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i5 9600k vs Ryzen 5 2600x Test in 9 Games

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Intel Core i5-9600k vs AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (RTX 2080) Games : The Witcher 3 Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 01:22 Battlefield 1 - 02:33 Project Cars - 03:55 Fallout 4 - 05:33 Grand Theft Auto V - 06:49 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 07:38 Far Cry 5 - 09:04 Assassin's Creed Origins - 10:11 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i5 9600k 3.7Ghz Asus ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 5 2600x 3.6Ghz Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING GeForce RTX 2080 OC 8Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
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Text Comments (360)
FellTheSky (17 hours ago)
wow its like 25% faster in fall out
세상의끝 (1 day ago)
9600k more expensive and need to purchase cooler.
JetStream TV (3 days ago)
People who are commenting AMD sucks: The Ryzen is on avg getting less FPS, yes, but you’re not looking at the CPU %. On avg the Ryzen is using HALF the CPU power as the Intel. Think about that. If you have any plans on running any other software in the background (like streaming with OBS) then the Intel will struggle with already using 90% of its power with just the game. Your opinion is irrelevant unless you actually know what you’re talking about. Both of these CPU’s are good. The type of CPU you need depends on what you’re going to be doing. In general, the Ryzen is a much better value in terms of performance per dollar. Just do your research before deciding which one you think will be best for you.
Wade Mercer (3 days ago)
*PENTIUM G5600 Vs I3 8100*
FaiYaZZ vLoGs (4 days ago)
Oc the 2600x to 4.2 and use 3200 mem , performance will be better about 15%
Romeo Zero (4 days ago)
For general public - The TRUE benefits of multithreading rendering in games will come approx next in 2 years or so.The more the cores and threads in CPU the more variable game engines can compute compilation codes with multiple processes for physics and PostProcess fx work for 60+ fps.Mark this, for future plans. (I'm writing this as game engine tester and user.) The fact - you all just would sit on single core CPU if it was not true.
Mystic シ (5 days ago)
I hate those type of people who think the CPU who has better frame rate wins, when basically it depends on the percent and temperature
sTryKer (5 days ago)
I just realised something... Why tf is that i5 322€ in my country ? The Ryzen 5 2600x is 172€ lol.
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
There is a shortage for Intel Cpu's right now, also this Cpu is new and just came out...Dont forget that Intel is faster and will not sell their Cpu's same price as the slower Amd does, that wouldnt make sense...
Bliț (6 days ago)
Ryzen is definitely a better choice
Pvp wm (6 days ago)
This CPU is just getting worst.
Maniu Maniek (7 days ago)
Trashzen XD
KRXGANG (7 days ago)
All kids that means that the i5 is better: Don't look only at the fps - look at the cpu usage.
Arnold Donsbeck (7 days ago)
How can u got 50°c in Odyssey i got 70 with the 9600k on Water cooling 240 ._.
Bruno George Moraes (8 days ago)
So if clock matched the Ryzen would be higher than Intel!!! Of course at these clocks, Intel gives better fps and gpu utilization.
Kwasicz (8 days ago)
nothing new, amd still sucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Kwasicz (4 days ago)
+Lucas Sjögren I think it's normal when better product is more expensive than weak one.
Lucas Sjögren (4 days ago)
Kwasicz you would think so until you realise that the 9600k coasts 120$ more and that you can get a competing 2700 for 270$
Dee Ma (8 days ago)
В высочайшем разрешении разность будет мала, а стоимость и загрузка проца решают!
Max Payne (8 days ago)
365$ blue VS 250$ Red in Russia
古誌良 (9 days ago)
Ryzen very good
Trzstan (9 days ago)
Both of them get over 150FPS, for video editing, Ryzen. If you want those extra frames that don't make a difference, even when running a 144hz monitor. Ryzen is a good choice. Saves some money, and you get great editing performance. Keep in mind, I'm not saying that FPS doesn't matter. I'm just pointing out the fact that when you are getting over the refresh rate of your monitor, games will not become smoother than that. Unless you have a 240hz monitor.
