What cooler did u use ?
futmut1000 (4 months ago)
Poor AMD tardboys, no one talking about the result, all desperately trying to defend this pathetic Amd Cpu...Buh buh buh in 20 years it will beat this six core from intel since games will start using more threads, buh buh buh less cpu utilization, buh buh buh without fps counter they are the same...All lame excuses to defend this crap of a Cpu ;)
KiwiCommander (2 months ago)
If Intel keep this up , they won't exist
Skirmish_ Noob (2 months ago)
20yrs? u think AMD would not be evolving their CPUs as well?..INTEL FANBOYS oh boy
Argo Mium (3 months ago)
The Ryzen CPUs are cheaper, offer good gaming performance and offer more logical cores. Paying 265$ + 35$ for a CPU + cooler combo is not worth the 20-30 fps for alot of people, especially when there are the R5 2600 and 2600x at 165$ and 230$ respectively. The Ryzen 2600/2600x are slower CPUs for a better price and offers good gaming performance and good multi threaded performance.
AndyPandy33 (4 months ago)
For some reason with intel CPU both CPU and GPU are at much higher load % than the combo with AMD CPU. This could mean that most games are tuned for intel while AMD doesn't have that privilege.
Крыс Аут (4 months ago)
14 499 руб. VS 22299 руб. DNS 22.12.18
Divinity divaviki (4 months ago)
Resume: INTEL 144HZ and AMD 60HZ
The Answer (2 months ago)
+Leznox Do you actually? What games do you play and how does it perform?
Leznox (4 months ago)
I use AMD CPU in 240hz and that work perfectly, goodbye and have a nice day !

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