[MD] Mike (9 days ago)
Райзен топ и по фпс стоимость производитель и не достаточно процентов в цп
shadow seven (9 days ago)
My channel is about benchmarking the gtx 1050 with the 750ti too, any one wanna help each other sub to me i'll sub back instantly , just like this comment and say done
KHÁNHッ๖NỒI一 (9 days ago)
RTX 2080 TI beast
Spatosky (9 days ago)
So Intel won in performance but not price? That's what I see in the comments at least. Now you ryzen and Intel fanboys... DEBATE
Harrison savage (9 days ago)
Can some explain why the hell you would spend more on the 9600k if you only have 60hz or 120hz it obviously better ipc on intel but ther both mostly above 120 and 2600x is better multitasker I just wouldn’t see any gain at all with the 9600k actually would be worse for multitasking
wolv (9 days ago)
Looks like Intel wins BUT Intels chip is newer so naturally it will win. Zen2 in 2019 will crush both chips 🍟
Olaf (9 days ago)
AMD Ryzen the poor people CPU.. low and slow ;)
Khoi Dang (17 hours ago)
Yeah, just check out the news, looks like Intel will gonna increase their CPU price again
Romeo Zero (4 days ago)
+Olaf AMD is actually pushing the progress with multitasking and HBM. While others are stagnant corporations with phobia who just want monopoly on prices.
Olaf (8 days ago)
+XxViciousxX Yes, that is correct. AMD...thanks for the pressure
XxViciousxX (9 days ago)
HMMM interesting I have a Ryzen CPU yet am not poor. Dont like supporting Intel right now. Intel has been getting very lazy lately. If not for AMD Intel you still sell you $340 quad cores...
Stoneloan (9 days ago)
30fps difference *but look at the cpz usage* *amd is more mutli purpose* *this comparison is not fair* *amd is cheaper* *me me me me me amd amd amd* Intel is supreme, stfu Don't say it's better its more budget friendly I'm the most poor mofo out there and still I bought the I5-8600k Intel supreme boys
Tago King (10 days ago)
It's simple Intel for Mans and ryzen for poor kids
Mobarak Jama (3 days ago)
Tago king All hail the kids that slayed the "Mans" :D
Mystic シ (5 days ago)
you probably can't even afford intel.
Jack Meoff (8 days ago)
Sounds like a vague assertion from a mongoloid creating a false dichotomy.
Lizard Squad (8 days ago)
bro some people just want a cpu that is good value and cheap and second learn the plural of the word man
Mayank Singh (10 days ago)
Bro I don't know perhaps it's just a coincidence or something but I got exactly the same specs as of your pc
Mayank Singh (10 days ago)
I got the ryzen and the gigabyte x470 motherboard
d00m Slay3r_G1 (10 days ago)
2600X at default clocks is weak, even the 8400 can beat it.
miguel angel tabares (10 days ago)
I've always been an amd fan but intel has better fps but uses too much its processor consumes more memory and its heating is higher so I'm left with amd so this below with the fps and requires less the graphics card
Ethan Miller (10 days ago)
See what CEO of a these days buzz coin says how to earn more if you have Core i5 or Ryzen. By mining, when you are not playing games. https://coinedtimes.com/user-friendly-mining-app-turning-everyday-computers-into-miners/#utm_source=dnk&utm_medium=dank&utm_campaign=Mine%20Dnk
misterPAINMAKER (10 days ago)
Plz show all cores
Хикка (10 days ago)
*Test Intel core 2 duo vs i9 9900K* *Please*
Tyler Dickson (2 days ago)
Хикка (9 days ago)
+Gamer KilladiYT Yep
Gamer KilladiYT (9 days ago)
Are you kidding 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Gabrielle Dela Cruz (10 days ago)
Wow. Good FPS, I'm satisfied with only 50 and above.
Subhajit Chatterjee (10 days ago)
Add HT to the 9600K and nothing, Absolutely nothing from ryzen can beat it in gaming.....even in cpu heavy titles......but i guess intel is just dumb😒😒😒
S. (9 days ago)
Even without ht Intel comes out on top.
Subhajit Chatterjee (9 days ago)
Thats honestly an overkill for just gaming (no game uses 16 threads) and much more expensive cpu than the 9600K...But my point is if AMD can include SMT to its ryzen 5 processors which competes directly with intel's i5 series of processors than i dont get why cant intel include HT in its i5 lineup😫
S. (9 days ago)
Just buy the 9900k then.
MarsuveezBlack (10 days ago)
Shame. We all hope AMD would save us.
Resort (10 days ago)
I was waiting for this
Resort (10 days ago)
Wait nvm I’m waiting for the 2700x
123OGNIAN (10 days ago)
Obviously nvidia hating amd.In all videos i see a exact 15% more gpu ussage with a intel cpu than a equal or better amd..Its cripled drivers for the hardware selling games so that people can choose intel.At least at 2k this dissapears.
2600 or 1700? With gtx1070
Bruno Fransua (10 days ago)
В 4к го!
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
Who buys a CPU that expensive for 1080p gaming? This resolution really fools Intel fanboys
Rc Basher NRW (10 days ago)
Whats happenend in 4K des rayzen Win
Olaf (9 days ago)
Whats happenend in 4K.. the GPU is to low.. stupid "Whats happenend in 4K"... lol
Smokescreen (10 days ago)
Go 9600k with 5ghz and 4000+mhz ram and ryzen 2600 4.1-4.3ghz+3444-3600 mhz ram.
TheCeroc (8 days ago)
right , thats the way
Ruben Alicea (10 days ago)
4k please
Tndo (10 days ago)
The Intel has like 190% the usage of the ryzen whyle just getting 5 to at max 20% of a difference. And the Intel costs 100€ more which is 150% the price of the ryzen. AMD is definetly the winner here. (i am not a amd fanboi, i have enver seen a amd part in real life and i never have owned one)
Crimson (10 days ago)
Why dont you OC them? Really it should be added to bible as 8th deadly sin to buy K CPU and do not OC it... I would like to see 9600k @ 5.2Ghz vs 2600k @ 4.3GHz which are values most pieces can do non OC comparison is useless.
Crimson (10 days ago)
Naming doesnt matter 2600X can OC just fine too. Just pointing out that paying extra $ for K Intel and do not OC it is stupid while you can just buy cheaper non K version. Also what i dont understand is why these arent clocked at like 4800MHz out of box as every single one of them can do it especially since "Auto voltage" was setting like 1.29V to my CPU (8600k) and when i set it to 1.22V at 4.8GHz it actually cooled down and draw less power lol.
Crazy Gamer (10 days ago)
Don't exist 2600k in amd
PHENOM RADEONYCH (10 days ago)
270€ vs 180€ x)
warcrab cyber (10 days ago)
Cant go wrong with a 2600, for 160$. Spend the extra money on a liquid cooler and overclock to 4.2 ghz. Tighten the ram timings and you have a beastly gaming rig. Right off the bat no one will be using a 2080 for 1080p gaming it's meant to be a 1440p / entry level 4k card. The difference in 1440p and 4k between Intel and AMD is extremely minimal because the gpu is the bottleneck. If you want to see insane fps numbers for bragging rights play in 480p because it's pointless to be honest. Playing in 720p on a 2070 is just as bad as playing in 1080p on a 2080
warcrab cyber (3 days ago)
+futmut1000 no it's not, that's a total waste of money, buying a dual core in 2018. You are better off buying a 2200g than a g4560 and using the integrated graphics if you can't afford a graphics card.
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
warcrab cyber if you want to spend less you can get a pentium G4560 for $50 and it will perform almost as fast as this Ryzen Cpu, if few fps doesnt bother you thats the way to go;)
warcrab cyber (6 days ago)
+ChamVayne the 2070 is equivalent to a GTX 1080 so it will work well with the ryzen 2600 in 1080p and 1440p.
ChamVayne (6 days ago)
hello is 2070 good for 1080p or 1440p paired with r5 2600? thanks
MegaDominik1 (9 days ago)
You dont play competitive games on ultra settings. And a 2080 hits easily 144 fps in wqhd with optinismised settings
MayDay GoingDown!! (10 days ago)
MayDay GoingDown!! (10 days ago)
+Cloud Navy That's because at 1440p the GPU is doing the majority of the work..NOT the CPU...as explained in Hardware unboxed benchmarks. This Video is a CPU benchmark...showing the vast lead Intel has over AMD...but hey..what ever helps you sleep at night!! P.S...The huge overwhelming majority of gamers all play at 1080p...Again as also explained by Hardware unboxed:).
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
+MayDay GoingDown!! I play on 1440p if you watch hard ward unboxed you'll see 1440p is pretty much identical. Who pays this much for a CPU for 1080p? But okay whatever helps you sleep at night
MayDay GoingDown!! (10 days ago)
+Cloud Navy Your low wages and frames Lol.
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
Your pocket LOL
Isaac Brito (10 days ago)
como es posible que usando una RTX 2080 solo alcance 150 ó 120 fps apesar de que lo estas probando en 1920 X 1080, con una tarjeta de ese calibre deberia alcanzar los 240 fps
Rafael Mesa (9 days ago)
La "buena" es la 2080 ti, la 2080 es una 1080 ti con Rtx
shiro kuro (9 days ago)
el unico donde andaban parejos era en el tomb raider cuando los proces usaban el mismo % de la grafica, en los demas juegos era raro el % usado de la gpu
Jesus Donado (10 days ago)
+Isaac Brito pues mayoritariamente intel por sacar más provecho de la gráfica,y para lograr aumentar los fps tendrían que bajar los gráficos entre alto y medio,pero eso en juegos triple A,en juegos como Lol,Cs:Go,etc,desde la 1060 los levanta a más de 200fps
Wade Mercer (10 days ago)
La 2080Ti no es tan poderosa como creen. Solo es un 45% mejor que la 1080Ti..
Isaac Brito (10 days ago)
+Jesus Donado Entonces que precesadores son los que utiliza la gente que juega a 240 FPS?
Car Nation (10 days ago)
Please put in ur video Arma 3 too :D
INsaneSF2 (10 days ago)
Intel still dominate in gaming..
Arslan Ahmad (10 days ago)
can you test on nitro sappire r7 370 4 gb
Mr.Gamer ES (10 days ago)
I5 is 9 Geretion
Mark Jones (10 days ago)
Again AMD gets wrecked in the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Jones (10 days ago)
+Cloud Navy lol from the looks of it Intel cares more than shitty AMD does by the frames intel gets compared to your shitty Ryzen crap......
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
Enjoy blowing your money on a company that doesn't care about you
Mark Jones (11 days ago)
Lmfao AMD sucks balls compared to Intel. All AMD fans can go suck a dick.........
MrBlue16 (11 days ago)
260$ vs 160$ , AMD wins!!
MrBlue16 (9 days ago)
+Olaf only for inteligent people ;)
Olaf (9 days ago)
only for poor people ;)
Złoty Rolex (11 days ago)
Newest i5 is amazing in gaming.
Vito Pursuer (11 days ago)
i5 9600k 100% usage in AC Origins? what if i have some programs running? - it is going to wreck 0.1%-1% performance giving me hell of a stutter. I wonder what would be in 2-3 years of it is 100% usage already
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
Thats what they used to say when the i5 2500k spanked Bulldozer on gaming, but but but once games start using more cores....but as we can see that i5 still kills Bulldozer and will do so till the end of our days ;)
Kaili Burns (8 days ago)
The 9600k primarily stayed at about 85% in Odyseey. Good job cherry picking a very specific instance. It's simple - if you don't stream or do workloads and just game then Intel. If you multitask, work, and games then AMD. God forbid you have to admit this.
MegaDominik1 (9 days ago)
Nope it wont
Syed Arman (9 days ago)
+Vito Pursuer yes i admit ryzen 2600/2600x is the obvious choice for anyone who likes to multi task a lot or does a lot of rendering.People who games most of the time like me and doesnt care about running other programmes in the background then the 8600k/9600k is not a bad choice for them.Both has bad and good side,in the end it all depends on what we want i guess.Sad that intel cpus cost that much in your country.My country actually is also affected by the price hike.hopefully the prices will go down soon
Vito Pursuer (9 days ago)
+Syed Arman if gaming is all you need - I respect your choice. I happened to do a lot of multi-tasking and the fact that I can open many different programs on Ryzen and play the game while worked it being done is great. And it comes for less money, especially in my country. You can get Ryzen 2600 for 5900 UAH, and the cost of i3 8100 is 6200UAH, now you can see why I despise intel. The price of i5 8600 is around 9 UAH, and 9600 will be yet higher, this is ridiculous
Luis C. Kunte (11 days ago)
Super, danke, video hat mir geholfen 🤣👌
OCHAMA JOSEPH (11 days ago)
Just came here to see people complain about price
Neo DeOne (10 days ago)
Intel 9600k - $280 AMD 2600x - $210 Based on above performance - you decide :)
Neo DeOne (10 days ago)
+Crimson https://www.amazon.com/AMD-Ryzen-Processor-Wraith-Cooler/dp/B07B428V2L
Crimson (10 days ago)
Interesting its $220 even on newegg can you link that price?
EE (10 days ago)
+Crimson 2600x costs 180 in my country
Crimson (10 days ago)
Think you are confusing the non X version $160 = 2600, $220 = 2600x
Wi Zzy (10 days ago)
Fuzio[N] (11 days ago)
I've been a big fan of intel fot the past 6 years because I got my first computer with an intel procesor (i5 2500) but damn this is way too expensive. Intel NEEDS to drop their prices. I am going with ryzen 5 2600. But ryzen is suprisingly expensive in my country. 200$ for a r5 2600 and 255$ for a r5 2600x
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
Get the 2600 and a cooler, OC, and there you have a 2600x. The cooler will help you later also.
LAP P (11 days ago)
I5 9600k 4.3 GHz vs 4.0 GHz ryzen
Adam Freeman (11 days ago)
@+LAP P Just look at your stupid face with your mouth opened in the mirror, it's the exact picture of your ass wide opened.
LAP P (11 days ago)
+Adam Freeman cerra el culo grigo pelotudo
Adam Freeman (11 days ago)
The comparison was done on stock settings. If you are going to overclock then the 9600k would reach 5.0Ghz easily or even higher and extends its performance lead, but the 2600x won't go higher than 4.2Ghz unless you were very lucky with silicon lottery.
TheQwer4705 (11 days ago)
на данный момент бы испытания мастерить различных процов и на различных материнках... для рязани устанавливать такую мама это такое для себя, еще и проц не разогнанный.
J Fz (11 days ago)
so, i5 costs around 280, r5 200, 80 dollars more for 20 fps more? no deal, also the socket 1151 will end replaced soon, so is a bad purchase
J Fz (10 days ago)
+Crimson 9600 reaches those speeds or more only if you have the right motherboard, the right psu, the right heatsink or liquid cooling and the case with the proper airflow, if you add up the cost of the things mentioned, a r5 with a cheap motherboard and the stock cooler, even at 4ghz suddenly looks glorious and so cheap, i don't know the exact condition of the intel cpu on this test but surely it doesn't have overclocking or the heat is a problem here, but also shows that the cpu while it offers more fps requires more from the buyer in multiple ways, not to mention the temperature, that seems to be a problem with these new soldered ihs
J Fz (10 days ago)
+Anero 40 fps on few games, fewer on games i personally care, other games the difference is even bigger than 40 fps like in cs:go but again, i don't care about every single game, to be honest i play 1 or 2 games, and on those games the fps difference is closer to 20 or less, each one buys what they need and can afford according to the use
Crimson (10 days ago)
Also 9600k OCs to 5.2Ghz with "ease" thats extra 900MHz vs 2600X which can go to 4.2-4.3 with "ease" for extra 200-300 MHz. And if you buy K chip OC is must. This comparison is basicly i5 9600(non K) vs 2600X
Anero (11 days ago)
Up to 40 fps lmao
Good work...✌
Bejitto ベジット (11 days ago)
Ryzen 3 is coming
Random World (10 days ago)
Exact bro!
SnowBallYT (11 days ago)
in UK 9600k is £260 , and 2600x is £196 , for gaming i think i would rather choose for 9600k AS A CHOICE but i wouldnt buy it because thats the ptice of i7. Overall for a futureproof pc that i use for all sorts of programs i would buy 2600x as it would last longer .
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
Dont forget that people used to say the same thing about Bulldozer back then...Yeah but is future proof, yeah but once games start using more cores and other pathetic excuses...And here we are in 2018 after 7 years and the i5 2500k still destroys Bulldozer in gaming despite having half the cores ;)...Use your brain, dont get fooled by more cores marketing...
h1tzz (10 days ago)
+SnowBallYT not even that trashy intel one:d
SnowBallYT (10 days ago)
+h1tzz no cooler ??? Oh come on if Intel scam us at least they can include a cooler ... Not even a trash stock one
h1tzz (10 days ago)
dont forget cooler for 9600k so at least +30$ making it around 290 ish
Mohammad Rizwan (11 days ago)
Rip amd again ur 12nm chip didn't compete with 14nm coffee
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
Dont worry, im sure with the upcoming Ryzen 3 on 7nm they will catch up with Haswell Cpu's on gaming ;)
Romeo Zero (4 days ago)
@Mohammad I'd say AMD is very strong in competing with multi-cores, next AAA games are gonna benefit more with it. While Intels gonna bottleneck more and more,and if not - Boom! $700 for another multicore chip.
Mohammad Rizwan (9 days ago)
+Cloud Navy we are proud and you are jealous disgusting people. You are real haters , terrorist . You kill people. Go stupid I'm not abusing you because i know how to be a peaceful person. So don't reply me again you racist
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
+Mohammad Rizwan wake up sweet heart that's where Intel manufacturers their chipsets. So a simple Google search and change your name because that's really shameful. it's irrelevant you're shitting on AMD while Intel who spends money on that country are shitting on your religion. Irrelevant or not don't act so proud when your name is Mohammed.
Mohammad Rizwan (10 days ago)
+Cloud Navy wtf who is supporting israel the shitest place in the world. Lol completely irrelevant discussion. What kind of people you are
h1tzz (11 days ago)
both cpus have strengths and weaknesses, but i personally would go with 2600x, yes it has slightly less fps but not something that you would notice without fps counter, its cheaper and after 2 years you could upgrade to 4600x while upgrading 9600k would be much more costly as you would need another motherboard.
EE (2 days ago)
+Inthepastxx i live in italy, in my country prices are totally different to usa :I
Inthepastxx (2 days ago)
+EE Why are you saying the 2600x is half the price of the 9600k? Here in the US, the 2600k is 230 dollars and the 9600k is 240 dollars.
sTryKer (5 days ago)
"Who's AMD" Lemme see you multitasking / editing / streaming with that garbage lmfao
N oe (10 days ago)
+EE your a idiot the i5 9600k is better then the ryzen 7 2700x and there both the same price gtfo
Syed Arman (10 days ago)
+EE even the 8600k destroys the 2600x with about 25% more performance in games and it costs 240$ in my country.while the ryzen costs 220$. you are an idiot if you think 40$ more for 25% more performance isnt worth it... you are commeting on a channel named testing games.It is funny that whenever amd gets beaten by intel in gaming performance,fanboys like you bring unrelated things on the table which very few actually cares about
Fixed (11 days ago)
Adi 33 (11 days ago)
For all the intel fanboys that still say "the cpu usage doesn't matter, higher fps intel wins" : Look closely at AC odyssey and AC origns that really use many threads.That represents the future of gaming. Ryzen closes the gap or even surpasses intel in that scenario, at a lower price as well, basically 6c/6t is just a little upgrade over the already dead 4c/4t cpus. The i5 9600k really struggles in almost all games with over 70% usage, and a higher price. I'd rather have youtube, discord etc open and play games smoothly at 100+ fps with ryzen than to close all my apps on intel to preserve usage :D
Promit Dutta (3 days ago)
+futmut1000 Well, they're both giving same fps on Odyssey. A supposedly less capable cpu is sometimes beating a more capable costlier cpu ;) There'll come a time when you won't be able to have anything else running in the background because you got 100% cpu usage all the time.
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
LMAO same discussion amd fanboys have been doing for the last 10 years, and strangely enough Intel still wipes the floor with less cores...Games needs high clocks and high IPC you low IQ kids, adding more cores wont make your game faster...
Kurt Ravns yndlings (8 days ago)
Yes the future. I have upgraded 1 or 2 times before a 6 core cpu is outdated for most games. I pick the CPU that gives me the highest FPS right now. No one can predict the future. Moreover the prediction about the future games need more cores have been said for 10 years now. And the development have always been slower than many predicted. The development goes much slower than many want to realize. More other you can OC much more on the 9600K than the 2600X. The majority of games will benefit more from clockspeed than cores for some time yet.
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
+Adam Freeman bruh, this is benchmark. This is an ideal situation which isn't equal to real world scenario.
Adam Freeman (11 days ago)
Right now the 9600k isn't a good purchase considering the high price. Personally, if I'm to buy an intel cpu now I would go for the locked i5 8400 or 8500 if it's available for 210$ or lower and pair it with a cheap B360 board and cheap 2666Mhz ram, or I would pay 40$ over the 9600k and get the i7 8700 non-k which also can be paired with a cheap motherboard an memory. I only use my pc for gaming and I don't need extra cores just to have lower cpu utilization, I would purchase the cpu that gives me the best framerates right now, nobody knows what would happen in the future.
Semih küçük (11 days ago)
intel king gaminggg
Maciek Robak (11 days ago)
I intel i 7 4510
Hacksaw Mender (11 days ago)
$60 delta
Alex B (11 days ago)
What program u use to see fps like that ?
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
Afterburner and Rivatuner Statistics.
189wow (11 days ago)
MCbestSK (11 days ago)
Hi, maybe you could add average fps counter to your videos
best !!! (11 days ago)
omg ur 2080 dont die? WOW
Eagle Fat (11 days ago)
The 9600k is already obsolete 6c/6t is not enough seeing how it was hitting 98% cpu utilization in a few games which means its bottle necking and can only play current games because future releases will surly use even more cpu and this has no more to offer. Meanwhile you can buy a 2600 for $160 vs $280 for the 9600k , hell i can buy a 8core/16thread 2700 for $265 OC it to 4.2Ghz and be set for the next several years while this 9600k will be choking at 100% cpu utilization with only game play god forbid you want to play some music or a podcast in the background
Khoi Dang (17 hours ago)
If there is no spike on frame time or no frame rate drop then no bottleneck at all, the Ryzen vs Intel on gaming is clear, at 60Hz who care, at 144Hz Intel is king, at 1440p and 4k there are almost no different
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
Butthurt Amd fanboys always desperately trying to defend Ryzen on gaming which is pure garbage..try harder kids ;)
Nick G (6 days ago)
@ dont Tread on me Dont claim nonsense. People like you said that ryzen will beat coffee lake. Its 1,5 After the Releases of ryzen and the 8th gen of intel is still faster than 2700x in games like Assassins Creed. By the way: Assassins Creed games are already using all Threads and nontheless ryzen is slower.
MayDay GoingDown!! (10 days ago)
+Eagle Fat Both are 6 core cpus that will easily last 4 years as hardly anyone is on a 8 core CPU anyway's. The stats show the huge overwhelming majority of gamers are on 4 core Cpus...devs always go with the majority...never the minority. If I where buying a 6 core then I'd buy the fastest..not the slowest...that's Intel.
Fuzio[N] (10 days ago)
+Eagle Fat intel i5 8400 is 310$ so..... Amd is a better deal
Lonyx (11 days ago)
Maybe that Intel is a bit better, but the Ryzen is only load at 50%
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
Better in framerates, which won't mean shit unless you especially go for 144 hz (most ppl that play esport titles will get 300+ anyway).
Anero (11 days ago)
Gianni Rondalli (11 days ago)
intel winner
M18_CRYMORE (10 days ago)
+real talk think about it if you're a streamer then you would have bought a Ryzen or I7. But in pure gaming (like the video depicts) the i5 won.
Okay imagine that you are streamer and your cpu (intel) using all recourses(100%) , and what will you do with your stream??
NOPE (11 days ago)
Wait intel fanboys 7nm amd coming soon.
Whodisdeya (3 days ago)
+futmut1000 It's obvious they will do that with Zen 2. I am more concerned about what Intel is going to do until Ice Lake releases a year later.
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
+Whodisdeya Its Amd that needs to catch up, not Intel...
Whodisdeya (3 days ago)
+futmut1000 Icelake is not due until 2020...
Promit Dutta (3 days ago)
+futmut1000 Well, if you're rich and dumb, Intel's for you, especially 9th gen.
futmut1000 (3 days ago)
Icelake will take care of that, i highly doubt Amd will be able to beat Skylake let alone Icelake ;)
靐䨻雷 (11 days ago)
Intel YES!
Henry (11 days ago)
20 to 40 FPS difference
Khoi Dang (17 hours ago)
+Cloud Navy How about 1080p144Hz LOL?
Intel HD Graphics (6 days ago)
Amd will win in gaming if zen 2 beats 9th gen lol
dnZ (7 days ago)
+NazAmb u smart as fuck
Crimson (10 days ago)
@DarkVanueK9 yes the do but then they should understand how it works 50% usage on 12 threads = 100% usage on 6 cores with maximally utilized HT CPU you get 50% CPU "usage" and 100% TDP power draw so you cant compare non HT CPU with HT CPU in usage becouse its a lie if something you want to compare power draw which would be same for 95W TDP 100% used CPU without HT and 95W CPU with HT and 50% usage. If CPU with 6C/12T goes over 50% usage that means some threads are not utilized but all six cores are running at max and the cores are thing which draws power threads are mostly virtual.
DarkVanueK9 (10 days ago)
+NazAmb people gives the fuck when they are using it as workstation pc because cpu usage matters very much there
MzNToS (11 days ago)
I like that you don't use extreme overclock speeds with both CPUs :) This makes it more fair!
Sinteriya (11 days ago)
Ryzen ofc!
Sinteriya (11 days ago)
80% vs 45%
Olaf (9 days ago)
SMT vs no SMT.. Fanboy
Crimson (10 days ago)
Im amazed how many people dont even know how Hyperthread vs CPU usage works yet posting this like winning argument.. For clarification: No HT 6 cores = 100% usage; with HT 6 cores = 100% usage 12 thread = 50% usage (displayed parameter) But to be honest i dont understand why these softwares are too stupid to recognize HT CPU and just calculate usage from that...
MayDay GoingDown!! (10 days ago)
+Sinteriya if you looking for a CPU that's good for rendering and games then this AMD CPU is not very good at either. The Intel one is good for games, this AMD one is just average at both rendering and games.
Sinteriya (11 days ago)
+Gianni Rondalli I need a processor for rendering video and games! Your intel will break in here! bye bye nooob!
Vito Pursuer (11 days ago)
+Gianni Rondalli and in Shadow of Tomb Raider Intel i5 9600k is 100%, what will be with i3 8100 I wonder, and what will be in 2 years with these processors
Hunter (11 days ago)
If you're on a tighter budget or want to make a semi-gaming workstation, go with Ryzen. If you're only gaming and you're not afraid of spending a bit more, go with Intel.
Chun Mo Thomas Hui (9 days ago)
+Promit Dutta well there are 240hz gaming monitors so...
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
+Hunter Well, ppl only buy 144hz for AAA titles if they're willing to play them on 1080p with a 2080ti. Esports titles demand less and most of them gives consistent 250 either way on medium settings.
Hunter (10 days ago)
+Promit Dutta unless you have a high refresh rate monitor lol, frame rate does matter
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
Say, only FPS. Because Ryzen can game, and without fps counter, no one will feel there's a difference between these two.
jay anand (11 days ago)
can't wait to see AMD Kicking Intel gaming fanboys right in the ass with Zen 2
Cloud Navy (10 days ago)
+Bayram köse all I'm seeing is Intel fanboys being scammed and paying more then necessary lmaoo
Promit Dutta (10 days ago)
+Bayram köse Do you know something called "budget"? I don't think so. Also, a processor is used for many other things than only gaming, excelling in fps doesn't mean shit. Hide the framerate counter, play a game on both the cpu, show me a difference.
jay anand (11 days ago)
Bayram köse lol
Bayram köse (11 days ago)
Yeah right now you're seeing intel kicking amd fanboys right in the ass with no HT cpus... You dont need to wait for that.!
UHD Gaming PC (11 days ago)
jay anand (11 days ago)
well here iam struggling to hit 30 fps with ac origins using my i3 3220
jay anand (11 days ago)
E Vers nice advice bro thanks
E Vers (11 days ago)
jay anand my suggestion buy a 3rd gen i5 ($50 used) would basically double your cpu performance. I don’t know the rest of your system tho might have other parts also holding you back.
Maestro (11 days ago)
Its a 2600x guys.
___ 986 (11 days ago)
загрузка объясняет за фпс
windows 8 hater (11 days ago)
i want a gamig pc plz testing games plz giveaway a gaming pc plz plz plz
Blast (11 days ago)
Intel >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AMD
Young Bo (1 day ago)
+Kogama Otakus Lol This comment is right!
in Nothing winner in overpriced in shit or and overheating or , wait better with there toothpaste. No there is a way bigger Joke 9 gen is slower than 8 gen +Gianni Rondalli
Gianni Rondalli (11 days ago)
+Kogama Otakus in all
Kogama Otakus (11 days ago)
In price
1600x or 2600x? Ryzen best - чем новее забава, тем лучше характеристики ryzen.
Testing Games (11 days ago)
Life is suck * (11 days ago)
intel win
Intel HD Graphics (6 days ago)
It will change when zen 2 come out lol unless 10th gen is here.
Lizard Squad (8 days ago)
+Leyrinx bro there is a 60$ difference what would you expect
Lizard Squad (8 days ago)
bro there is a 60$ difference what do you expect
GHOST NUKER (9 days ago)
+My Company GmbH RX580ZEN1600 BTW i have ryzen 5 2600 4.0 ghz with 1060 and a intel 8600 so pls tell that to someone else or u want a screenshot of my pc build as proof ?
Michael Foucart (10 days ago)
+Nicolas Jüttner Honestly, it is alot money i agree with you. I got the i7 8700k a couple of months ago, it was 340euro. When i look at it now, in the same store it is 550euro. The prices are outrageous but every company is doing it, u've to keep in mind if AMD was leader on cpu's they probebly would do the very same. Amd will also get more expensive over time, so will Intel. Or they will both drop in price, or both raise. But raising is more likely, i've a few friends who game with a Amd and they are happy with it, but if they could they would change to intel. I'd say wait a couple of months to upgrade your PC. (especially with new tech, need to sort out bugs)
Ray Chia (11 days ago)
Typo error. Should be 2600x instead of 1600x

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